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Yesterday we completed the in depth tafsir sort of medium we completed the sudo yesterday. So I've mentioned that I wouldn't shall I do a recap today

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had an idea that I was somewhat going back and forth with and then spoke to a few people

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and got some feedback as well as to what they felt about the idea and hummed are mostly positive feedback and also, you know,

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let's just say slept on it, prayed on it, but um, so decided that inshallah just for today to kind of recap everything that we've done during this month because it was spread out over such a extended duration, 2425 days of Tafseer every day in our plus every day. So to kind of bring it all together, let it all kind of come together gel together, decided to do a run through of the translation of the entire suit out today inshallah. So we'll start at the very beginning of the sutra and we'll go through all the way through the end of the sutra inshallah, just kind of going over the general translation of the sutra and then at the end, of course, we'll have the some discussion on coherence

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and things like that inshallah.

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Ours will be last minute shape on your regime. Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, gaff. Hyah Saud. Of course these are the hurdles Nakata are the meaning of which is known best known to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone. The Karate Rebecca Aveda who's Korea this is a mention of the mercy of your Lord upon his sleeves are Korea. It nada bahuvida and Sophia. Remember when he called out to his Lord very emphatically and privately call her up be in Nirvana, LOD momineen Mashallah rot su shava A combi da kombucha. He said My Lord My Rob, my bones have become weak. My bones have weakened. In my head has gone gray has gone old. And I have never been unfortunate through making drugs by by means of making

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to Archer you were in the system Mohali amukamara de la Cana Tim rotti off the run for heavily melancholia

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and I most definitely fear for the people around me that I will leave behind after me and my wife is unable to bear children so gift to me a reliable successor from you. Yet he threw me away every time in early October he will inherit from me and he will inherit from d x d associates in the affiliates of Yahoo. With Yahoo Robbie Robbie and make him my rob my Lord, someone that is pleasing to you. Yeah. zekeriya in an Uber shirakami hola mean, is muku Yahya oza. Korea most definitely we are giving you the good news we are delivering to you the good news of a son his name will be yahia lemenager Allahu Minh Pablo Samia. We have not made for him before him anyone that's anything like

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him. Bala Robbie Anika Coolio Coulee Dam he said oh my Rob oh my lord. How is it possible for me to have a son well Ghana timber RTR Iran, when in reality My wife has been unable to bear children are capable of terminal key barrier Aegean and I have reached an extremely old age. Garlic as Alec. Allah said, just like that Allah Bukavu aleja Hagen your Lord your Rob said this is very easy, very simple for me. We'll call the calaca to come in Prabhu lm takushi and, and I created you before this when you were nothing. Bala Ravi Gianni Ayah he said oh my Rob make for me a sign. Bala Ayah Touka unlogical the Manasa thalassa Leon in Serbia he said your sign is that you will not speak to the

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people for three consecutive nights or that you will not speak to the people for three nights, even though nothing will be wrong with you. You will be perfectly okay for Harada pomi he Minami Robbie, so he exited upon his people from the mirror up from the recess part of the front of the masjid or the place of worship for Oh Ha Ha him and he signal to them and said behold book rotten Washington that glorify and praise your Lord morning and evening. Yah, yah, yah hoo del kitabi. To watching. Oh yah, yah, hold firmly onto the book with strength and conviction. Well, Tina will hook Miss obeah and we had given him command or we had given him judgment and wisdom even as a child. Well, hi,

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Nana. Mila Luna was a captain wacana Tolkien and he was very affectionate from us. I mean, this was a special gift from us that he had the ability to be extremely affectionate and he

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was pure or he was charitable mechanics, he and he was constantly conscious and aware of Allah, what better on bhiwadi day he and he was very dutiful, very respectful, very considerate of his parents when he couldn't Jabara nasi and he was not pushy, nor was he disobedient, I am number 15 was that I'm an RA he oma woulda where y'all may have moved to Wyoming you buy through Hagen and peace and blessings be upon him on the day that he was born on the day that he will die and on the day that he will be brought back to life again. From here begins the second passage So this first passage was dedicated to the discussion of zecharia and our last panel on Salah blessing with a son and I

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mentioned this in during the the fear you'll remember that this serves as some type of serves as an introduction or a prelude to the mention in detail of the miraculous birth of esala his Salaam, so as to almost begin by showing that this something of this nature, that going against what we consider to be the laws of nature, this is something that is within the grasp and within the means of Allah subhanaw taala I in number 16 begins the second passage where now we get to the crux of the sutra, which is the story of medium and the miraculous birth of eSATA. He set up a law says what's good Phil kitabi Maria, that recall or remember mentioned in specifically from in the book, the

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mention of medium in Dubai that mean and he had a cannon shot of it and when she secluded herself from her people from her family into a place that was facing towards the east, Fatah that men dooney him hijab and she took from them a barrier she put up a barrier between them her and the people fell out of Salah Alejandro Hannah, Allah says that we sent to her Our spirit our room, meaning jabril Ali Hassan we sent our Djibouti into them to her for the masala Basha Rancheria, he transformed himself into her for her sake into the form of a very handsome well proportioned men. By let's she said in the hour with a bit of money Minka in Kentucky and she said that I take refuge with our man

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with the most Abundantly Merciful from you. And if you are God fearing in any way meaning back away from me if you fear God in any way, Bala innama and Rasulullah big he responded by saying that most definitely I am Darrell Sewell I am the messenger I am a courier from your Lord in your Europe your master the I have a lucky woman zakian and I've been sent so that I can give to you a very pure righteous child barlet Anya, hula hula. She said How was it possible for me to be having a son? Well, let me assess me by Sharon. When in reality no man has touched me and I explained how this is referred to I have not been intimate with any men when I'm uncle Bobby and nor am I an chast or am I

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promiscuous? barlick adeleke. He said that just like that, Paula rookie who Allah Hagen your Lord has said has decreed that this is very easy, very simple for me. When he Niger Allah who is utterly nasty, and we will make him a sign for the people what I met Amina and a mercy from Us what kind of Umrah maka Leah and this is an affair This is a decision that has been concluded too it's been decreed for hammer led to vanta by that V McCann and Cassia. So now this is a second part of that passage talking about mme and the miraculous birth of a Sally set up for her mulatu. She carried him Fanta by that big mechanical sia and she withdrew. From she she carried him meaning she became

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pregnant. She was carrying the child now funded by that baby. And she's included along with the child mechanical senior to a very, very faraway place for a job Alma called Elijah. They're in UCLA. And then the parent the pains of childbirth forced her to go to the trunk of a date palm pilots she said yeah, Layton, he, she she she expressed sorrow, or a certain amount of regret upon herself that I wish MIT Tocopilla hada that I would have died before this. Welcome to NASA Mantega and I would have become completely forgotten, so forgotten that I wouldn't have even been recalled by anyone. Fernanda humming taqiyya So Allah says that we called out to her from behind her from excuse me from

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below her from beneath her. Allah has any that do not fear but the Java buki data keys area that your Lord has made for you Your Rob has made for you beneath you, a stream that right beneath your feet there's a stream, well, who's de la cabeza inocula and shake towards you the trunk of the day palm to sakata la quiero, Tanzania that very juicy ripe dates will fall upon you consistently fall for you for coolie wasabi rockery Island. So Eat Drink and then find the coolness of your eyes through the birth of this miraculous

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titled for imaginary nominal machinery I hadn't. And if you are to see any human being, then don't worry about responding to them for coolly in another man. Then at that time say to him say to that human being in Nineveh to the rock man, most definitely I have dedicated I've made a commitment to a ramen sallman of a fast and what is the nature of that fast for that new column? polyoma insia that I will not speak today to any human being for that to be here, Omaha jameelah so she came to her people carrying this child after childbirth, Fallujah Maria and they said, Oh Marie, I'm locka the GTA and ferrea How dare you come here with an illegitimate child? Yeah, Dr. Harun Oh daughter Oh,

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sister of Harun Makana buki Your father was not Emerald so in your father was not an evil man. Well mark on its own will kebabian and your mother was not promiscuous are a bad woman. For a shout out to LA she signaled towards the child by Luca Luca Lieberman Ghana film Matthew sabia. They said How is it possible for us to speak to somebody who is being cradled as a baby as a child Bala in the Abdullah a Saudi said I'm speaks miraculously as a baby as an infant he says I am the slave of Allah. Al Kitab. I have been given the book whether Allah Nina began and I have been made a prophet, whether Alani Mubarak and aina Malcolm and I have been made blessed no matter where I may be, well,

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Sani, be Salatu was the karate and I've been firmly commanded by my lord by my master Bissell it was to stick firmly to prayer and charity or purity, my Doom to Hagen, as long as I am alive, what bothered me Ronnie that he and to be extremely beautiful and to be very, very considered of my mother? What I'm the adjani jabatan champion, and he has not made me somebody who is pushy and bossy and somebody who is unfortunate somebody who's wretched. What's Salam O Allah Yama, Willie, to where Yama Yama ooba through hayyan and Peace and blessings. I pray for peace and blessings to be upon me. The day that I was born, the day that I will die I will leave this world where yomo Botha Hagen, and

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the day that I will be brought back to life I will be resurrected. Allah says that he carries over no money am I in number 34 that is the story of a seven new millennium or that is their Ace of nomadic him himself. Poland Houghton le de m Tarun, this is a word of truth in which they are trying to cause doubt they're trying to interject or inject doubt into this Makana Leela E.

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wallet into Hana, it is absolutely not appropriate for Allah to have taken a child any in any way shape or form. So for HANA, he is above and beyond such attributions about Enron, when he has decreed an issue or an affair for enamine kulula who can fail and then he simply says B and it is what in the law be what a boo boo and most definitely Allah is my rod My Lord, my master in your Master fabu so worship Him alone had us at optimal suffering This is the straight path for

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him but what ended up happening was that the group's they started deferring amongst themselves about the matter of a sub nobody on for way you know, Linda vena cava Rumi, Mashhad, Yeoman Avi doing that how sad how pathetic How pitiful is the condition of those people who disbelieved from the standing from the presenting of that great day that that profound day a smear be him. Look how well they can hear now on the Day of Judgment, well, elbow said look how well they can see the truth now, y'all may tune out on the day that they have come to us lacking ivanti Muna Leo Murphy abahlali movie but today, these wrongdoers they continue to be immersed, drowning and they're very clear misguidance

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what and then whom Yeoman has served his podium and warn them of the day of severe regret and remorse. When the decision will be made when all affairs will be decreed and issued? Well, hopefully hopefully it will be known. And these people are drowning in heedlessness. And these people they do not believe or they will not believe in

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a woman Alisha, Elena, that most definitely we and only we are the inheritors, that we will inherit the earth. Woman Alia and all those people who are upon it. Well, Elena, your Joan and to us along with all of them return. Now for my number 41. This concludes our discussion of money. I'm in the first part of the sutra, the first half of the sutra. From here you have the second theme of sort of Meridian, one of the other main. The the other major themes of sort of medium that I talked about is the consistency of the message. The remember this is revealed during the early days of the Prophet and in Mecca. The message has just gone public, the Dow has gone public so it's a very key important

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strategic issue here is to point out how the message of Rasulullah ceylonese and the message of the Quran is something that is found

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consistently throughout all the teachings of all the prophets throughout throughout time, and here in Las panatela, makes mention of many prophets in the following passage. One other thing that I, that we need to take note of is in that first part of the suta. We also have a very strong emphasis on the iron supplication. Zachary is praying for a son, Miriam is praying to Allah subhanho wa Taala, to alleviate or to make it easier for her to live up to this great task. And we see a loves Rama, Allah's mercy coming to their aid, that Zachary has been blessed with a child that old age and medium has been chosen for this test. But when she turns to Allah with her with her concern, and her

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anxiety, a lot provide streams at our feet and fruits falling from the trees, a lot takes care of her. This shows us the power of the law, and how we need to be committed to making law and this is a key integral part of the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, a doula who under a bada do is application it is the core of worship itself. So now we see the consistency of the message of profits being mentioned.

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At the same time, I should also mention here that families also a very key important theme throughout the sutra, whether you're reading about Zakaria and yahaya and now yahia will be good to his parents are a sub no medium, being good to his mother medium. And now here you read there about the relationship between Ibrahim and his father so families another very key integral important theme here. What good Phil kitabi Maria Maya number 41 that mentioned in the book money excuse me What good Phil kitabi Ibrahim and remember or recall are mentioned in the book in the Quran, Ibrahim in the who ganas de panavia that most definitely he was extremely truthful a man of truth and

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embodiment of truth and he was a prophet if scholarly or be he remember the time when he said to his father Yeah, I bet he Oh my dear father, Lima taboo mala is marijuana you will see to what are you only on kashaya Why do you worship that which does not hear that which does not see and that which I cannot help you or aid you in any way shape or form?

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Yeah buddy. Oh my dear father in me father Johnny minute that most definitely it has come to me from some not some knowledge. Some knowledge has come to me

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Malaviya ticker

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that knowledge which has not come to you for to be any deca sir Ratan Surya so follow me listen to the advice I'm giving you I will guide you to the path that is extremely straight and that is very balanced and even Yeah, Bettina taboo the shape on oh dear father do not worship the shape on initiate on the gondola ride money I'll see ya that most definitely the shape on is extremely disobedient towards the most Abundantly Merciful man. Yeah, but he in the NMS cerca de manera de una ni*ani Willie and my dear father, most definitely I fear upon you or I fear for you that I fear that a punishment will grip you will come and touch you from man for takuna shape on every year and

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that at that time you will become a friend or a companion and ally of shape on Bala are all they will enter an early hottie Ebrahim the father responds and says that you are you do you have absolutely no desire Are you not comfortable with my deities? Oh Ebrahim Lambton shakeela are German Nicola junie Malia that if you do not stop the most definitely I will kill you I will stone you to death while his journey Malian. So get leave me for a very prolonged time. Basically separate from me. I have no desire to be with you. Carla cerametallic he Ibrahim Ali Salam responds and says May peace be upon you. So as self cannot be that I will I very soon I will seek forgiveness on your

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behalf from my lord from my master in Who can I be happy and that he has always been he has always been watching over me he has always taken care of me. When I tell you to come and I will leave you be I will separate myself from you. Well matter their own. I mean don't lie and though all those things that you worship aside from Allah, well as your own ob and I will worship my I will call out to my rob my Lord, I saw Allah akuna bidrar it'll be shocking, because I have full hope in the fact that I will not be unfortunate I will not be deprived by praying to my Lord by making to our to my Lord, for that matter who mama Yabu and I mean do Neela so then when he separated from them, and

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those things that they would worship aside from Allah, we'll have another who is harkaway aku we gift it to him is how can your boob well cool and Jana began and we made each and every single one of them a prophet, what will happen Allah Mira Medina, Allah, Allah whom lisanna Sudan Alia and we gifted to them from our mercy, and we made for them a very, very high noble mention amongst the people. I in number 51 begins in dimension a moose alehissalaam was good Phil kitabi Moosa and Rick

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In the Quran, the story of Musa in Ghana McCullough, sunhwa, Canada, Sudan, Libya, their most definitely he was chosen, selected. He was purified. Well, Canada, Sudan, Libya and he was a prophet, a messenger and the prophets. When are they now human journey with a man you are called Robin alguna Jia, and we called out to him from the from the very prestigious place from the very prestigious side of the mount of tool. And we brought him near to us as a confidant as somebody to speak to him privately. Well, I have an Allahu Mirage Medina and we gifted for him from our mercy, his brother Harun as a prophet with goodfield kitabi is married. And recall in the book in the

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Quran, the story of his marine in Ghana, Saudi Colorado, Canada, Sudan, Libya, the most definitely he was someone who lived up to his word, he fulfilled his promise, what kind of Rasulullah nebia and he was a prophet and a messenger. Well, kinda Yamato Allah who be Salatu was the catchy Wakanda endora Biggie Maria and he was he consistently commanded his family to stick to prayer and charity, and he was somebody who was very pleasing to his Lord, what fulfill kitabi Idris and also recall in the Quran, the story of Idris in the who can defend Libya, he was also a man an embodiment of truth and he was a prophet What are for now who mccannon Alia and we raised him to a very very lofty noble

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status law he can Latina and I'm allowed a human in the beginner min min booderee at Adam, that those are the ones whom Allah subhanaw taala showered his blessings upon from the profits from the progeny of Adam, where min min hamdulillah I knew him and also from those people who we carried along with knew what means God at the Ibrahima was thrown in and from the progeny of Ibrahim Misra, iacobelli Salam womenheart. Dana, what is the Bina and also from those who we had guided and those who we had selected, either to Talalay him Isaiah to Rahmani Haru sujeto mukhiya, that whenever the I our whenever the I out of a man would be recited upon them, they would fall down they would they

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would have no choice but to fall down into sujood frequently, and they would weep and cry before a las panatela frequently for California embody him California, however,

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a very bad or evil successors remained after them a bottle Salah they wasted the prayer they neglected the prayer. What about Shahada and they followed their desires, they followed the desires for silver yellow innovation, and very soon these people will meet a very wretched place in hell. And as I mentioned during the tafsir, that not only does that describe the wretched nature of that place, but it's also the name of a place based on the interpretation of the Sahaba to get on with the Allahu anhu. In lamentable I'm unaware Amina salejaw, except for those people who repent and they believe except for the one who repents and he believes and he did good deeds, Fola aka

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hallucinogen na,

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then those people they will enter the gardens of Paradise and they will not be oppressed even in the least bit or in any way shape or form. Gender the Argentinian Latino man or Eva who believed in the who gannawarra whom, to that these are guardians of eternity that they will that that were promised that there are among the most Abundantly Merciful has promised to his slaves believe even though they haven't seen this, he's promised them this in the unseen in the who can award to most definitely is promise is something that is coming, that it will come true that will be fulfilled. Like it's my own Effie her loved one in LA Salama, they will not here in general in Paradise, any

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type of noise, any type of disturbance. The only thing they will hear is Salomon, one of whom Briscoe movie her book rotten washing iya and exclusively reserved for them will be sustenance there in in July in Paradise, morning and evening go have feasts celebrations every morning and every evening till Cal Jenna to Latino luminary, babina man Karnataka, that is the agenda that we will give as inheritance we will allow from our slaves, some to inherit this man, Ghana tepee and those who are God fearing a God conscious. And then from here and I am number 64. This is the angels apologizing to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and consoling the prophets a lot. He said when you would wait for revelation to come during those very trying difficult early days, he would ask for revelation to be sent. So we see that in this previous passage it talks about that after the prophets and the messengers come and bring guidance. The onus is back on the people people have still got to make a choice they have to make a choice. You have people who made the wrong choice which were spoken about and you also have people who make the right choice and of course they there then in the promises made to them have been mentioned. Now here it talks about that. It is constellation to

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The profits all of a sudden, and also beginning from here will be a severe reprimand and refutation of the Michigan of McCann, the people who oppose the message of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and chose to believe or disbelieve in the life of the hereafter. Well monotonicity will be unreal because we cannot come down we cannot descend accept by means of the command from your Lord your Rob Laguna Dena Dena alpha Now, why am I being as Alec that for him alone only To Him belongs all that which is before us and all that which is behind us? Why am I being as alika and all that which is between all of that? Why am I accountable? Can I see you and your Lord is not not forgetful in the

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least bit so he hasn't forgotten you. He's still there. He's still looking out for you and taking care of you. What buscema watch, you will have the What am I being a homer, He is the Lord the Sustainer and the creator of all of the heavens and the earth and all that which is between the two far Buddha who so worship Him alone, whilst a bit leery by that he and be very firm, be very consistent, be fixed upon his worship has Buddha who Simeon Do you know anyone that is anything like Allah? Of course not. So why wouldn't you want a relationship with Allah? Where Oodle insano now Here begins the reputation in the rebuking of the people who did not believe in the hereafter. We

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have Guru insano in this human being he says, either Mr. medulla sofa or Roger Hagen that once I've died will I actually be brought back out living again alive again? When I left school in Santa Ana Hakuna hoomin kaaboo Welcome yakushi and doesn't the human being recall and remember that we created him before when am yakushi and when he was nothing he didn't even exist for up big, but by by your by your Lord? This is note that Allah takes of himself for what I'm big by your Lord, the next runner whom most definitely we will gather all of them together what shall be in and also the evildoers of mischief makers whether human or gin,

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Donna hola Johanna Maggie Thea and then we will make all of them we will present all of them around. Jana around Hellfire tied up standing there on their knees fallen upon their knees for melanin ziana then after some time, we will then extract from each and every single group in Galicia in from every group, a new home to other Romania whosoever was the most severe amongst them in disobedience to man in insolence and disrespect to the most Abundantly Merciful through multinational and mobile Latina whom Ola vlcd then Allah says that we know best who amongst them is most deserving of being entered and roasted within the fire. What a min Camilla worry to her. There is not a single one from amongst

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you except that he will be brought right up to the Hellfire he'll be brought right up to the boundary of the Hellfire gana da bica headsman maka Leah, this is something that your Lord has decreed and he has fixed and it will not be changed through manana Ji Latina taco now from euro however Allah says through manana Jin Latina taco then after that we will save those people who are God conscious whenever oh god You mean a big figure but we will leave the wrongdoers the bad people in the hell of fire tied up standing on their knees fallen upon their knees. were either to allow him to not be united. What was the reason? What was the cause? How did they end up here? When are I

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out would we that took him a year to not be united when our is when our signs would be very clearly recited upon them. Paula Latina cafaro Linda Deena Amato, those who have disbelieved would say to those who have believed a euphoria, tiny Hayden mahkamah idea which of the two groups is better in terms of social status, and which one is more excellent in terms of having powerful connections? Welcome, moluccana favela whom in coddling whom? A thought on what he Yeah. And Allah says, How many have we destroyed before them from different generations? Who are thoughts on what? They were even more superior or more better than these people in terms of what they own their possessions and in

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their appearances and their social status?

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Wouldn't man Ghana fit Bala latifolium de la hora de se or messenger that whosoever is immersed in misguidance finally hamdulillah Rama nomada it is appropriate for the most abundant the merciful to give him a huge extension hattah era Oh my you I do not in Malabo, MSR until they have finally seen that which they were promised. Whether that be punishment in this world or that be the coming of the hour of the day of judgment. For say Allah Muna men who are shovel Makana off agenda very soon they will all come to know who is actually worser in terms of position and status and who was weaker in terms of their support, way as either Allahu levena the Buddha is number 76. Allah says that Allah

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increases, Allah continues to increase those people who have followed

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guidance in guidance he increases them in guidance while back to solid habits and good deeds that are long lasting that are everlasting ever remaining. Hayden I interrupt because Robin will hate on naroda they are better near your Lord in terms of their reward and they are better in terms of the response are the consequences. And now here I am number 77. The law says at the cover of the ayah Tina.

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Have you seen the one who disbelieves in our eyes will follow that route again no matter what. And he says that most definitely I will be given money and children atolla alveda amin Takata anger Rahmani Anja, has he been able to peek into the unseen or has he taken some type of a contract or a covenant with with with the Abundantly Merciful without a man gala? Absolutely not select Kumar yaku one Amma doula who may not either be muda they're very soon we will write everything that he says and we will extend to them a huge extension within punishment however, why not he to whom I have Bulawayo Tina further and we will inherit all that he says all that he talks about, why do you not

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fall down and they and he will come to us alone all by himself? What the hell do men do in India he early hetalia kulula Marisa and they have taken a site from a law many many deities and false gods via guru level mariza. So that they can be a source of strength for them or a source of confidence for them. gala Absolutely not. This is a false notion. say if una ba ba de to him very soon they will completely disassociate those things that they worshipped, or those people that they worshipped. I got a question here from a couple of the students asking that if this is referring to in the previous ayah as Ali had done, and he had done then here it says Yuk funa which is the the

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masculine plural, and so that's a broken plural, and he had done So why didn't didn't say so tactful? Why is it the masculine plural, say acuna, this is something specifically other places in the Quran, you'll you'll see Alia to treat it as a singular feminine as a broken plural here very intentionally going against the grain going against the norm. It's being treated as a plural masculine to fit the context. Because remember, this is sort of medium. This is talking about a sub pneumonia. And so one of the greatest manifestations of a false a false deity or ship with a lot today in the world is the the Association of eSATA who said I'm as Jesus as the Son of God, and the

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deifying, Jesus eSATA his Salaam, and so it's brought here in the plural masculine, to symbolize that fact that they, whether we're talking about just idols like stone or wooden carved idols, those will obviously disassociate themselves. But even if, even if we're talking about our Hasani Sam, he will also disassociate himself from the worship that they did towards him. And of course, we talked about that and as mentioned at the end of pseudotumor, EDA, at length, say at furuno be a bother to him, where guru not 100 and they will be against them. They will be opponents against them. Now, here's the concluding passage of the sutra alum Tara Nasir, this is the consolation to the profits

00:33:18--> 00:33:30

allottee some concluding remarks. I'm Tara and Haven't you seen that most definitely. We are sending a shout out Lena that we have sent the sheriff Lena lol Katharina upon those upon the disbelievers

00:33:32--> 00:33:35

to rile them up and to incite them and excite them for

00:33:36--> 00:34:21

him. So do not rush in regards to them in the manner that we are keeping food track. We are counting very diligently everything that they do. And they say Yamanashi Tofino, Isla Romani was the day that we will gather all the good righteous, God fearing people, God conscious people, to our man, in delegations and in groups. When a super majority Mina, Ella Johanna will die. And we will take all the criminals and all the bad people who join them to the hell fire. We're done. Like as of animals being led to a watering hole, they'll be driven and there'll be taken and left at the gates of hell lagen lacuna shefa they will not own any type of intercession or recommendation in law, except

00:34:21--> 00:34:59

manita. During the Romani either whosoever has taken an oath or has an agreement with a man with the abundant the merciful will call who they had set it the other way other than that the most abundantly, merciful has taken a son lock a digit tomb shame and it Allah reprimands him directly and says that you people have said something very wildly inappropriate, something that is very, very atrocious that God was somehow to get of autonomy. What are the what are the values that the skies are close to ripping apart and raining down on you? The earth is closest bleeding, open and swallowing all of you with the headwinds you

00:35:00--> 00:35:15

bout to head out in the mountains are close to crashing down in devastation and just crushing you. Undoubtedly right man you wanted that How dare they call out for the abundant the merciful a child the attribute a child they claim a child for him. Well my young believe in rock money

00:35:17--> 00:35:22

and it is completely inappropriate for autorama the Abundantly Merciful that he would ever take a child

00:35:25--> 00:35:41

in kulu manifesta mawashi will lb Illa rush Mani Abba, there is no one in the heavens in the earth, except that he will come to the Abundantly Merciful in a state of complete servitude as an object as a slave, Lakota savunma.

00:35:42--> 00:36:18

They have been fully accounted for they've been fully rounded up and each and every single thing about them that they've done that they've said has been taken full account of well kulu home, de oma Yama, Tifa Baku Loma de MLK Amati further and each and every single one of them will will come to him on the day of judgment to arrive man will come to him on the Day of Resurrection further than individually individually be have to be made to stand before Allah individually in the Ludhiana amanu Aminu salahaddin This is the ultimate conclusion of the sutra that most definitely those people who believed and they did good righteous deeds say

00:36:20--> 00:36:29

most very soon the man the Abundantly Merciful will put will create love and affection towards them unconditionally and open ended

00:36:30--> 00:37:09

for in omega sub na who believes sonica lead to bashira Hill mustafina bottom zero became common Luda that most definitely we have simplified we have facilitated this onto your tongue. Lita bashira, begin with nothing so that you may give good news you may encourage, inspire and motivate the righteous people the God fearing a God conscious individuals we're doing there'll be a former Luda and that you may warn people that are extremely argumentative and confrontational will come election apabila whom in court? And how many from before them? Have we destroyed from generations held to his human human? I had it? Do we even perceive or recall anything about them even about one

00:37:09--> 00:37:47

of them anymore? Oh, this macro level exam? Or do you even hear a whisper the faintest noise from them anymore? Absolutely not. They became completely lost and a part of history. And that's all they remain. So this is a rundown of the entire suta is kind of allows, especially the more the students that maybe this was their first opportunity to kind of delve into in person in depth of fear that there can be kind of that feeling of kind of getting lost in the shuffle. Where do we start? Where do we end up, because every day is like an independent lesson, it's kind of difficult to tie it and string it all together. So this kind of allows the student to kind of see it all on one plate one

00:37:47--> 00:38:08

one slate, inshallah, now to kind of talk about some of the coherence of the sutra. And some of the observations that we can make here in terms of the sutra, the first thing that should be done and that needs to be done, and this was something that classical Mufasa would pay a lot of attention to doing. And that is tying together the beginning and the end of the surah.

00:38:10--> 00:38:15

So when we take a look at that over here, we see that at the end of the sutra, last panel retana mentioned

00:38:17--> 00:38:57

or rather, let's go to the beginning of the pseudo the beginning of the pseudo last panel telnet started by saying Vic rush Matthew Rob Becca, who zecharia the kuramathi Rebecca who's a Korea that this is a reminder or this is a recollection of the mercy of your Lord upon his slaves, I could hear the mercy of your Lord upon his sleeves are Korea. So you have mentioning of Allah subhanaw taala is mercy, very profound, very great mercy upon one of his select slaves, very selected slaves. The surah then consistently a note to keep in mind, the sutra then consistently goes on to talk about not just the It doesn't just mention the attribute of a lot that he is a rough man. But he continues

00:38:57--> 00:39:32

to mention Allah's mercy upon people from my from from yahia and how the type of Sunday yeah here will be medium and all the blessings Allah gave to her to make her comfortable during pregnancy as Ali Salaam and everything Allah blessed him with. And then Ibrahim Ali Salam Do you might say but that's not a blessing. That's not mercy. He has a difficult relationship with his father. What does Allah say? When his father disowned him? Why does he look home? And he says, okay, fine, I'll leave Allah says Well, we'll have an Allah who Mira Medina. Though however, last month, us as we blessed him, we gave him children and grandchildren, we give them an extended family we put profits in his

00:39:32--> 00:40:00

progeny. We blessed him his last mercy showered down upon money about it upon Ibrahim, you read about the mercy of Allah upon Musa and the other prophets and messengers of Allah. You read about the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon all the prophets and those people who follow the guidance woman man Hey, Dana, what's the Bina you read about the mercy upon the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this is Robin Allah mean but when Robin Allah mean speed so affectionately and give such consideration

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

And dedicates his column his word universal guidance to just consoling the prophets a lot. He said them to attending to the emotional needs of Rasulullah saw. So what a great display of Allah's mercy. I mean, this is the Quran This is universal guidance.

00:40:16--> 00:40:51

But to take time out of that to say, and we even seen the following sudo manzana illegal chronometers called Oh no, no, no, don't worry, this Quran is not gonna ruin your life is not gonna make your life difficult. SubhanAllah think about that, what a great manifestation of Allah's mercy, Allah would take our time Allah subhanaw taala would dedicate a decent part of his Kalam to just tending to the emotional needs of the Prophet and the messenger and his followers and people in general. This is a manifestation of Allah's mercy. The angels are made being made to apologize and excuse themselves to Mohammed Salah Listen, this is another manifestation of Allah's mercy. And then

00:40:52--> 00:41:30

finally, at the end, it emphasizes the Quran be to bashira Beagle mutata in this Quran has been given as a gift, a gift of guidance, and a tool and a resource to spread guidance to share guidance. And then finally, it culminates at the very end by mentioning the mercy of Allah so it started by very exclusively mentioning the mercy of Allah upon the selective slave selected slaves. Okay, yeah. And he said on it ends by mentioning the open ended Mercy of Allah, anyone that will believe anyone that will do good righteous deeds, Allah subhanho wa Taala will put unconditional unparalleled love in the hearts of humanity in all the creation of Allah for those people, open ended Mercy of Allah

00:41:30--> 00:41:42

started with very exclusive instance of Allah's mercy ends by mentioning a very, very open general extension of Allah subhanho wa Taala His mercy, this is a lot like where Allah subhanaw taala and sort of to Toba says Wasabi

00:41:44--> 00:42:20

Wasabi poonawalla those people who excelled who preceded and the people who are first in line may not Mahajan, ina will unsought from the mahadji Dean and the unsired you see, get aluminum burn more broad, and then unless is one levena terbaru, whom be sad, and whosoever will follow their example to the best of his ability. So you see a lot first is mentioning Jenna, a very special reward for the very early Sahaba. But then at the end, he leaves the door open for all of us guess what all of you can also qualify for this, that same gender, all of you can also work towards that same goal. And you can also receive that same blessing and mercy from Allah. Same thing instead of money. I'm

00:42:20--> 00:42:56

here. The beginning started by mentioning the favors of Allah upon selected slaves like Zachary like yeah, like Marian, like Isa, but by the end of the suit Allah says in the levina Armand Oh, well, I mean, oh, sorry, has anyone can receive these unbelievable enormous blessings and mercies of Allah, what are they simply have to do is show to Allah subhanho wa Taala they are interested in having a relationship with Him. And that is established through Eamon and I'm a lasagna. So this is kind of how the whole sutra ties together the beginning till the end. And then just a little bit of note, inshallah, I'm not sure when it will happen, but inshallah hopefully sooner than later. pseudo

00:42:56--> 00:43:28

Millennium was obviously something I was very passionate, I was very excited about that the fear of and I was just as excited if not a little bit more about the the fear of pseudo PA, I won't say too much otherwise, somebody might throw something at me at this point, but nevertheless, sort of thought is very, very powerful, very captivating. And so, inshallah, hopefully, we can move on to the Tafseer of sudo Taha sometime in the near future, and like all of our Tafseer inshallah, it will be something that will be open it'll be available to everyone to access and benefit from inshallah.

00:43:30--> 00:43:42

So I'll go ahead and just end on this note of how Allah subhanaw taala beautifully segues from the end of sort of medium to the beginning of sudo ta at the end of sort of muddy on the last panel it's Allah says about the Quran for in America Santa

00:43:43--> 00:43:58

Fe nama, your sub now we have facilitated it for you. We have facilitated the Quran mini sonica onto your tongue. Meaning we've made this very easy for you we've made this very practical for you We facilitated the Quran upon your tongue

00:44:00--> 00:44:15

and then Allah ny lead to bashira begin with Sakina bottom there'll be overload so that you can either give good news motivate people, or you can warn people who might be a bit difficult to deal with. But nevertheless we facilitated for you we made it very practical and easy for you.

00:44:16--> 00:44:53

And the last panel Rotella begins to the Baja by saying ma Anza now illegal Khurana liters car again addressing the messenger Salafi some saying oh Habib, oh Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we have not sent down mountains and article four and we have not sent down the Quran upon you. The Tasha man's Allah Allah Khurana Lita scar, so that you would be you would your life would become difficult. We have not sent down the Quran upon you so that your life would become difficult, so that you would find yourself in adversity so that you would end up becoming miserable. That's not why the Quran was sent to you. The Quran was sent down to you to enlighten you to to to facilitate

00:44:53--> 00:45:00

guidance for humanity to make you a role model for all of humanity to to to to not just make

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

make your life better, but to also exemplify your life, that's why the Quran was sent to you. So the Quran was sent down to you to make your life better not to make your life worse. And we see at the end of sort of medium, that's exactly the note that Allah subhanaw taala leaves on as well, saying that we have facilitated the pour onto you. And the next year says, this Quran has not been sent to you make your has not been sent to you to make your life difficult. Rather, it has been sent to you to make your life better. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the reality of his color. Allah subhanaw taala give us all the reality of everything we've talked about. And we've learned during

00:45:31--> 00:45:49

these last couple of weeks these last few weeks. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow us the most important thing at the end of the day, the most important thing, and we have a very, very, we have a varied audience here today with us. And I'd like to kind of address Koran, and the city of Khurana kind of across the board.

00:45:50--> 00:46:26

We have people who maybe this was the first time they truly got to participate firsthand in tafsir. We have people here who maybe don't even know how to read the Quran properly. we maybe have people here who don't know a lick of Arabic or grammar. And then we have people here who have dedicated, we have a few students, even within the the full time students, we have a few of them who this wasn't their first time setting Arabic they've at this point in time in their life, they've already dedicated a few years to studying Arabic. All right. And then we obviously have the students who took out an entire year of their life to study Arabic. We have students who took about a month of

00:46:26--> 00:47:11

their time to learn some Arabic. All right, it doesn't matter who we are and what level of studying the Quran that we're at. All right, the purpose and the goal and the objective always remains the same. And that is how can I practically start to become a better person. That's it. I like to oversimplify this part of the discussion. I like I always make sure I oversimplify the goal ultimately is to become a better person and the story done deal. It's not to know a lot. It's not to even we have a father here. I talked about this during his during the debates during that the sheer sort of money on memorizing the Quran, very noble deed. Is it the ultimate the end goal itself? No,

00:47:11--> 00:47:50

no, it's not not by any means. It is a means to the end. memorizing the Quran means to the end, learning how to recite means to the end, having beautiful imagery than recitation a means to the end. Knowing grammar inside out means to the end. belaga means to the end, the fear is a means to the end. The end is one simple thing become a better person. Now, of course we if we put that in the Islamic context, and we have that provided to us Subhan Allah that's why the surah ends with this in alladhina amanu Aminu, Sahni had believed in good deeds, that's the Islamic context. But if you've simplified it to the absolute basic level, just become a better person. That's all that matters. So

00:47:50--> 00:48:18

if I can quote, If I can read sort of muddy I'm in the middle of my sleep, I know I had memorized so I can read in my sleep. If I can read suta money. I'm in all the 10 different recitations. If I can read sort of medium with all the different comments, if I can grammatically dissect the entire sort of material, I can take it apart, I can do it on top of the entire suit of material. I can point out all the Bulava and Maria, I can give it the Sears dadas. That takes three months to complete about sort of material.

00:48:19--> 00:48:24

None of that matters. If I'm not a better person at the end of it. None of that matters.

00:48:26--> 00:48:30

That's the, you know, it's just like a figure of speech. That's the god honest truth.

00:48:31--> 00:48:37

That's the god honest truth. Because it's a tragedy. And this is the predicament of

00:48:39--> 00:48:56

the predicament of because again, we got those two, class two, definitely two classes of students here from both our full time program who also nearing the end of their program, who also need to hear this. And we even have the shorter duration students who came for the month during the summertime, and they're also at the end of their program.

00:48:57--> 00:49:09

In has a major test and trial. And that is sometimes you can become so self absorbed and has vanity to it. You can become vain through your and

00:49:11--> 00:49:21

that there's vanity out there in terms of appearance, what you wear and how you look. There's vanity about money and what you have and what you drive and what you own. There's but there's also a vanity in terms of what you know.

00:49:22--> 00:50:00

I know this and I know that and at the end of the day doesn't mean anything. In fact, that will be the biggest test and trial Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us some of the first few people called on the Day of Judgment, Allahu Sinhala, in front of all of the creation of Allah. Some of the first few individuals that will be brought three such individuals when duration tells us one of them will be somebody who had mastered the Koran, expert of the Quran, dedicated his life to the Quran, but not in terms of living it, but reading it, reciting it. And in the shadow, even though the Hadith says cariaco

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

On the shadow of the Hadeeth, the Maha detune, they mentioned that this also implicates the island bill for even the scholar of the Quran. So this isn't some like, you know, this isn't to only trash people who are concerned about beautiful recitation of the Quran. And somehow, you know, if we studied the grammar, we set it up here, then we're absolved of this somehow, no, not at all. Anyone who dedicated himself like committed himself to studying and learning the Koran. But then it did not go beyond these lips. It didn't go beyond this tongue. Whatever the Quran was, to him stayed right here on the tongue, in terms of a nice beautiful lecture of tafsir in terms of grammatical analysis

00:50:41--> 00:50:45

in terms of beautiful recitation, or in terms of reciting it within the prayer.

00:50:46--> 00:50:49

It just was right there. It never went past here to the heart,

00:50:51--> 00:50:54

and then never manifested within his life in a practical sense,

00:50:55--> 00:51:14

then that person before anybody else, will be dragged by his hair by his head. They're actually a trough of that Hadith. They're an extension of that Hadith mentioned other books in Asia were actually mentioned about him being dragged by his hair. He'll be dragged in this way, and he'll be flung headfirst face first into the firewall.

00:51:15--> 00:51:21

And this very stern warning, that's a scary thing to say. But that's the messengers, a lot of them just giving us a wake up call.

00:51:22--> 00:51:32

That no matter what capacity we're studying the person in the first question and the last question, you always got to ask yourself, have I become a better person through this?

00:51:33--> 00:51:37

Did this improve me? This this improved my life?

00:51:38--> 00:51:49

Did my eemaan become better? Did my relationship with the love become more profound? Do I find more sweetness in my prayer? Do I find more pleasure in speaking to align privacy legs equity added?

00:51:50--> 00:51:54

This has this increased me in my reliance in my Tilak kulana law like Miriam had,

00:51:56--> 00:52:08

has this given me a greater calling in a higher purpose in life like Isa and ebrahimian, all these messengers of Allah. Has this made me better in my relationship with my family like yeah, like he saw like you brought him like it's married.

00:52:10--> 00:52:28

Has this given me has this taught me how to conduct myself with people in a better way? Has this made me a more humble human being Kuril Superjet Anwar Bucheon, falling down in sujood, when they would hear the ayat of a rough man, they fall out the fall down and such and they cry before Allah, what do I do?

00:52:30--> 00:52:35

Do I write down a note that that'd be a nice thing to say in a lecture? Or does it first hit me at the heart.

00:52:36--> 00:52:39

And there's nothing wrong with sharing knowledge. In fact, that's why we do what we do.

00:52:41--> 00:52:49

That's why we do what we do so that people go on, and that they share this knowledge with other people. Absolutely. That's part of the goal. That's part of the motive.

00:52:50--> 00:53:13

But at the same time, this is what I explain to students that I have time to talk to you about this, whether it be in terms of teaching them how to give chutzpah or just in depth, like learning that the real way that you teach people and you preach to people, is that first you internalize it, and you feel it. And then you live it. And then when you preach and you talk to the people, you talk from the heart,

00:53:15--> 00:53:16

not a scripted speech.

00:53:17--> 00:53:21

scripted speeches don't change people's lives. Talking from the heart does.

00:53:22--> 00:53:35

Ibrahim spoke from his heart. You see sectarianism, praying from his heart. As Ali said, I'm speaking from the heart, but also Lhasa lattissima, speak from the heart. And that's basically what we need to strive to do.

00:53:37--> 00:54:12

So May Allah subhanaw taala, give us all the reality of his color. And inshallah, as I've mentioned earlier, and everybody kind of knows the drill, those people who kind of keep up with the recordings, and the material that's provided, inshallah, all of the fasciae have been recorded, all the doodles have been recorded audio, they've been recorded, inshallah, they'll be put out for everyone's benefit. So definitely, you can look forward to that as a resource, if you'd like that in sha Allah. And at the same time, in terms of continuing your chronic study, those people who might even the locals here, who we really, really appreciate for joining, not just providing the facility,

00:54:12--> 00:54:46

but then joining us every day, you know, they could have provided a facility and just said, Here, you go here to the keys, make sure you leave it like you find it, knock it off, as long as they come. that would that would have been, we would have been okay with that as well. But what's even nicer. What's even more pleasant is the simple fact that they came in, they joined us, they joined us, so they were there with us throughout the entire month, the entire journey. And we really, really appreciate them for joining us as well. And so some advice for them as well. Of course, in the students that are in both of the programs, you'll you know, most of you are familiar with a lot

00:54:46--> 00:54:58

of our other materials. And we'll be having more in depth conversations with you guys on how to continue your studies and how to keep on studying. But for maybe some of the local brothers and sisters who are joining us, how can you kind of continue forward

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

If you like this format of explanation of the Quran, if this is something that you feel that you respond to well that you understand, well, then inshallah we do have other recordings of other portions of the Quran, the entire 30 Jews is recorded, it's on our website, you can find it there, it's for free, use it, benefit from it spreaded Do what you like in sha Allah, on the 29th juices about almost halfway done. So that's definitely there. This Ramadan inshallah we'll be releasing soon at yacine as well in sha Allah, so you can look forward to that as well. And so these are the recordings that are available, you can definitely start there, but by no means and this is something

00:55:38--> 00:56:15

I spoke to our students about as well during the Arabic class. By no means do I or Does anyone else or any particular Institute or program, own the Quran or own the explanation of the Quran, there are much much more qualified people out there who are committing themselves to explaining and teaching the Quran open, keep an open mind, keep an open mind. Sure you might have benefited here we do have other materials that you can benefit from, but keep an open mind go on a journey of learning the Quran of benefiting from the message of the Quran and wherever you find it however you find it inshallah take from that day to take from that good and continue to grow continue to learn the book

00:56:15--> 00:56:23

of Allah and what exactly the book of Alaskan communicating to us. May Allah subhanaw taala give us all the ability to practice everything that was said and heard.