Worst Behaviour in the Pandemic – Shorts

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This thing is serious because one of the biggest disservices we can commit against a person who has lost a loved one to this pandemic is to belittle the pandemic, to say, It's nothing, you know, small percentage die very few people that if we're going to say that we've actually belittle those who've lost loved ones Subhanallah and we've heard their feelings. A lot of people have lost loved ones right now as I speak, there are people who are struggling with loved ones, in perhaps

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hospitals, maybe even in intensive care units. And that's really a tough one because to to address them, giving them hope. And at the same time preparing them for perhaps the worst is not easy. So we will definitely make people

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be hopeful in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah will guide us to be able to help people and Allah will guide the doctors to do the right things and the nurses and the health experts and whoever else is assisting. We pray, May Allah help them and guide them to do the right thing with every single patient. And at the same time, we will say a good word