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The history and use of Islam have been discussed, including its use as a means of achieving Islam and spiritual well-being. The importance of understanding and embracing Islam is emphasized, along with the use of words like "bringing" and "willing." controlling oneself and avoiding negative words are emphasized as ways to improve one's life.

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When I called him in shortly fusina will see Lena Mejia de la who follow mobula Who woman you believe will follow the law

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or shadow

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law who had a hula Sharika Kela wash Hello ana Muhammadan Abdo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Le he was sending them yeah you hola Dena Taku la haka to RT he will come out on La 123 Mon

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yeah you on Comala the Halacha comin FC Wahida wahala coming has

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with them in Houma region Cathy wrong one is

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what? Hola Hola de

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Luna V he will in the law Hakuna Alikum Rottie but you have an otaku law How

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did you select locum ama Allah calm way of looking DUNU back home woman Yoda in la hora Sula, who forgot the first photos and Alina

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duva in Austria called Hadith Nicola Mala here as

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well. Hi Earl had he had you in a beginner Mohamed Salah Allahu alayhi wa early he was sending them a shot one or more data to her a coup d'etat in Bidda a kilometer 18 Bala Wakulla Bala that's him for now. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him. We seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evil consequences of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead astray.

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And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, Nan can guide I testify that there is none worthy of our worship and devotion. But the Almighty Allah alone, and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was a lamb is His servant, and His Messenger or you who believe, fear Allah as a should be feared and die not except in a state of submission, and surrender to your Lord as Muslims, or mankind. be dutiful to your Lord who created you from a single person, and from him he created his wife, and from them both he created many men and women and fear Allah through whom you demand your mutual rights and observe the rights of your kin. Surely Allah is Ever and all Walcher over you are

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you who believe keep your duty to Allah, fear him and speak the truth. He will direct you to righteous deeds and will forgive your sins. And whoever always Allah and His Messenger has indeed attained a great achievement the best words are those of Allah the Almighty, and the best guidance is that of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sending them and the worst things in the religion are the newly invented matters for all the newly invented matters and religion are considered to be hermetic innovations. And every heretic innovation is bid and misguidance and it leads to the Hellfire

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the great companion what are we doing Allahu Anhu

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sends a letter to the great companion animal hiragana shoulda probably Allahu Anhu and he says

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I will say either yes, she and Senator human Rasul Allah He SallAllahu ala he was sending them send me something that you heard from Allah's Messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, such were the Such was their correspondence. They would initiate conversations about something like this. Narrate to me something you heard from the prophets, Allah, Allahu Allah, he was selling them, and they were living in different countries, and who is speaking now the head of the state at the time.

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He addresses another companion, he says, share with me something you heard from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Bertha Lee. He submitted to rasool Allah He Salla Allahu Allah. He was sending me a hole in Allah hackery hola como de la call wa Kathrada su URL what your ba at el mal a holiday home Muslim visa Hey.

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So I'm here I'm not sure go writes back to Morocco we on the Allahu Anhu saying to him that I heard Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say

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that Allah dislikes Allah hates for you to engage in clean our call excessive talking.

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What Kathrada excessive asking

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what you bought, I tell Mel and wasting wealth and finances.

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Very simple advice from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam get a

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extremely profound, and it holds beautiful principles. So let's start unpacking, unpacking it one at a time.

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In the lava carry, hello contain our call. This is excessive talking,

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talking about things that don't benefit you. Things that are not necessary things that will not bring you closer to Allah, things that will not benefit you in this life, or in matters of your akhira your destiny with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And this is why people like Al Hassan robustly and others from the early generations, they would say, before I open my mouth to say something, I would ask myself

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what is my intention behind it? Why? Why am I saying this thing? Why do I intend to say this thing?

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And second thing is,

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is what I'm going to say good or bad?

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Is it true or false?

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And three, is it appropriate or not?

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Because you might say something true. And you might have good intention behind it, but it's inappropriate. It doesn't fit the situation is it exacerbates

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the evil or the negativity in a specific situation?

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So if the answer to any of these three questions

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is negative, I would keep the word to myself and I would not say it.

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That's an application of this hadith in Allah Karim. Allah contain our call, engaging in engaging in such a beautiful gift and miracle that Allah gave humans the capacity to communicate, it's a miracle, we are able to express what is within ourselves, codify it in symbols in sounds, then convey it to another human being, who can receive it, be codify it, unpack it and understand it, that's a miracle.

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You have a feeling, or you have a thought, or you have an experience, it's unique to you, it's personal, you're able to codify it

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in sounds in language,

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then you are able to transfer it, send it over, communicate it to another person. And then they can take it and unpack it. And then share your experience a miracle from Allah subhanaw taala.

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And this helps us communicate, unlike animals, unlike many other creatures,

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and then we are able to understand Divine Words, were able to convey experience profound experiences, by means of via language, symbols, sounds, it's a profound, it's a profound technology if you like,

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and get this beautiful, tremendous gifts. If we abuse it, if we don't use it appropriately, it could turn into a curse.

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And the Prophet SAW Selim told that one of the things that enter people into the Hellfire the most is the outcome of their tongues of their speech. And this is how humans tend to abuse the gifts the potential that Allah gives them good can be turned into evil. And this is what the definition of evil really is. It's good that is used inappropriately. That's what this word evil comes from.

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So this profound gift that helps us make it to Jannah that helps us navigate this world helps us sniff helps us communicate. It enhances the quality of life and the experience of life. Yet if we don't use it with purpose,

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if we don't use it sparingly only when it's good. Only when it urges credit with Allah subhanho wa taala. If we don't use it properly, then it creates problems. And this is what Allah hates it and hear the word in the Hadith carry Halochem Allah hates for you Allah dislikes. It doesn't mean it's macro or disliked in Islam. It means it's something that Allah hates. It means it's how long we're not supposed to do it.

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In Allah curry hola como de la vaca

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what Kathrada su an excessive asking, this has two meanings, because it's so al in the Arabic language means begging,

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asking for help calling upon others

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And this is something that is discouraged in Islam.

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It is discouraged in Islam,

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to ask people for what you're able to do for yourself, to lay your burden on other people. It's not a good thing.

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Personal Responsibility

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is a very profound theme in Islam and you will find it. Even the Prophet SAW Selim at one point, he took a covenant and agreement from some of the companions. And he placed a condition of on them and he said, Whoever fulfills this agreement, then Allah then I guarantee paradise for them. And one of those points were yes ahead. Welcome Ray Yura who Shia and that one of you never asks any fever from anyone else.

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And one of those competitors, I believe it was Caberg, pneumonic. He said, Allah halacha draw a two headed home, either circuit or soul to who Allah had a Pharisee. Let me ask her that anyway. Now, Willa, who iya that I saw some of those companions who gave the Prophet Salah Salem, that covenant that they one of them would be riding his horse, and he would lose his cane or his whip, it would fall off his hand. And he would not ask anyone to hand it over to him, he would dismount or unmount his his horse, pick it up himself, in order not to violate his agreement with the profit solid center. So this is something that is encouraged. So begging and asking.

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And asking favors of people, when they are not needed is something that is discouraged in Islam and sometimes could reach the level of haram. So that's one meaning the second meaning is excessive asking in terms of asking questions, too many questions about things that don't benefit you. So in this regard, Allah subhanaw taala is guiding us through the words of the Prophet SAW Salem, that this profound capacity inquisitive and the inquisitive nature of humans, the capacity to inquire and get information, seek information from others. It's a profound gift. It's a wonderful asset.

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Yet you need to use it sparingly. Meaning when it helps you, you keep asking about things that don't benefit you. Just out of curiosity, and being nosy about other people's business is something that Allah hates, and it's haram.

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This gift that is this potential that is given to you such a beautiful, great profound utility.

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If you abuse it to the point where it starts distracting you, you asking about things that are of no benefit to you, things that are none of your business

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are things that will not bring you closer to Allah, or things that will not benefit you. In your livelihood. You should not engage in them, you should not ask them this is something that is that borders, haram and sometimes gets into the area and the realm of haram.

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It shows that good things that are given to us when we don't use them appropriately, as we sit said, could turn to be counterproductive, very destructive, and could eventually be a curse on us.

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And the third thing that the prophets awesome said that Allah dislikes for us what you like attending men, wasting wealth, and finances.

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Finances, risk provision from Allah Subhan Allah, Allah has a very profound gift. Yet the fact that you have it, and that you have lots of it, and that you can buy whatever you want, it doesn't mean that you just go about go that you go and buy things you don't need, or things that don't benefit you. wasting money squandering money like that is something that Allah hates. In the Quran, Allah Subhan Allah to Allah says 1234 in Angola, in Hebrew, most of the fear and do not be excessive in your spending because Allah does not love those who are excessive in spending.

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So what is the common theme among these three things?

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And obviously the things that Allah subhanaw taala dislikes are not limited to these three assets, the capacity to communicate and speak, the capacity for inquiring and seeking answers and information and the capacity to have earn a living or a provision and being able to spend it having the financial capital and capacity. All of these are gifts.

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And the common theme among them is that good things should be used for a purpose.

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You should have a good reason to spend your money. Good reason to open your mouth and talk and good

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reason to ask a question.

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But it's not limited only to these areas. It's it applies to every good thing that Allah subhanaw taala has given us if you are given power.

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If you abuse it,

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if you don't use it wisely for a good reason to bring about that which is good and use it appropriately.

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You use it to harm others abuse others take advantage of situations,

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give others hard time or make a point about your own excellence and power. Then you are crossing the barrier between halal and haram. The fact that you can do it doesn't make it halal.

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Doesn't mean you should do it.

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And Allah will hold you accountable.

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And the Prophet SAW Selim said in so many a hadith, that Allah subhanaw taala will ask us about everything he gave us in this life. How did you use it? For example, He told us about the money, Allah about our finances, where did you get it from? And how did you spend it? What do you do with it? Even the time that you have in this life? Allah will ask you about it. What did you do with it and only he female habla.

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Wan Shabaab II, if you might have not you, even you youth, which is the prime of your time in this life, how did you spend it.

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So every good thing that Allah has given us, Allah will ask you about it, the fact that Allah entrusted you with it, that Allah gave it to you, and you have now, the say, to use it as you wish, it doesn't mean that you abuse it because you will be held accountable.

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Many of us sometimes in a position of authority, position of influence, or people who are given, for example, a parent,

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or let's say, a manager, or someone who is in a capacity

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to have more influence, for example, someone who's very sharp and, and, and very good with their tongue. They can be people in speech, they can overwhelm others with their eloquence that they use that for argument to shut people down,

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or to force something on their wife, or on their child or on their husband just because they have some power.

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In order to force a point unfairly, they think I can get away with that. No, Allah will hold you accountable for it. And this is something Allah hates.

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The fact that you can get away with something that the that the legal system cannot catch you.

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It does not mean you're in good shape.

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Because Allah will hold you accountable.

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That's what the Hadith says. Things that are given to you have great gifts, assets, you need to use them with purpose. And that necessitates that you develop clarity about your purpose in this life.

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The fact that you can wield some power or influence

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does not mean that you have the right to use it any way you wish. Because it's not yours. It's a trust from Allah and the trust, you need to display trust to Allah, because he's going to hold you accountable, that will be complete and detailed audit on the day of judgment and you have to answer.

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So don't ever feel happy. Or think you can get away with any kind of abuse that you are entitled to in this life.

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That's what the Hadith says. And if you look at it, or what it says

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that Allah gave you so many gifts, and the reason Allah gave them to you is to help you navigate this life and make it back to Allah so that you can increase your chances to win paradise.

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That's where Allah gave you everything. And that's the sole purpose

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that you should use things according to.

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Anyway you get at any time, any moment you get off track and you start abusing that

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or using your personal freedom in something that doesn't feed into this.

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You are not fulfilling the trust you're betraying it, and you will have to answer to this.

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That's how things work in life.

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This is why this is the meaning of the verse where Allah subhanaw taala verses where Allah subhanaw taala says from a young man with Carla dot Ratan Clara Yara woman Yemen with kala rodentia whoever it is an atom atoms wave of good

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They will see it, it will be brought to you.

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And whoever does or performs an evil, an atom's way of evil of inappropriate deed or action, it will, this person will see it

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quite O'Malley Halki tabula rasa layout and water can be rotten in law. And they say don't say on the Day of Judgment, what is it with this book that it leaves nothing big or small except that it has a record for it.

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So nothing goes unnoticed with Allah, nothing can we can be swept under the rug, everything will be brought. So remember that and Allah is a water over us. But Allah Subhan Allah to Allah is a Cebu, Allah is patience.

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So it's important just to have this focus in life and make sure that the fact that you are given power capacity, a gift, a talent, anything, it does not mean, you have the full right to do whatever you want with it. You have to use it as Allah instructs a cola cola was the federal law and you will come first off

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hamdulillah Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in while early he was hugging me and although I do, you will find traces of this or explanations on this and details on this Hadith from other statements in the Quran, or the words of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam for for example, with regards to excessive speech, the prophets Allah Salam says in an authentic hadith Kapha will not Caliban and you had difficulty maximum,

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it is sufficient for someone to become a liar.

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You it is a guarantee for someone to be alive. If they convey or they speak, and they air everything they hear.

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Because a lot of this speech has been circulated, is either untrue, a lie, or inappropriate.

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Or even if it's true, and appropriate, even our intention for conveying it and saying it might not be good.

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And if we violate any of these principles, we are engaging in some form or shape of a lie, or the live intention, or lie of the speech itself.

00:22:36--> 00:22:36


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the lie by saying something inappropriate in a situation which creates conflict, confusion, and masks the truth, which is a form of lying and deception as well.

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So it's important for us now how can we benefit from this hadith? How can we benefit from this in every aspect of our lives? There's one point that guarantees that you can abide by all of these instructions in every area in your life, without having to go to the details and trying to hold yourself accountable with every specific action. And that's by managing your control system. We humans are goal oriented. We are goal oriented. If your goal in this life is clear, if you have managed to create alignment in your life, you have an overall vision of your life, where is it going? What's the point behind it, and that's Allah subhanaw taala and I'm here to worship Allah

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subhanaw taala and everything else in my life is just

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part of my way to Allah. My family is something that Allah gave me, and there are responsibilities in it. And these responsibilities are due to Allah before they are due to my spouse or my children, or my friends or etc.

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So since Allah put me in this position, I'm going to please Allah subhanaw taala because my vision is to make it to Allah. So I'm going to fulfill my responsibility in this capacity.

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I need to provide for myself and for my family. This is something that pleases Allah subhanaw taala so I'll find for a way that pleases Allah in making a living so I'll find a halal job or Halal business, that's what I will engage in. And I will do it although I'm as a human being we love finances, we love assets, but I want my love for Allah subhanaw taala to override that, so I will earn a living in order to provide for my family in order to preserve my honor and not having to put myself down in order to beg others to give me finances. If you you can, you can actually approach everything in your life from that perspective. So that as you are working and even earning, you are

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pleasing Allah subhanaw taala and you're earning reward because you do that for a purpose.

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So everything in your life starts blending into aligning with the overall purpose of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. To add, and the more you do this, the more refined it becomes, you get to a point where if something doesn't fit within this hierarchy or this pyramid or the system, it doesn't register with you. It doesn't arouse your interest. It means nothing to you, it doesn't register on your books.

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And then automatically you start to see everything in your life aligns with pleasing Allah subhanaw taala.

00:25:37--> 00:25:56

And you will start only saying the things that will bring you closer to Allah, you will ask the questions because the answer is something you will need to come closer to Allah. That's the only time you'll ask a question. And you will spend money. Only when you see how it is something that pleases Allah and helps you helps advance you towards Allah.

00:25:59--> 00:26:04

Instead of you start mathematically calculating every act and every intention, which is quite overwhelming.

00:26:06--> 00:26:42

So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us this organ. By the way, this is the meaning of tau hate. This is the meaning of Taqwa. That's really what it means. It's not like fragmented instructions here and there and you start chasing them one after the other, and you hold on to this and you miss that one. It's not how it works. It's there is there is some kind of a system there's a harmony, there is it's more of a compatible system that pulls itself together. There is a unifying kind of purpose behind all of that, that pulls all the strings together. And this makes it easier. And all of that binds at one point.

00:26:43--> 00:27:18

worship of Allah, to hate of Allah subhanho wa Taala loving Allah subhanaw taala being devout to Allah, that's it. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us this focus and give it give us this level of hate along with me, nobody want me now to be Muslim. You know what, Mr. Metha here amen. Amen And what Allama fildena Don't know by now I Serafina Have you ever been out with a bit apadana on sadhana Allah Coleman caffeine Allah on the fildena when he Why did you know what's going to happen? How do you know your Medicare have hammered low hanging alarm? Everybody had the Illuminati emerald washed your SOP handlebar attic while you're Daffy? I don't I see your movie vikita Because

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from nothing maybe you can sell Allahu Allah He was selling them lahmacun animal still but I've seen him in animal meaning if you call him I can allow mapping the amounts on how long we have only him Do you know my email

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or not right I mean luckily BarakAllahu li Walakum for under allein whenever I knew a year can be my female at will decreed Hakeem also la Mozilla mobile Erica up decoder Zuleika Mohamed while early he was how do you want to be in woman to be around BSN and ILA you'll meet him