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Mufti Menk

Channel: Mufti Menk

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Salam Alaikum if you make it a habit to read a page of the Quran every single day with its meaning, the day that you miss out on it because you are unwell or you simply forgot, Allah will write for you the reward of having read the page with its meaning, even though you didn't because it was in your habit. So this is an amazing reward given by Allah. Whenever you get yourself into a habit of doing something good. When a day comes that you are unable because of sickness, or you've simply forgotten because of human forgetfulness. Allah says, I will still write for you the same reward. So this is the benefit of doing deeds on a regular basis. So let's promise a law that we will read at

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least a page a day of the Koran with its meaning, not only will we get a reward for every letter of the Koran multiplied by 10, and multiplied because the meaning and reading it and trying to understand it is an even greater reward. So May Allah subhanahu wa taala write for us that reward on a daily basis and may we be from among those who enjoy the obedience of Allah and getting closer to Allah? Let's understand. If we were to make an effort, Allah will reward us tenfold 74 700 fold and beyond. But if we are not to make an effort, the only losers ourselves, may Allah protect us. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah