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The hosts of various videos discuss the history of the mother of a woman named Sophia, who was married to Phone Salalli and had a death. They also talk about the mother of the Prophet and her closest followers, including her father, mother, sister, daughter, and sister of her mother. The three tribes of Jewish cities in the region, including cities in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and the acceptance of Islam by religion groups. The speakers also touch on the upcoming attack on the city of Afghanistan and the importance of breaking agreements and respecting citizens' privacy.

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Ala Moana shopping center, Mohammed Ali, he was married my beloved brothers in Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Thank you so much for joining us. This is Episode 33 of our series that Blissett women around the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In our last episode we completed with our ninth personality, our ninth mother, on hubiera, Ramallah, the daughter of Abu sufian Allah be pleased with both of them. And it's good for us, as I mentioned, to keep a list a mental checklist of all the personalities are mothers, as we've discussed them so far over these last three, three episodes. So we began with our mother Khadija rhodiola and how we spoke about our

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mother. So there are a lot Anna mentioned our mother Ayesha rhodiola, and then our mother hafsa rhodiola, and her mother, Zainab uzima rhodiola and her mother Cinema of the Allahu unhappier, our mother zeyneb, vintage ash rhodiola and ham, our mother Julia, on the one hand, and the last episode on mother, Ramallah, the daughter of Abu sufian. Today inshallah we'll talk about our mother, Sophia bintray. Evening, Sophia, the daughter of the son of dog, and Sophia, like Julia, like on hubiera. She was the daughter of a staunch enemy of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, in fact, he was on par with Abu sufian. He he was of the senior leadership against Islam, a man who had tried many,

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many avenues to destroy Islam and to personally harm the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And were deep, deep hatred for Islam. And Sophia is the only mother of the meaning the only wife of the prophet SAW Selim, who actually comes from a Jewish background, a Jewish background. So what do we know about our mother Sophia, she's just under 40 years with about a 40 year gap between herself and the professor lamb she was about 20 years old, the purpose of Salaam was in his late 50s 5658, when he married our mother, Sophia, another Sophia is described as being a very petite small woman, so she was very diminutive in size, very petite, and she was short as well. She was the most delicate and

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soft hearted of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you'd find many, many Hadith about her. And she's always crying. The subtitle of all the wives of the Prophet was a lamb. She was the one you could say most grew up as a princess because the bunnies are ill the Jews of Arabia, they had much more of a civilization, much more of a culture than the Arabs who were more decent folk, the Jews, the monies that are even more cultured, they were wealthier, they had a bit of luxury, and in Sofia, the daughter of a chief ruler from the peninsula in many ways, she was a princess, and she grew up in a very pampered lifestyle. And then of course, do we transition from that to become the

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wife of the prophets of Allah was a big change. And how did this come about? So before we talk about our mother, Sophia, it's important for us to get to know her father of this very evil man, this arch enemy of Islam, what do we know about him? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam we know he spent 13 years in Makkah, teaching Islam 13 years he was calling the Quran to Islam. Of course the Quran rejected Islam and persecuted the Muslims and was panatela then permitted for the Muslims to leave Mecca and to emigrate to make the hedgerows to Medina and when the Muslims came to Medina, they found in Medina they were Arab tribes. They will also three Jewish tribes three tribes with the

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bunnies are now outside Nokia we might ask, Why are Jews in Medina even find using maca? You only found Jews in two places in all of Arabia. They were the only two cities which had Jews, the city of Medina, and a city called hiber. Very important, keep in mind this word Hey, but because the city will come in the story of our mother, Sophia, and flavor and Medina are very similar. They are Oasis towns. They are cities that have date trees, they look almost identical haber and Medina. So why do we find Jews in these two cities? Well, we know from the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah mentions that the bunnies are in the Jews. They were looking for the last prophet that would come the Jews of

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course Allah bless the bunnies that are ill that in the lineage they had ambia the tribe that received the most nannies, or is the bunnies are the children of nebbia who so if you look at all the Ambien, abeokuta Yusuf and Abby Mousavi doubt maybe Selena and Elisa curry and Avi Santa Maria all of these are bunnies are Irina bees and many many more. So Allah had blessed the bunnies for many ambia and the last movie that came to the ISA was on me and with him as a courier with him. Yeah, so naturally the bunnies are thought Allahu bless them that the final Nabhi would come from the progeny of the bunnies, right?

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And based on the scriptures based on the understanding a lot given them certain signs, they believe that the city of the Prophet would either be haber or Medina and of course, Medina is the city of Prophet. They believe that this city would be the city where he would rise up from amongst them and Allah mentions in the Quran in surah baqarah that when the Wilma had seemed to them, and Avi which they had been asking for, they've been calling Allah seamless nav and they recognized him. But when he was not from the own progeny, they rejected him when he turned out to be an Arab, they refused to accept him. Now, this ties very much into our story of our mother Sophia. So the prophets of Salaam

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comes to Medina. The Arabs, of course embraced Islam majority of them. So the city by and large is a Muslim city. But there are three tribes of Jews living in a nice three tribes. While it's not important for us to know the names, but the names just for interest sake. The first tribe we have is called the blue car, the blue car. Then we have the balloon,

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the balloon, and we have in the balloon coryza, the new Corolla. So we have these three types of balloon and the balloon. The balloon or the Create surface dead is the chief of the blue Navy in the middle tribe. And with the problem someone comes to Medina, the first thing he does didn't expel the Jews, he didn't fight with him. He called him to Islam. Some of them accepted for example, Mohammed even said am great Sahaba of the Allah Mohammed even salam, he was the Chief Rabbi of Medina. He was the most educated Rabbi of Medina. And he embraces Islam. So he meets up Salaam and he says, This man is a prophet and embraces Islam, but his people rejected him. So the majority of the would

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rejected Islam does not want to embrace Islam, no problem, law, equality, we do not compel anyone into Islam. So the Prophet Salim signed an agreement with the school the Medina charter or the Constitution of Medina, where it was agreed that look, we all live in Medina, we will not fight each other, we will not harm one another and we will not support outsiders to harm each other. So Jews, we will not support anyone that wants to harm you, we will not the system. And similarly benissa II do not support the Quran against us. So this was the agreement and all the tribes Muslim, Jew, and of course there were certain Arabs that didn't embrace Islam, they all signed on hamdulillah this

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was the idea of Medina, Medina charter, the Constitution of Medina is something very important for every Muslim to know this is how Islam is we don't force people into Islam by the sword as he believed. However, one by one, the Jewish tribes renamed or they broke the agreement with the Prophet salatu salam. So for example, the minute they were the first time they had, you know, killed a man, a Muslim man and they had uncovered a woman and they started a fight and this was after the Battle of butter, and they had basically incited violence against the Muslims. And so the prophets of Salaam said, you know, what, if you guys cannot live by the Treaty of the Medina charter, then

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leave Medina so he expelled them, he said in Medina, and you can take your, your your goods, your property, everything you may leave. So the bamboo kinda left Medina, the problem then goes to the remaining two Jewish tribes, the banana, and the banana, right? It goes to them and he says, Look, your brethren, your fellow brothers, they broke the treaty, we let them go, we didn't punish them. Do you guys still want to live according to the street? And they said yes, we accept we still want to remain on the street.

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A year goes by you have the Battle of boyhood with the Muslims basically lost the battle and the Muslims were in a weak position. And in that weak position, you found even an even before the battle, one of the chief leaders of the bunu nothing, he actually calls the corporation. He incites them and he mentioned to them that they should come to Medina, the Muslims are weak. And of course it's high treason, you know, for one of the leadership of the world to be in communication with Abu sufian. And

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then after the battle, as well, they continue and they challenge the prophets of Salaam and what made matters even worse, two Muslims were killed during this tension between the banana deal and the Muslim so two Muslims were killed and the prophets of Salaam does not punish the tribe. rather he goes to the bonati to discuss how to ratify the treaty. Let's keep the Treaty of peace at the same time to mean will kill you need to pay the bad money. If this was an accident, then well, you know we have to pay blood money to his family. The Jews agree and this man, the father of Sophia, the mother will talk about her father her dad. He says that a piece of Salah come to our fortress

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because the Jews that fortresses wait outside and we will we'll let you in and as the person standing outside from above they try to throw a boulder on top of his head. But Allah subhanaw taala inform us about some of this plot. So he disperses. So there was a very the vanilla deal were called out for trying to assassinate the leader of Medina, a group of people colluded not just any people. This is the leadership

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The guys in charge of the manana deal they got together and they tried to assassinate the Prophet sallallahu. ala is of course, by any stretch of the imagination this of course, this is in any country on Earth. This is known as clear, very clear, high treason. This is high treason. And the prophet SAW Selim V for assist the banana deal. Just go, you are expelled from Medina, no one is going to be harmed. No one is going to be killed just leave Medina. You broke the treaty and go. So Sophia. She was born in Medina, she lived in this fortress. And so she was the she was about she was perhaps in her early she was about 15 1617 years old, when they would have been expelled from

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Medina, she was key along with a father and a tribe were kicked out of Medina. And so they went to the other city of labor to settle in labor with the Jews of labor. Her father did not stop at that, after being expelled from Medina after breaking the treaty. And this is now the third time that he had ratified the treaty and he broke it. He now goes to Abu sufian. And he was the man really he's the mastermind at the Battle of the trench. So the third Battle of Islam is called the Battle of the trench. Why is it called the Battle of the trench? A very interesting a wonderful battle which shows the the power of a lot, basically and the Quran he calls it the Battle of the hub. A hub is the

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coalition in the configuration, a configuration or coalition is a number of groups all coming together to fight one enemy, and who the all the tribes that had problems with the Muslims. They were brought together like the United Nations and evil United Nations basically, all coming to with one purpose, destroy Medina completely not just kill the profits of them. It is to kill every man, woman and child. So who was the one that put all this together? It is this man who even after so from sabor, de breeze, infantry hatred, hatred for the Muslims, he first spoke to he went to Makkah with a delegation and he spoke to Abu sufian and he said, Look, why don't you come that we are many

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enemies around Medina. If you bring an army we will support you either bunnies or he will support you. And we'll bring the other tribes there was a big tribal the tribal Bahasa Han will bring them together, we'll pay them and together we will have such a big army that Mohammed and his followers cannot stop us they will enter Medina, we will kill all the Muslims and we'll put them into this religion once and for all. And he's even mentioned in the Quran that Abu Sofia no surprise Abu sufian idol pagan worship said but you guys also worship one god you guys also believe in prophets. Mohammed is speaking about an Abbe Musa all these things, who's closer to the truth and the bunny so

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he actually said here that he you know, crush idol worshipers who bury your daughter's alive, that have no lows, you are closer to the truth than Mohammed. Now, of course, this was completely completely against everything that they know, this was a lie. This was a betrayal of their own athletes, their own religion, their own Torah, but they did this purely for political purposes. And Allah mentions this in the Quran. This is what they said. Nonetheless, the Jews and the fan and the Quran all collude and they will agree and they form an army 10,000 minutes the biggest army that has ever appeared in Arabia at this time, no army the size of appeared before and they all join up and

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they're about to invade Medina. So when the news reaches Medina that this massive armies coming, what are we going to do and the prophets of Salaam, when we learn his biography will see the kind of leader he was, he would always do what is called Shula Matura, he would sit down with his senior leaders and not even the senior leaders, sometimes he would discuss with, you know, the public and he will say, what should we do? Now, this is a major issue of issue of national security. We have an army coming to invade Medina, what should we do? And he opens this to everyone give the other any suggestions. No one can come forward with a good suggestion. No one has a good suggestion, no one it

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runs out of ideas. And they you find Subhan Allah, sell, manufacture, sell man, the Persian, he was a slave. He had no family. He's a foreigner. He's an outsider, a person like this in our community might not even get any attention at all. It he stands up and he says, I have a suggestion. In our country in Persia. When a big army like the Romans went to attack us, what we do is we dig a trench, a trench a ditch hole around the entire city, and the army can get in and so then they are stuck on the outside. We have our provision on the inside. And eventually after maybe a few weeks or so, this army can no longer sustain itself. And so it disperses and of course are hamdulillah the prophets

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filum agrees This is the best course of action. And so we know from the story, the Muslims dug this trench they Douglas the strange and from all the corners of Medina they had fortifications. So Medina is fortified from every corner. There was one point of weakness in Medina. And that point of weakness was the bankura. If you remember, they stole one Jewish tribe still in Medina and this also shows you a side note here. Many

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People believe and in fact, I must say they say even Muslims believers, that Islam is anti semitic, that Islam has animosity to the bunnies or to the Jews simply because the Jewish knows got nothing to do with what you believe. If Muslims expelled the previous Jews because they were Jews, then the Banu Cora would also have been expelled by local radar, also Jews, but they were in Medina. Why? Because we did not punish one group of people for the sins of someone else. We don't punish them

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for this crime to the binary.

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We don't do this because we don't punish all the Jews for the crimes of one or two. So the blu ray law, they had confirmed after the two tribes were expelled, they had said look, we still went to St. Medina, we are truthful to our agreement. We didn't break any agreement and so they were allowed to remain. But now that the Jewish army has come obviously with the Arabs, the question was, which way are they going to swing? Because not only is the issue of family and tribe and religion. In reality, the Muslims Medina was on the low India Medina looked like this are going to lose this battle. Everyone from an outsider would say, the Muslims are gonna lose the battle. So naturally the blucora

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wondering I don't want to be on the losing side of this thing. Nonetheless, when the Prophet spoke to him, they insisted that look, we will stay firm, we are with you and we will not break out agreement and we will keep our side of Medina 45 no one is going to enter Medina from our fortress Alhamdulillah we believe them on that

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when the army that has the Confederate Army comes to Medina and they see this massive trench they can't get in. Now, along siege battle ensues the correlation of Jews and the fan are camped outside the Muslims are inside is very tense. No one knows what to do. So as time goes by, and the kurush become agitated or becoming obsolete, we how are we going to get Indian Army constantly this long outside the limit the city? So it was a once again we are you Sofia's dad, that comes up with the idea. Let me sneak into Medina, let me go to the new Corolla. Let me go to this last remaining Jewish tribe. Let me try and convince them to break the agreement of Muhammad. If we can convince

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them to turn the tide, then we will have an opening. And that will be it. This will be the end of it. So this man Hey, and again, we look at his times. He broke his agreement of peaceful abroad salami tried to assassinate the wrestler. He's the one that called together. He's the mastermind, the one that actually brought Abu sufian and liquidation to Medina. And now he's the one as well personally, he himself goes into Medina, undercover to the banal Corolla, and tries to convince them to break the agreement with the Muslims. And in fact, he does this he comes to the new Corolla, he knocks on the door, they don't want to meet him in they said, We know what you're coming here for

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you're just gonna bring us grief and mischief. You're just a troublemaker, go away, go away. And he keeps imploring them. And look, we are brothers. This is how you treat the guest. You can't leave me outside. At the end of the day, we are different sides of the battle. But still we are you know from the same religion, we are from the same brotherhood. So they let him in. And once he was inside, he began speaking and speaking and speaking. And of course, ultimately, what he said to them was, Look, guys, you look outside, you've got an army of 10,000 plus men, the whole of Medina is only a few 1000 men, the Muslims don't even have a third the numbers as fighters. It's just a matter of time,

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before we overpower the Muslims, and when we finish with Mohammed and the Muslims. If you stole on the side of the Muslims, well, you you under the wrong side, then you will also have the same punishment like him, so that he's basically strong arming the bonagura into saying, look, join us, if you join us, then we will enter Medina from your fortress. And that will be it. There'll be no way for the Muslims to recover from this. And so reluctantly and it must be said with great reluctance. The bonobo, the bonagura accepted the offer of betrayal. And they basically completely broke the agreement for the person and in the worst moment in the middle of the battle. they

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betrayed the Muslims. And Allah mentions this is the situation in the Quran. When the Muslims were in such severe panic, that the eyes went wild and the hearts went up to the throats. And they thought with a lot they began to have doubts about Allah. Some of them actually thought this is the end. This is where the road ends, how many ambia were killed before how many people died in battle before this is where it's gonna end. And Allah subhanho wa Taala would show that one men by the power of Allah, one men will defeat the entire army of the of the Confederation. inshallah next episode, we'll discuss that further for any questions, concerns or comments with [email protected]

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cycle of a tsunami. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato