Ramadan Reminder – Calling Upon the Bestower

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The speakers discuss the daily remindedances of Islam, including the daily reminder of the month of beaters and the importance of fasting during the month of beaters. They emphasize the importance of not being caught during sex and not being caught during political gain. The history of Islam is discussed, including the use of the name Islam in multiple occasions and the importance of honoring the message of Islam. The use of the name Islam in various media outlets and setting up guidance for individuals is also discussed.

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In Alhamdulillah Meadow who won a Stein who won a star

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when I met him in February and fusina, a woman say, Dr. Molina

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Maria de la hufa Mobile Allah woman Oberlin Fela, the Allah wa shadow Allah Illa Lama who was the who said he

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was a shadow a nun Mohammedan Abdullah who was solo the brothers and sisters in Islam, community members Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is our Amman daily reminder. And

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it happens to be in the last 10 nights of the month in general, brothers and sisters in Islam.

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The month of Ramadan is the month of

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if you look at the verses, and Salatu Baqarah, which speak about fasting, starting with the you had Latina Amano quotevalet como Surya mocha makuti vallila de Ravin publikum.

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Oh you believe fasting is prescribed above new as it was prescribed upon the people before you the People of the Book.

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And then the next verse is Shahada, Rama, Iam and model that number, date, Li and then the next verse is a year Shahada Ramadan, the month of Ramadan. And then the next verse is what either Lakha Eva the attorney

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oh Mohammed, if my servants ask you, regarding me,

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for in a hurry, I'm near to them,

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lies near to us.

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First of all, before addressing the fact how near Allah is to us and so forth.

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This verse was arrived almost in the middle or towards the end of the verses addressing the subject of fasting. Because the next and the last verse or Haleakala Christiana refer to

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it was lawful. It was not it is now lawful for you to have a relationship with one spouse during the night of fasting from sunset until dawn.

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So what is the relationship of the verse regarding Allah being near so call upon him and Allah will answer your door and fasting

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Rasul the Sunnah explains that I was also llamada Salam says falletta to lateral Dawa, to whom there are three

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types of, of Muslims, Allah subhanho wa Taala will never

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turn down their supplication that invocation. That would mean whether he will answer it for them exactly the way that they are asking or Allah Subhana Allah would spirit for them in general, in the hereafter what ever they are asking because it could be

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a harm thing, harmful thing. Sometimes we ask for things and that's why they say be careful what you wish for.

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But Allah knows that sometimes he will not give you that because he knows you that you will not handle it. Well. That's why his spirit he saves it for you in the hereafter. And the third thing that he would avert protect you from a calamity equals to the goodness that you're asking.

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And this comes from a hadith that basically establishes the fact that whenever you make dua, you're a winner. Whenever you make dua, you're a winner, it doesn't matter. Imagine one of these three will happen. Whether Allah will give you what you're asking for, or whether Allah will give it to you in general, or whether Allah will remove something that he ordained upon you by the virtue of your

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faith that Allah will answer your door.

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Now the sooner explains that there are three types of people, Allah Subhana Allah will answer the door and there will never be turned down. We understand now this in context of what I quoted earlier, the three things one of them are saw a Mohatta you have this the fasting person until he breaks his fast meaning throughout the month of Ramadan.

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Love the offer another word in a saw him oh he used to be the fastest one. When he breaks his fast. That is why when you're about to break your fast, make dua for

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There is a relationship in general, throughout the month of Ramadan, between Ramadan and Doha.

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They say the scholars they say based on these Hadith that the month of Ramadan is an occasion on which

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could be answered. But now we are into the final

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10 nights of the month. And there is a night hidden, like we said before, over and over again in the last 10 nights of the month called Laila crooked. And then on this night is elevated more. So Ramadan is one elevation from the rest of the other regular normal times. And another elevation is Laila to Qatar, which can be at any night now. So now, one of the things that we must strive is to make Doha is to strive to make Doha in the last 10 nights of the month, every night.

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And now

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ask Allah Subhana Allah for anything that you want, because one of his names al Wahab,

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Al Wahhab,

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the Bestower,

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the giver

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and when they they explain his Mullah Hilda have the name of Allah, the Bestower they say that he gives without

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and he gives generously, you just have to ask

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and this is

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what is used in English to be a grant. What is the grant? Something that you get without, you know, giving something back? So when you ask Allah subhanaw taala for things, Allah does not expect anything back from you, he only wants you to handle what he gives you. In the manner he ordained

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the name of Allah Hello have brothers and sisters in Islam or calling Allah Allah

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is exclusive to Allah subhana wa tada

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he cannot call another human being or another person in Wahab or Wahab

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you can say Abdul Wahab Why? Because in reality, the only one who owns everything is Allah.

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Allah owns everything lilla he will cause some Allah to Allah. Oh, yeah. Hello Kumar. Ayesha. Yeah. She's happy to Allah belongs what's in the heavens and what's in the earth? Because it belongs to him, he creates whatever he wants, and then He grants whomever he wants. Yep, HIPAA,

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So pianola. So the only one who can be called in Wahhab is Allah, because everything belongs to him. So he is in charge of it.

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So he can give whomever he wants.

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He can so hard. But for example, can I take from your wealth and give?

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Would you like that? No, that's not the world. Allah owns everything, and why is it so this name is exclusive for Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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What is the best thing that Allah Subhana Allah can give you

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the name of Allah Hill, Wahab was mentioned in the Quran in three occasions three times.

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One time when it comes to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and the polytheist the Mashallah king in Mecca, made that exclamation.

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owns Isla de Kooning Bernina

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a lot choose Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to receive the revelation. Who is he? Subhana Allah.

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Allah answered them by saying, under whom hawza enora Matthew Arabic Allah zz lahab

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why they are making that question?

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Do they own

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that treasures of the mercy of Allah, Allah Aziz, the Almighty, Allah, that the store, he owns it, not them you don't decide that

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Allahu Allah will hire through your galleries.

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Allah knows best. who deserves to convey his message? who deserves the blessing?

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Because this is an issue that the disbelievers in Mecca had against the message of Islam

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that they had a problem with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam being chosen

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to convey this message.

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The Quran for them was amazing they they thought it's out of this world.

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That's why they said Lola owns ILA head and voila Julie mineral Korea tiny avviene why the Quran was not revealed to one of the leaders.

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The one in five and the one in Mecca.

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Why Rasulullah Allahu Allah hydrogeologists salata. Allah knows best. who deserves that honor there. Lika Lola UT Heba. This is the bounty of Allah, Allah gives it to whomever he wants, for the first place. The fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The first place where the name of Allah Allah has bestowed that Allah would bestow a burden someone the honor of conveying the message of Allah, by choosing him to be a messenger, or by guiding the followers of the messengers, to convey the message with the messengers left behind them.

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Like the students of knowledge, like those who are engaged in the field of our Allah choose them.

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A lot choose them, chooses them, Allah has chosen them, a lot chose them to convey that message.

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So it's an honor.

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And Hassan Hussain, the grandchildren of Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam, and may Allah be pleased with both of them.

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One day, they spotted an old man

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who is not making will do properly.

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So they wanted to correct the way that he is conducting his ablution.

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So they said how can we do it without hurting his feelings?

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So he said, one person said that let's call upon him, and me and you argue regarding the way that we'll make and will do and ask him to arbitrate

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the idea she can you come here?

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I'm making we'll do this way and he's making we'll do this way. And please, you know, you you judge which one is right?

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Of course, both of them are making perfect will do now we realize that he is the one who's not making the proper will do

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you know what he said?

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You know, Allahu Allah, Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Allah knows best, who deserves to convey his message, whether the level of the messenger ship or whether the followers of the messenger who conveyed a message after the messengers.

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You did it, I understood what you're trying to tell me that I'm messing up my worldview and I'll fix it. Quickly here. The second place also Allah Subhana Allah use the name in Wahab once it came to guidance. Not only this actually being firm

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in the path on the path of our own guidance, you know, a lot of people they reach guidance they believe.

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But so Pamela, they turn away after a while.

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That's why the DA came, or a banner led to the Hulu banner that they had atena will have Lennar melodem Khurana in Nevada and Delaware.

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Oh Allah do not cause our hearts to deviate.

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To turn away again. After it was guided. You see it's a it's a it's one thing to get guided.

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But it's another thing to be firm to be granted firmness, on guidance. And this is what we ask Allah 17 times daily in the mandatory Salah, a dinner. A certain Mr. Dean. If you think about it, you're praying that means you're guided but what you're asking is the firmness.

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Now the only one who can do this is ill will have Why? You know why? Because he's the one who owns your hearts in kulu Bhavani edinbane are spying the

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Also the children of Adam are between two fingers of the fingers of Allah. You can live okay fair share, he rotates it in the manner that he wants. That is why the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam used to make this law Yamaha rebel kulu Allah ulithi towards the Bitcoin bialetti Nick calls my heart to be firm, Grant, have grant my heart firmness on your religion.

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I'm sorry I made this longer than it should. But here is the closing. The last place where you ask Allah is the dunya things that Allah would give you of this dunya imagine prophets arrival Allah is set up was so ambitious

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you know what he said? Color have been fairly Oh ALLAH forgive me. What happily Moodle can lay under really I had him embody Allahu Akbar and have you grant me Dominion kingship that no one else would have after me imagine Allah giving him what the wind profits with a man used to fly on the carried by the wind. His transportation was the wind Elgin was Shelton used to serve him for Ask, ask Allah provided so that you're gonna use it in the way that pleases Allah prophet to lay man used all of this

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towards what the pleasure of Allah subhana wa Taala conveying the message of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam. These are the days Ask, ask and we'll have he will give it to you. But don't forget to ask for guidance to ask for firmness on guidance. Before you do ask for material things. Love you all for the sake of Allah Kadima was eight Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh