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Episode Notes

Secrets of The heart

A dead heart cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. Whatever the heart likes is correct and whatever it dislikes is incorrect. This is the only criteria for what is right and wrong. This is a neglectful, and when one neglects the heart it becomes dead, and when the hearts are steeped in evil those who dont follow any moral code except that which they desire they want to impose it upon everyone. Naming people who believe in right and wrong as those who are backward.
E.g. the issue of homosexuality was before something filthy and wrong but now it is considered that which is forward thinking and if you are against it – you are considered homophobic.

Successful Medicine from the Quran – Applying to body and heart

Fasting – Maintain natural strength of the body so that the body is strong to fight against weakness.

With regards to the body – we need to look after it and feed it nutritious food, exercise to keep healthy, same with the heart. That which adds strength to the heart are good deeds, the acts of Ibadah. Thikr, Quran, Salaah. This guards the heart against disease.

The body cleanses via its excretion, urine, sweat, defecation in much the same way. Tawbah cleanses the heart of sin. Don’t hold on to the evil that destroys the heart.

When a person is fit and healthy the body and heart is better equipped to fight against trials and fitna.

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Seattle Welcome to the secrets of the heart. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. And we send peace and blessings on our beloved Prophet, Mohammed sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a new episode of the secrets of the heart. And we are still trying our best to uncover the secrets of this beautiful world. So hopefully, we will be able to

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take good care of our hearts and nurture them in the way that will give us the keys to paradise. And they asked a lot of panatela to help us in all our efforts. We said previously, that there are three types of the hearts. One is a healthy and sound heart. And another heart is the L one. And l heart suffers from diseases. And we mentioned the two types of diseases, the desires, the sins, and the misconceptions and doubts. And we said that if a heart remains in illness and suffering from disease without good care, it will end up as a dead heart, a dead heart does not recognize or cannot, cannot tell what is right from what's wrong, what is the truth from falsehood. So the only criterion it has

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is the desires of the person himself. So whatever is beneficial to him, something good, whatever is harmful to him, or whatever seems to be harmful, anything he dislikes. To him, this is evil. So this is the seriousness of the issue of the heart and the illnesses that the heart suffers from, if a person reaches the stage of a dead heart, he will become very destructive, because he will try to impose his own vision, his own desires, his own interpretation of things on the rest of the world. And to him, the only criterion for what is right and what is wrong, is what he likes, and what he dislikes. And this is exactly the state of the Western world today.

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People mark the majority of people, most of the people in the Western world, they have neglected the hearts until their hearts reached the stage of a dead heart. And then they want to impose on the rest of humanity, their own values that are based on what they like and what they dislike. So they for them. They like men like sleeping with any woman, they like woman likes to sleep with an uncountable number of men, there's no problem with that they like it, they enjoy it, they're happy with that. To them, it's something good, there's no harm in that.

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And when you say to them, you can only have an intimate relationship with a woman inside the wedlock, not not outside it. They say that's too much backward. to them. That's something evil. So it's just this exactly matches what the professor said that the hearts will end up into two types. A heart that is totally black, totally dark, like a cup turned upside down. It does not, or it cannot tell what's right for my strong except based on what it likes, and what it dislikes according to its desires. And when you tell them that Allah has given us the permission to marry up to four wives, and that's obviously a good thing as long as a lot of parents had condoned that and give permission

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to that it is something good

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along with the conditions, to them, this is something evil to the people of the West. Why? Because the criteria they have is what they like, what they dislike, and you can wait for another 2050 years. And you will find that the things that they like today will be totally different. So what they like today,

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in the years to come, there will be things that they disliked so they will make them prohibited. Some years ago some time ago, homosexuality was considered to be a crime in most of the Western countries with something evil something filthy, something despicable.

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But now it is something that is that is a sign of advancement and a sign of open mindedness. And if you have a problem with homosexuality, you will be called a homophobe. And you will be looked upon as an eccentric in this society.

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So this shows that the criterion they have is what they like what they dislike desires. Although there are some exceptions. There are some people of understanding and

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The West that are the that are really screaming against these things, but

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their voice is almost unheard of.

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So, and we said that the secrets are the measures to the health of the heart to maintain the health, the heart to take good care of the heart. And these are very important secrets and they match the title or the

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the theme of our series, which is the secrets of the heart, yes, the secrets to having a healthy heart.

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We said they are the same secrets of maintaining good health, physically speaking.

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First of all, we said you have to strengthen the natural force or the natural strength you have to maintain it the natural strength of the body or the heart depends on what we are talking about. We said with regards to the body, you have to look after its nutrition provided with the elements that will strengthen it.

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So the natural strength will maintain your immunity against diseases and against weakness, and your body will be healthy exercise will help also what matches that when we speak about the heart is reciting the Orion remembrance of Allah, praying, fasting, the old good actions, all the acts of worship that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed. These things will add strength to your heart to strengthen your heart, your heart will grow will prosper. And we'll be immune against diseases. The second secret of the second procedure we said is to get rid of everything harmful that is in the body. When we talk about the physical health, well, we say that the body sweats and releases these

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harmful elements, some of the minerals, some liquids, other substances, through urine and through

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no deprecating and answering the call of nature, obviously, we the body is getting rid of the harmful elements. Also with the heart. What matches this procedure with the heart is when we seek forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala when we repent to Allah when you make Toba

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the harmful elements in the heart are taken away, you are cleansing your heart. So the its own strength will be reinforced.

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This is the second secret the third secret. When we talk about the body, we say that we have to you have to protect your body from anything harmful going in, like poison or any other harmful substance. The same applies to the heart any sin you fall in any innovation you commit.

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Or you hold on to you hold on to will harm your body will weak will harm your heart will weaken your heart. So this is how we take good care

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of our hearts and in the legislation's of Islam. There's a beautiful kind of match with a las panatela also, because we find the keys or the clues to these three procedures. There in the Quran. For example, it's talk about

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maintaining the

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natural force of the body, Allah subhanaw taala. At times of traveling, or times of illness, Allah directs the fasting person to maintain the natural strength. So he gave Allah gave the fasting person the permission to break the fast and then make make it make this day up later on. Why? Because fasting, if the body is suffering from illness, fasting will affect negatively the natural force of the body.

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So here, Allah says, maintain your natural, natural strength of your body, so you can fight against this disease or this weakness. The second procedure, we said is to get rid of the bad things and the harmful elements in the body. Also, Allah subhanaw taala directed the person who's making pilgrimage Allah said that you shouldn't shave your hair during the state of Iran. But Allah says in Surah Baqarah if one of you is suffering from an illness, or due to some reason, he needs to shave his head, you can do that. Why because this is something harmful, you get rid of it.

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So this is the second procedure. The third procedure is where

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a person wants to make mobile or makes wants to make also ablution full ablution bajada and the only type of water you have for example, in a cold weather you have cold water, we have only cold water, you are allowed to make the Yemen dry ablution if you can't use the or if the cold water will harm your body or will affect you negatively. So this is the third procedure which is to keep

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away from the body or the heart, the harmful elements. So we see the three secrets to successful medicine are there in the Quran, we can apply them to the body, and we can apply them to the heart something very beautiful about having a sound and a healthy heart. You know, when a person is physically fit, and the natural strength of the body is a very in a very good state, these people generally have a better immunity against diseases. So even if there is a virus or a bug around, these people are less prone are less likely to fall ill then people who are weaker than them, you know, people who are really very careful about their diet, they only hate they only eat healthy

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food. These people are more immune to diseases. This is why you mainly find them in very good health. But people who don't really pay enough attention to the diet and the eat, you know, junk food and you know, unhealthy food. These people fall in illnesses, they they become ill more more often than other people. Why because they actually have breached at least one of the three procedures we mentioned. Likewise with the heart a personalized a very healthy heart, a person who is away from innovations, a person who is away from sin, and he looks after his heart. When a fitna comes when a trial comes a trial of sin or innovation, this person is more likely to have immunity

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against it, you find such people as sooner, a more powerful against the desires, they don't easily fall into sin or fall into innovation. Why? Because they are healthy. But when a person doesn't really look after his heart very well, and they suffer from weaknesses. So there are more. They always most of the time they fall in sand they fall in innovation. When a new trial comes whether it's cinema or innovation, they are more likely to fall into it. Why because they are they have less immunity they haven't looked after the hearts. This is a secret that we should pay attention to. And Sharla in future episodes, will try to shed more light on such beautiful secrets that we can learn

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about our hearts. So hopefully we will be able to look after this piece of flesh that plays such a phenomenal role in the life of human beings until we meet next time. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh