Understanding the Genius of Imam Bukhari

Akram Nadwi


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of understanding a book and the importance of knowing the audience. They also mention a character named Bukhari Bukhari who claims to have been a professional in certain fields but is not known for being true. The speaker emphasizes the need to develop and learn properly to look at the book's nuances.
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Why would Bihari have not given us an indication as to how to understand his book? Because there's so much hikma in the way he orders his book and which Hadith he brings. So, how can it How can we be sure that we are even understanding it correctly? If he has not given us any guidance as to how to understand the book, you know, his audience are not count people, the audience are the most professional in that field. to like, for example, when a scientist write a book on a certain after science to his audience are not count people, they

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will be different. Bukhari Bukhari writing for certain people not writing for everybody to people have to come to that level you know, he how much he does you really cannot even if one way if he is the one at the same time. So, which is not within first time, which was second time or third time even that he decides, it is not that you know these seven to seven time randomly no every time he makes intention why include that time try to understand this thing what he does really amazing person to like how the cinema vignette Buhari got seven times and one time for a Malik Bukhara your way is usually what he does it when he had had this from more than one person and one of the money

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he would bring her the family first then everybody was hadith of Anima Robinette Buhari carpha money, but when he brought foster moluccana Melissa discovered one reason is because he wants to give many many more one to one thing want to make a really high data Mark does not have had it had a very particular that you know if this had had given up but it more more occurred missing more technically more right to that one thing. Second also thing

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you know, basically to to from a comedy as a fiance lawyer for America, and the rest people say that Sorry. I'm attending for a marina. So her This is coming to begin si Bukhari and chapter Barbary. However she started to he also want to tell you that he started maka first the marina took you from Makkah, for Marie and Sophia and the rest of Medina if you mark if not hyperextending. And also the first person who made money for us via our homemade he has got a word

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to no good to start with, with the word which are the 100 itself. You know, he has so many is thinking that I've done otherwise, really he will be mulling whenever he does, you know, and also where I've seen this thing will be different. For every chapter he gets the most appropriate wording possible for that chapter that what he does, is looking so my details that I'm thinking basically the nuances here, but let's not I did not write a book that how to look at universe he gave you mind now us mind an F undiscovered Allah has given us a mind look in this book, be patient, spend your time you've discovered that Bo Horner got to write you to teach you how to read his book. This you

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have to develop. You have to learn properly. And when you learn more, you you understand more