Moutasem al-Hameedy – In The Light Of The Quran – 15

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The importance of testing and proving one's faith in Allah is highlighted, as it can lead to building confidence and faith in oneself. weak and false believers will be exposed, and trials are necessary to determine their faith. The need for people to strive hard to achieve their goals is emphasized, along with rewarding individuals for their actions. The new light from the Quran is discussed, and the upcoming warahmatull hadn't is mentioned.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of In the light of the pond. Today we have a new light that will try to take it from the plan and live by us and improve the quality of our faith for him and raise the level of our certainty about the reality of this life. Today's verses are taken from source of hunger Buddha surah of the spider and it gives us a lot of wisdoms, especially when it comes to the hard times that sometimes we go through the difficulties. It tells us the reality behind these tests behind these trials behind these hardships and it really strengthens us and makes us firm in the face of all the difficulties and the calamities that we face

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in our lives. We will start with reciting these few verses then we will talk about the wisdoms that they contain and we will try to take the light from the divine light from these verses

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Amina shame on me Bismillah hit

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me and if

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whatever this

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adini him for Allah Allah

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Allahu la Vina sada

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Malika DB um has he been mad morona se

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jolla La Nina

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where who was semi onlinee woman in

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NFC in a law hi levani

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me one levena man what

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he had to

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say to him, one on

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one well a slain

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son I'd be wanting to hear

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what he

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had to shake me man a Santa's chubby

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emoji oh come on a beat won't

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be mad

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men Oh on one levena

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middle slot he had a 901

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c nine me

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Hey, john. It's

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been a

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I've been

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wanting some more.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. Now these verses from discrete surah tell us the reality about the trials that we go through in our lives and tells us more about the reality of this life so we can have more light, more understanding about the world we live in. Allah says that do the people think that they will be left alone to say we believe we believe in Allah so many people will say we believe in Allah we believe in the last day Do they think that they will be left alone to say that without having to go through tests.

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So Allah is stating a very clear fact and this is a very important wisdom in our lives that sheds a lot of light on the experience that we go through the things or the trials the hardships that we have to face in this life. And that when we accept faith belief in Allah subhana wa jal it means that we will have to go through

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Because so many people claim belief. So many people claim to be real Muslims, dedicated Muslims. But the only way to verify that and make clear the reality of it, is to go through tests. So those who are sincere in their claim to follow to follow the weight of Allah, Allah and His Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was the way to verify

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the belief and the faith and the certainty of these people, is to put them through tests. So those who affirm will remain firm and strong and confident in their faith. And these are the truthful ones, whereas the lawyers who just claimed to be believers, the hypocrites, no soon these trials will reveal the reality of their faith, the reality of their hearts. So this is the wisdom behind trials. So whenever you go through a trial, it does not mean that this is the end of the world. On the contrary, it basically means that Allah is trying you, Allah is putting you in a test in order to see on the order to verify and show and reveal what is exactly in your heart. So this is the

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wisdom behind trial trials. And this is a very good news, which is very glad tiding actually, to the believers, you know, trials and trials come to you, that's a very good thing, because they will strengthen your faith, they will strengthen your belief, they will make you stronger and firmer, but as to the disbelievers as to the hypocrites as to the weak ones who are not sincere when they say we believe for those people, actually, what will happen to them is that the trials will reveal the reality of the house, and will expose their reality of the reality of the faith that they claim. So this is why trials are very important. And also on trials Comm. It shows the believers, the weak

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ones, or the fake ones, because we can tell once a trial comes. Now the weak ones, the liars, will be exposed, because they won't have the patience. They won't have the psychological energy and determination to carry on to remain upon the truth because they are not sincere. So they are not ready to bear and to stand the difficulties and hardships just because of a lie. But the true ones, the true believers, they have a lot of energy, a lot of support from Allah Subhana Allah so Allah says, people, do people think that they will be left alone to say we believe when they will, and they will not be tested, they will be definitely tested. And Allah says we have tested those who

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came before them. So Allah should make it clear who are the true believers and who are the fake ones and the false ones. So this is one of the wisdoms that we can take and the most important wisdom that we can take from these verses, then Allah says that,

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that who, whoever hopes for the meeting of Allah, whoever is looking forward, for the Day of Judgment, when they will meet Allah and the, the those who do rights will be rewarded will be compensated, those ones who make the Day of Judgment, in front of the eyes, wherever they go, they are always aware of it and about the reality of it, and that it is the end it is the natural sequel to this life. Now those people,

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Allah will increase them in their faith. And Allah is all healing and Allah is all knowing.

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So Allah is making clear that this promise of another day of judgment is sure to come, it will come. So those who are hoping for meeting last panel to add and returning to him, they will get the best end out of that date then illustrates a very important fact so many people when they strive for the wave Allah, they're so weak, soon they give up in the face of hardships, but Allah says, Who ever strives, then he only strives for himself. So the good that you do, the patients that you have, the perseverance that you display, it's all for you, it's all credit for you. Then Allah states clearly that Allah is not in need of his creation, Allah stands no need of anyone not does not need anyone

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shows that Allah. This is the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala. And the law does not need our striving and I want you had a lot does not need it. It's all for ourselves. It's all for our own benefit. So this is a very important facts that we should be aware of all the time as well. So this tells us about the reality of trials. So when you strive in the face of trials, you are doing good to yourself. And if you don't strive, if you are not firm, you will be the only loser a lot. This does not affect a lot of panel without as Allah is the Almighty. And Allah says, as to those who believe and do righteous deeds, then we shall forgive their sins, and we shall recompense them and

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pay them back according to the best of their deeds. You see, so when we strive when we are patient, in the face of calamities alone, it increases in email load from given lessons alone make us stronger than lower, prepare something better for us, then Allah turns our sites to some form of trials which is very difficult for those who

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wish to hold on to the rope of Allah Allah says, and we advise the man the instructed man, to be good to be kind to his parents or her parents, and listen to this trial. And if they strive, they try their best to make you associate partners along with a lot. And they try hard to take you away from the straight path, then do not obey them. But stay and be kind to them no matter what they do, but don't don't obey them when they command you with what is evil. You see this wonderful balance in our lives in the way we treat others, especially our parents, because of all the good things that they did for us, because of all the sacrifice they did. Be patient with them, do not obey them when

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they command you with what is evil, but take good care of them. Then Allah says those who do righteous deeds, we will make them among the righteous people and the people of Paradise, then a large is the description of some people who say claim to believe, but when they are tried when they have to go through a trial or hardship for the sake of Allah, they turn back on their heels. And for them, it's a great trial and they cannot be patient with it. It exposes the hearts whereas the when something good comes to the believers, they say we are among the believers because they want to get the benefits and the credits of this victory or this bounty from Allah subhanaw taala. So these are

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trials that people go through, and they reveal what exactly what is exactly in the hearts of the people. So now the trials are very important in our lives. A lot of times I made it clear that in so many verses anyone, when the calamity comes, anyone who is patient, and who is firm that Allah will guide his heart and Allah will reward for patience. Allah prepared immense reward for the patient ones. So let's be from the patient ones and understand the trials in this light that they strengthen us. They bring us closer to Allah and Allah wants to see our patients and our determination. Now for next time inshallah on me, me to give us talk about the new light from the Quran and new wisdom. I

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leave you in peace. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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