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The conversation covers the history and actions of Islam, including the loss of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first cousin of the first

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Al Hamdulillah in Amador want to stay in on stuff you don't want to be lame and surely unforeseen. I will see you at Medina mija de la Hofer La Molina Hua Euclid for her De La La ilaha illa who the who will actually color or shadow under Mohamed and I will do who will Rasool.

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We are still in the chapter of Muda, which is striving and we said Majah where the word jihad comes from means exerting one's effort.

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Doing one's best pushing yourself sometimes beyond the limits in order to do something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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the following hadith is from anisopliae Allahu Anhu Sakalava me Anna so no not at all. Not the probably Allahu Anhu and Italia but so far they also love him too. And we're Italian Patel thermospheric in the in the in the LA who has had any paternal Mushrikeen the Urian Allah Who Allahumma asna Phil Americana Yama hood in Courchevel Muslim on file Allah whom tell you really come in Mehsana Allah yagnas Harbor

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la come in Masana ha ha wala aeonium chicane from Metallica dama Vista Bella who sang for Carla USA W. l Jana to world Bill Canada in the GDP have been doing your call aside for Mr. Rasool Allah Hema Santa Allah and assorted behave in line with him and in a lot of button BeSafe alternate Mburo what I'm you tembisa or what you didn't know but ot law Murthy law, mathematical machinery call them out of it il two who be Bennani call and Ascona another one I had him at Nazareth V with the FBI meaning jerem sada Kuma Had Allah La Feriha Matata con la He

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only told hola hola yo en Allahu Rui Evelyn Millia. He works the raw la of heroine Allahu Vallee can NAS what are we me Fatima La La and Allah Almighty Allah Allah Allah Allah wa Adam. It's hadith is reported by unassuming radical Lula. And he talks about his uncle talks about his uncle, his maternal uncle and a signal novel.

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In the Battle of bedroom unassuming, another was in there

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because the Prophet SAW Selim set out for Mecca

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in order just to catch the caravan, so it wasn't meant so anyone who wasn't ready did not join the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in that moment.

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So, but it ended up being the Battle of Belial. So unassuming, another was not there. He did not join this expedition. So he felt bad about himself. So he said, Dr. Rasool Allah, He dressed the Messenger of Allah Azza wa salam, and he said, I was absent from the first battle that you ever had with the people of caliche. If Allah subhanaw taala makes me witness another battle.

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Allah shall see what I will do for his sake. As a very profound word. He said, Allah shall see what I will do for him.

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So on the day of ahead,

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when we know when the Muslims were attacked Haldeman whether it was with him sugar cane hit and back against the,

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the Muslims, and he attacked him from behind, especially when the people on the mountain, they left their positions, the arches, they left their position, so the Muslims were were without any kind of cover. So they were attacked from their back. So a lot of the Muslims started to run away because they were sort of cornered between two sides of the people of Croatia, so they were stuck in the middle. So the start, some of them started escaping. So when Anna's another was the uncle of Anacin Malik, when he saw this he went straight into the people of color ensure attacking from the back. And then he said Aloha mainly a brothel ileka Hola Hola. In the wake of a masala he says, Oh Allah.

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I apologize for my brothers who left have escaped. And I detach myself from those people, Little People of Quraysh are doing they're fighting Islam and the Muslims.

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And then he charged head on. He jumped into the middle of the Masaryk in the middle of the people of Polish.

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So certainly one of the leaders of the leaders of Al Azhar he saw an assessment of Malik coming towards when everyone was running away from these machinery Kane was trying to make take a better position and another was charging ahead

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so he started to look to the amazement at him. So anastomotic he when he saw that amazement inside of him or adds eyes and he said to him, Al Jana to rob balaclava, he said Paradise by the Lord of the Kaaba, I can find it smell near or heard, I can see it near ahead. And then he rushed into a charge into the machine. So as it says, He narrates the story to the person and it says the Rasul Allah, I couldn't do what NSA would not have did, I could not jump in right in the middle of the Mushrikeen.

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So as his nephew, and as we know, Malik says, After the battle we found in his body, more than 80 cuts more than 80 wounds, either by a sword, or by an arrow, or by spear

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throughout his body. And we found that the people the machinery key and they had already mutilated the bodies of the martyrs, they have cuts off their nose, the ears, mutilated their faces and their bodies. So they said we, when we were looking over we were searching for, for the people who survived or people who died, we could not find any signal another among the living or among the dead, we did not find him.

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It was only his sister recognized his body through his fingertips

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because he was completely mutilated, completely mutilated. So an nomadic Abila one who the nephew of another, he says, we, meaning the Companions used, or we believed and we thought the verse was the last one that I sort of reserved from among the believers. There were people who were truthful to their covenant with Allah.

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Some of them already were killed or passed away, some of them still alive.

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He said, We believe that it was revealed about Ansible another and people in his position. So that shows strong will and zeal for the sake of Allah Spano though we're talking about a battlefield and the Muslims were defending Medina at this stage where people have caliche wanted to take revenge they wanted to attack Medina but the President decided not to let them come into Medina but meet them on the way

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the following Hadith and maybe Mr. owed rock butter, Ebony animal and Saudi lb three lb Allahu Anhu Carla manners to sadaqa Cannan hamilo Ambu Allah Halina Fajr illogical and feta sadaqa be shaken Kathy for all Maura in which are illogical and after so Dr. bissa and sacado in Allah Allah Ghani Yun and saw he had finestrat allinial mizunara Moto were in mini NFS sadaqa court will leadin hola yo G Dona Illa. You heard the home? Yeah

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it is one of the companions of the Prophet SAW Salem rock binominal Ansari, he said, When the verse For sadaqa were revealed in the Quran, we Muslims started to bring sadaqa in abundance, like whatever we had food, obviously, not all of them had money and enough liquid, you know, liquid money in their hands. So they would bring sometimes their own food which is at home, like a huge sacral food, they would bring it and give it for the sake of Allah wanted to say he said, When the verse of sadaqa was revealed, we started to bring the heaviest, or whatever we had at home and started to bring it. So one which person came and he brought in quite quite a bit of solder.

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And when he offered it for the sake of Allah, some people said He's showing off RIA more often they said he is more likely he made this out of React just to show off and these are obviously the hypocrites, this is what they these are their comments. Then another poor person came and he brought just a little bit saw. Okay, so like almost one or two kg of let's say wheat, or, or dates or anything. That's That's all he could bring. So he brought this as sadaqa say they said Allah subhanaw taala doesn't need this little amount. These are again the hypocrites. So the verse was revealed in Surah Tober and Levine al mizuna. Al Motta were in I mean, meaning if a sort of God is

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those who make fun and ridicule, the people who offer sadaqa from themselves whether it's big or small, and those who can bring whatever they can. So the reason I'm not what you mentioned is Hadith and striving is that people give as much as they can. You have little gift from the little you have, you have much give as much as possible from what Allah Subhana Allah has given the prophets or some another Hadith he mentioned Saba Rahman me at alpha ROM, he said when the ROM in sadaqa could be better than 100,000, Delhomme and SATA

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But how if a person only has one or two Dirham, and he gives one of them for the sake of Allah, that's half of his wealth.

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But you have a millionaire and he gives 100,000

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It's probably like 2% of his money of his wealth, but that person gave 50% 50% of his wealth. So the Prophet Muhammad says wonder hum with Allah could proceed and be better than 100,000

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So this is what

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this is about striving in terms of sadaqa that you get from what you have even sometimes you might need it, but because of the level of selflessness, you could give it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and in this Hadith also mentions that the companion says that when one of us had nothing to give for the sake of Allah what we would do, a person would go to the market and work as a laborer carry heavy stuff. They would do this for a couple of hours and get little money and go and give it and soda just because they don't have soda so he says I'm gonna go and work to some hardware today for a few hours I'm gonna get some wages and I'm gonna give you them for South Africa have no sadaqa to give. So that's the level of selflessness that the companions are the Allahu Anhu and

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Okay, here we have Hadith codici Inshallah, we have enough time talking about it. And so even Abdul Aziz and Bobbie attorney Aziz and recent Fulani Abidal Jun Ibni do now there'll be Allahu Anhu and in Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam, female Yahweh and Allah He Tabata Kota Allah and Allah yeah a birdie in the harem Tolima Allah NFC module to be in vain Muhammad Allah Tala, I'm going to translate each bit at a time. This is from a Buddha Radi Allahu Anhu. The name of Abu Dhabi. The companion is John Doe. Ibnu jornada His name is John Doe. Eminonu. Nada. He is known by his kuliah Abu Dhabi al Rifai, Abu Dhabi al Rifai. His his name his proper name is John Doe, ignore junella. He

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says Allah's messengers Salam reports from Allah subhanaw taala This is a Divine Hadith Hadith Odyssey

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Allah subhanaw taala says here a baddie in the haram to lol My Allah and FC all my servants I have made oppression and injustice.

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haram for me, Allah made it haram for himself, Allah made it impermissible for himself.

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Would you like to Hubei in a coma ha Rahman and our made injustice haram among you as well. fell out of Allah do not oppress one another do not do injustice to one another. So oppression, injustice is haram is haram and Allah not only made it haram upon us, but he made it also impermissible for himself to fall into it. But we know Allah subhanaw taala is added he does not fall into injustice.

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Then Allah Subhana Allah says, You're a bad he couldn't look among ba Kulu Cumberland 11, Hideto festa Dhoni Adhikam he says, All My servants, all of you will be misguided, except for the ones that I guide. If you are left for yourselves, you will be misguided. Because if you think you can arrive at the truth only by your own intellect, and by your own intelligence, then you're fooling yourself. You're fooling yourself, you will be misguided, you will miss guide yourself. But so the only ones that will be guided are the ones that Allah guides.

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And some people say, Why does Allah guide some people and he doesn't guide other people then? Right? Sometimes when you say this, some people say why does Allah guide some people and misguide some people? What's the point? Why is this happening? The first part of the Hadith has already answered this where Allah says, I made injustice, haram for me and haram for you. Right? So automatically you should consider that Allah Subhan Allah gives guidance to those who deserve it.

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There's no injustice.

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So it's not that Allah picks and chooses randomly, without any reason. Even when Allah or the way Allah guides people and Allah misguide some people is based on his justice. So he guides to those who deserve and he leaves the ones who don't deserve guidance, he leaves them to go straight. That's it, as simple as that

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for stony Adhikam So seek my guidance and I will guide you

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seek my guidance. If you sincerely seek Allah's guidance, Allah will guide you. That's the point. The point is you let go. The point is that when you say Dina Salatin, Mr. Mo, Allah guide us to the straight path. You say it sincerely from your heart. That's the point. And there is no way you can sincerely ask Allah for guidance and he doesn't give it to you. There is no way. No way this could ever happen.

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If you truly ask Allah for guidance, He will give it to you if you are sincere in that. He will give it to you. There's no way he's gonna

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holding back from you if you are sincere, okay

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yeah, a birdie you could look them

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up, I'm two who first up to a morning or 2am Come, all my servants, all of you, all of you will suffer from hunger except for except for those that I provide food for. So Allah when Allah is saying here is that you guys have nothing of your own. Even the food you eat is not from you, it's from Allah. So if you are left for yourself, you'd be misguided and you would die of starvation you die of hunger because whatever you eat, whatever you consume, whatever you benefit from is from Allah ideally, even though you take it for granted and you don't see it, but it comes from Allah.

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So, seek

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your provision from me and I will provide for you and I will feed you.

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Yeah, a birdie Kulu Kumar in lemon Kasota, who Festac Sunni X sukham. All my sevens all of you on naked, except for the ones that I provide clothes for clothing for. So seek your clothing from me and I will give it to you. But Allah has already given it to you even before you asked for it.

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And when we talk about nakedness here and not not having clothing, we can talk about this literally. And we can also talk about it allegorically as a figure of speech, because nakedness in Arabic also means our shortcomings and our mistakes being exposed. So this is why a garment in the Arabic language doesn't only mean physical clothing, but it also means personal clothing. Ethical clothing that Allah covers your mistakes, your shortcomings, Allah covers even your bad intentions. He doesn't expose them. That's called clothing is willing Arabic.

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Yeah, either the intercom totally ordinary lady when the house was filled do know by Jimmy and festa fear only after lockup. All my servants you will make mistakes and sins day and night.

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And I forgive all sins. So seek forgiveness from me and I will grant you forgiveness. I will forgive you. You're sincere everybody in the Cumberland tableau will do live at a boot Rooney, one Tableau Hoonah favorite and family My servants. You will never get to a point where you can harm me. You'll never get to a point where you will harm me as a light which you can't harm whatever you do, you're not going to harm Allah subhanaw taala

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and you don't you will never get to a point where you can benefit me.

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You can't harm Allah, you can't benefit Allah. It's all about you yet. So what about you? Allah Subhana Allah Allah is the omnipotent is the Almighty

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says yeah, a birdie no and welcome, Rocco encircle Magina Concarneau called called bureaux, Julian why the Minko Masada Danny, caffeine will Keisha, he says, All My servants, if the first and the last of you, that means all of humanity.

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The humans among you and the jinn among you, meaning other creatures as well. All of them were upon the most righteous heart ever to exist in existence. This would never increase in my dominion and my might anything would not add anything to me. Yeah, a bad deal and welcome what I felt like encircle Magina come Cana can we have Jerry Falabella Julian why he didn't mean Come. Mana Casa Delica minimal Keisha? Oh my servants is the first of you and the last of you, the humans among you and the jinn and the other creatures were upon the most wicked heart in existence, all of them were upon this level of wickedness. This would not reduce or affect my Dominion or my power. Nothing

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Yeah, then he says yeah, a bad Hello and welcome. What are Farrakhan what encircle Magina comparo Morpheus Aiden waarheid Fussa Aloni for outlay to Kula in Zion and Miss Elata Houma Anna casada alchemy man in the inland Illa Kemah. Young this will miss here to either additional perhaps

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he says, All My servants, if the first of you on the last review the gin or the incent agenda, humans and the gin and all the creatures, all of you stand in one landscape in one place in one square.

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And each one of you asks me whatever they want, and they grind, or grant each person what they asked for each individual. What they asked for, you're talking about billions of billions, right? And I grant each one what they asked for what he and she asks for. This would not reduce my dominion and my possessions and what I own and my kingdom this would not reduce from it, except what a needle reduces from the ocean when you dip it in and take it out.

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Yeah, a bad day in nema. Hey, man, welcome Leslie Hannah. Fullmer over fear Camilla Femen what are the higher on folio medulla, woman what are the regular the Annika fella yellow woman in EFSA? She says, Oh My servant, Allah summarizes what this life is about. He says, All My servants, it's all your deeds. And we say deeds, we mean physical deeds and actions of the heart, deeds of the heart.

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So it's not only external actions, external actions, we said, have roots and roots are in the heart, your intention, your level of sincerity, and so on and so forth. And your presence, the level of the presence you have in doing the act of worship, and so on and so forth. good intention, you have good intention, you have goodwill to others. That's a great act of worship, and it counts and you get rewarded for it. Although you're making no noise, you're making no movement. But that's a great act of worship, it's act of the hearts, trusting in Allah Subhana Allah is one of the actions of the heart I'm trusting. You don't do anything physically but you just trust in Allah truly, it's

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something in your state of being, it's in your heart. You trust in Allah, that's a great act of worship, but couldn't be the reason for you to enter Paradise by the way.

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The acts of worship in the heart, get you further and closer to Allah and to paradise than the actions than physical actions by the way. That's what all the Muslim scholars have always said. So Allah is saying it's only your actions your deeds that I am counting them

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has been a colossal

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bad malice, this

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descending only read Michael.

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It's only you actions, your deeds, and I'm counting them for you, Phil Murphy, Camilla, then I'm gonna give it back to you. I am going to give it back to you. So what you get on the Day of Judgment is what you did in this life, in your hearts, and in your physical external actions. That's what you get. So Allah is saying, again, Allah is closing this hadith as the final statement in the Hadith. Allah is closing it with justice. Again, I'm not going to impose anything on you. It's your actions, what you do in this life, as we said, physical actions, actions of the heart, I'm counting them for you. I'm keeping these in the record, then I will give these back to you. So this is why this is a

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very important argument to see that.

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Sometimes people ask me, they say, Why does Allah

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punish people who disbelieve in him,

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you have to understand the justice of Allah Subhan Allah designed this world, in a way and he told us about it. And he said, If you do this and that evil things,

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these evil things will have consequences on the Day of Judgment. So the Hellfire that the people who end up in some people end up in and will dwell there forever and will be tortured with that. These are their actions, this heat is their actions

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is their actions but in this life, we don't see the deeper end of our actions. We just see what's on the surface. So this is why last month I was saying in Nima here at Mera Kaam it's only your deeds, I count them from our fee Camilla, then I give it back to you. So what you get in Paradise and the Hellfire is your actions. But in paradise, you will get more extra from Allah subhanaw taala and the Hellfire you will get what you did. So this is this shows that sins, sins, sins actually have a burning nature within themselves and on the Day of Judgment, because we will get to see the truth as it says here we are blinded to a lot of the truth. We don't see everything. Our side is limited on

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the Day of Judgment, you will get to see the sins and they will burn you. That's how Allah designed it. So it's not Allah is going to bring something and force it in you on you know, Allah has warned us already in this life, that what you do has consequences. It has a deeper end, on the day of judgment you will come to face you will come to face the full capacity of what you did. Now we have sheltered you. We have sheltered you from the consequences of your actions, to a great extent. We are sheltered now is what Allah Subhana Allah says,

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will do what are we after the law how NASA be Marcus mo Metallica, Allah.

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If Allah subhanaw taala would give people the consequences of the actions now let them deal with the consequences of the actions now, Allah would have left no one on this earth.

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Because the sins that we do when a person commit Zina, oh, people think oh, this is just an act of sexual intercourse. And that's it. No, you don't see the deeper end. There is a hidden nature of this action and it burns on the day

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of judgment, you will have to deal with it. This is a very important thing.

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A lot so we're gonna set this for the people who are quantum taxi moon, to the people in the Alpha

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Chi a taste the chastisement or the punishment, because of what you used to do. That's what you used to do here, you take it. And Allah says in the Quran in NEMA to Zona Malcolm to Cameroon, you will only be recompensed or paid back what you did.

00:25:29--> 00:25:32

That's perfect absolute justice.

00:25:33--> 00:25:37

So we have to understand this, some people think it's just like me or someone made a mistake, or I'm gonna

00:25:39--> 00:25:56

I'm gonna beat you down. Why? Because you have to learn a lesson. That's not how Allah Subhan Allah is Allah Allah says, Allah clarify things. He says, I've designed the universe in this way you do good, you're gonna get the good, you do bad. This bad has serious eternal consequences. And it's part and parcel of it.

00:25:58--> 00:26:06

So once you do it, you have you have signed up for the deeper end of it as well. And you make a choice of clarify things for you.

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It's very serious, what we're dealing with here. So it's your actions that I count them for you record them for you, and then I pay you back what you did. That's it, I give you back what you did. So whoever finds good, Let them praise Allah subhanaw taala and say, hamdulillah and whoever finds any, anything other than that blame only yourself fellow human. In learn of Sir, sorry, the narrator of Hadith, he says can avoid the release of Kolani Tabin Can we please hold on if he either had that we had a hadith Jetha Allahu Akbar at

00:26:43--> 00:27:25

least the Fulani every time he narrated this hadith to people, he would fall on his knees, out of fear, out of fear of Allah Subhanallah that was one of the this is reported by an Imam, Muslim. And there's a profound Hadith from Allah subhanaw taala. So again, this is the Hadith Divine Hadith, and it shows the justice of Allah subhanaw taala. And that we have to strive and do our best for the sake of Allah subhana which Allah and Allah will never enforce anything upon you that you did not bring upon yourself on the day of judgment that people will get the consequences of their own actions. And I repeat the quote that I mentioned two days ago, and I said, sometimes you can find

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the wisdom even from non Muslims, but when it resonates with the Quran, and with the truth from Islam, it's good that we pay attention to it. And it says it's a quote from Gladiator. He says, what we do in this life echoes in eternity. Right? And that's a true statement. What you do here

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has eternal consequences. So be careful. Don't think you see everything you might say, that's I'm Hala. backbite do you think, oh, it's only a word? No, but backbiting has a personality has a figure of its own and burns. You're sheltered from it here but on the day of judgment, there'll be no shelter you have to do with that burning nature, and that's what the Hellfire is about. Right? Does that go ahead? It's time for Iftar inshallah in a couple of minutes. So Kamala Harris the last element of you know, Muhammad Ali, wasabi