Manners of the Mindful – You vs. You

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The manners of the mindful as you know series is called the manners of the mindful. The series describes characteristics that are praiseworthy and commendable, and is about bravery, determination, bravery, noions, and bravery. The series emphasizes the importance of being mindful and steadfast in one's actions to avoid becoming a mindful person.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu you know all of these characteristics that we're talking about with the manners of the mindful as you know, this series is called the manners of the mindful. It is the lack of tucking it is the manners or the ways that the one that fears a law and is aware of his presence and fears his punishment would act. But what's most important with all of these characteristics that we're seeing, from bravery to nobility, to determination to all of these characteristic that is praiseworthy and commendable. Know that there will be days where you will fall short, know that there will be days that you will make mistakes in regards to being Noble.

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There may be a day that you may be miserly, it's our human nature, that this will emanate from us. But the goal is that you have this Mujahidin and that is another characteristic of a mindful person, because guess what? The one that is mindful, there will be days where he or she may not be mindful, they may do an act an action that is not of a mood. tucky but when they realize that they are not doing the action of a mood tucky What choice do they make after that? Because complacency is real. You can stay complacent on not praying frigid on time, not praying the first prayer of the day, we have to wake up and then make we'll do the evolution to go and pray. You may not do it when you're

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with your friends. And it's time to make mother pray the fourth prayer and you leave it off, second day, third day, fourth day, hanging out with your friends in the middle of night of Ramadan, and not praying at all not reading the Quran. These are actions that if one does not struggle against themselves, they can fall victim to being complacent and being consistent, and having steadfastness on that which is not beneficial to them. So it's very important that we strive against ourselves because ourselves we can be our worst enemy.

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alasa panda with the Alesis at the very end of the chapter of the spiderweb, one of the Drina jaha doofy. net, Lana de su Berliner, we're in Allah, Allah and mercy Nene, those that strive in our path will guide him to our way. And Verily Allah is with the good doers, he calls the ones that struggle, the doers. So know that the tukey is not someone that just been given these characteristics, or they're always good, we all have our quote unquote, demons in our closet. There are things that each one of us do that are sinful, but a lot just hasn't exposed us realize that reality that will make you more humble. We talked about humility, that will make you a person that is mindful, and that

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will make you a person that has Tibet, and we talked about that as well steadfastness. Being steadfast is not easy. This is where the prophet SAW Allah was the prophet will that would ask Allah in His most humble position in sujood, to keep him firm, because we all can fall victim to that which diverts us away May Allah subhana wa down and make use of those that are persistent on the acts of doing what you know, in your heart of hearts is the most beneficial for you and the more that you struggle because the struggle is real, the more you will be a mindful mood. tukey a mindful person said I'm on a camera too. I have a cat