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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of faith and leaving one's faith too far for comfort. It touches on the negative impact of persecution and new restrictions on Muslims, as well as the importance of faith and not leaving one's faith too far for comfort. The speaker also discusses the negative impact of leaving Islam because of fear and lack of experience, and how some people may leave Islam because they have achieved everything they wanted to achieve in order to become successful. The segment also touches on the negative impact of leaving Islam because of achieved goals and leaving faith.
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I like when I come to live with a cat to everyone. Welcome back to the faith revival. So in a very famous incident where Abu Sufyan goes to Jerusalem and Abu Sufyan was not yet a Muslim, and when he arrived in Jerusalem shortly after the Treaty of her day BIA where the prophets I seldom came to a 10 year truce with the people of Mecca, Abu Sufyan continued on the traditional route of the Meccans to a sham to greater Syria, which included Palestine and Jerusalem at the time, where they would do their trading, and they were held up by Huracan miraculous, who had just received the letter of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam inviting him to Islam. So he stands above soufiane in front of

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him and puts the companions of oblivion behind him and says, I want you to answer every question I have, honestly. And if your companion say that you tell a lie that I'm going to kill you right now. So you have to answer me honestly. So basically, he's gonna force him to say what's true about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, even though Abu Sufyan at that time, was not yet a believer. So one of the questions or rather two of the questions that he asks about Abu Sufyan, one of them is I asked you about the followers of Mohammed Salah lives. And how do you do? I mean, because when are they growing in number? Or are they decreasing? Are they increasing or decreasing meaning with all the

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persecution that you're putting these people through? Are they growing a number? Are they decreasing, and Abu Sufyan had to admit that they're increasing? The second thing he asked him, he said, when these people enter into Islam, does anyone leave the faith after they enter into it soft on Dini, out of displeasure with the faith and other soufiane said, no, that people when they become Muslim, the faith enters into their heart, they don't leave the faith out of displeasure with the faith and how Rockwell responded, he said, that is the reality of a man of true faith. Once it enters into the heart of a person, there is no way that someone would abandon that out of being

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displeased with it. Now, there are a few very important things to point out from this Hadeeth. Number one Huracan understands that Islam comes with persecution at the time, it also comes with new restrictions. So this faith came to the people of Mecca, with persecution, they would be tortured for it and things that were previously open to them and halaal for them, are now prohibited for them. And they're still not leaving the faith out of displeasure with the faith where there are people that were leaving the faith. Yes, well, minasi maniapoto de la and out of Los pantai says there are people that that believe in Allah, or that worship a lot on an edge on a cliff. If good

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things happen to them, then they stay within if bad things they literally jump off the cliff with their emotion. So there were some people that accepted Islam, you know, kind of accepted Islam. And then as soon as they accepted Islam, if something bad happened, they said, Forget this faith. You know, good things aren't happening to me. I don't want anything to do with it. But he's saying someone that dives deeply into eemaan. Once a man enters into the heart, there is no way that a person would give that up. Now, are there exceptions to that rule? Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes you will see people that leave Islam, and they would actually attribute it to the

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religion. But most of the time, why people leave Islam is not because of something that has to do with Islam itself. Sometimes the scholars mentioned in my actual commentary about the reason that those who truly fear Allah are conscious of Allah are people of knowledge. So sometimes people leave out of ignorance. They did not properly study the faith or they don't have the proper knowledge. So when they were challenged, from a knowledge perspective, they were not able to answer not just to someone else, but to themselves. Sometimes people leave when they don't achieve benefits. Right? You know, people equate faith with prosperity in this world. So if I became Muslim, or if I started to

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embrace faith, and bad things started happening to me, then I'm one of those people that worships a lot on a nudge. Sometimes people leave out of hypocrisy, meaning they joined or they became Muslim, or they accepted faith with a bad ulterior motive in the first place. And so when these people that are last penetang dimensions that are insincere, when they're with the believers, they say we are with you. And when they are plotting against the Muslims, they say, we are with you to the people that are plotting against Islam. Sometimes people leave faith, because they've never experienced what it's like to be away from a loss of Hannah Montana, and this is profound. I'm going to be the

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hobbit all the time and who said that Islam will not be lost by people that revert to Islam by the reverse. He said Islam will be lost in a nutshell, I feel Islam, men 94 generally, when people are born into Islam and they have never experienced ignorance or being away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So people that have never experienced distance from Allah Subhana hoods Allah before coming into faith

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They'll take it for granted. And they won't taste the sweetness. It'll become routine and something that's part of their upbringing, but they will ditch it because they do not know what it's like to be away from Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's why we see so many times that people that came from a dark past, love Islam and love faith so much more because they have to strive for it, and struggle for it. And when faith settles in your heart with all of that journey, you've already beat, the temptation of wealth, you've already beat the temptation of fame you've already established, you know, you've you've caught you've actually sacrificed relationships, not because you did people when

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you became Muslim, but because people abandon you when you became Muslim. You've already achieved all of those things that lead to the sweetness of a man in order to get to eat man. So almost all the law on who is saying the problem will be in Islam, when people are brought up in it, and they don't appreciate the benefit of it. So faith never really enters into their hearts. Rather, they're born with all of these restrictions and their families and their culture. And that's when they start to see an inch. That's when they start to have an insecurity and the faith and they start to look in other places for happiness. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be pleased with a man and

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understand that when people leave faith, usually it's not about the faith, it's about something else. May Allah subhana wa Tada. Never allow something outside of the faith to take this away from the faith

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and inshallah Tada. I'll see you next time.

Why Do People Leave Faith?

Episode 22: Once faith enters into the hearts, there is no way a person would easily give that up. So why would someone leave their faith? The answers are complex.

2017-06-17 – Ramadan 2017

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