Anxiety and Ashura – What’s the Connection

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never imagined that I would find a connection between Ashura and anxiety. But I found the connection. And here's what I uncovered. Anxiety is part of life, we experience times of test, and other times we experience relief. Worried about an upcoming exam, test, finding out you passed relief, someone bullying you test, something happens and they are no longer in your life, belief. These are examples of anxiety that brings us to Ashura relive this. Musa led Benissa eel to the dead end see the ground right behind them. Benny Israa eel gave up and said, That's it. We're caught. Kenda Noah said Musa, Allah is with me and will guide me. Allah instructed Musa to strike to see and

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imparted into to. That was indeed a test, but after it came relief, What day was it? It was the day of Ashura. You know what else happened on the day of Ashura news both found land on Asha law and so many other historical moments of great relief. Harshaw a day of tests and relief. That's Osheroff. But what about the part of fasting on this day? Fasting trains us that always after a test, like no food or drink and fasting, relief will come? And through our fasting, just like when we are a patient during the tests, we are cleansed of our sins, a mini trial and relief commemorating this day of Osheroff. Are you or someone you know, going through a test? Of course, that's life test and

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relief. I Shula is upon us a beautiful reminder that the relief of Allah is always near. Now, let's fast on this day of Asha. This accommodation Eve May Allah accept our fasting and relieve art tests say