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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of women testifying in criminal cases and how it can lead to loss of trust among men and women. They also mention a study on the topic of pregnancy and how it can lead to a loss of memory. The speaker encourages viewers to share their own experiences and suggests that protecting one's wealth and privacy is crucial in Islam.
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Why is a woman's testimony? Consider half of a man?

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Now salatu salam?

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First of all, that woman's testimony is not considered half of the man's testimony.

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Know that this was one of the question that a lot of time get to ask about in regard to the verse and sorted out when I last when I talk about that and paying back the debts were last minute Allah said was does she do shahidi murjani confer illa mucuna coonara Delaney faraja, warm la tan, memento lo and Amina Shahada and delay now home I've had to decorate that home and

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that almost kind of data set and salted bacala verse 282. And this is a very long verse known as the verse of debt.

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In it, he said and seek two witnesses from your men, you can find a man and two women

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from the witnesses that you will be pleased with. So in case of one of the woman forget, the other one will remind her Allah Subhana data telling us that in this case, a particular case where we talk about debt and repaying the debt and documenting destitute only to woman and a man and or two men and a lot went on to explain for us why the reason why to women not to

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not lose not

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one woman he said because in case you forget, so the other one would remind her is this general in any type of testimonial of the woman while offer or it is only restricted in this particular case when it comes to business transaction. There is a debate between the scholars the vast majority of the scholars actually make the testimony of a woman equal to a man in many areas in shittier in many areas of Sharia

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filled with nado birth nessa heritage

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for example, somebody died in many cases and or on whenever he speaks about witnesses did not require to woman all the time he said to or witnesses without mentioning the race because it doesn't really make a difference in that the fact that he lied who actually do him work FMLA shahida if you give the orphans their money bring witnesses didn't say what type of witness what kind of people only a trustworthy witnesses but not mostly men or woman, male or female. Why should you do though admin comm in case of divorce, bring witnesses. Well latty, Tina, and Fantasia, those who will commit Zina minisite, among your woman, for festa she do Allah, Allah said, seek witnesses at a

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hinda arbeiten minco bring forward witnesses did not say men or woman. There's a whole debate among the scholars and many of the scholars will not allow women to testify or to be witnesses in criminal cases. Other said no, they are allowed and I do believe that they are allowed. And that's the choice of shall stand between me Rahim Allah and others. Because this is what if we are not going to accept women to testify in criminal court, many cases can be lost, I can be proven and many scholars believe that men and women are you know, the testimony of a woman is one woman. While be same as one man. Only in the business of action. Allah subhanaw taala made that reason for the purpose of

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reminding each other because that has to do with money, calculating details, and things of that nature. So that's basically what I learned. I'm a human what law said there is an agreement each Mac and since I'm on the Muslim scholars, in this case, which is mentioned in saltwater, as I mentioned earlier, we will need a man and two women. The point is not to make the woman less is not about oh we trust them or don't trust the point was in reverse to protect the wealth to protect the money is not to insult women or to favor men over woman or anything of that nature. And it's very interesting to see so many research in modern days talking about a woman's memory for instance.

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There is a research was done in Australia, and done in the University of New South Wales in Sydney, speaking about a pregnancy, and how pregnancy does cause memory losses, and it's a very interesting studies, it's published, you can easily Google it, and it the researcher, site, pregnant woman, are significantly impaired on some, but not all majors of memory. So the the woman after pregnancy, her memory can be affected. And I would like to share also, or mentioned, another study was done at Pennsylvania State University, and the lead researcher in that study, Laura Cote, she arrived to the conclusion, she's a nutritionist, and she received a conclusion that the deficiency of Iran, a

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moderate deficiency in iron, can cause memory loss. And if you just with a simple research, you will find out that the one who had a more deficiency in iron woman way more than men, and the number are very high, not a moderate deficiency in iron, but a high divisions in iron, which is anemia.

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So this affect the memory of the person. And if you look at just this, just two simple examples, and I don't mean that these are the proof for the verse to be correct, because the correct is, the verse is correct before these research were made, okay? But these two research make you understand also that there is a unique

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position here in Islam, that not taking a chance, in case of that woman have deficiency in Iran, just you know, delivered a baby, who knows. So that Islam slot, so she will remind her sister, and they will remind one another, the focus on this verse was not about the woman or the witnesses be the female witnesses. No, the focus of the verse here is about protecting the wealth protecting the money of the people. That's a very noble thing. And it would be so evil is to ignore this goal of the verse and to make the verse as if it's talking about putting woman's down and making them less intellect or anything of that nature. Now, I hope this will help you understand the concept of

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woman's testimony, woman's testimony in Islam. And our last panel to add up is the most wise the most knowledgeable, and we have nothing but trust and love and respect for him and his rulings.

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