Moutasem al-Hameedy – In The Light Of The Quran – 20

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The Surah Surah of women's Islam provides guidance and acceptance for everyone to achieve their dreams. The teachings of the book Surah Surah of woman emphasize acceptance and guidance from the creator, and the importance of following one's desire and not realizing the consequences of their actions. The negative consequences of being too busy with activities that are not beneficial and the need for guidance on one's behavior to avoid negative consequences is emphasized. The speakers also discuss restrictions on taking money from others, the responsibility of men and women to protect their own lives, and the importance of avoiding evil behavior and being more aware of one's own potential.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new light from the light of the light that we will try to live with. Like we will try to live our lives in benefiting from the wisdoms that Allah has given us in this wonderful book, which is the plan. The book that contains a lot of wisdoms, a lot of light that can really set everything in our lives on the right track. Today's wisdom is taken from the Surah Surah Nisa, the surah of women, and discusses some of the most important issues in Islam is that what the good that Allah wants us to achieve? That Allah is so merciful, he was good for us, he does not want to harm us, he does not want to

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overburden us but he wants to give us the best thing in this life. And in the next and then we will talk about something very important in social life in the world today actually, which is about the issue of equality between men and women and let's try to

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assess the truth about this issue in the light of the Quran away from the claims of the disbelievers and the people who want to bring destruction upon us. We'll start with elicitation of the verses as usual. Then inshallah we will take the wisdoms of delight out of them

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salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. Now, today's verses are so important and so beautiful. Because first of all, in these verses, Allah tells us about what he wants from us and how he wants to help us and how he has made the weight so much easier for us. He wants to relieve us from the burden that we have burden ourselves with. So many people think that allow us to overburden so many people when you talk to them about the way systemic way of life. They even sometimes Muslims Unfortunately, they see it as a burden off of themselves. And whenever you command them on with what is in the end, what is in the sun, they say you know the religion is so easy, claiming that these

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things that religion are not necessary. Religion is to follow the way you like and you wish

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No, actually when we follow a different way other than the religion of Islam, we overburden ourselves whether we realize it or not, sometimes or most of the time humans are short sighted, so they don't realize the repercussions and the ramifications of their actions, the results will be detrimental. But we don't realize why because we are short sighted as human beings, we cannot see around corners we have this own deficiency in our intellect and our understanding and our wisdom, because all wisdom is limited. But Allah subhanaw taala knows everything and everything he tells us is good plus, this is what Allah says, After mentioning some of the regulations, some of the laws

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that He has given us. He says that Allah wants to guide you, allow us to guide you, Allah wants to show you the mistakes of the people who came before you, and allow us to bring ease upon you. And Allah is all wise and Allah is old knowing. Imagine, telling us about himself that Allah says that he wants us to repent to him he was accept our repentance, he wants to make the wave repentance easy for us. Whereas the people who follow the desires, they want you to swerve from the straight path imagine, now we have two ways to follow the wave a law, who wants good for us, who wants dignity and honor for us who wants is for us. And there is the other way of the people will follow the desires,

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the disbelievers and the people who have made their desires their gods. Now these people want us to work to swerve and to get away from the straight path because they don't realize the consequences of that. Who should we follow the wave Allah, because Allah says, read the law when you have if Allah wants to lessen your burden, low wants to make it easy for you. But if you follow the ways of the people of desires, they will bring more burden on you. Maybe you don't realize it at the moment. But in the long run, there will be a great burden upon you. So Allah says Allah wants to lessen your burden, and man is created. So weak man is so weak. This is that human nature were so weak, we

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cannot deal with so much pressure. This is what Allah knows our abilities, and he has charged us, he has made obligatory upon us the things that we can bear the things that are within our capacity. But the disbelievers and the people have desires. They don't know what abilities, they follow the desires, and they think they know what we can and what we cannot, but at the end and in the final tally. If we follow them, we will be overburdening ourselves, then a lot gives us some instruction about how to create a wonderful Muslim society. Allah says do not eat the wealth and the money and the rights of other people do not do that. But you can take other people's money through trade

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through just

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trade, which is the trade that we know take it with white exchange of goods and money, that's fine. There's no harm in that. So when you take other people's money, in exchange of service, that's fine.

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And so it's limited, it's going to take other people's rights, you cannot do that. It's impermissible, whether they are Muslims, or non Muslims, whether they are righteous or sinners. They have rights we have to preserve the rights. And Allah says, and do not kill yourselves. It is impermissible for Muslims to commit suicide or to kill themselves because life is a gift. And it's a trust Allah gave it to us to test us we cannot take it away. It is a lottery ticket away at the time he sees suitable.

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So there's another thing we can take from this list. It's not allowed to kill others as well. Not is permitted in Islam. Life does not belong to us. We cannot take it. It belongs to Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah says, Allah is so merciful to you. He was telling us more about himself. And these wisdoms, these light, actually this light we should see the instructions of Islam, not as do's and don'ts like very arid or kind of dry law. No, it should emanate from our hearts. It should emanate from the understanding and conviction that Allah is giving these for our own benefit. These instructions, this law, this Sharia is for our own benefit. It is for our own future of our own

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ease. So the free trust Allah subhanaw taala we accept that full heartedly, and we follow his law, with acceptance and with submission because we know it is better for us. It is for our own benefit. Then Allah says anyone who does these evil actions

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in transgression, then we will make a bow about the fire the Hellfire, and this is an evil abode and it's very easy for a lot put him in the Hellfire, the wrongdoers and Allah says if you avoid the major sins that we have forbidden for you, then we will forgive you your sins and we will give you adore to dignity in paradise. We will dignify you, if we if you leave

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The major sins so imagine whatever prohibited will bring us humiliation. But if we abide by what Allah gave us in the one this let alone will dignify us and give us more honor. Then Allah says, and this is the most important wisdom today, which is do not wish to get the privilege Allah give other people. Now Allah created men and women different men will have the consequences of their actions, and women will have the consequences of their actions, but do not wish to have the rights of so men should not wish to have the rights of women. And women should not wish to have the rights of men, a lot charged men with setting responsibility, Allah gave them authority over women, to take care of

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them, to look after them, to provide for them, and to be responsible for them. That's the obligation of work of men. This is why they are given

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more freedom to work hard and to go out of the house and to pursue provision whereas women have been saved all that pain. Allah has charged the woman with taking care of the house with building a wonderful society and a strong individuals who can bring to Islam, a wonderful generation that will spread the message of Islam that will take care of the message of Allah, and who can take the responsibility of taking care of the family. Now, a lot charged men with these responsibilities, and women with these responsibilities, and everyone will be held accountable, according to their own responsibilities, because the responsibility is given to men are suitable. And they fit the physical

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makeup, and the mental makeup and the psycho psychological makeup of the men of the male, whereas women are entrusted with obligations and duties that are suitable for their own makeup for their own composition, for the way Allah created them. So those who claim to promote equality among men and women, they are not doing justice to men, they're not doing justice to women. Because look at the woman who went out of the house to work. Listen to some of the comments of the Western women, as they suffer in work, they suffer the abuse of their boss, they suffer the abuse of commuting, because women have been created very weak, physically weak, and they have been given the ability to

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become pregnant, and to have mercy to the kids and to deal with the kids in a manner that men CUT TO nuts. So to switch these duties and to mix them up. It's actually an oppression to men and oppression to women. So many women in the West suffer from depression, and overload of work in the house and at work and destroy their lives destroyed the soft nature of women. So as we said, we link this to the beginning of these verses that Allah wants to ease will allow us to bring ease to us, allow us to lessen our burden. If we follow the commands of Allah, Sharia of Allah, we will be happy and we become content and life will be easy for us. But if we follow the people of desires, we will

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be overburdening ourselves and destroying our present life and our future in the hereafter. Now, these are the lessons that we can drag from this beautiful surah beautiful verses. This is the life that we should live into. Mmm. I accept a lot of Lanchester to me with if you are a woman except with a mantra to do with and you will enter Paradise in Sharla and when someone meets with another light from the hole and to see our lives in the light of an I live in peace Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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