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The importance of trusting Allah's plan to achieve a boon in life and the social life of the first year after hijaly inrows is emphasized, along with the importance of learning the tricks of Islam and forgiveness. Cost structure and reducing debt are also emphasized. The company is investing heavily in the US and China, which is why they are not seeing as many opportunities, but they are focused on growing their business and diversifying their revenue streams. They are pleased with the progress they have made in the first quarter and are confident in their outlook for the remainder of the year. The call ends with thanks and an invitation to speak again next quarter.

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yeah the Hula, hula, hula hula your little fella had the shadow Allah. Allah who had the hula Cherie color or shadow no Muhammad Abdul Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was so happy he was selling them at the Sleeman Kathira what I do. So,

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last week, we covered the story, the beautiful story of Solomon and Pharisee, or the Allahu Anhu. And we saw some of the lessons just to recap, some of the lessons were the power of your intention, that if someone is really sincere, truly sincere, in searching for the truth, and they go after it.

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Even if they take some the wrong turns, Allah will bring them back to the truth.

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Even if seemingly things seem to be working against them, the very thing that seems to be, you know, against them, would be actually working for them.

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Why? Because that's the planning of Allah subhanaw taala, the planning of Allah and you could always put yourself either on the right side of the planning of Allah or on the wrong side.

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Today as a human being, you can put yourself either on the right side of the plan of Allah, or the wrong side and you choose. So the plan of Allah is going to come true. Whatever Allah plans, whatever Allah predestined, is going to be true because Allah wrote the Makara dear, which is what was going to happen. My idea is similar to a

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public health, public health authority will become Sina Alpha Sana, Allah wrote down everything that was going to happen before the creation 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth. So you have two choices, either put your side on the put yourself on the right side of Allah's planning, or you put yourself on the wrong side. And you choose. The plan is working as unfolding and is going to come true.

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Your choices are going to put you either on the right side or the wrong side. What is the right side trust in Allah subhanaw taala

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trust in Allah once you trust in Allah, and sincerity towards Allah, your sincere

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even though sin, as I said, things might seem to be happening to you, they will be working against you. So the manufacturers he was what

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first he was exposed to a very bad person who was in the position of pastor or a liar or, or a teacher, and he was a corrupt person. But he was not dissuaded. He was kidnapped by the very people who were supposed to deliver him to Medina. He was kidnapped by them, his money was taken over and he was enslaved, he was turned into a slave. So seemingly, you know, everything was working against him. But that what happened to him took him right to where he was supposed to go to Medina where the Prophet SAW Salem was meant to come so they meet.

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And again, the same we know we mentioned the story of use of Alayhis Salam, everything seems to be working against him against him, but it was actually a plan for him. And that shows anything in life any any reality has more than one interpretation.

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And the reality, anything that happens in life has more than one interpretation. If you lock your mind into one interpretation, if it's negative, you're stuck.

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But if you are open to more interpretation and see how things could work for you,

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then and you and this should be out of the trust of Allah Subhan Allah things are going to work for you. And that's exactly what the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim means, which is reported by Amara and collected by Muslim adjuvant Emeril macmini In umbra, who could allow higher amazing is the state of a believer all his affairs are good for him for in a solid to sutra or chakra for Ghana, hieronder. Who, if an ease or a blessing comes to him, he's thankful and it's good for him. When I started to dada dada Oh, Sebata Africana, Hiren LA, whoo. And if a hardship if pain, if calamity comes to the believer, then he is patient, and that's good for him. That's basically choosing to be

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on the right side of other of the decree of Allah, or the plan of Allah subhanaw taala to always choose to be on the right side. So that's, I would say, many, many people say Be smart, right? Be be clever. figure things out, learn the tricks, and so on and so forth. Even if you're the smartest person on earth, unless you have sincerity. Unless you have truthfulness, unless you have trust in Allah subhanaw taala you're playing dumb. Actually, you're playing the game the dumb way.

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There is more there is you can see micro intelligence which people compete over. But there is macro intelligence where Allah works for you what Allah actually makes things makes things work for you, Allah plans for you. You can't achieve that. With intelligence. beings being smart and learning the tricks you can achieve that only

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He by ethical principles, Islamic principles, be honest, be sincere, be truthful. be forgiving be kind. When you do that you tap into this macro or mega kind of intelligence that is way beyond, you know the the capacity of human beings. So let's go back and see what was happening in Medina what was the social life like in the first year after hijra, to see what was the prophets of Salaam? How was he dealing with the companions? How were the Companions dealing with each other, and with the non Muslims in Medina,

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we mentioned that the Prophet sallahu wa salam, you know, had very good relationships with his companions and with others, and he would really get engaged get involved in the personal life of his followers. We mentioned the story of a man who had his little son that he used to bring him over, when he was with the Prophet Solomon play with him. And he loved his son so much. Yet, after a while later, the man sort of disappeared, he stopped joining the gatherings of the prophets, I seldom miss the person so he asked about him, Well, did you see that guy? So they told him his son died, the prophet Sam goes to visit him and comfort him and consoled him. And then he gives him the glad

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tidings that if your son dies, or if your daughter dies, if someone that you love dearly dies, and you are patient, then you get a great reward from Allah subhanaw taala. And the prophets, Allah told him the glad tidings that your son would be on the Day of Judgment, waiting for you, anticipating your arrival to one of the gates in paradise and he would take you in, he would not go in until you come and join it. So that relieves the stress of that father.

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Another really some other other type of relationships the Prophet sallallahu sallam

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was going to visit Sir Who Baba

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Baba always had one of the early Muslims somehow early Muslims in Medina he was one of the leaders in Medina and he was one of the biggest, most influential people among the unsalted

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so he wasn't feeling well. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam goes to visit him. And what would the prophets of a Salam usually have? Right What was the main writing animal of the Prophet SAW Selim for most of his life?

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People think camel people think horse, most of what the problem really rode was a donkey

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or sometimes a mule most of the time. Most of the time he didn't have the luxury all the time of a horse or a camel. Well, camels well usually was used for long travels, long travel, so I think I'm just assuming I'm not definitely sure. Because I'm

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although my ancestry comes from the desert, I never lived in the desert. I don't know how the Benjamins live. But I guess camels are not used for short commutes, I guess.

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So, the Prophet SAW Simone de was riding on his donkey and he was going to visit Southern Nevada who wasn't feeling well on the way the program sees this gathering. And this gathering has Muslims and non Muslims

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Muslims and non Muslims socializing just having a conversation

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among them was Abdullah Naga Muslim. And among them was Abdullah bin obey ignore saloon who was a non Muslim.

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So the Prophet SAW Salem is passing by them, and it's dusty, and it was windy. So the dust that comes from the as the as the donkey was was walking past the dust comes to that group or reaches that group. So Abdullah innovativeness alone, he puts his scarf sort of, or a man at the tip of his scarf, he puts it on his nose, and he says, you know, keep that dust away from us go somewhere else. He was sort of mocking on the Prophet SAW Selim, indirectly. So he put that on his nose. And he said, you know, take the dust away, and that smell bad smell away. The province has an MCs that he doesn't take offense. He goes and approaches them, he sits with them. So the problem sits with them.

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And what do you think the provinces Salam is going to talk about? He talks about Allah and he recited some Quran to them. Obviously the Muslims enjoy it and love it, Abdullah and obey even a saloon and we said that previously before the prophets of salaam came to Medina, he had been designed to become the king or leader in Medina. But the arrival of the Prophet SAW Salem, in our put that

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the whole plan on halt and then it was completely, you know, forgotten. So he has this grudge against the Prophet salallahu it he was that you really sort of destroyed my plans to be the leader and King of Medina. So obviously he's gonna mock on everything's gonna pick on everything when it comes from the prophets. Allah said I'm so the Prophet I was speaking to them he was reciting some Quran to them. So I would allow him

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He says to him, oh, what you're saying is nice, but don't bother us too much.

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You see the cynicism?

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You see the negativity.

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He says what you're saying is good, but don't bother us too much with it.

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Abdul Abdullah Abdullah, not Allah He was there. He doesn't like that. So he answers back.

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Abdullah and obey answers back and then it's almost a fight erupted among them. The prophets of salaam was caught in the middle, he started calming them down, take it easy, calm down, isn't it calm them down. In the process, I'm departs. And he goes to visit Southern Nevada. And while he was speaking with Southern Nevada, he brings the issue up, he says, Do you see the love no obey even as a rule what he said and this and that happened. The Southern Nevada said O Messenger of Allah

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give him the benefit of the doubt.

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Prior to arriving in Medina, we had a plan to place him as the king and the leader in Medina in order to bring about peace, because we were fighting with one another. And we thought he might be one of the most influential people, he might be the best person to appoint as the leader in Medina. And he wouldn't be able to eliminate that kind of fight between us and the hundreds and hundreds of casualties and people died.

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And he had high hopes in that. So when you came all his plans, you know, vanished. So he's having this, he's holding this grudge against your soul, they let it go. The Prophet size really doesn't hold a grudge doesn't hold a grudge. And by the way, this is a sign of strength. This is really a sign of strength. Oftentimes, when people are forgiving. When people are easygoing, we tend to assume, and we can mess with these people, no problem. These are people who can take advantage of,

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well, maybe some people are just like this. But you know, don't take that as a rule. Don't take that as a rule. Because really real forgiveness or real,

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easygoing Ness with people is not a weakness. There are people easygoing, but that's a sign of strength, and a sign of strength, that they have discipline themselves, they have mastery over themselves over their ego, and over their desires. And basically, their attention is attached to things that are more important than just getting, you know, involved in such arguments and petty things. So that was the Prophet SAW Salem. It was It wasn't like he wouldn't waste his time with something with something like this. He has bigger things to work towards. He has greater investments, he has a lot of work to do. And these are simply you know, petty things for him to get

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involved in.

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So the prophets of salaam takes that and Allah subhanaw taala actually this how he advises the believers in Mecca previously and in the early stages in Medina, Allah Subhana Allah for example, says

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Well, it's a smart and Amina Latina Otto Kitab, and Republican Woman and Latina Shaco. And then Kathy era, and you shall receive a lot of verbal harm, a lot of verbal harm from the Mushrikeen, the non Muslims and the people who were given the Scripture before you, the Jews and the Christians. Then Allah subhanaw taala says, when you spill water over in Nevada come in as minimal. But if you are patient, and if you hold on to taqwa,

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then this shows strength of yourself of your source as well and more this shows firm resolution a high level of maturity and personal strength. Also Allah subhanaw taala says about the people of the book with the cathedral min allocator below we are doing a combat the man he come to foreign hazard the men and the unfussy him in the matter but you know the hombre a lot of the people of the Scripture they wish to turn your back into disbelievers after you have embraced Iman. Why out of envy, jealousy from the huts.

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So Allah subhanaw taala then says to the believers how to handle this, how to handle that, for was for who?

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Forgive pardon. So forgiving or forgiveness and pardon are not the weapons of weak people, that the weapons have strong people. That's why the prophets I seldom shows this kind of self discipline that's a sign of strength. The prophets of salaam says Lisa Shadi dooba, Salah Lisa should you do Bisola Hola, Kina Sharif, and let em liquid F several indelicato He says, a strong man. Really strong man is not someone who's physically able to beat people down.

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But a strong man who is able the strong man, the real strong man, he's the one who's able to hold himself back to control himself. Because that shows inner strength. Everyone can let go of their anger can let their anger run the scene and they act on impulse. Everyone can do that.

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He's a coward of people, if you really, you know, push them beyond their limits, they will lose it. And they will act like crazy. But the people are able to control their anger, control their shaytaan and their desires. That's what real strength is. That's where we are. And really a lot of the virtues if you want to figure out a lot of the virtues, they are the ability to control your impulse and rise above it. Rise above the impulse. Let's, for example, take courage. What is courage? A lot of people think it's recklessness. No. It's being carefree. No.

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One of the

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wise, Bedouins very wise. bedwin was someone sought Him. And when he met him, he asked him what is courage? Because this man was known for courage.

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So he says to him, I'll teach you what courage is.

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And these people who have wisdom issues, from their answer, you can tell from the answer. He didn't say, carriages. 123, right. It didn't give him a definition. He said, Give me your finger, index finger, and I'll give you my index finger bite on mine, I'll bite on yours.

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So he puts his index finger in the other guy's mouth, and he bites on the other guy's finger. And he says, bite as hard as you can. And I am going to do the same. Both of them stopped biting.

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So the person who came to us this bedwin puts his finger first.

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Then the Bedouin tells him and says, This is courage.

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This is courage and bravery.

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And then for years, I've read read that so many times. I never figured out I said, That's patience. That's not courage, right? Let's make this you could put up with more pain than the other guy. And really didn't make sense. There's no so I couldn't, it was a mystery for me. And like, I remember a lot of that the teachers and the shoe and our Arabic

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language teacher in the school, there were those who used to teach us literature, they used to bring this up and talk about it. Man, that doesn't make sense. And I thought I was the only one who couldn't really figure it out. But it turned out everyone in my classroom, no one really understood it. Even some of my teachers or ask them like teachers in school, asked them about it. And they said yes, patience. As in well, it doesn't make sense. You have no clue.

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But Subhanallah Lee, like, later on, figured out, he's talking about a principle. Because

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an a really, things started dot started to connect. When I read that there's a book on this is the statement actually. And there's a book that's taken from that statement titled after that statement. So the statement is

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experiences fear.

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Everyone experiences fear, but the brave,

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decide to act, despite their fear.

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See what the difference is. Everyone experiences fear. But they don't let the fear conquer them. I experienced fear. So there was a book written, it was a very good book in English was a best seller. It said, feel the fear. Do it anyway. Feel the fear of doing something, but go ahead and do it. act against your fear.

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So with that biting on the index finger, what that means basically, he was telling him, if you act if you let you if your impulse is so strong and overwhelming that it controls your reaction.

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When your fear kicks in, in a scary situation, you're gonna, it's going to take over. But if you train yourself, to free yourself from the control of your impulse, whether it's fear, whether it's pain, and you decide to transcend it, and act against it, and act despite it, then you can find fear, you can find courage. So when he was saying you acted on your pain, but I could transcend my pain, but I was experiencing similar pain to you. That's the difference. So if you want to have courage, courage means that you are patient even when you have fear that you don't allow this fear to overcome you and set the course for your actions. You do the right thing even though you're

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experiencing fear, you get the point.

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It's a little bit subtle, but it's very strong. So

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so I feel again, when you have when you have the power to forgive. That means you have mastered your impulse. You are able to transcend it. And this is a high level of maturity and personal growth.

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now again in the early stages in the first year in Medina, the prophets of salaam did something very special, exceptional, unheard of in history, and really has no parallel in human history. And this was the Brotherhood Elmo. Aha, between the unsolved margerine and the answer. It's a level of brotherhood and selflessness that has no rival has no rival. What was that the prophets Islam gathered the Muslims in the house of NSmen. Medic. And as a medic tells the story of them RK says the president gathered the Muslims in my in our house, and he brought them together. And each one from the Ansara took one of them, oh, hygiene, one of the immigrants, the newcomers to Medina, as my

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guest as my brother, as my brother. And this was not just simple kind of generosity, it was this becomes my brother, his more brother to me, than my blood brother.

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So in the early stages, let's say one of the unsolved dies, one of the unsolved dies. And the more AHA or the Brotherhood was formed between him and another one from the Mahajan. When he dies,

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his brother's blood brothers, they don't inherit him.

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who inherits him?

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his Muslim brother

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isn't a symbol of a narrative. So it was stronger than blood brotherhood. And it was actually like this. It was actually like this. One of the examples was

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Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia.

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His share among the muhajir in his views from Donsol. So his share among the MaHA jurien was Abdul Rahman of now.

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His guest, his brother was Abdurrahman, Abhinav. So he took him the first time the province of Sonoma pointed them together as brothers as well. He took under Monroe health, he brought him to his house, and he said, Listen, my brother,

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he brought his all these assets in the form of money, liquid money, he brought it and he said, you see this house? It's mine. Half of it is yours. Now.

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Once you see the level of selflessness, no question. No doubts, no second thoughts. Half of it is yours. You see this money, he really divided it into two equal parts. That's yours. This is mine. And he says to him, I have two wives.

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And from my generosity,

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I'm going to divorce one of my wife's and you take it as your wife later on, when she finishes her end. Somebody's gonna say, well, they should consult the wife, right? The thing is, it seems that the why the women among the Ansel were more generous than the men themselves, that they would actually compete to be a wife of one of them Hadrian, one of the companions of the Prophet sighs.

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But sometimes we see things in our own limited limited vision, and we're gonna want to force them on the story.

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Abdullah amount of work, he came to Mecca to Medina now, jobless, penniless, homeless, nothing. He has nothing, literally nothing. What a beautiful, what a great temptation. All of a sudden, overnight, you're rich, because Saudi Arabia is really rich, all of a sudden, you're rich, you have a house, half a house, I mean, it's a house, you can send it into town.

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And, and not only that, like, soon you're gonna have a wife. And you don't have to give her MA or you're gonna have to pay or anything because she's already paid.

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You don't have to do anything. What a great temptation. What does he do? He says, Yeah, he Bartok, Allah will look a fee Madico fee and he says, my brother, may Allah bless your wealth, and your family for you. All I need from you. Show me the market.

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Show me where the market is.

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So he knows where the market is, he goes and he trades, he does some business, he figures out a way and he does a business. And he comes back the same day with so much food that he bought from the work that he did. And soon after, shortly after actually

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becomes one of the richest Muslims in Medina.

00:24:20--> 00:24:46

It's his skill and his wit in business. But not only that, it's the baraka is the blessings from Allah subhanho wa taala. You know, you can have a business with someone, you can actually set them up, you can deceive them, I can make more money, you can take advantage of their ignorance in some area. You can take advantage of that. And you think, Oh, I've made $50 more and you think you you really like you've achieved some kind of profit you've lost?

00:24:47--> 00:24:55

Not in theory, in reality. In reality, you're going to lose much more than you made. In ways you will never figure out

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in ways because we said that repeat

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In the ethical principles what Islam teaches us in terms of principles, manners and virtues, is the same fabric of this life of this universe, how it runs, you go against virtual, it's going to the whole world is going to turn against you. in ways you never you never figured out. That's how the world works. This Oh Allah created this universe. Even if someone seemingly seems to make a lot of money, you might say sweetness, but this such people might be living in a state of poverty, despite having a lot of money.

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And the Prophet I'm actually spoke about this in a hadith reported by Imam Muhammad and it's authentic prophets of salaam says about someone who lives this life. And their main concern, the main goal in this life is what this dunya the beauty of it, they are completely taken by the beauty of this dunya. And that's what they chase. So he says, Allah subhanaw taala will bring to this person, a sense of lack and poverty in the hearts and in front of their eyes, wherever they go, is where you find people have millions, and they still craving more money, and they don't really use their money. They're just Gods over their money. It's happening. And this is not an encouragement to

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be poor. By the way, I'm not encouraging any of that. If you can make money from Halal means and utilize it in something good, by all means do that. But I'm just saying, I'm referring to something that is more profound. It's it's Don't you know, when you act with with virtue,

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you're just going to get more

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you're just going to get more in ways you never expect. So I'm not I'm not I'm No, he doesn't take advantage of the situation, although it would be hard for him by he acted with more virtual from a higher moral standard. And he says, No, show me where the market is. So he comes back with some food and soon he becomes one of the richest people. Do you know what he says as well? He says Allah He talks about himself actually want to see his own statement. He says, felucca draw a toonie lower fat to hedge run la Raju to an OC by the Heaven Alpha. He says I got to a point in my life, that if I turn over any stone that I see on the side of the street and find gold or silver underneath under it

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you heard that whatever he touches turns into gold, right?

00:27:19--> 00:27:20

That's a real example.

00:27:21--> 00:27:45

That's a real example. Where does this happen? From a sense of richness insight. That's why the prophets of salaam says Alina, Alina neffs real sense of wealth is the wealth of yourself, that deep inside you feel you, Allah is enough for you. Truly, you and you're not acting from a position of lack that you dying and you you craving something and you badly want something.

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Oftentimes, a lot of the things that we badly want, if we really wake up to the reality of things, we don't really, we don't really need them.

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Really, we don't really need them.

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But Subhanallah sometimes we fall under the delusion, that this is what we need, until the unsolved. At the point the Prophet was appointed a guest brother or namaha, that's your brother, you're going to host him, he would go and take him by the hand he says, Come, come with me my brother, he will take him to his house and he would offer him whatever, whatever he has, what is the spring about

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strong love among the Muslims sense of unity, a sense of self selflessness the unsolved you know, they struck the best examples and selflessness, generosity and giving this where Allah subhanaw taala praises them in the Quran. Allah says, well, Lavina turbo Darwin Eman, amicably him, you bounnam and Hydra Elohim Allah says about the unsolved and they are the ones who have been living in Medina, which is where the problem is supposed to establish Islam. Before the MaHA jurien They had been there even before Islam because Allah designed for them to be there. Because of the goodness he knew that they were going to have. So Allah meant for the salt to be in Medina. You had bounnam and

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Hajra in him they so in love with those who immigrated towards them. They're not deeming them as a burden. And we were living in a good state these people came to share everything like they didn't see it as as a burden on them on the country. They loved the fact that these people came to share the goodness that we have they loved it. You had bought them and agile led him when he didn't have us to do to him had at a minute or two and they do not find in the hearts any grudge. Anything about the fact that the that the MaHA jurien were given superiority because the margerine in Islam, the early Muslims are given superiority because of what they've been through because of what they've

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been through because they believed in the prophets of Solomon, everyone just believed in Him. They remain steadfast and stronger in Islam when their life was on the line, and not only their life

00:30:00--> 00:30:22

Sometimes death is an escape. But there were they were tortured severely and they were going through so much pain but they would not give up on their religion. So Allah subhanaw taala put the margerine at the highest level. So the unsolved I'm not feeling any grudge against this, although now they are helping the margerine now that sharing the wealth with the margerine and the taking care of the margerine and they have opening the houses for the manager in the sharing everything.

00:30:24--> 00:30:49

And they don't even it doesn't even occur to them, that maybe we match their level they still see or deem the margerine in high esteem, they see them to be better than them. Then Allah Subhan Allah says, We are only Allah unfussy him Allah we cannot be him Kasasa and the fever others over themselves even when they are in need, you know, favoring others

00:30:52--> 00:30:55

over yourself is such a great virtue.

00:30:57--> 00:31:02

But favoring someone over yourself when you are more in need than they are?

00:31:04--> 00:31:04

That's for the answer.

00:31:06--> 00:31:07

That's only for the answer.

00:31:09--> 00:31:15

That's what Allah says we're going to praise them in the Quran. This is why as we will see inshallah we will come to see in months to come that

00:31:17--> 00:31:23

the prophets of Allah and He will send them after us what her name after a PIF.

00:31:24--> 00:32:05

After the fighting with the people of a dive, the Muslims, one so many spoils of war so much the Muslims became rich, really rich after that. The Prophet SAW Salem, he had so much for himself his share, he kept nothing to himself. He just gave it to all those new Muslims, all those new Muslims, he gave it to all those new Muslims. Why? Because he saw himself in no need. He had the wealth and the richness of the self of the heart of the soul. So he didn't give the answer anything. He didn't give the uncertain thing some people tried to throw away that, or the promiseland forgot about the answer. Now he's going to abandon them. Now the Prophet since Mecca is conquered. Now the person can

00:32:05--> 00:32:22

go to Mecca, he's going to leave Medina and he will go to Mecca. The profit zone has a word with the answer. And he says to them, maybe you're finding some of you are finding some feelings in the hearts against the fact that I gave all these new Muslims who came from Maccha thinking these are my peoples, I'm favoring them, and I haven't given anything to the answer.

00:32:24--> 00:32:27

The Prophet said some of you probably are thinking about this or somebody even said that.

00:32:29--> 00:32:32

They said yes, some of us said that. The prophets of salaam said

00:32:34--> 00:32:44

I'm giving these people because I want to keep them in Islam. I know these people that are Islam, their Eman is not strong. I am keeping them in Islam by means of giving them that.

00:32:45--> 00:32:50

But I left the unsavoury for their faith.

00:32:54--> 00:33:01

I know that their faith is strong enough to keep them in Islam regardless than the Prophet salallahu Salam says to them.

00:33:02--> 00:33:13

Once you will be happy that people will walk away from this place with wealth. And you will walk away from here back to Medina with the Messenger of Allah. That's your share.

00:33:15--> 00:33:32

They started crying and they said Bella Catalina era sort of like little although almost in Java, we pleased with this, that Sasha the Prophet SAW Selim says, I am from I'm from you, you are from me. You are my brothers till my last day Your land is my land. I'm going to be with you.

00:33:34--> 00:33:42

These are the unsolved, so they have a special place in Islam, special places, anyone who's generous, anyone who's kind anyone who's giving

00:33:44--> 00:34:00

is really following the footsteps of the unsought these companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam something extraordinary happens now the prophets I was telling him I said, You guys take Okay, take these, he says to take these margerine and share with them

00:34:02--> 00:34:30

the word meant to share with them, you know, whatever they had like in terms of finances, whatever in terms of food and drink, or the basic level of it was host them in your house and offer them the necessities. Offer them the necessities. Do you know what the answer said? Then say, okay, that's fine. It's not it's not easy, but we're going to share. They went to the Prophet SAW Salem a couple of days later and they said Ya rasool Allah ExIm been in our Urbina hormone knuckle

00:34:32--> 00:34:37

in Metka. in Makkah, the wealth was sheep and camels.

00:34:39--> 00:34:52

That's how someone had wealth they needed to invest it was camels and sheep. That's it. That's how they that's how you would know someone was rich. They had so many camels and so many sheep, so many sheep. That's it.

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

In Medina, what was the sign of richness? Dates, they trees, the tree

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

is so the main wealth in Medina was the trees you had a lot of day to day trees, you're wealthy. You didn't have the trees, obviously you're poor. As simple as that. There's like today it's just like your bank accounts. Look at someone's bank account and assets. That's exactly what their bank account or assets were. So the Ansel come to the Prophet saw them a couple of days later they say y'all rasool Allah, Symbian and our Boehner homerun knuckle, they said, O Messenger of Allah, you know, we don't want to share with them only the accommodation and the food and the basics. We want to share with them our wealth, our assets, the day trees. Like if I have 100 Day trees, I want to

00:35:40--> 00:35:41

give my brother 50 of them

00:35:43--> 00:35:44

50 of them

00:35:45--> 00:35:59

what does the prophets of salaam say he doesn't take advantage of the situation. He says, May Allah bless you well for you, it's enough that you guys host them and share you know the basic needs with them. That's enough. That's That's what Islam really teaches.

00:36:00--> 00:36:06

That's a clear real example manifestation of what Islam teaches. That's it.

00:36:08--> 00:36:10

Nothing was like this in history, nothing.

00:36:12--> 00:36:27

And as I said, the margerine do not take advantage of this situation. Now the the margerine when they see this, they know they turn the water the profits are set up and they say Rasul Allah, like, how can we pay back these people?

00:36:28--> 00:36:49

How can we pay them back? This is like, this is a level of generosity we've never witnessed before. How can we pay them back? So the imagining worse, where we're a little bit concerned that it seems that we won't be able even to catch up with these people in terms of good deeds, we want to what can we do to pay them back, but wouldn't be good to them as much as they were?

00:36:50--> 00:36:52

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says to him, it says to them,

00:36:55--> 00:37:10

actually, the Mahajan said, we're afraid they're going to take all of the reward that is there whenever we're gonna left we will be left with nothing. The prophets of salaam says no, you will be able to share the reward as long as you are grateful to them and thankful.

00:37:14--> 00:37:30

And this is why the prophets and teachers in the Hadith he says mon Sana ad come that often for coffee or who, whoever does a favor to you for you, then pay them back. Someone has been kind to you reciprocate. Someone's been generous to you reciprocate.

00:37:31--> 00:37:35

Someone has done something good for you reciprocate, do the same.

00:37:36--> 00:37:55

Do the same, or do something equal? And the problem teaches us a way that if you're unable to really match that person's generosity, sometimes you don't have the finances right. You don't have the resources. How can you pay someone back? But the problem shows the necessity of gratitude and paying people back.

00:37:56--> 00:38:06

The promise of them says, Man Callie if he just like Allahu halen forgot who whoever says to his brother desert, Allah who has Iran, and he has paid him back?

00:38:07--> 00:38:11

Because that's a powerful, may Allah reward you with good. It's a powerful.

00:38:13--> 00:38:14

But that's when

00:38:15--> 00:38:21

when you can't pay back in real? Oh, there's no opportunity. There's no like, the situation doesn't call for it.

00:38:22--> 00:38:26

But obviously, you still have to keep this in mind till the opportunity reveals itself.

00:38:30--> 00:38:48

Well, it got to a point where there were more unsolved than the margerine more unsolved than than hygiene. So let's say just hypothetically, hypothetically, there were 100 from the hygiene, and there were 150 from the onset.

00:38:50--> 00:38:50


00:38:52--> 00:39:12

50 of them hygiene were taken, let's say 75 of the marjorine. were taken by some of the answer hosted 25 are left from the Marine. But from the answer, there's 75 left. So those 75 from the answer started fighting over who's going to take those 25

00:39:14--> 00:39:25

they got to a point where they can only you know, resorted to something like tossing your coin in order who is going to take that one? You see the level of generosity again, that's the unsought

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

and that's the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one day And subhanAllah look at the Prophet SAW Selim himself most of the time, he won't even have food in his house. He won't have food in his house, how often the prophets of salaam would come to his. There was a common practice of the prophets of salaam who would go to a show some of his wives, he would say, it was like, let's say around 10 o'clock, 10am 12am to prophesy. Salam would be after federal, he would be with his companions, they would come back home, so he would ask his wives do we have any food

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:02--> 00:40:05

they would say no, there's nothing. He would say, Okay, I'm fasting today.

00:40:06--> 00:40:18

That was a very common practice of the prophets of Allah is actually called the Allahu Anhu was asked how many times or how often, you know, would you guys light a fire in the house of the prophets of Salah basically to cook.

00:40:19--> 00:40:20

And she would say

00:40:21--> 00:40:37

three moons would pass without a fire being lit and the house of the Prophet sizer, no cooking. So this is what would you guys eat? She said that as we're done, we would eat water or dates and water. That's our consumption.

00:40:38--> 00:40:50

He talking about? Well, two interpretations could be month and a half or could be three months. But let's say a month and a half, 45 days. All they eat is dates. All they drink is water. That's it. That's the house of the prophets.

00:40:51--> 00:40:53

And one day the Prophet of Islam has a guest.

00:40:54--> 00:41:18

Someone from outside Medina and the guests really it looks it looks hungry. The President goes to his house, he checks with his wives. Do we have any food this is a messenger of Allah, we only have water. That's it. That's all we have. Roselyn doesn't know what to do. So he tends to some of his companions. He finds them in the messenger. He says, who hosts the guests of the province, Liza Lim, who would like to have him in the house.

00:41:20--> 00:41:24

One of the unsolved unsolved again, he said, I will take him on Messenger. Well, I'll take him.

00:41:25--> 00:41:47

So he takes him was almost the end of the day. So the man goes to his wife, he takes the guest into his house and he speaks with his wife in private and he says Do we have food? She says I have very little food. That's enough for our kids to eat before they go to sleep. He says Listen, get your kids to sleep. Keep the foot we have the guests of the profits are low and

00:41:49--> 00:41:52

and the food is not enough for three people. It's enough for one.

00:41:53--> 00:42:00

It's enough for one adult. So she sends her kids to sleep. She cooks the food and it was night.

00:42:01--> 00:42:12

So she brings the food. They sit three of them. And what does she do? She shows us she's the fixing the light lamp.

00:42:14--> 00:42:28

She says there's something wrong with it. She goes and fixes it and it says it's not working. It's stuck. It's just gonna eat in the dark. She did that on purpose. Why? She wanted to give the guests the impression that they're eating with him.

00:42:29--> 00:42:33

And the guests ate all the food and they just pretended to be eating. It was dark. He couldn't tell.

00:42:35--> 00:42:49

You see the level of generosity. That's the unsought. These are the unsought Radi Allahu Anhu. This way the Prophet SAW Selim says in the Hadith, Allah Tala Imani Boone Ansari, this is a sign of belief is love for the unsought

00:42:50--> 00:42:52

unlimited Iman herbal unsought.

00:42:55--> 00:42:59

So, the prophets are some also had a very rich life like social life with the unsought.

00:43:01--> 00:43:37

So he would, as we said, the person would speak with unsalted kids women in the street, he would speak with them and he would be a fatherly figure to them. fatherly and we mentioned previously, an incident that actually happened over and over again, the person would see some of the children of the ants on the street. He would see them and he would say yeah, la mala and I'll be you have buco. Allah is my witness that my heart loves you. Now my heart loves you. So, the prophets of salaam really was a very expressive person in that sense. Very expressive person. And that's why when he was asked, Who's the person that you love the most he says, Isha.

00:43:40--> 00:43:47

Oftentimes now men are so shy to mention the name of their wife, right? Oh, you shouldn't mention the name of your wife. Great.

00:43:48--> 00:43:53

But the man awesome. Who's the one that you love the most? Is Aisha

00:43:54--> 00:43:57

you guys says no, no, I'm asking about males men.

00:43:58--> 00:44:05

So this is a boy her father unbuckle the low bras I'm had no issue with that in the same it's none of your business.

00:44:07--> 00:44:12

It was the problem was very expressive. And in that sense, very expressive.

00:44:17--> 00:44:56

Yeah, so when the when the Ansel came to the Prophet SAW Selim, and they said, O Messenger of Allah, we want to split our wealth with them. The date trees want to split that, give half of it to them hygiene and we're going to keep half of it to ourselves. The Prophet said no, he said, but what we want from you is give them jobs, give them hygiene jobs in your farms, let them look after the day trees and you know, give them whatever they deserve. And that's it so this worked out fine. This worked out fine. And this shows as well. As you know, Egyptians have a proverb that's beautiful, very expressive as well Egyptians are very expressive, Mashallah. So they say, and can have you back

00:44:56--> 00:44:58

ASAN muscle hustle school Lhasa,

00:45:00--> 00:45:14

If you're if someone you're dealing with, if someone you love and respect is Honey, don't suck them whole, like all of them, like, whatever they give you don't take everything, don't take advantage of the situation.

00:45:16--> 00:45:33

And this is basically a very sustainable approach, very sustainable approach. So this shows whatever is available to you, you don't have to take all of it. You don't have to take all of it. Whatever generosity is offered to you, if it's not needed, you don't have to take advantage and exploit the situation.

00:45:35--> 00:46:02

Who else was living in Medina, we know there was the Jewish tribes. What was the relationship between the prophets of Salaam and the Jewish tribes, we're going to come to talk about something because the problem is strikes some kind of treaty and he writes an agreement with them as to how to Medina should be run now the Muslims are a major power in Medina. And there is a balance of power that we need to be aware of there need to be regulations agreements as to how we deal with one another, how we defend Medina as

00:46:03--> 00:46:06

people who live in Medina together

00:46:08--> 00:46:25

in terms of we have disputes, what is the way to resolve these disputes and so on and so forth. So some kind of description or a system to manage the affairs and the relationships between the different groups living in Medina. So with the

00:46:26--> 00:47:02

Prophet Solomon, he comes to Medina, he finds that the Jews used to force the day of Ashura the 10th of Muharram, the 10th day of the first month in the Hijri calendar, and the lunar calendar used to fasted so the president says Why do you guys first the by the way, the Arabs used to fasted as well. Previously in January they used to fasted so the person asked the Jews Why do you fasted they said, This is the day Allah saved Musa from for our own. So we fasted in thankfulness. Musa fostered it, we fast it in thankfulness to Allah Subhana Allah, the Prophet Salam says to them, and how comin can be Musa I have more right to Musa alayhis salam, the new guys, because my message is the same as his

00:47:02--> 00:47:37

message is the closest days message. It's the worship of Allah subhanaw taala alone without any changes. So I have more right to Musa and this is something that we should fix about our identity we as Muslims, we really we have more attachment to an merci honey salaam to Jesus peace be upon him, we have more connection to him and more in common with him than anyone else truly, who claims to be connected to him. In actuality, and we shouldn't see ourselves as outsiders when it comes to almasi Khalifa salaam, the same to Musa alayhis, salam, and the same to all the Prophets and Messengers, we have this affiliation with them.

00:47:39--> 00:47:47

So we not just like these Renegades or outsiders, we have nothing to do with them, we have everything to do with them. We are following their footsteps.

00:47:49--> 00:47:52

At the beginning, the prophets of salaam loved to

00:47:53--> 00:47:58

take the example of the People of the Book and the beginning. So for example, the Arabs

00:48:03--> 00:48:13

the way to sort of style your hair. So the Arabs used to split the hair into two sides, either from the middle or from the side, split the hair.

00:48:14--> 00:48:45

The Jews love to let their hair loose on the forehead. So in the prophets, I saw that the Jews that's what they used to do, he sided with that. So he started doing we call it an Arabic saddle, saddle, okay, you just leave your hair loose in front, you don't sort of comb it to the side or to the left. But when the later on when they showed their animosity to Islam and to the truth the prophets of salaam detached from them. Prophets of salaam detached from them.

00:48:47--> 00:49:15

Over time, the problem was hoping that the Jewish tribes would really pay attention to what the Scriptures were teaching about worshipping Allah Subhan Allah and but the Messenger SAW Salam, the final messenger, because they knew they had the name of the prophets of Salaam, they had the signs of the Prophet SAW Selim and everything they needed to know that this was really the final messenger, but they did not. They rejected all of that. And they decided and we mentioned some stories previously, how they deliberately said, I'm not going to believe we're going to take him as enemy for as long as we live.

00:49:16--> 00:49:21

And all these negative responses except for a few of them like Abdullah Salem and obey You know, gap.

00:49:24--> 00:50:00

So in the problem, their enmity and rejection becomes clear and apparent, and the prophets of salaam sets boundaries with them. He sets boundaries with them. And yet there is a beautiful example to show the Prophet salam how just and fair and open minded he was, one day one of the Jews comes to the prophets of Salaam and it seems like he's so happy, I found something against Muslims. So we because there was this kind of competition over who has the truth, and they were trying badly to prove themselves to be on the truth. Although they know deep inside, you know, what they were propagating against the problem was no

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

The truth so one of the Jews comes to the Prophet Solomon he says the Prophet says and he says in Nakum tuna dune

00:50:07--> 00:50:15

he says you guys commit shirk you Muslims commit shirk he came to the Prophet system you guys set rivals with Allah subhanaw taala

00:50:16--> 00:50:29

and the prophets of salaam doesn't say okay get out of here and we don't take from you right? It is a your this your that he didn't say anything says one man other. What's this? What is this about? He says you guys say

00:50:31--> 00:50:32

Masha Allah Who was she?

00:50:34--> 00:50:42

And you guys say well cab, you guys say when there's a discussion, whatever you want, or whatever you wish wherever you and Allah wish.

00:50:44--> 00:50:48

And you guys, when you make an offer when you swear you say biolab?

00:50:51--> 00:50:54

What do you think the process and I've said, That's none of your business.

00:50:55--> 00:50:58

He didn't say that. When the truth comes, you take it.

00:50:59--> 00:51:30

No arrogance here, no ego, the prophets of Salman, he is this he tends to the Muslims in front of the the Jewish guy who came, it seemingly seems from the situation that he came somehow to put the Muslims down to prove a point, the present tense of the Muslim he says all over sha Allah who say what Allah wishes what Allah wills, and don't say, well, Canada, but say what I've been kept by the Lord of the cap in front of that man.

00:51:31--> 00:51:33

Obviously, the man was disappointed.

00:51:34--> 00:51:53

Because when you have this type of strength, you don't act on your ego, you have the humility, to just accept the truth, I'll accept it. I don't act on impulse. He it's not about me. It's not about my ego. It's about the truth. It comes with taken, the man was baffled. He went back with nothing, simply nothing. It was trying to score a point.

00:51:54--> 00:52:05

He realized the exam was acting from a completely higher place where this kind of, you know, petty kind of competition doesn't even count doesn't doesn't bring about anything.

00:52:10--> 00:52:12

So again, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

00:52:14--> 00:52:31

again, was his, he still approached the Jewish tribes a few times explain to them about Islam and reminding them and so on and so forth. And they would say, No, we don't know. He said, You know, my description, you know, these signs, they'll say, No, we don't know we don't have this. And it's what Allah revealed in the Quran

00:52:33--> 00:52:34

that they used to

00:52:35--> 00:52:44

conceal and hide parts of the Scripture, why for personal gain, for personal gain. And this is something

00:52:45--> 00:52:48

that Muslims should avoid falling into,

00:52:49--> 00:53:26

should avoid falling into, it's easy for us sometimes, to fall in a in the trap of making fatwa for ourselves, especially if you have some level of knowledge. If you have some level of knowledge, you can always cut corners and give yourself a fatwa. You know, I'm doing this because this and that, because you have the tools now. And this is the danger of having knowledge without his gear, having some knowledge and some tools without proper self development, without proper self purification and maturity, without spiritual maturity. This is very dangerous, because you have the tools and you can play games with them.

00:53:33--> 00:54:00

Now, something very interesting happens. The Prophet SAW so obviously, we said they build the Masjid. How did they pray? How did they know it was time for prayer. People would gather, just figure out the time for prayer and gather and sometimes people would miss the prayer and come and pray and so on and so forth. So the Prophet SAW Selim was concerned he wanted to find out a way to inform people it's the time for prayer now. So you guys, come on, come, you can come and pray.

00:54:01--> 00:54:23

So some person said, Why didn't you make a big flag so whenever it's time for the Salah, you let someone wave that flag on top of the masjid so people get to see it. They will tell each other and people will come for Salah porcelain didn't like it. Someone said why don't we use the same as the Jews. They have this home, they blown the horn it makes that noise and brings these people there the congregation when we use it, the President didn't like it.

00:54:24--> 00:54:51

Someone said why don't we use the bell? Just like the Christians like the church. We use the bell ringing the bell and people will hear it and they will come across it and disliked it. There was one of the unsolved Abdullah knows aid. He's watching it. He's watching and he says I see the problem was not happy with all of these gestures. So the person discusses this with the Muslims. And they finally prefer Salem, you know.

00:54:53--> 00:54:59

With a little with some hesitation and hatred towards it. He says we're just gonna go for the bell

00:55:00--> 00:55:04

Get a get a bill and Narcos squat and Narcos.

00:55:07--> 00:55:13

So the Muslim start searching for to buy a belt. And it wasn't something very common that wasn't common among the Arabs.

00:55:15--> 00:55:16

So this is Abdullah,

00:55:17--> 00:55:35

Abdullah eight from the Ansara. He goes back to sleep, because back home, he's sleeping at night. And he sees this dream, and he sees this man holding a church bill. And he says, would you sell me that? So the guy turns to him in the dream and he says, What do you want it for? He says we wanted to call people for the prayer.

00:55:37--> 00:55:43

And he says to him, Allah do Luca hiraman That actually not guide you to something better than that?

00:55:45--> 00:55:50

He says, Yes, indeed. Tell me what is this? So what does that meant? Tell him in the dream.

00:55:51--> 00:56:03

Next week, inshallah we're going to find out. So inshallah we'll meet next week. By the way, the helicopter next week is going to be after mother McGraw will be about 730. So roughly, we're going to start around

00:56:04--> 00:56:24

15 minutes to eat and to eat. So we'll just say after maghrib now for the time being, so the helicopter next week, from starting from next week will be after maghrib. Okay, don't forget because time is going to change. So after maghrib insha Allah is going to be the Halacha Desikan look at Do we have any questions that can take a few questions if there is any before we close?

00:56:37--> 00:56:38

Okay, yes.

00:56:40--> 00:56:45

We missed the cliffhanger. Yes. Last week, we said I shall be alive and I went to visit her father.

00:56:46--> 00:57:21

And she found him with Bilal and amagno for hire ah, in the house and they were hallucinating literally hallucinate, let's saying some nonsense. So she goes to the Prophet sizer, and she says this is the case. What was that? It was Medina was known for a plague. There was the plague of Medina. What about Willie Medina? So anyway, the symptoms was extreme fever to the people to the point where people will start to hallucinate and many people died and it seems even the father of the prophets of Salaam and the mother of the Prophet, and they seem to have caught the contamination. And that's why he died, it seems According to some historians, so there was this

00:57:22--> 00:57:40

fever there. So the Companions, a lot of them, caught the contamination. So the Prophet Salam made dua, that Allah subhanaw taala takes away the plague out of Medina, it was very many people would refuse to travel to Yathrib or Medina, just because of that plague. It was a plague place. And this is why it wasn't popular by the way.

00:57:41--> 00:57:45

So when the Muslims migrated, a lot of them caught the fever.

00:57:46--> 00:58:31

So the promises are made that to them. The President sees a dream and the President says a lot Ian Ambia had the dream of prophets is true is a revelation. He says I saw this dark woman with bushy hair. She had she was forced out of Medina and she left from other habits dilemma Yeah. Then she went to an area called mafia which is today called the Georgia Okay, which is so so he says well to her and her homegirl Medina. So I interpreted that dream that this was the plague of Medina and literally after that, Medina was clear of that plague. So that was what happened. That was what happened. Yes. And as I said, Medina was not a like a favorite destination to most people. So this

00:58:31--> 00:59:06

is why the prophets of salaam says when he came to comes when he came to Medina, he said Allah who had been in a in El Medina Tacoma bapta Elayna Makita our thoughts are Allah make Medina dear to us as you made Makeda to us or even more, and Subhanallah until today, everyone look for those who are going to go for ombre people will go for Umrah and Hajj most people feel more relaxed in Medina, therefore more attachment to Medina there's so much peace there. So it came to be known as the City of the prophets of Salaam. So that was the story just for bringing that up. Any other questions? You have is an announcement or something.

00:59:07--> 00:59:13

Okay, so I'm done. There's an announcement please listen to it. Zack unlocker sallahu wa salam Messina Muhammad William Samuelsson

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does I'm gonna check for the lecture. Welcome. Just quick announcement inshallah for the slight changes