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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah my brothers, my sisters. We have just arrived in Ghana. And we have just settled into the hotel. We came in separately. So Brother Wilde came in from Perth

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chef, Mohammed Salah doctor has come in from Egypt and I came in from the UK. Mashallah. So how long it took you shift. Alright, it took me well, I stopped in Dubai for a while just to take a break into rest. It took me about 24 hours in total, I think really is the because of the break. There is no direct flight from the UK to Ghana varies, but it's very expensive. So it's a British Airways Flight straight. It's quite expensive. So it was working out cheaper for me to come via Dubai because my original trip from Johannesburg was also on Emirates. Yes, I salah is the closest, the shortest.

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I don't hear these numbers when I come from Perth. Yeah, I flew eight hours and I was thinking I was thinking about Perth. How do you manage? Allahu Akbar? So I left home in Perth on Tuesday night.

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And I arrived on Thursday, so I don't remember what happened to when is there. No, very little collection of 11 hours from Paris to Doha. And then the layover was a bit long in Doha then from Doha to here eight hours plus Yes, eight hours from Dubai to here was also eight hours. It's painful for me especially because I have my back injuries especially you because I'm sitting and saying that if I'm you know, sometimes your feet swell a little bit so we're taught to keep hydrated to walking as well and to keep moving your feet around. Yeah, a lot. A lot of for me specifically I also wear some songs, socks to keep Yeah, otherwise it could lead to blood clots and stuff like before I tried

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to wear those. They call them compression socks. Yes, but it was too tight. Very uncomfortable, but very necessary isn't nice Subhanallah you know, one thing I find very beneficial is the movement of the feet and the stretching of it around even on your seat. Without realizing it helps your nerves it helps so much more and movement to walk. The pressure hose is really needed. I actually developed three DVDs, blood clots, Warhawk and the fetus. How did you know that you had the clock? Sometimes I feel a pain but I don't know what exactly it is my very first time I was returning from heart and the flight from

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Jeddah airport to JFK. We're talking about 1213 hours. And it was in somebody aligned. Oh so tired of course. So once I boarded the flight, I didn't even remember when they did take off whatever I was knocked down for about six hours, skipping the meals and everything. So six hours sitting in the same seat for no circulation leaving without taking any sleep pills or anything. Then when I woke up, I figured out there is another about six hours to arrive. Once I arrived to New York, I started feeling pain. Then I had another connection from JFK to

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Houston, Texas. And when I arrived home, it was very, very painful. Where was the where was the penny it was in my calf the first the right calf. So doctors couldn't imagine that I have the role of DVT and some some of the doctors are giving me massage which even made it worse because the DVD the blood clot could move. And once it moved to my arm. So anyway, I was hospitalized and with the ultrasound or the Doppler they feel that there is a big DVT so I was advised to be on anticoagulant and to where the pressure hose sucks. I know it's very very horrible I don't experience Yeah, I didn't experience may Allah subhanaw taala and protect us all. But the doctors after the surgery

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suggested that when you fly you need you need those socks otherwise you prone to these blocks. So I had one doctor tell me some time back that if you're traveling long distances, perhaps you might want to consider obviously for those who might be listening to this, you wouldn't need medical sort of guidance on this but they say there is a cardiovascular aspirin one before you travel to slightly thin the blood but you need before you're traveling there'll be after certain age like once a day. Oh well then maybe and just to make it clear for those who might be listening to this

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you have to go to your doctor we were talking about ourselves here we didn't plan with doctors

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it's a very long journey. So the walking the hydration the I find when I eat a little bit more long back I used to eat a little bit more on the plane. I stopped eating much I only eat when necessary, which provides that much for the Ethiopian Ethiopian Airlines. If I don't eat by default now, after my search

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You know, and that made me feel better, like you know, when you eat too much on flight, if you're talking about security and the experience and will lie, it was extremely painful, very painful. And after I was discharged from the hospital, I stayed home for a whole month not confined to them,

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you got to be very cautious along with the injection in

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the abdomen injection.

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I think it was Lovenox, something like that you take it on a regular basis. Anyway, and it's always the fun then the fun

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off to do what you know is they say that you keep traveling here and there what is the fun the fun was, I came to know my family and I came to get close to my wife and I loved home because I was flying right and left from here to there, sometimes not 24 hours 36 hours flying from one place to another just to reach my final destination. And then once I land I start giving the courses the lectures and so on then fly back to another place. But when I spent a whole month home was my family. I loved it. I relate when I was bedridden or

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high in the goodness even in the negatives, afflicting calamity, Wallah, you reminded me when when I was confined to the wheelchair, you become closer to your family, sir time of bonding don't want anything but to be with the company, you know, taking care of each other that actually enhances the love and connection way beyond what it was. And I agree, this is something amazing. You know, one challenge I face sometimes when traveling is the excitement of people who see you and recognize you to the degree that sometimes people forget that you know, this

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number one, you're a male. Number two is you're mostly male and and then you're slightly learned person if we can wait it that way. And you have a journey, and there are so many others who might recognize you. So today, for example, I was coming to Ghana. And on the plane, I just got into my seat.

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And I found people coming to sit on the seat next to me.

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And I thought maybe this is someone who's coming to CES. It's not their seat, but they just take pictures and all that and then go away. Many of them did this. And I'm thinking you know Subhanallah

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Yeah, no privacy, no nothing because at some point, I like to just sleep on the plane. And I'm thinking imagine someone's going to video you

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some very shocking pictures for the US.

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Maybe we should try to get them in

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your opinion first. I wouldn't mind I wouldn't mind. All of us are like

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we were sleeping. So over the years I've become used to sleeping on the plane. But just a quick tip for those who might be viewing this. I'm speaking for myself and possibly for my brothers as well. One of the biggest gifts you can give someone you've invited from far is rest. Yeah, allow them rest don't disturb too much. You know, leave them for a few hours to rest and whatever is needed unnecessarily let them know. Try and keep it all together and packed. So say for example, we arrived in Ghana the brothers are experienced mashallah brother Tarik Malama, Abu Bakr, brother Mikayla and the teams so what they've done is as soon as we arrived and listen, you guys have a break we'll see

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you at 4pm that's really I remember one day we had an event like this in the lineup up if you remember it and the whole entire venue came family by family to take pictures.

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And then we couldn't even smile.

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You don't know who's standing next to you, behind you in front of you and so on. And you know, it becomes love

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as much as they love us for Allah he will love them. Because what really gathered us and what made them love Allah and I thank Allah for this all the time that people know people for various reasons Allah who we know all those who might be interested in watching this simply because of the word of Allah so that's an honor and we keep it that way by the will of Allah Alhamdulillah No it's only come back missing you a mashallah beauty of traveling meeting like you know also so we're gonna meet against palm Inshallah, next time is in Hong Kong Bismillah in 30/30 of September and first of October in sha Allah and the P conference we might have we have the Philip January we might have

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Nigeria if possible inshallah perhaps they are still talking about are still planning Inshallah, I mean, may Allah Allah was make our gathering upon the obedience

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and this anyway, but there'll be because this is unplugged. You know behind the scenes what happens to us all

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And also we usually do and what we talk about generally when we're alone, I think there is one topic we should address in this unplugged series. We can call it Africa or Ghana series unplugged.

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You know, we are in the second of Muharram right now today. And perhaps we will discuss a little bit about the Hijra and the lessons from the Hijra. And you know how significant is Muharram to us as Muslims and and what should we be doing and not doing?

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I really believe that the Hijra event should take more than one episode in Jerusalem. So as long as we're here, let's make Iran as the hedge. So let's begin by discussing the historical facts about the historic calendar. When did it start in Charlotte. So what my suggestion is, we will do a full episode starting with that. This is just an unwinding today. In fact, this session just unwinding unplugging as you say, you know, it's a good idea.

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Maybe some dates, I know you carry dates with you all Subhanallah this time, we carry some baklava as well.

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I kept it the same. So

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you know,

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I was saying on the wait from the airport, to the hotel, which is a nice boutique hotel here in Accra very nice place. And

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I was asking malum aboubaker about the program and they're there. It's kicks off tomorrow with the Juma. A few TV sessions, I think are some recordings. And then we have an evening with the public. We calling it a motivational evening because the idea is just,

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you know, to try and help people navigate through the challenges that they are facing in real life, a lot of negativity, a lot of hopelessness thrive within these Yes, and a few words that can perhaps boost them and the opportunity to perhaps interact in a way that they can finally meet people who perhaps have impacted on them in a big way regarding the deal. It's not wrong to meet but obviously we are no you know, gurus so to speak, such that if you meet someone you're going to have baraka from his hand waiting person Yes, we just it's just that we want to help each other and to make people happy to visit is the Sunnah of the Prophet or Salah we give people an opportunity and then

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what the brother was telling me is the following days, the two day the Saturday and the Sunday, we have events, the PCM national and some of us will be traveling to another city for part of the day to deliver a lecture and to come back Oh, we were not told that we will

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I think that's a good

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that's good. That's right that's gonna remind you of something of the eggs

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you know what we had to pass we had to pass through that phase to get

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those were the days of back in the day you know, but Alhamdulillah

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the eggs and even sometimes the

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kitchen Yes, we have a kitchen we have as far as for the eggs we can collect them

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some ducks outside chicken and get some organic and he's a very I have one rule don't do it unless you really have to just occupy yourself in your field. So food and all that is by the way isn't expertise man I'm just trying to conceal it. So it's going to be a real real JAM PACKED no more more. I think more it was more than I have developed more skills in cooking. Yes because and you know cooking has become easier because now in your bag you can carry almost pre prepared stuff we just need to water and

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sometimes when you're traveling to some countries it's interesting to carry them but but you need to know in some countries there are certain things that that are not allowed some spices and a few other things that they consider illegal. So if it's found in your bag, you're in trouble. So you need to always know what there is and what there is not illegal.

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I think the year in some places it is and also there is

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you know the poppy seed they have the seed that they use sometimes for baking in some kind Australia is very very tricky to get any nuts or seeds or anything when I visit Australia I carry nothing besides my clothes and it's better not to get even the toiletries or tell someone please just purchase me this this this because nothing is worth mentioning here. By the way. Islamically it's not permissible to use nuts as a condiment,

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because it has some sort of narcotic effect. So, even if it is though, if you take a few of them, yeah, which not. The Not, not make or not ah

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Maybe I thought you were talking about general nuts

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not to kilo peanuts

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in fact, I have some cashew nuts and barbecued cashew nuts I thought we'd enjoy it together see there's another thing we think of each other as soon as we arrived brother by the sheer while gave us a bottle of beard oil and he said this has a matte finish and it's not a shiny finish mashallah, that's amazing.

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Yeah, and then and then Dr. Mohammed mashallah problem with the fit mashallah everyone's Think of each other.

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Because I just bought a few cashews that you mean, you mean we need to wrap it up so that you can eat the mccloughan the casual, was in the back.

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It's always lovely to see the bond and the brotherhood and

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this is one of the main reasons besides Dawa, and don't Horos feasability Allah in benefiting people and benefiting from other people. Now we just give you a glimpse over how much suffering a traveler would encounter coming from birth coming from the States coming from the UK. It's not like an easy trip. Now the minute you land you forget a lot of that and you know, you have to put a smile on your face that people are there and it's a genuine smile we had we had a quad a quad hug today masala we had we needed to video that if they have CCTV when I was hugging you that he jumped in

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the cameras now to see this is very genuine.

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This love a reason for all of us to be under the shade of Allah subhanaw taala on the day of justice, I mean the meaning of feasibility

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for the sake of Allah. So we're not gonna take much time for this episode of love by Sharla with a promise after we eat. We'll continue with the with the series about Hedra a very major event inshallah we'll be discussing. So you in our editor, please. Yes, I think Brother washer, why is my microphone has just unlocked Mashallah. It's a good thing, we are always concerned, we just have this DJI DJI might slip now, we have the DJI mic, that

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we're hungry.

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The DJI mic that Brad has identified as one of the best possibly in the world. So I just thought I'd get a few of those and give some of the chef's that I know would make the best benefit of each other. The company the company will be very happy hearing those words. No, it's It's almost about $300 I think maybe 293 or somewhere but the quality is really good. And if you're doing something do it properly because you remember the first one we introduced the small one that was on here that was $15 $50 between them, but they it had a 10 ish sort of a sound I hope this sound is better maybe you guys can give us some feedback by hearing

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nonetheless we have a few very busy days please pray that Allah grant us acceptance and make it easy for us health is always something we're concerned about so to get enough rest to be able to eat that which is good and decent even if it's not that much but the rest of the food and what else

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to work you know for the health mainly the rest and the food and the good thing with us the showers what

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water is very I'm trying to remind them of something Yeah, yeah. When we when we visited Ghana once in the past we had a shower with no with no rows and no even showers

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no pipe coming out of the wall so the wall was trickling down at the water was trickling down the wall. We had to get a bottle and shove it into the to the thing just to get it to come out a little bit so it can come on. rather fast. Was it coming in very slow. But you know what? When there is no water slow water is like Jenna, I promise you a few drops mean a lot.

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But mashallah, things have changed. This is a five star place. I mean, look, this, this room is amazing. That's why I actually wanted to bring this up and not to discredit any person or any horse, but to say all it is sometimes you'll sleep on the floor. Yes, it's and sometimes you invited and the last thing that people think about is food. I mean, so you've been working all day and Okay, good night chair. Yes. Okay, what about food? Yes, I thought you're a chef.

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And that's why he had to cook for us. You know, the first time I came to Ghana, the airport in Accra was different. It's another station it was yes. Now it's upgraded to world class, everything. The roads are beautiful. The place is amazing. And Ghana is a place to visit. They speak English and things work here and Mashallah. It's beautiful experience of West Africa. The weather is very nice. Today I really

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The photos in Europe nowadays.

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You know, the weather in the Middle East is extremely hot. It's like 45 degree. And here mashallah is about 2830. At the moment, yeah, this is how we wrap up.

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But another last the last point is what we try to do always is as best as we can we do our Salawat together in the room of one of us. So we just have in our little chat that Fajr will be in my room at this time. And everyone comes and we try our best to do it together though rasa. We just fulfilled our Solana and we're sitting after salah, ie this episode, or this unclog meeting was not even planned. Yes, we finished our prayers here. And then we thought, actually what happened? What happened is rather more detail was showing us the microphone, and we said let's test it out. And we didn't test what I think was set by Dr. Salah from the library.

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I don't have a mic on. Yeah, he doesn't have a mic. So my mic is here now.

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Shall we meet for unplugged number two with the Hijra and so on. We want to talk a little bit about it by the will of Allah Subhana Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah says, Allah He was he was still Nemesis Sleeman Kathira