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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he were Allah Allah He was here Jemaine Firstly, there is no need to praise me. Because in all honesty, we are nobodies. The only day we will be somebody is if on the Day of Judgment, Allah gives us our book, in the right hands, may Allah give that to us. Before that nobody can ever claim to be a somebody. And if they do, they are actually a nobody, for Allah to go.

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Full circle who lemmo be, man it.

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Don't ever try to Blow Your Own Trumpet. Allah alone knows who is the one who has taqwa and close to Allah you and I will never know. Amongst us they are some unsuspecting, you would never imagine that they didn't miss a salah of the head. And you and I may treat them in a negative way. And we would lose. And the same applies the opposite where you find someone outwardly extremely pious, but they are far away from the fear of Allah, and the concern of the day of piano, mankind or you may know Billahi Well, yo mill FET. familia call Hiren Oh, Leah Smith, one of the most powerful pieces of advice

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of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we're talking today about his Sera.

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One of the most powerful pieces of advice, and we're talking about his SeRa is whoever believes in Allah. And the last day truly, you know what that actually means? It means whoever is worried about the Day of Judgment, are you really worried? Do you believe that everything you say or do and every cent you earn or spend is going to be taken account of if you do, and you really do, you would only utter something very good and brilliant from your mouth, or keep quiet. There's no third option for a person who truly has piety. So anyone from whose mouth that which is abusive, or vulgar, or immoral or hurtful, hateful, that which is divisive comes out Wallah, he, I swear by the Lord of the

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Worlds Who created the heavens without pillars. They do not have the fear of Allah and they are not conscious of the Day of Judgment they have forgotten. May Allah grant me a constant reminder of the fact that I have to stand in front of him and answer for everything I do, may this tongue never ever be used to abuse a soul because I follow and I want to follow the Sunnah of the most beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who never ever belittled or insulted or abused anyone. May Allah Almighty protect us. So this is why I say, I don't want to speak about myself and I don't like others to say things about me. And I don't want someone to defend me. I don't want them to do so.

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Because it's Allah Almighty, who will judge and decide and that's it. I want to come straight to the spirit of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you see, at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam people insulted him, they abused him, they said about him. They did whatever from the minute he decided to call towards the truth. And they saw the weak, they saw the downtrodden, they saw the people of Makkah like Billa, Lebanon, abba, abba, biblical orator of the Allahu Anhu turn towards the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what did they do his own kith and kin, his own family members began to insult him abuse him, accused him yet a moment before that he was known as a

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surgical Amin. He was known as the most truthful, the most honest, the most trustworthy. A moment later, they began to say he's Elia. He's now the biller. Allah says

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Subhan Allah here, Abdullah Al Amin, Allah says we know we know that what they are saying is hurtful.

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We want you to know that they do not belie you but rather they have denied out of whatever their qualities are their wrongdoings.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was more saddened by the fact that they didn't listen to his message. His own kith and kin. Imagine I talk to someone related to me and I tell

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them to worship Allah alone and now they start swearing me and abusing me as a result, don't worry, it's okay. It's a good sign.

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The prophets of Allah this evening I heard the most melodious verses I always enjoy, must you do Salam because of our Imam and you are fortunate not just one you have so many one of the most amazing is our Imam

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Tari Soufiane.

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There is cetacean mashallah Baraka Allahumma barik LA who the recitation in Madrid I was floating straight into the meaning

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in Allah house FAFSA as soon as I heard that I thought to myself, Allah Houma Allahu Allah, O Allah, O Allah, O Allah, choose us as well. Choose us as well. What does it mean? It means Allah has chosen Allah Allah chose who in Allah has

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them our know how? Ibrahim Our Allah in Marana Allah Allah, Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah chose Adam Allah chose him above the others Allah chose who else know Allah chose who else. Allah chose Ibrahim the family of Ibrahim the Family of Imran Allah says I chose them. Allah chose them above everyone else. Allahu Akbar, may Allah choose us. May Allah choose us to do the work well how when Allah says he chose you? Did he make them rich? No, he didn't. What else? They were beyond

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our imagination in contentment, but they may not have even been followed by a few. Ibrahim alayhi salam how many accepted his message Wallah, he almost knew at the beginning.

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To the degree that Allah says, Man Allah Who Otto loot alayhi salam accepted the message imagine so few people that the names were mentioned.

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Know how many salam how many? Allah says,

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Well, according to sell Nan Wuhan Illa kami he further beat Effie him and for sanity in from Siena.

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We send news to his people he stayed with them for 1000 years less 50 950 years. He called his people how many accepted Wallahi the smallest narration says 11 the lowest number, the highest number says 80. Let's take 80 that means less than 10 every 100 years. Can you imagine? These are people whom ALLAH says in Allah has.

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Allah chose them? Subhan Allah, Allah chose them how many accepted? It's not got to do with how many they are. It's got to do with you and your connection with Allah. Are you adopting what Allah has asked you or not? May Allah grant us is I want to tell you something. When Allah makes mention of the stories of the prophets in the Quran, it is in order to give comfort and solace and in order to strengthen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the companions and all of us. Allah Almighty says what Coolen Nepal so Allah He came in

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Iran Salima b2b him for that. Every time we mentioned the stories of the prophets in the stories is that which will strengthen your heart because when you see someone similar who was a messenger, although Nabi SallAllahu, Sallam is higher than them, they went through challenge upon challenge those who are the chosen of ALLAH, do you want to know if you're chosen by Allah? Take a look at how many challenges you have in your life. Allah says in Allah either abandon it Allah who, when Allah loves his slave, he has a lot of challenges, a lot of tests, different types of tests. Ma'am, in the beginning, Illawarra adhanom, a part of the Sierra the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us

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there has never been a messenger, except that he was a shepherd at some point in his life. Shepherd with what Wallah, he Shepherd, with sheep and livestock. Allah trained them literally to say, You know what, you are going to have to speak to human beings and call them towards goodness. Speak to these animals. Speak to these animals and call them towards God, you will find the times

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that you have to be very patient ask those who are farmers amongst us. Allah grant us goodness, one sheep missing one cow gone, they have a sleepless night.

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Right? Allah says, mommy Nabhi Illawarra adhanom Why? Because you're going to need to have a lot of patience. A lot of patience. Carly Dignan willy nilly movie era The Allahu Anhu killed

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From among the muslimeen

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Nabi SallAllahu Sallam never gave up on him not once he became known as safe Allah Allahu Akbar. He became known as the sword of Allah. What did that sound do prior to turning to Allah? Nabi SallAllahu Sallam says, Yeah, Khalid in Islam via Duke Bama Kubla Oh Khalid, Islam will delete whatever bad you've done before you entered the fold.

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I had a youngster who came to me and told me, I want to come out of Islam and come back in Islam, is it okay? And I'm thinking to myself, What an absurd question. I said why?

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He says because I'm so jealous of those who revert to Islam. I've committed so many sins I don't know what to do for them. They just had to say a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah wa shadow ana Muhammadan rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and they are in and Cain I want to be clean. Let me go out and come back. I said you know what? Don't worry you covered intelligent lightly right?

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I said don't worry you're covered. Why? Because the prophets Allah Allah Allah Selim says EBO minute them become Allah them by Allah. The one who repents from sin is equivalent to the one who has no son Subhanallah so don't worry make Toba you get the same by the will of Allah. If Allah can delete the evil done by a disbeliever when he accepts Islam, do you not think that the one who is so merciful can give better to the one who's a Muslim? Let me explain what do we say when we start reciting of the Quran or anything important? Bismillah your man you're walking similarly Surah Fatiha, how does it stop? Alhamdulillah been Allah me and then Rama and you're walking rocking? Rock

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man Rahim. Rahman is a mercy that encompasses the disbelievers and those who do not deserve the Mercy of Allah. Allah says We still have mercy on them, or Rahman r Rahim is a special quality of mercy only for the believers. If Allah has that come on, make tau about my brothers, my sisters, turn to Allah, the Ummah is bleeding.

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The Ummah is bleeding. Allah says what koroni matter Allah here Allah income remember the favor of Allah upon you don't forget it. What is the favor? My biggest favor is I'm an almighty of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, your biggest favor? What does that mean? That means anyone else who says I shall do Allah Ilaha illa Allah wa shadow ana Muhammadan rasul Allah wala here if I don't feel that that person is my brother or sister, there is something wrong with my Eman. One might argue what if they belong to the sector in that sector and this whatever, for as long as they have uttered that shahada they have entered the door known as the deen of Allah, we acknowledge the

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differences thereafter, we will study them we will talk about them we will say this one is right and in our knowledge, this one is not right and whatever you'd like to say, but you need to remember they have uttered the shahada if you do not feel that bond, there is something wrong with you, no matter how long that beard is. Its effect. My brothers and sisters the OMA is one we are bleeding because shaytaan when Allah says remember the favor upon you has done the opposite for us. Let me tell you how.

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What koroni Mata Allah here on the income if you go to

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Alexa buy enough to become for us. baktun beanie Murthy wanna remember the favor of Allah upon you when you were enemies fighting one another? And by the fatherland, Mercy of Allah He made you Love one another as brothers. In Allah. We became family in Allah my bond with you is thicker than the bond of blood I have a habit.

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If I meet anyone, I have love for them even if they have hate for me because you know what they say the shahada who knows one day the man will regret what he did. It's okay. I don't need it in my heart. My heart needs to be cleansed.

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You can't have it against your own brother. It's a quality that we should strive for. Because Nabi SallAllahu Sallam himself, told his companions were talking of the Sierra and tweet. He says, you want to see a man from Ghana, that men they wanted to find out what's happening they didn't find him making more a bother and more everything. They were inquisitive until they found out that the man said what I do every night is at night I take out every ill feeling negative feeling against anyone that I have in my heart. That was the quality Can't you try to do that? And if that is the case, and you definitely try to do that Wallahi you feel love? Love visa Viva La

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have even when you want to correct someone you choose the most blessed way. Let me tell you something Allah says about the Kufa.

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Allah says, order Allah has been a big bill Hekmati. Well, event in Hassan wotja, the Binetti son, Allah says call towards the path of Allah with wisdom, with what? With wisdom, and with a good way, a beautiful way.

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Nice reminder, so that you can attract people towards it. Think about what you have, and how you want to convey it. To have knowledge is one thing, but to have wisdom is something even beyond. Some people have a lot of knowledge they don't know how to convey it. Some people have little knowledge they convey it in a beautiful way. So everyone thinks that they are more knowledgeable because they know how to convey it.

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If Allah is telling us to talk to the people of the book and the kuffar with wisdom, how do you think we should be speaking amongst one another when we are brothers what you need to apply even more of that? Look at another verse of the Quran, where Allah to Jaya de Loup Kitabi, illegibility axon Allah says, Don't ever debate with the people of the Book except with that, which is the best. Ellerbee? Let me hear us and I want to talk to the people of the book Allah says Hang on, choose the best way because you are holding such a powerful message. You don't just come in throw it at someone you deliver it in the beautiful package that there is for them to come make dua for them before you

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go to them. Ask Allah while you are talking to them and pray for them after you've spoken to them. You're a true believer, you care a lot and yeah, the Allahu Bica Julen wa ADA has karula Come in holy Nam. We're all after a lot of material items of the world. It's not wrong to be after it. But Allah says, you need to know there are limitations.

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More than all of that in value is if Allah used you to guide one person, one person, one.

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If Allah used you to guide one person, it's better than the material items of the world. It's better than the best of convenience which was the red camel. How did Nabi sallallahu alayhi salam address his people How did the prophets of Allah address their people? Luth Allah is Salam. He was calling those who are involved in the act of homosexuality or homosexual acts, which is an abomination and haram in Islam, and in all other Semitic faiths. When he spoke to them he kept on telling them y'all call me or call me oh my people oh my people. This is very bad at tune arranger. Hola taco tone has been looking at the respectful terms. Who was he talking to? He was talking to those who are engaged

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in something that Allah Almighty has made prohibited and that is the act of homosexual behavior.

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So Allah Almighty says, Do you really want to help the people know how to talk to them? It's part of the Sera, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah says

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fabby Mara

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mean Allah.

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Tala home Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. I'm thinking of how we are amongst one another. And Allah is saying that it is because of the Mercy of Allah that you are lenient upon them and lenient upon them when he sins. Abu Musa luxury and were added in the Japanese of the Allahu and Houma to Yemen, he says Bashira wala tuna FIRA where sera wala to us Sera, you are going to Yemen, you're going to call the people towards Allah. Make things easy for them. Don't make it tough. Give them good news. Don't Doom them.

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Allahu Akbar. Can you believe it? Can you believe it? Why? That's how they came to Allah. That's how they came to the deen. Today. The majority of us are struggling to obey the commands of Allah to get that for Salah to Fajr to make five Salah to dress in a job. majority of us are struggling with so much to do with bettering ourselves. If we are going to fight one another, we are going to lose a generation. We're going to lose a generation. There are people out there waiting to attend a gathering like this only because they want to be happy to be a Muslim who has an identity belonging I belong to the ummah. I visit countries where people are far from the deen in this country. We are

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so fortunate we have freedom of worship in the correct sense. In some places, they only have lip service in that direction.

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And if you were to have an event like this, they would pay money 200 pounds to sorry two undergrads to attend and they would attend in the 10s of 1000s.

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only because they want to be a part of the Ummah desperately. Brothers and sisters, we're living in a very dirty world out there, acknowledge it

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be be

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be understanding of the reality.

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Go easy on the people appreciate the Allama all of them the hardest and the harshest and the most easiest, as members of the public, never mess your tongue. With the debates among the scholars leave it for them. It's okay. You need to be out of it. Because you know what, don't leave the scholars, they will benefit you. If any scholar is benefiting you benefit from them, but they are human. I'm a human.

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If I said or did something that's wrong, may Allah forgive me. I am up for correction at any time today and any other day? And sometimes it's just a misunderstanding, you don't know. And nowadays, it's not even true. I am surprised to find out what I'm supposed to have done. And I didn't even do it. And they said Who is it? They say but they're talking about you? Oh mean? Oh, really? That's what's happening. We're living in an age where the truth and falsehood is so mixed, that you don't even know what's true and what's false. What's your tongue and go easy on the others. People are struggling with their own belief in Allah in our families quietly in the room and you don't know.

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People from pious homes whose parents sometimes have blinked their eyes for a moment away from their children and losing those kids. Why? I blinked my eye for a minute. I didn't notice what my daughter was doing. Subhanallah Allah, go easy. You should be excited no matter what gathering there is of the deen, go participate. Go and participate. Allah who speak hard and harsh if you want go and participate if that's what helps you go because that is going to benefit the ummah. I'm not looking at me. It's not my shop that I must tell people come here only. It's a big thing. It's the deen of Allah. It belongs to the entire ummah. Another verse I heard by the same party this evening, one

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hour Sal NACA in la rama,

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Allah says, We have not sent you Oh Muhammad salallahu Salam except as a mercy for who for who he didn't stop the Leela mean for all the world's everyone. You are a mercy for everyone who Allah here we are not even a mercy for our own community. We are not a mercy for our own homes. We are not a mercy within ourselves what Syrah What an insult, Nabi SallAllahu Sallam will recognize you because of so many factors you recognize is gonna recognize you Subhanallah We are weak. I always say if you can't help someone no problem but don't harm them.

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I can't help you my brother I'm so sorry that I really can't my hands are tied or whatever else. But I'm not going to harm you not me. No way. Not this tongue. Why? Man? Can you me? No. Billahi when Yeoman acid for hire an hour.

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You really whoever truly believes in Allah and is concerned about the day of reckoning. Only say that which is brilliant. Or remain silent.

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I'd rather be quiet.

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That doesn't mean don't correct someone when they're going wrong, correct them. But in a beautiful way with hikma you're supposed to use hikma with the kuffar using humor with the muslimeen is mean Barbie Hola. It's more important, more important.

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I remember one scholar who used derogatory terms against another in a public space. And when they asked him if he was supposed to be such a great grand person, he says I'm doing his law. So another scholar told him who was older than him that actually you need your is law done. Why? Because you can never do is lie in a manner that is not even prescribed by the same be of Rama sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He never did it that way. He never insulted someone belittle them and then say, I'm just doing his law. I mean, are you more pious than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam go easy. What are you teaching the public? They look at the scholar and they split the split. I've had it to me.

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Youngsters and metal youngster in Medina.

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And in Santa Monica, I have a habit of greeting everyone. I don't care what color you are, what size you are, what shape you are, what money you have Allah As Salam aleikum, how are you my brother and so on?

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If a sister were to greet me, based on the fact that they might have learned a thing or two Salam aleikum, wa salam keep keep moving on. Sometimes they say just common love, hate whatever. I was surprised our own people. I greeted him Salam aleikum respecting my literally spat.

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I told him this I can laugh at what you want me to say because I can love him. My therapy was done in sha Allah by someone who is at

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disciplinarian disciplinarian we lived in the house. Every movement of ours was whipped into being straight. Literally, that's how we grew up, saying you're going to come and spit at me. I'm not going to spit back at you. Do you know why? I'll never lose the good character that I have? Because of your bad character? Never. You won't find me swearing someone who swore me. I will tell him, brother, I forgive you. You know what? You're gonna do it again? Forgive me in advance. And you know what, on the Day of Judgment also forgiven, inshallah you know why? What you did.

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It hasn't impacted on me at all. If anything, it's a sign of the acceptance of Allah. They did it to the prophets of Allah, Allah Salam, they did it to the other Ambia you tell Ambia with him, and I'm thankful I'm thrilled there is my inner peace SallAllahu Sallam he says the people with the greatest tests are the prophets and then the ones who are closer to them and closer and so on the closest and the next and the next. So be ready. Has someone ever insulted you know, there's something you're doing wrong? Something wrong.

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But if I said if someone hasn't insulted you get something wrong. Someone hasn't belittled you I'm a Muslim. For example, wearing hijab someone has to laugh at me. Someone has to scoff at me just for Allah to allow you to go through an Ibadah known as Sobor Allah wants it to happen Nabi SallAllahu Sallam went through that his own life he didn't have to Allah says We chose them for what to be better, but they went through bigger challenges than you and I.

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Worse than that is you know what question we just said, we asked now Has someone ever laughed at you mocked at you harassed you? But worse than that is have you will harass someone have you mocked someone? Have you insulted if that's the case, then that is now a different ballgame? Because now you're entering territory that even

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Nabi SallAllahu Sallam warned about

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May Allah bless us. May we have the most beautiful tongues, occupy your tongue in the Dhikr of Allah, you won't regret it.

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occupy your tongue in the Dhikr of Allah you will never regret it. My brothers and sisters, those of us who have lost loved ones and I know this might sound like a diversion but it's not.

00:27:24--> 00:27:26

You lost a child you lost a spouse.

00:27:27--> 00:27:51

You lost someone. Remember the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is such that in it and in reading it and going through it there's a lot of comfort, a lot of comfort. Allah sent the stories of the prophets in the Quran as Revelation so that they can be comfortable Nabi SallAllahu Sallam and he gave us an abyssal Allah Allah salams entire life Sierra in order for it to be a comfort for us.

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Not to say that the other stories are not a comfort but this one here is an amazing comfort. If ever you're going through problems Yes, you make Salah car close to but read the Sierra it will help you use when you see that the most beloved Unto Allah went through bigger challenges than you and I will Allah He it will help you to realize, you know what, I'm okay. I think Allah I thank Allah. There was a time when I used to complain about a specific problem I had in my life major thing

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until I realized that I need to release myself I've read so much I've learned so much. Let me thank Allah Oh ALLAH thank you for this problem. Local hamdulillah Schuco local hamdulillah cashew crew YAHWAH do you do Jalla Jalla Allah

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Subhanallah I thank you, oh Allah. You know why? This is a major problem. But alhamdulillah you've given me the strength to go through it. I thank you for it. And then you find you at ease. You're comfortable. People can say what they want, do what they want, and you just get easy. someone looks at your face, they say but Are you the same guy that this happened to that happened? Say, oh, yeah, it is. There'll be surprised. This man is so happy, so excited. You know what? It's Allah, Allah is the only one who can give you

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happiness, contentment in the true sense. When you thank Allah for the challenges that came in your life, something major happened. You lost something Alhamdulillah firstly, why? On the day of piano, a caller will call in a Lavina can. Medina Allah Hafiz Salah Eva Bara? Where are those who used to praise Allah in difficulty and in ease in ease and in hardship? Where are those who praised Allah upon all conditions, they will be taken out and they will be granted VIP status they will enter Jannah amongst the first amongst the first why they think Allah, you're going through a hassle every one of us has to go through it.

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My brothers and sisters, you know,

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we come back every year.

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because when we do come, we only have 30 to 40 minutes. But to come back next year for another 3040 minutes, may Allah bless us. Nonetheless, the point today is for us to watch our tongues. No matter what. When you hear to people at war, and you're a third party, you know what you need to do.

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Make sure that your tongue is not messed in the wrong direction. That's all. That's all. Nowadays, we have social media. One touch of a button can spoil your Jana.

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You don't know the person you're talking about if they are close to Allah, Minaya Li Li and then to Bill Hi. Allah says you messing with a friend of mine, I announced the war against you. A lot of the people who are keyboard warriors, what Allah He their lives are upside down. They have challenges in their homes, they have major disasters, Allah gives them a time and then Allah doesn't hold back. And when they have Allah, we don't know who that they could be the unsuspecting uncle or brother or someone sitting next to you right now. Could be who knows? Speak to people with respect. Don't despise and belittle. No matter what you want to speak to the Kufa. I remember September 11

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happened. And I'm only saying this because what Solomon mentioned this, he mentioned something.

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September 11 happened I was already graduated working and I decided these people are calling us terrorists. They're calling Islam names, the calling the prophets of salaam names, they, it was painful to see this and to hear it. And I said, I want to prove to the non Muslim world that Islam is indeed a heavenly faith. And it has some of the most amazing teachings now how to get them to read it.

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So there was an entire study that we did, as to methodology of Dawa, how to talk to the people what to say, to attract someone who hates Islam, because my job was only to to try and reduce that hatred. Today I sit on my watch. And trust me by the father of Allah, something we worked on 23 years ago. Today, I can tell you, you know what, I think there's a lot of non Muslims who today they acknowledge that No, Islam is a good religion. The teachings are really amazing. I'm not saying it's my effort, but I'm saying it's a collective effort. We've all done so much. We thank Allah, may Allah continue to use us. I might be covering one part of our duty as an ummah of the dollar. I

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might be covering certain people I normally tell people I teach Grade One and two, after that you can take over, which means someone who is not a Muslim, yes, I've specialized in that someone who's weak and far you have a habit, the bottle, the drugs, pornography, whatever else it might be. Inshallah, come, we'll help you. We love you because we love the you without those bad habits. We're going to try and help you eradicate it. Long back. I used to be a guy back in the day when we first were students. We used to throw people out these guys they are right off until we learned nobody's right off. Actually you are the right of you've written them off. You're writing everyone off. If

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you are a moron B and you are concerned for the OMA, you see a drunkard with a bottle the first thing you do you make dua Oh Allah help this man and bring him to the masjid five times a day. Then you go to him when he's a little bit sober talk to him show interest, you might find that there was a problem in his life that caused this if you were to help him he might come into Salah and you will have the reward that I was talking about guiding one person is better for you than everything you've amassed. But what happened concern today, nevermind the people who are sinful and so on who are from the Ummah but committing sins, they are far away very few people are concerned about them. We want

00:33:59--> 00:34:41

to take out decent Muslims who are five times salah, and we still say this guy's not a Muslim, don't worry, he's just a hypocrite in sheepskin, you know, be taken out the proper people were supposed to be bringing the wolves and converting them into whatever they're supposed to be. Rather we taking the proper people who are Muslim who would be an asset to the Ummah and removing them. We can't do this Wallahi you know what we all including myself, we need to reconsider the way we care for the ummah. We are losing jobs, we are losing literally we are losing a chunk, because we are not thinking of them. We are not considering the challenges of the age. We are living in the age of

00:34:41--> 00:35:00

social media. It's an age it's a reality. Don't fool yourself. It's a reality. Those children out there do you care for them? Do you really believe they are part of the Ummah if you do, congratulations, let's hold hands and let's help them May Allah Almighty grant us or goodness or puto

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We have our Salah who has sent him about a gallon of you know hammered well after that 100 reliability