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The host of a light story introduces the importance of Islam for individuals to express themselves and share their views, as well as to save people from punishment and the world. They stress the need to be true Muslims to fulfill the duty of Islam, not just to increase the number of Muslims, but to show them the way of Islam is designed to the world. Sharing good to spread Islam is crucial for everyone, and sharing experiences to avoid confusion and chaos is crucial for sharing the whole society.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here, Bella cattle Welcome to your show, in the light of the Quran, today we have a new light. It's very important for Muslims, especially those who are concerned for the welfare of the Muslim Ummah, those who are concerned for the rest of humanity

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are concerned with conveying the message of Islam, to the people. We have a very beautiful surah it's a very beautiful story, but we won't get into the story because it's too long. But we will be talking about one of the conclusions that Allah put right at the end of the surah which is to call to the way of Allah subhanho wa Taala to give Dawa to Islam. This is a very important aspect of our lives. There's a lot of wisdom in it. There's a lot of light in it, because the people who call to Islam are the carriers of the light. They carry the slides and they give it to the people they spread it around in the world. And this was the description of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, we'll see how Allah tells him to speak about himself and about his way and about his message inshallah, at the end of surah, Yusuf the end of surah of Prophet Joseph peace be upon him. We will start with the visitation as usual and we will get inshallah, to the transition of the meanings and we'll try to get more wisdom and more light from it. inshallah, I hope that this light will be beneficial for all of us.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. Now. So today's light is so powerful, so wonderful and important into the life of the people who consider themselves dies, call us to the way of Allah. Now, so let us have all of it talks about the life of the Prophet Joseph peace be upon him. The trials he went through, he went through, and despite all the difficulties he faced in his life, or despite all the calamities he had to go through, he was always a color to the way of Allah He always called the people. Like when he was put into prison.

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There were two men who had visions in their sleep. They asked him about the visions, he told him about them, but before telling them about the interpretation of the dreams, he gave him advice. He said to them,

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I worship my lord alone, alone, I follow the way of the prophets who came before me. They said the things are the date is that you worship along with Allah. These are false, you created them, you made them, you invented them, and you make them associates to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then you give them the interpretation of the dreams, it shows that every Muslim is the man of the mission, and then of mission to convey the message of Islam, not just to increase the number of Muslims. It's not about

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Becoming greater a number. It's actually actually about saving the people from the Hellfire, saving the people from the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's about saving the people and showing them the way that leads to paradise sharing the good that we have with them. And this is a great obligation. And as we said, learned previously, when we talked about the privilege, Allah gave the Muslim Ummah, that it is the best nation ever raised for mankind, because they're enjoying the good and they forget the evil, it is leadership of humanity, that we are given as Muslims. So we should rise up to the level of this wonderful mission of this wonderful duty, on this wonderful position,

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and we should assume it, and be rightful, and have the right to assume it, and feel and feel it and meet the necessary conditions that it requires. This is the description of the believers. So this, this verse that I have just restarted are very important in when it comes to the reality of how we call to the weight of Allah, how to enjoin good and forbid evil. And as so many people understand some verses from the Quran the wrong way. Like for example, there is the first one a lot of power to Allah says.

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that, oh, you who believe.

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care about yourselves First, be concerned about yourself first, do not be harmed by those who go astray.

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Those who go straight, do not be harmed by them. If you keep yourself upon guidance. Now I'll be back from Allah be pleased with him when he was the Salif and the successor of the Prophet. He stood among the people and he gave him an advice. He said, Oh, people, there is a verse in the end, that you read and you recite, but you don't understand it correctly. reverses Yeah, you had levena am and Ronnie Coleman full circle.

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Oh, you believe be concerned with yourself first, do not be harmed by those who go astray if you keep yourself upon the guidance. He said, You read it and you don't understand it correctly, you take the wrong interpretation of it.

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So he said, I heard our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that people see the evil spreading among them, and they don't enjoy the good, they don't enjoy the good and they do not forbid the evil, then it is very eminent that Allah will send a punishment upon them, it is very likely that is soon the punishment will be for them.

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You see the importance of giving Dallas Some people say that people will not listen. So what our people will not benefit from what we say because they, they don't really want to hear that they don't want to accept what we say. But still do your duty,

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fulfill your obligation, give advice, enjoying the good, forbidden evil. So as the professor Selim said in this Hadith, that if you are the people of the evil becomes widespread, and we don't do anything to try to stop it, then it is very soon assigned that it is very likely that soon, the punishment will before before us. So this opens our eyes, this wisdom opens our eyes, and makes us see our reality in a different light. Those who are practicing who keep to themselves, and they don't give advice to others. And they don't strive to spread the word of Stan, even among the Muslims who are not practicing, they're not doing well. You have to spread the message of Stan, give

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advice, even if you are rejected, even if your call is rejected. And of course, keep giving good advice. Why? To protect the community, the whole society, to protect humanity from a punishment that will might befall all of them. And the mark is a story in the Quran, about the people who there was some righteous people among a lot of evil people, they were always giving advice. Some people said to them, why do you give advice because these people are not listening to you? They said because we want to free ourselves from the responsibility before Allah. You see how beautiful it is. And prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gives us a wonderful hurry. When he told us about a

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story from the generations or the nations that came before Islam.

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He said that

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evil and sins became very widespread among them very common. And there was some righteous people, but they did not enjoy the good of the evil. So Allah sent the angels of punishment to destroy that town. So the angels went and they wanted to destroy the town but they found a house where some believers were gathered together and they were doing righteousness they were worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. So the angels went back to Allah they said, Oh my How can we destroy this town when there are righteous people among them? A lot said start with these people. So the punishment with these people, why? Because they saw the evil. They saw the sense but they did not move to stop it,

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or enjoying the good of it the evil you see how important it is to enjoy the good and forbid the evil. That's our responsibility and we should do it.

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Full heartedly. And we should be proud to do it and happy to do it. Because it frees us from responsibility before Allah, and it is very likely that there will be people saved by us. So to share the good that we have, now this verse says, Allah says commands Prophet Muhammad saying, say, almost admit that this is my way. This is my way I called Allah, I call to the way of unlikable people, old people to the way of Allah, based upon knowledge, based upon certainty, based upon knowledge and certainty. So I know my religion, I learn it, then I call the people it's not that I get my religion from

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unreliable sources, then I start calling the people to it so I get weekly alterations week, how do I get wrong interpretations of the Quran and the Sunnah? And I say this is a scam. No, it's not the way the ways to get correct knowledge, authentic knowledge and spread it to the people this is the way of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then, so I call to Allah upon certainty upon guidance upon clear proofs, I and the ones who follow me. So you see, we we all should follow this way. If we are real followers of Prophet Mohammed below and it was a lamp, we should be fulfilling the same obligation and duty which is to convey the message of Islam. And this should be our

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responsibility and our the story of our life to spread the good, the goodness that we have spread it to everyone's credit to the people, and it should be based upon knowledge. And knowledge is very important in Islam, we should not convey knowledge to the people because knowledge is light, and the light that we can we get it where do we get it from? We get it from the ad, and we get it from this muscle this close to the way of a lot based upon this way. This is my way I put a lot based upon certainty and knowledge is good knowledge teacher ourselves, educated ourselves in our religion and the reality of this life and spread it to the people. And this is the wisdom of today. I asked a lot

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of parents and call upon him to help us fulfill this wonderful description and be part of it and be real followers of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam until we meet next time with another light with a beautiful light from the Quran. leave you in peace with salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.