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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the final episode of the prophets and the birth of Isa as a result of the return of woman and the return of woman to woman. The segment also touches on the return of woman to woman, the return of woman to woman, and the return of woman to woman. The concept of "igrams," which is the amount of alcohol used during a meal, is discussed, along with the struggles of being in love with what one has and not just wait for others to do their job. The upcoming events include a weekend event where people will perform the "by Islam" movement, a special college run series with monsters, and a photo shoot with the French president.
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Similar in the last two summers for less than or equal to Allah wa barakato.

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This is rather zazzy when we're coming to you all to the stories of the prophets and today inshallah to Allah we are with Episode 66. I think this will be the final episode in Sharla hotel, the final episode of the stories of the prophets.

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We'll be talking about as I said, prior to that, talking about Miriam, and then we started talking about the birth of Isa and he said, Allah subhanho wa Taala says and so Yvonne verse number 46 by the Ministry of Energy will also lead ilab any SLR either an apology to cumbia? These are some of the miracles of Allah Subhana Allah Allah blessed Isa Elisa them with

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Annie allapattah camino clinica high at a point if fofi fire Kono pion be in

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one of the miracles that Allah subhana wa tada blessed Isa with is that he would take

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he would you know, from from clay, he would make a bird and then he would breed onto that bird and then the bird would come into life with the will of Allah subhana wa tada as he says, always be is Neela and for hovi fire coupe unbeaten beadnell. So when he breathes into it, or when he blows into that clay made bird and then the bird will turn into a bean into a life bird with the will of Allah subhana wa Tada. And another miracle of a Saturday. So then we'll open the hole at mahalo Abbas oceanian mo, Debbie.

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And he can give cure to the Muhammad Abbas give, you know, give sight back to the one who has lost his sight, and also to cure the leper and to give life to the dead. We talked about a story yesterday when he Sally sent him was, you know, walking by a grave and then he saw a woman crying, and then she lost her daughter, a young daughter. So we talked about how a Saturday sent him, you know, he brought that daughter back into life. Right? So this is some of the miracles that Allah subhanaw taala has missed. So with some more miracles as Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What whenever bill can be married to a colonna? Why am I

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alone Effie bu t come? And I shall inform you of what you your provisions are, let's say, you know, somebody comes like you can tell that person what he had for lunch or what he had for dinner, you know, and also he will inform them of what they are storing in terms of provisions in their homes. You know, this is all from the miracles of Isa and he sent him some of the karma of a salary he said, so that's pretty much you know, the, what we talked about yesterday, a quick summary. He said he said, his job is to give down to when you're slightly to his people. You know, the Romans at the time, as I mentioned, the history was that the Romans were causing bloodshed was causing chaos in

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the area there. And then the British law is we're living in that land. And then the last panel listened to Isa again to them as he has said many other prophets all to the children of Israel.

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So he was just walking amongst people walking around, he does not have a particular home that he lives in his home is actually the land of Allah subhana wa Tada. He just walks in that way, walking around amongst people giving

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a very, very interesting story that happened to a Sally Sue them as one day he was traveling again, given the hour, but he was accompanied by a man from the children of Israel, he, he was accompanied by a man from the children of Israel. And then he had three, you know, he had three loaves of bread with him. And then he just told the, he's a helper tool and I'll keep them aside once they you know, reach whatever, you know, area that they would make a stop, and then they would have, you know, they would have their meal. So it was a Saturday, send them call that men and he's asked him to bring in two loaves of bread. He brought in, you know, two loaves of bread. As I said, I asked him, where's

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the third one? I gave you three. He says, No, you gave me only two there were only two there were not three. The slot at the guy from inside. He already took one right. So now he wants to take another one plus the one four. He said he said i mean he said he knew that he gave him three

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you know pieces of bread. So he

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Ask them, where's the third one? The Israeli guy says, the Jewish person kept saying, No, he only gave they were only two, they were not three. So a second going

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on the way they passed by a blind man.

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So recently Sam went to the blind man. So he wiped over his eyes made. Another blind man came to see all of a sudden, lo and behold, he is able to see now, you know, and this happened front of the man from British law, he, the man from British law, he said, Subhana Allah, Praise be to Allah. Then he said, he said him said, by the one who has shown you this miracle, Allah, what happened to the third loaf of bread?

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The guy from various places? No, there was only two there were not three. Yeah. And he saw a number of miracle front of him, right? And then he said, asked him by the one who's made this miracle happen anybody? You know, where what happened to the third love of bread? The man kept saying, there were only three. I mean, there were only two there were not three.

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Anyways, they kept on traveling, carried on their journey. And then they reached a baja like a sea, and they had to cross that sea. So the Israeli guy does not know how to swim. He said, he said, he held onto his hand and the walked on water.

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They walked on water.

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Right? So

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once they reached the shore, the Israeli guy one more time said Subhana. Allah, Praise be to Allah. Praise me to the Lord.

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One more time, he said it, Sam tells the man by the one who showed me this miracle.

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Who ate the third bit loaf of bread? What happened to the third loaf of bread? He said, there were only two there were not three. There were only two.

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Twice seen miracles, yet he's adamant that they were only two loaves of bread. They were not three.

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So he said, he said, and he carried on his journey. You know, then when you know when they wish that see, hey, Sadie sent him stopped. And then he digged in

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three holes in the ground, right? He did three holes on the ground. And the guy was just watching with ACS doing a setup? I don't know exactly. So then he made that Allah subhanho wa Taala to fill those holes in the ground with gold.

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There were three.

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So lo and behold, before the guy's eyes, those holes turned into gold. They were gold in them. So the man said, Subhana Allah,

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whose are these three holes here that you have to go? Who's Oh, you know who the Who did? Whom do they belong to? He said, he said him said, the first one is mine. The second is yours. And the third is to the one who has eaten the loaf of bread. Right? The first one is mine. The second is yours. And the third belongs to the one who's eaten the third loaf of bread. And then this lady said, I ate a loaf of bread. I add the third one, I add the third one. He said a pseudonym said somehow know that he's seen. He's seen the gold. Now he admitted that he was the one actually who consumed that third level of bread. So as it said, I'm told him you know what, they're all yours. But I shall

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leave you here. I shall leave you here. They're all yours. And then he left. And he said,

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and then the man who's taking the gold, you know, and then he took the gold and went on you know, and he's carried on his journey. To man met him burglars. They saw that he had some you know a bag you know carrying something with it. They took him they killed him. And they took the gold.

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They killed him and they took the gold.

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There were three men together actually there were three men killed him and took the gold.

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So now that they are distributing the gold amongst them, they said why we're hungry. We want to eat. Is everybody hangry Yes, we're hungry we want to eat. So they sent one to the market to buy them some food. And to stay you know, in their place waiting for the guy to bring them some food. The guy went to bring the food he bought some food and then he thought to himself, if our to put some poison into the food that those my friends they will eat the food. They will die and I will take the gold all by myself.

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I will take the gold all

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By myself,

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the two guys on the other hand, they were saying the same thing. They're saying What? You know what? They talked to one another, they said, Why don't we kill the guy when he comes in, so that we don't have to split the gold amongst us three, we can only split it, you know, by half, you take half and I take the other half.

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So they agreed to kill that other guy. The first guy said I would put poison in the food, so that when they were to eat, they will die.

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The other guys were saying when he comes with kill him, and then we split the gold amongst ourselves. But as those on Facebook and sisters, brothers and sisters and those on Instagram, what do we call this disease?

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What do we call this disease that just happened now? What do we call it?

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I'm sure you know it.

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I'm sure you all know it. But what do we call this?

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Those of you on Facebook does have Instagram? What do we call this disease that just happened now? One guy saying, I'm going to put poison in the food, my friends will eat the food they will die. And I will take the I will take the I will take the gold all by myself. The two other guys are saying well when he comes in, we shall kill him. And then we take the gold you know and and split it on our immunologist just between us it's called greed. Yes. Yes mean? Yes. Hey, aim tablet. Yes. patrisse you're right as law You're right. It is cold. Of course. greed. Brothers and sisters greed is well is another is what was his what kicked Adam kicked.

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shape on Save in front from Jenna is from the from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Greed, greed, greed, greed and envy, greed, yani it's all Me, me, me, me, me, me. And the halal minute, I'm better than him. Then shaytan say that shaytan said when Allah azza wa jal, you know, ordered him to make sushi to add and he says, I'm better than him. Really? I'm better. I deserve better. Why should I make sushi to him? Right? Why should I make superior to him? So this is greed. That's what kicked out Adam. So greed, greed, greed, greed. So what happened about a year upon your right, it's called apama in Arabic or greed in English. So what happened was the man he did actually indeed put the

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poison in the food. And then when he came in the guys, they saw him, they jumped on him and killed him.

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They jumped on him and killed him. So they took the the gold and then they split the gold amongst themselves. half half.

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And then they were hungry, of course. So they ate the food. And when they ate the food, they died. They died. So they were like three corpse, right? Plus the man who was the ad guy, though was with with the with the Sally sue them for corpse, you know, on the ground, gold. On the ground. He said Best Buy again. When Lisa came back and pass by his so the three buddies and he saw the gold. And he said, Subhana Allah. This is what life does to people. This is what dunya does to people. But as the sisters, what do we learn from this lesson?

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This is what life does to people. What do we learn from this lesson that happened to rissalah? He said,

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what kind of lessons do we derive here, brothers and sisters?

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Those of you on Facebook and those of you Mr. Graham,

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what do we call this?

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What do we call this disease or what we call it? What kind of lesson do we derive here?

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Why cheat? Well, Allah zation has already decided you know, what reaches we get exactly be content with what you have exactly. Not to be in love with things of the world.

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Yanni there's something called in arabic al Qaeda

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to be content al Qaeda. Al Qaeda tokens, if not enough, suta Anta kunafa peloton, one foot ohioana mean and the Auto V

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American one lm chakalaka in law Hutton Bethany uovo ella dhania woman Monica Hello helmingham in Putney

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If any

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of Canada has to be content with what you have consola If not, it's a treasure. It's a treasure.

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It's a treasure as this form, you know, the board said you know, so, a canary tokens and nasutus

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nuclear, it is better to be poor, then you know, then then be you know, greedy, rather be poor than greedy, somebody who's greedy and look what greedy, greedy has has done to what Greed has done to has done to this man what Greed has done to, to shaitan So, we learn, you know, we learned so much about you know,

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that risk is written from Allah subhanho wa Taala which means that I should not just wait you know, do nothing and wait because my risk is written in the lives of Sheila, I have to, you know, make more efforts. I have to, you know, take some actions, but always put my trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala because he is our Allah is I've got to do my part, I've got to do my job, but keep the rest and you know, on and put my trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala All right, so my brothers and sisters

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Hey, Sally, sue them, kept doing his job. You know, given our two minute slot, he, but then he felt he started feeling that bender slot in our plotting, you know, something against him. They're plotting some evil against him. He started feeling that they want to kill him. Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in Milan, verse number 52.

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For them, he sent me home on Kufa when he said he felt that he was going to be killed, or he felt that those guys are plotting, you know, to kill him. Call them and sorry, in a law

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on how are you? Oh, Song Ah,

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He woke up.

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I don't want him for us. But hold on hitting that Lisa. He told his disciples, his followers, men on Sati you know, who's going to support me? Because he felt they're going to kill him. He felt that they're plotting something against him. So he gathered his friends, he's fallen, this is who is going to support me he is this disciples. He collected his disciples is how are you? Who's going to do to support me? part of how are you? Because some people believed in him and others did not. Call it How are you? His disciples said we shall support you. Cotton, how are you in a national onsala we have the Ansel of Allah subhana wa tada fermina.

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Danny is long he woke up

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one by one party from Venezuela. He believed in a Saudi setup. And another party did not believe. Of course, the majority, of course, the majority did not believe in a Saudi setup. And as it is the case of Venezuela, as it is the case with the children of Israel, with you know, with so many other prophets, as we mentioned before my brothers and sisters.

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So what did better slides do? Those who started plotting to kill esala histogram? They went to the king, the Roman King, and they said, kill this man. This man is collecting his forests, and they go into attack you Why don't you go and kill him first. Look how they are plotting. They went to the king, Ben Ursula. And they said that this man is gathering his disciples, his followers and they're going to have some sort of a coup against you. You know, so why don't you go and kill and then the king sent his soldiers to kill. He said he said the king he sent his soldiers to kill a salary he said How old was the ISA and he said them at the time brothers and sisters. It's been said that it

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is at that time he was 33 years old. At the time he was 33 years old years old. And the Prophet Mohammed Salah loveliest thing he says when we enter Jannah we shall have the age of a Saudi said me and everybody will be 33 years old. I love Aqua. You shall have the beauty of your Safari Sam. And the and the and the age of Acer, Acer. The beauty of use of the end

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Have a Sally Sue them the strength, the luck of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but we would have the age of a Sally Solomon Isa was 33 years old, right when he was not killed. But when he was ascended, as we're going to talk about when he was elevated, as we're gonna mention.

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So, they started looking for a PSA booster looking for, as it said, under soldiers, the soldiers are looking for a PSA, and some of the fours or some of the slightly who knew what a PSA was. They pointed, you know, to the soldiers, were Isa, you know, was where he was Heidi

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and Lisa Ali Salaam, he was sitting with his disciples, and they were 12 of them. There were 12 of them, and he was sitting with them, worshiping Allah subhana wa Tada. And then he says to them, he told his disciples, He said, Who amongst you would like to take my place? He will take my resemblance.

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The soldiers will come, and they will be under the impression that it is me a sir, they will take him and they will kill him. And this person who's willing to take my my my resemblance, I shall meet him in Jannah.

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I shall meet him in Zen. There were 12 of them 12 disciples, none of them wanted to accept that deal. Except one young man the youngest, he says I and then there is a one more time he asked, who's amongst you would like to take my resemblance he will look exactly like me. The soldiers will come they will think it's me. They will take him and kill him. This person I shall meet him engineer and I guarantee agenda for them for this man. Again for the second time, none of them accepted except the youngest. The third time he said that he sent me said who amongst you wants to take my resemblance? Allah would make him look exactly like me. But it's fine. We'll come to soldiers will

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come they will take him there was killing him. I shall meet him in Shanna Yani guarantee, Jenna for him.

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Again, nobody wanted except the young boy.

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Except that young boy.

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So he said he said

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he had that young boy, when messala lotze. And he wiped over his head alehissalaam. And he may have for him. He may dufry.

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And he left who left as a reseller. And as he left, his disciples saw him being elevated. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Before as he was leaving his disciples, they witnessed a sighting. He saw them being raised into the heavens by the angels. They raised him, they intubated him. He saw his brothers and sisters, where is he today? He's alive, where he's in Geneva, where and what scale and what level? He is in the second level, right? When the Prophet Mohammed Allah, his salatu salam was going up the was being ascended into the heavens, he met certain prophets in the first level, the first guy, the second summit, Fannia, fatty to awaba in the summer athenia. In the

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second sky, he met, he sat at his center in the first image, Adam and he said him in the second he met Isa and he said that in the 30, mature Safari setup and so on and so forth. We've talked about this. So they saw a PSA and he said and been elevated. The soldiers they came, they saw that boy, who Allah Xhosa gave him the resemblance of a sap, they took him they thought it was ERISA. They thought it was an ISA. So they took him they took him and they killed him. They thought it was a Sally Sarah Corrado, they they beat him beaten him, beaten him, and they celebrate they crucified Him, they crucified Him, and they killed him in front of everyone thinking that they could aisa but

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Allah subhana wa tada says, insalata Nisa, verse number 157. in selecting the set, first

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verse, verse 157. Last Genesis, well oh no whom in

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working should be Hello home. Well, our new home in Napa Lisa in

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Santa Maria Milan soon

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Long when Masanobu when a king should be hella home. And they said What did they say? They said that we have killed Teresa. They said that they have killed Aisha the son of Mary rasulillah the Prophet of Allah wa Cthulhu they did not kill him nor crucified him where they can shoot the hell at home. But they it has he has been you know, he took the resemblance of a PSA and a Selim, they thought it was a PSA but he was not a PSA as Allah Subhana Allah says clearly in the end, they have not killed him nor crucified him. Well, they can should be held at home, but they were under the impression that it was a PSA. He said, Well, Mercado de la bella hailer macchine they've plotted and Allah is

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the best of planners. So Hannah who Adana, the plan and Allah cleanse, they plot and Allah plans and Allah is the best of planners so panna Hua data one level how you met Katie one my coma coma lava lava haven macchine

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Allah subhanho wa Taala also says in salt Amman verse number 57

00:26:12--> 00:26:16

cabo la jolla Isa in the Moto figa la

00:26:19--> 00:26:45

or Isa Marya Allah subhana wa tada says to profit to his La Silla Indeed, I will take you and raise you. I will take you and raise you to myself and printify you in the middle of FECA in a What are you Luca amo el camino de La Nina cafo Vijay Dina Dina katabi Coca Cola de Carvalho Yama, Yama, Yama,

00:26:47--> 00:27:09

Timothy chapter on Allah subhana wa tada says, or Isa in the Moto FICO elite or Isa, I shall raise you. I shall raise you and to me and crucify you and save you, save you from those who wanted to kill you. And he said, I wish I had the Orca Falcon Latina, Kufa, Yom Yom with piano.

00:27:11--> 00:27:25

They said they killed ASAP but they have not killed Isa. Isa is not dead La Silla. Isa is the brother of Mohammed Ali, sir, what made me see this. What made me say this is sisters and brothers.

00:27:26--> 00:27:29

A quick message to the French Prime Minister.

00:27:32--> 00:27:41

What like if the mockery and the scuffing was happened against the ISA and he said them? We will not accept?

00:27:42--> 00:27:43

We will not accept

00:27:44--> 00:27:48

we're gonna shoot you in Japan. We're gonna shoot on Japan.

00:27:49--> 00:27:51

You see we're in a hurry in certain

00:27:53--> 00:27:56

fiza many of whom he will turn

00:27:57--> 00:28:04

somewhere the fnn for kuno Mohan somewhere near for fnn Phil kuno Mohan

00:28:06--> 00:28:08

a toda la la offenen.

00:28:09--> 00:28:15

And to see our Isa otaku Fatima Bilbo out of the family Mr. Bill Bhutan.

00:28:17--> 00:28:26

Kayla, Kayla said Teresa, Teresa. Well Mohammed is one. He said well Mohammed is one

00:28:27--> 00:28:29

where many of them were fought Lima

00:28:31--> 00:28:36

had to happen insane you often have to see either utterly insane

00:28:38--> 00:28:39

this man

00:28:40--> 00:28:41

this man

00:28:43--> 00:28:43


00:28:45--> 00:29:17

ridiculed Prophet Mohammed and it is not something new. This is not something new because people so many you know in centuries in the past, they have tried to read the good Prophet Mohammed but Allah subhana wa tada always defense Prophet Mohammed and Allah has defended him and we defended him in the cafe knakal Muslims in Allah Subhana says in the Quran, we will suffice you against discovers we shall suffice to Mohammed against the scoffers those who mock you and ridicule you, we shall suffice you against them.

00:29:20--> 00:29:29

So if it was Lisa and he said that they mocked not because Mohammed were reacted because it's Mohammed wala if it was Lisa or if it was Mary.

00:29:31--> 00:29:36

Well, if it was Mary, who would speak up, we will stand and speak up

00:29:37--> 00:29:39

aisyah and mohammedia Brothers,

00:29:40--> 00:29:43

Mary and Fatima, their sisters,

00:29:45--> 00:29:48

Isa and Mohammed the brothers,

00:29:50--> 00:29:53

Mary and Fatima their sisters

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

will call them in the paternal mercy have no Miriam. So at least we have these

00:30:00--> 00:30:12

common point between us and then we believe that he said in die, so are the Christians who also believe that he said Jesus didn't die, and he shall come as Prophet Mohammed and he sort of says he shall come

00:30:13--> 00:30:16

at the flesh of time in Philistine

00:30:17--> 00:30:18

when people will be professional.

00:30:20--> 00:30:28

And as they are lining up to professional and then Maddie was to lead the photo. He they will see a PSA

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and as they will see a PSA, they will make space they will make room for him to come and lead and Isa will tell Maddie No, it has been called for you so you lead and then Maddie will lead and Maddie will lead the Salah salata photo in follow Steen and Isa will pray behind with the Muslims, he will come he will break the cross, that he said he said Jesus, he would break the cross.

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At his time that he will live.

00:31:04--> 00:31:17

for 40 years, people will live in in the rest and serenity at the most serenity and justice in his time, the term of eSATA his solemn

00:31:18--> 00:31:28

then and only then people who come he said yes, he said he said then he will call for Islam, Allahu Akbar. Recently someone he will come he will call for Islam.

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He will give that away to Islam. He will give that to the end. Jesus had a Sudan peace be upon him. When he comes in. We'll give that over to the end to Islam.

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And Prophet Mohammed saw him in a dream, making power off as he will come and he will go to Saudi Arabia. He will go to Mecca to perform tawaf. I don't know if it will be Saudi Arabia, but it might go and remain Madcap. So he will go to Mecca to perform hajj, you will perform tawaf. He certainly set up like Moosa before he died, he also went and he performed tawaf.

00:32:05--> 00:32:18

The Kaaba was there, the cover built by the angels before and then Ibrahim as I said before, and his son is made, so the capital was there. So this process, they will all go and perform, you know the tawaf

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and the Kappa

00:32:22--> 00:32:26

aisa Ali Salim Prophet Mohammed, he says,

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He described him his brother, he described him some Lola and you send them how you deported by Abu Dawood. He says, a boy who lives in a raid, he says learn to be benei, verbena, Isa, he says, There is no profit between me and received pneumonia. There is no profit between me and risk of pneumonia and between the term of Isa and the death and the elevator and the and the raising of Isa to the heavens. And to Prophet Mohammed. He said, there is no profit between me and him. No Prophet came in between

00:32:59--> 00:33:31

what in who knows Iran and he shall come the provinces and he shall come to mu for any food. He says, When you see him, you shall recognize him in the motherboard. He does is a moderate man. Not very tall. Not very short motherboard in Arabic. Not tall. Not So would that be semi he's not fat. He's not skinny, moderate men. SubhanAllah. Not tall. Not short. Not big, not skinny. Moderate. Moderate men are de Sena.

00:33:32--> 00:33:58

ariosa subtle. f1 rd to sort of his chest is wide. Allah. Prophet Mohammed used to have a white chest too. Yes, Prophet Mohammed. He used to have a wide chest too. So he said he said our little Southern white white chest Yes, lm that's a beauty in a man. Isn't it? A white chest killer? Ha ha brothers. Are you doing this? Hey,

00:33:59--> 00:34:03

yellow brothers. Show me some muscles. Show me Show me.

00:34:04--> 00:34:08

Your mama. Honey. Well, the brothers here

00:34:09--> 00:34:15

what are the brothers Oh man, yellow man yellow Show me the money. The money is yummy. The muscles

00:34:17--> 00:34:19

are little subtle, the breasts like the chest.

00:34:24--> 00:34:35

And the Prophet says he is he has a reddish complexion. You know like a wheat kind of color. You know complexion. Allah His Salatu was Salam.

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

O Allah azza wa jal when he see his hair, as if his hair is dripping, you know, wet, dripping water like you know when somebody comes out from the shower, he's had his hair is still wet. That's how his hair looks like. He said he said, Every time we look at him, as if he just came up from from from from a bath or from the shower.

00:35:03--> 00:35:05

Come on, give me a second.

00:35:08--> 00:35:13

Brother honey, flex flex your muscles flexing right there flex. Hey What

00:35:16--> 00:35:17


00:35:20--> 00:35:38

and when he comes my brothers and sisters also a prophet Mohammed told us that he will be buried where he would be buried in Medina, Allahu Akbar, where? Yes eSATA he said him, when he comes back, he will be buried he will die in Medina he will be buried in Medina to nebby Allah His salatu salam.

00:35:42--> 00:35:45

And then after the death of a Salah Salem

00:35:46--> 00:36:02

again, years there centuries later, Allah subhanho wa Taala will send hiatal hug Pilla, Allah subhanho wa Taala will send a man who is the most beloved

00:36:04--> 00:36:12

and the best creation Allah subhana wa tada has ever ever created? Was this man.

00:36:14--> 00:36:23

Who is this man? The most beloved, the chosen, the one the chosen, the favorite?

00:36:25--> 00:36:30

The Habib, Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

00:36:31--> 00:36:42

and manaphy Yesh. Shani many knuckle up mom has been one calling up and yellows up many,

00:36:43--> 00:36:48

many years. Johnny many knuckle up and

00:36:50--> 00:36:52

when the call comes up Nene

00:36:54--> 00:36:55


00:36:58--> 00:37:12

Habib, Mohammed, he said, Allahu masani Anna and Mustafa Habib, Mohammed. He said

00:37:14--> 00:37:14


00:37:17--> 00:37:18


00:37:24--> 00:37:24


00:37:27--> 00:37:33

Jammie Jammie,

00:37:37--> 00:37:40

Jammie, bom

00:37:42--> 00:37:43


00:37:46--> 00:37:46


00:37:49--> 00:37:49


00:37:53--> 00:37:58

Me, me.

00:38:01--> 00:38:05

Jamie sung

00:38:06--> 00:38:07

Mohamed song.

00:38:09--> 00:38:19

He was a lamp song La La Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam a La Jolla, la

00:38:56--> 00:38:59

Shani money not luck Mama was

00:39:01--> 00:39:03

called up Money.

00:39:04--> 00:39:04


00:39:06--> 00:39:09

Money Money not a lot

00:39:12--> 00:39:16

of money Allahumma Swanee

00:39:17--> 00:39:33

Mustafa Habib, Mohammed, he said Allahumma Swanee Mustafa Habib, Mohammed, he is

00:39:35--> 00:39:59

I think in sha Allah Tada. As now we have officially finished the stories of the prophets. We cannot talk about Prophet Mohammed maybe in one episode, or one session. We cannot include the life of the Prophet Mohammed, along with the stories of the prophets know we have two sisters and brothers have a special series a special set

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

A special, you know, seminar special course just about Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu I didn't send them and I think now I know I think because I was thinking what should be next? What should be next? You know now that we're done I started thinking now I get to know now I came to know inshallah tada the next seminar the next shuttle era, series will be footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it will be, it will be working with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it will be the Syrah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam inshallah, in a way that it has not been known to you before in a way that you have never, you know,

00:40:48--> 00:41:34

have never never heard before. Living with Prophet Mohammed going with Prophet Mohammed living with Prophet Mohammed go into his home, seeing how he eats, seen how he sleeps, you know seeing things know in you know, with Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, something special, something very, very special. Not just like, see that? No, it's not see it. I just see that for the sake of Sierra, but doing something special about Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that will start next week in sha Allah hudaydah brothers and sisters, it was an amazing, amazing Alhamdulillah amazing series, the stories of the prophets. Thank you so much for joining. Thank you for being here. May Allah bless

00:41:34--> 00:42:15

you, may Allah reward you, thank you for sticking around and not you know letting me talk to myself. Not letting me talk to just the wall not making me talk just to the screens. Thank you for joining and be there may Allah bless you may Allah reward you desire Camilla hair Baraka loafie comm and I shall see you in Sharla next week, be it Neela All right, thank you sister Karima sister. Yes mean now. Well, now well, what time is it in Belgium now? What time is it in Belgium is our common law brothers and sisters, those of you on Facebook balaclava sisters, this is nasima Baraka Thank you. Where have you been? Where have you been? Thank you. Thank you system has a lot thinking the same as

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if you have a Mohammed. May Allah bless you. You're 52 I'm 53 men with one year, one year Oh, one year difference. Mark Levin. Thank you for having me. I love you, man. I love you.

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Zakouma Alfie Kohn. Thank you so much. Those of you on Facebook. It doesn't mean Instagram.

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What? system manisa system or any sir please? What happened to the campuses? Oh, it's 1am it's too late. What happened to the campuses please? Sister Fatima she's still waiting for her canvases. nasima is like so good seeing you in your zone thing again? Yes. Well, we know I'm only in my zone whenever I'm doing this. But when I'm done

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in my other zones, so and hamdulillah it's all good. Is that gonna love him? Allah bless you. We'll see you next week in sha Allah. Allah says America.

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