Abu Bakr Zoud – Fasting is an opportunity to detox your Heart

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the benefits of fasting, including removing evil aspects of the heart and enhancing the heart's beauty. They also mention the importance of fasting as a way to meet Allah's laws and earn rewards. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fasting as a way to polish the heart for when you're Makbaia and earn rewards like rewards on the Day of Judgment.
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We fasting, it cleans the heart. It polishes it. It scrubs the heart. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, fasting three days of every month to the hippo how to fold. It removes the evil traits of the heart. Fasting three days of every month removes the evil treats of the heart, arrogance and jealousy and whatever it is that a person does. For imagine 30 days of fasting, obligatory fasting, and the heart's been polished and scrubbed, comes out crystal shining. And when it shining hellos, a person is ready to meet Allah. Because what's the most beneficial thing you're going to meet Allah with? Didn't Allah azza wa jal see yo Malayan Pharaoh Merlin whatever rune on a

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day in which your wife and your children will be of no benefit. If and what will benefit 11 at Allah has been Salim, except for a person who comes with a heart that is Saleem, or the Solomon Saleem Calvin Sally means a heart that is clean. A heart that is clean. You know the heart Allah gave you in your force bone. Come with that kind of heart on the Day of Judgment. I gave it to you fresh and clean. There was no sin on it. There was no marking on it. There was no black that's on it. When you first when you're first born. That's a color Saleem that's a clean heart. So come back with a color Saleem, like I gave it to you. This is why a lot of the rewards you add up the hash, as though a

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newborn I had a cub Salim, and calvus Salim is the heart that is cleaned from sins and Bidda. And major and minor ship gets cleaned from all of this Ramadan. Fasting is an opportunity to polish this heart for when you're kalbi Salim. It's going to benefit you on the Day of Judgment as Allah said, it will benefit you on the Day of Judgment. And you earn that paradise of Allah subhanho wa Taala now

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