Zahir Mahmood – Excerpt 3 – The Life & Achievement of Abu Bakr RA

Zahir Mahmood
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Let me tell you the status of being acidic. Every single day in our Salah. in every regard we read Surah tofel fathia. Every day in Surah Al Fatah we read in a Serato stuck in Serato Latina and M de la or LA show us the straight path, the path of those that you have favored upon. Have you ever thought who those are? Who Allah has favored upon? You know, we say read every ever thought. This verse of the Quran is actually elaborated by another verse, The Tafseer of this code of ayah is done by another ayah we are lost parent Allah says whoever obey Allah, Rasool Allah Allah Vina and ama la mina in the been was a deity was Shahada. oilheat. Allah says, Whoever obey Allah and these are the

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soul. Those are the ones that we have blessed our favor upon.

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Then Allah says, from the prophets, from this deity, from the martyrs and from the pious people, so Allah, Allah starts with the prophets, those who have favored upon. Now nobody chooses to be in Nabhi, Allah chooses you to be an MP, you have no choice. Nobody said, I want to be an OB. Nobody can choose to be an OB. So that goes out that's chosen by the last month a second after that last $1 says,

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then he says the martyrs and then he says, the pious people, the other man say that Allah Subhana Allah is chosen a sequence of keep here, according to the virtue of people. The most virtuous are the Gambia, and then this is the key, and then the Shahada, the martyrs and then the pious people out of all the CDT, Abu Bakar is the greatest city.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. What you have just been watching is an excerpt from the life of Abu Bakar as a deacon of the law, I know the matter of godhood the message of Allah said, The sun has not risen over a man better Abubakar acidic above the law and who by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I have lived over 50 episodes on the life of this great map. If you are interested in studying the life of Abu Bakr, Siddiq or the alarm and who then go to my YouTube channel, share the heat mood, subscribe, press the bell icon and you will be notified when they are released. The unique thing also about this course is that in the description, there is a question

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answer session and you can test yourself and your family on what you know regarding life aboubaker city or the alonza Kabbalah hidden summit aleikum wa rahmatullah

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