Moutasem al-Hameedy – Secrets of the Heart – EP 05

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The heart is the most important organ in the body and is the most dangerous. People with healthy heart health and a desire for wealth are considered productive while individuals with heart attacks are considered healthy and productive. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting the heart from factors like heart damage and the potential of evil elements. They also discuss the potential risks of heart attacks and misconceptions, and the potential consequences of whiteness.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to your show the secrets of the heart. All praise is due to Allah we praise Him. We thank him and we seek His help and assistance. And we send peace and blessings when our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was alone.

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In this episode of the secrets of the heart, inshallah, we will reflect on the three types of hearts

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the live heart, the diseased, or the L heart, and the dead heart. These are the three types of hearts that we have. The sound heart, we said, or the healthy heart is illusory, and there has been protected from the two types of diseases, the disease of desires, people always have these these desires from themselves and she upon also adds to that she also intensifies the plight, the desires, love for wealth, love for these worldly affairs, love for women, love for the things that Allah subhanaw taala hates, these are the desires of the world. This is one of the illnesses that affect the heart. Another illness, we said is the doubts and the misconceptions people have in Grand

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understandings about matters that pertain to the reality of this world, matters that pertain to the Creator of the heavens and the earth, matters that pertain to the way we should come closer to Allah subhanaw taala, which is the dean or the religion. So any misconceptions any doubts?

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These are considered to be diseases that really harm and scar the heart, the very destructive to the heart. So a person who manages to keep his heart healthy from these two things, then we say he has a sound heart, these are the people who will be able to enter Paradise. So you have to protect yourself from these two things. And if we look around us, these are the only two hazards that affect every human being that affect our religion that affect our hearts. Look around. You see, shaytan always is pushing us either to fall in sin, or to fall into innovation. sins are part of the desires that are the results of desires. And innovations are part of misconceptions or doubts having a wrong

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understanding. So these are the two destructive forces that always attack the heart. If we manage to protect our hearts from these two things, then our hearts will be healthy, we will have what is called an illusory and this is the condition to enter Paradise. People who allow desires to take hold of the hearts or they open up the guard that they should place before their hearts in order to protect the heart. Then those people, either the desires will attack the hearts and will leave a scar on the heart and will weaken the heart. And the situation might get worse, all the allow or they open up their guard in front of doubts, misconceptions about the religion about Allah subhanaw

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taala about the reality of this life.

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Once they have allowed these misconceptions to enter by listening to them, by seeing or looking looking at something that is not pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala those people have opened the hearts or they have made the heart sitting ducks an easy target for Chapin. So they will get the hearts affected. But still they haven't lost everything about the heart. But if they reach the stage, where they allow the sins or the misconceptions, they should Howard overshoe had to keep affecting the hearts destroying the hearts, they will reach the level

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where they were the hearts will die. And at that moment, the hottest, totally dark. It has no trace of life. So it doesn't feel anything at all.

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So this is why it's very important for us to take good care of our hearts the problem with a dead heart. It does not recognize what Allah subhana wa tada is pleased with at all. It does not recognize and it pays no attention to what Allah likes. It's only chasing its own desires. This is the main concern of such people. When you see a person is only concerned with chasing and satisfying his desires. They only want wealth. They're only concerned with wealth. They're only concerned with how they should play

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themselves, how they can enjoy themselves, how they can have only a happy life. They're always going around searching around, just trying to get everything about this world. They're trying to enjoy them themselves. And wherever they go, they always seem chasing things that are that are about this world, that when you speak to them, you only hear them speaking about, oh, how can I get that? or How can I enjoy myself? How can I go on this vacation? How I can how I can buy this car, how I can buy this house? How can I enjoy myself? You know, this is all what they think about.

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They don't think about anything else. This is a sign that these people, it seems that they have a dead heart.

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And these people don't mind, if the way they enjoy themselves contradict what unless panatela is pleased with this is a sign of a dead heart. And mixing with these people is a source of misery is a source of disgust. Because there is no life to the hearts they have stooped to the lower level of life which is the life of the body, the same level as other animals were alleged. panatela has favored Allah has honored human beings.

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And the dead heart does not recognize what is truth and what is evil. They make no difference to that. The prophets Allah loves them actually told us the reason behind this. He said in a very important Hadith to Allah bulafit and Odin Odin kar kar Kar Wai.

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Now the trials which means the

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the trials of this world, I, they are either you know, temptations of this world or they are either doubts and misconceptions, the two types of diseases, these trials will attack the heart one after the other.

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You know, constantly as if you know the mats, stone mats that are made of stone, you know, sticks of stone one after the other. This is what the heart says. The trials will keep hitting the heart one after the other consistently. Then the prophets lie Selim says to eternal alcovy Odin Odin Cara said, a uma Caliban oshi. The Han Okita

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heart absorbs the trial. If the heart opens, it's God. And if you have the person lets the fitna or the trial to enter the heart. Whether it's a sin, or an innovation, whether it's a sin or a misconception and a doubt, if you open up your heart to it, and you give it a warm welcome. Then a black spots will be drawn on your heart.

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For a human Calvino see behind the hardwood absorb it for Mr. Calvin O'Shea behind Okay, that video looked at himself.

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And what are you holding the hand okay that feeling any heart that keeps its guard on and it does not allow the fitna or the trial to reach the heart. Then whiteness will be given to them, as part of whiteness will be added to this heart.

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Until in the final tally, you will have two types of hearts had tattletale gulabo illa kobane Albin s what Albin s were the more bad dokuz images here, a black

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hole that is totally black, totally dark. It's just it's just like a cup turned upside down. So in the final tally, we'll have two types of heart, a black heart that is so dark, so filthy. That is like a cup that is turned upside down. This hard Why is it turned upside down the process, Adam explains he says, Now you're a former are often when a young woman can no matter what you try to fill this heart with truth with something good, it will not take it because it's turned upside down. You cannot pour water in it because it's already turned upside down.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it does not recognize what is good, or what is bad. All are the same. Or maybe it will be more inclined to what is evil

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than its inclined to what is good. And actually a worse case would be that this heart. You know, when it comes to the evil things, it sees them as good. And when it comes to the good things, it sees them as bad. You see, and this is the reality we see this with the people who are so distant from our last panel, especially those who reject real belief

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They reject the truth when it comes to them. For them, drinking alcohol is something good.

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You know, sleeping with any woman is something good. Homosexuality is something good, so many disgusting and filthy and evil things. to them. These are good things. Why? Because the heart is black.

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The ability to tell what's right, and what's wrong has been taken away from it. Why because the heart has been screened is veiled with so much darkness with a thick layer of darkness, and evil and sin and misconceptions that it does not it does not see the reality of things at all. It lost track of the reality, it lost track of the truth.

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So this is the heart, it does not. It does not recognize what's good. And what's evil, except a llama should live in Hawaii except something that it likes. So when it appeared when something appeals to the person, they say, Oh, that's a good thing. When it when it doesn't appeal to them, they say that's bad, that's evil. This is the criterion they have. If they like the thing themselves, according to their own desires. They say that's something good. And that's, that's a virtue.

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But when it doesn't go, or when it's not in line with their desires and their personal interest, they say this is something evil.

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And this is the judgment is the way the disbelievers and the evil people judge things. This is why they we have so many accusations coming from them against Islam. Why? Because the heart is so black is shield with so much darkness and filth. And it's like a club that is turned upside down. It doesn't accept the truth. You cannot pour truth into it. It doesn't take it. And the second type of a heart is

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what could have been at the heart that is so pure and white, and clean. This is the heart of the believer, it can see the reality of things. And this also adds to the principle that we explained which that real comprehension is in the heart. This is why if you look at so many people who have seen Islam but have rejected it, they have seen the truth, but they have rejected it. If you look at the lifestyle of although they seem to be very intellectual. They live according to a very high level of intellectual

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intellectual ism. But still, if you look at the lifestyle, it's so full of bad things, alcohol, drugs, evil things, you know.

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And they know that these things are very, very destructive, but they cannot help you know following and being immersed in such things. So it's very important for us to take care. Take good care of our hearts, by avoiding the trials, whether they are sins, or innovations, keep your heart away from that maintain a sound heart

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because without this, your heart will start getting ill, the diseases will destroy it gradually until it dies. And if it dies, the life of that person becomes a life of misery.

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A life of agony, a life of pain and inshallah we will come to talk about these symptoms in future in future episodes. So you're invited to join us until we meet next time. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Secrets of the Heart

Reflecting upon the 3 types of hearts.

Qalbus Saleem – Protected from desires, lusts, doubts and misconceptions. Those who will enter paradise.

Ill Heart – Ash Shahawaat and Ash Shubuhaat.

Dead heart – NO trace of life. Numb

That’s why one needs to take good care of one’s heart. Pay attention to Allah!

“The trials of this world are either desires or doubts and misconceptions will attack the heart one after the other consistently. If the heart absorbs the trial – entering the heart then a black spot will be drawn on your heart. And if the heart keeps its guard the spot of whiteness will be added to this heart. A heart is totally black is like a cup turned upside down”
The cup is upside down because no good can enter in and it does not recognize what is good or bad.
This is how people may reject the truth when it comes to them. When the heart is black, wrong will seem good.

Reality is lost.

The heart of the believer is pure and white.
Avoid trials as much as you can to attain a believer’s heart.

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