Mufti Menk – Can I pray for non-Muslims?

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying for loved ones and their health during the illness. They stress that praying for someone is not a means of forgiveness, but rather a way to protect them from shay bother. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of asking for guidance and bringing people onto the path of guidance.
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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah. If you have parents who are not Muslim, you should still pray for them. If you have relatives or friends who are not Muslim, you can always pray for them while they are alive. For what? primarily for guidance for the blessings of Allah, starting with guidance for the goodness starting with guidance, everything you say, may Allah bless you grant your goodness, may Allah protect you, protect you from shaitan, so that you can see the guidance, bless you so that you can be blessed with the guidance. Grant your goodness so that you can start off with the goodness of guidance, and then all other goodness and indeed you pray for their good health. There

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is nothing wrong in praying for your loved ones, your friends, your family and others to say, may Allah grant you blessings in the sense of health, may Allah protect you, in the sense of giving you goodness by protecting you from shaytan Yes, but giving you good health, that's my mother. That's my father, that's perhaps my brother or sister, my child, my whoever else, it may be my spouse, for example. So you are allowed to pray for them. When it comes to sickness and illness, you want them to be cured. When you want anything while they're alive. You can pray for them. The only restriction is after they've died, there's only one thing you cannot do. And that is to pray to Allah to forgive

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them because they didn't believe in that Allah whom you are calling out to at all. There goes so Allah says, leave it between me and him. You don't get involved so Hanalei. I mean, I hope you understand this. And this is why when Ibrahim the Prophet Abraham May peace be upon him, alayhis salam made the dua initially he was making a dua for forgiveness or he was promising to make a duel for forgiveness for his father. And Allah says, You know what, you don't do that. Leave it to us. You know, he didn't believe in us. So what's the point of you asking on his behalf when he was supposed to do that himself, he didn't believe in us. So he probably doesn't even want you to call

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out to me Subhana Allah, leave it to Allah. Allah is the Most Merciful, the most forgiving, the most just and the most wise. And with those qualities of his, he knows what he's going to do. I am not going to

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be able to do that which Allah has prohibited Subhana Allah so people ask, am I allowed to say in Allah he were in LA Hara? Joan when a non Muslim passes away? The answer is yes. That's not a that's not a supplication. That's a statement of truth. What does it mean? It's a verse of the Quran, it means we belong to Allah we as in all the creatures of Allah, Muslim, non Muslim, and and everything else created, we belong to Allah and ultimately we're all going to return to Allah. That's all you're saying. So there is nothing wrong. Don't be conned by people who tell you you can't say that because these people were not Muslim. You can say that in Allah here in la hora. Joon is a verse of

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the Quran. We are saying, Oh Allah, we belong to Allah and we will all return to Allah. Indeed, they will return to Allah and so will we. So Alhamdulillah that's just a little clarification. Because people have been asking, especially with this virus, a lot of people have lost loved ones. And when they say in 1990, they say How could you say that the person was not a Muslim? You can you should a new must. But there is only one exception. And I've already explained that to you while they're alive. You can pray for them and their health and their wealth and a lot of other goodness but primarily, don't forget to ask for their guidance. And every time you say something, make sure that

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your intention should be that this person achieve the guidance. When you say May Allah protect you, you mean protect you from shape and path and bring you onto the path of guidance. When you say May Allah bless you, I've already explained all of that. May Allah bless all of us. I mean, as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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