Reflections from the Quran – When last did you look at the sky

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Throughout the Quran, Allah engages a person. Allah calls upon us to think, reflect and ponder. Allah wants us to reflect on the creation around us. Allah says Holocaust survivor at behind the armored in Corona. Allah created the sky without any pillars.

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When last did you take our time to marvel? At the majestic sky above you? How beautiful is the sky during the day? And what a spectacle it is at night. What a bright stars and the bright moon. How beautiful is the sky at night. And how majestic is the sky during the day. When it rains you see the rainbow. When you see a clear sky you see a different version. When you see a cloud build up, you see a different version. All this is through the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala 1000s of years have passed and not a single crack in the sky. Allah is calling upon us to reflect on the sky and to deduce the greatness of Allah the vertical Tada that how beautiful is the Creator. And how beautiful

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is the maker Subhan Allah may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all