Omer El-Hamdoon – Naming of Quranic Chapters #03 The Chapter of the Family of Imran

Omer El-Hamdoon
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Bismillah r Han Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while and he was

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in this short reminder I just want to dwell on why Allah Subhana Allah has chosen to name Surah Surah the third surah in the Quran as surah Emraan

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when you think about it, the family of Addy Himalayan or the family of Emraan is not a very high ranking, let's say or in blind himself not a high ranking amongst the messengers we have realized Minoru they are messengers with high willpower, the last minute Allah has chosen specifically to mention early among the family of Emraan when Allah Subhana Allah said in the law of Safa oedema, one hand while Ibrahim where Allah Emraan Allah Allah means that Allah has chosen to elevate and has chosen and has given rank to Adam, nor the family of Ibrahim and the family of Emraan over the rest of the world. And when you think about the choice of the name of this surah and you add to that,

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that there is another surah which is called Maryam, you see that Allah subhanho sila is not only giving status for this precious family, but also it is an indication that the Quran is not the words of Mohammed Salah lies in the mix. If you if there were the words of Mohammed, you will find the salt of course with Khadija and sort of Asia and Fatima and surah Amina and etc. Allah Mohammed you will have either found all of that and you don't find that in Dhokla. Rather you find that there is reference to a family of Emraan who is the father of Maryam Ali Hema Salaam and Maryam obviously being the mother of a Silas and so this whole family is a prestigious family and our last time

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dedicate the solar to this family because they are an example of devotion, their example of devotion to Allah subhanaw taala and you can just look at that you see that right from the beginning, he was the wife of Emraan. When she gives birth to Maryam, she says that she has dedicated Maryam to the service of Allah in Nina LA to like mfe Bocconi. mojarra, she says that I have dedicated, whatever is in my,

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in my womb, to or last panel attallah. So, she had from the beginning of this dedication, when you look at Maria malusare, Miriam is also known as Maria Mel by tool, the Miriam who has been cut off she is cut off from, if you like the society she was dedicated to serve the house of a law. When you think about then, he said is, he said was also dedicated throughout his life and Prophethood because he started his profit right from the, the young age of being a baby of when he declared that he was a prophet, as Allah subhanaw taala told him to do and right through his life, he never got married, he was devoted to the dour to advising others to preaching to telling them so it is a family of

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devotion. It is a family of dedication to Allah Subhana tan, so Allah chose this surah to revive that dedication to this family. Furthermore, Allah Subhana Allah has been telling us in a very beautiful way, because when you think about the Ali Ibrahim, the family of Ibrahim includes all those who are under the lineage of Ibrahim, which includes our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and includes all those who are from the house of his half and Yaqoob, the children of Israel. So, it very much includes all those people. So a Moran is also from the house of Ibrahim, but there is a specific mention for early Amman because in according to customs of the world, is that the lineage

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comes through the Father, and because he sadly Sam does not have a father. And so that nobody will then come and say, Well, actually, he said is not part of the family of Ibrahim because his lineage goes back through his mother, Maryam

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Allah subhanaw taala removes that doubt removes that possible conflict that might be in the minds of people and says actually, even Isa is included in this because a specific mention is considered to Ali Ibrahim early and Ron who are a subset of earlier Ibrahim. So this is from

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emphasis within an emphasis to show that this family who have devoted themselves to Allah subhanaw taala are worthy of that mentioned and they are indeed great prophets and great people who are lost pantalla has dedicated their mentioned in the Quran and obviously in other scriptures as well.

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So it is a great, a great reminder for us all of how it was palitana draws our attention to these great people.

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