Curing Our Faith #12 – Anchored By The King

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AI: Summary © A man named Jesus Houma found peace with his family after a storm and eventually found peace with them. Jesus Houma's family kept saying they were not living until they saw the storm and the ship. The importance of staying on the ship and not giving up is emphasized. The speaker also discusses the use of words to describe actions and the concept of being a servant. The importance of not letting go of the rope and standing firm until death is emphasized.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while early heat or Sahaba here Jemaine will begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and mais find his peace and blessings be upon His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions every last one of them.

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Allah Houma in a car flew into Hibbeler for five for ANA O Allah Who are the partner who loves to pardon so pardon us continue keeping that your chant inshallah.

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So, the great Imam Ibrahim Adham Rahim Allah

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it is reported about him in his biography that one time on one of his journeys, he boarded a ship

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and the ship was overtaken by a storm at sea.

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And everybody everybody's scrambled everybody panic. Everybody was screaming and, and crying in desperation.

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And as the waves are nearly toppling over this ship, and just as they're about to get swallowed, basically by the ocean, they went to the Imam and they said to the Imam, you're our last hope. Please ask Allah azza wa jal. You're someone close to Allah ask Allah to save us. And so he raised his hands to the skies in desperation. And he said

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yeah, how you Hina La Jolla. Oh you who is eternally living at a time when no one was living? Well, yeah, how you by the Cooley high in an O you who will remain living after everybody is done living? Yeah, how you you have a you owe you who is eternally living, sustaining of everyone. Alright, and APO DuraTech for Eddie, now, if work, you have shown us your power.

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Now, show us your pardon.

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The biographers, the chronicler said those on the ship testify that it was not very long after he kept saying that, that the seas settle, and the storm passed, and the boat finally steadied, and they survived.

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I was thinking about this incident from his biography yesterday and all day today, because I kept striking the analogy for yesterday about getting on the ship, right. But then I thought to myself, what can I share with you today? About how do you stay on the ship? How do you not fall off the ship after you got on the ship? Right? Like we said, the cure to our faith is grabbing on to the rope tightly the whole hand. But how do we stop ourselves from letting go of the rope after we've grabbed? And we said get on the ship. But how do we guarantee we won't get back off the ship. And that brings us to the most important it is not separate but the inner core of all of this, in that

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we are going to commit and be serious and be determined, while not relying most on our effort, our determination to be saved, but relying on Allah subhanho wa taala. As one of the self one of our righteous predecessors who used to say, are off to rugby being up to date as me. I finally understood my Lord, by how quickly my determination falls apart unravels, like I'm set on something. And for no reason. I just don't feel like doing it anymore. Right? I'm determined to do better. All of a sudden, it's not that interesting for me anymore. How does that work? He said, I finally understood what it means to be an all powerful God versus a powerless slave. What it means to be a

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servant versus a master. A servant is someone who also seeks from right he doesn't just serve he seeks from his master, the support, the sustenance, the maintenance, the guidance, the consistency, the steadfastness, that firmness has to come from Him or else it will not come. Because Holy Collinson or ephah, Allah was a human being was created by their nature we are weak, right?

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And you know, the heart especially is the most unstable part of us. The Scholars say Nima Sunil Calvo, Calvin Lita, Colucci FiVER, Allah called Becoming Calvin was actually it says the curl with the heart was only called curl because it's constantly undergoing Takalua it's constantly flipping. It never stays still right here they say So beware of your heart flipping on you and pivoting away from the direction you were determined to set it on. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam.

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He used to say let's call bu a shed. Duta Luban Minella staydry is to Jimmy Rolla Jana. The heart flips faster than a kettle that has come to full boil. You know you have a kettle of water you're making

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Here's something and it comes to full boiling, faster waters flipping the hearts flips faster than that.

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And maybe this this, this definitely does deserve nots maybe more than one night and if we're alive tomorrow we'll share with you so many die as the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam used to make for himself

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about not falling apart not unraveling and his determinations you know, one of which and I won't mention all of them I'll leave the lots of them for tomorrow night. He used to say well, I will be criminal how the battle killed Oh Allah I seek refuge with you from unraveling after being wrapped up like you've been set, you know, like Kelder from Quran a ball, you know, like imagine you wrap your turban into a nice round shape that's when it sits soon as you sit it right. It falls apart again. it unravels and how revival Keller and so he would ask this not out of humility, not just to model for us that we should say this, but I don't actually need it. No, no, no, you know Abu Bakr

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Siddiq, when he said to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam shipped out rasool Allah, you started to grow white hairs. You started to grow gray.

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He said che Bettany who didn't know how to her, the chapter in the Quran, the surah of Hood and chapters like it are what are causing me to grow gray hairs. The scholars began to think What about Surah tooth, if not best and others they lean to the fact that Surah Hood had the idea in it first stepped in camera omitted to be straight, aligned with Allah straight path you to be straight, like Allah straight path for stepping, be straight, Be steadfast, be firm, as you are instructed. And that's the one thing he knew was beyond human effort. You cannot be straight, it's not in our nature. And so it weighed so heavily on him. And that is why elsewhere in the Quran and with it I

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close, Allah azza wa jal said to Him, follow Allah and Botanique Allah codekit Turkana, lay him che and kalila had we not kept you firm, had we not anchored, you stabilized you, you would have begun to lean to them little by little. He's telling him, that immense pressure around you, all these people, the humans and the jinn harassing you, because of who you are, if we did not keep you firm, you would have slowly begun to give into their pressure. And so this is all of us, right? We seek reliance in Allah to pardon us from buckling under the pressure. Because if we buckle now, when shaitan is just throwing jabs at us, what happens at the moment of death when he mobilizes every

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last effort he has every last resource he has, because this is his final chance. And this is what really matters. If we're failing now, then what about them? And recall what we were saying in the earlier about them all fearing not having enough in there to survive in the last moment because that's when it really counts. And so, pleading with the king to not fall off the ship. To not let go of the rope is more important than your determination to get on the ship and hold the rope. May Allah azza wa jal make a sincere devotees reliance upon Him in all of our affairs and in our deen above all men, He will grant us and you steadfastness until the day we depart this world Allahumma

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Amin Allah homophobia to hit the limits are SallAllahu Sallam albaraka Anna Vienna, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi igmi