Abu Bakr Zoud – The Opening Dua Of The Prayer

Abu Bakr Zoud
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I'm hungry, learn a little bit Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he was, he was happy as you may

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or praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala made a peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant. And finally listen to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So follows My dear respected brothers in Islam

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will discuss a short Hadith related to a desire to list if they're

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so we're all familiar that one of the Sunnah of the prayers. One of the recommended acts of the prayers is that

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when the person stands for solid and he makes a decree, he enters a solid with Allahu Akbar.

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There is a moment in which you're supposed to see a.or Make a vicar before you begin to recite Surah Fatiha that there that moment there is called to at least if they're the opening for a solid

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and there are many iterations

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of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam concerning what to see during this time.

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And one of them. This is one of the famous

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of those Adalia is what abou Geraldo the Allahu Anhu narrated from the narration is found in Sahadi. In where he observed and realize that enemy SallAllahu aleyhi salam would remain silent, after attack Vir and before reading Solothurn Fatiha. So after the solid of that day, Ebola they are normal, considering who he is from among the Sahaba and his concern for seeking knowledge and his passion for that. He asked him to be so long while he was salam and said

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to me, our soul Allah is scattered to get being attacked, be the one to automate the whole. He said, My mother and my father sacrifice themselves why sacrifice them for you? What do you see? Between a tech veneer and solid and

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there's a scattered there's a there's a pause, a silence that we observe. What are you seeing at that moment? Funnily some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said in this particular Hadith,

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he said I say Allahumma Barrett they do have been a hit by a camera about the vein and machinic to another. Allah Humann opinium Anil hubba camera, you know, the thornbill abbiamo Mina Denis, Allahu Allah silly name in Hapa. Yeah, Bill met your third jewel bulb.

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This is the entire dua that he says this is Dwight, at least if there but it is very powerful. And it is very important. We need to memorize it. And most importantly, we need to understand what we see, when you understand that you're motivated to continue to say it, as opposed to the common and normal one that people only tend to always recite, and that is Subhanak. Allah We have Nick whatever, like a smoker or allergen took our ilk as the common one. But this is as important and as powerful. And there is it is shaping the attitude of a believer in terms of our relationship with sins and how it's supposed to be. So very quickly, we'll explain this, the good will explain this.

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And then upon us to memorize it. And most importantly, to continue understanding this liquor is it's made up of three parts. The first part you're seeing Allahumma there, they need what they in the hopper, a camera about the vein and machinery and modeling. That's the first one. The first part you're saying, Oh Allah, make a distance between me and sins. In the same manner, you have made a distance between the East and the West. And you know where the East is, and where the West is. And it takes the sun, any from when it rises from the east, all the way until it sits in the West. It's a very long time and a very long distance between the East and the West. This is our attitude

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towards since you're asking Allah azza wa jal to make a distance between you and sins, like the distance between the East and the West.

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And here,

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there is Benny Avena Hapa yay, can refer to two things. It can refer to the past sins that you have done. And it can also refer to the future sins that have been decreed for a person to do.

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Your attitude is to ask Allah azza wa jal and look at this is a dua in a solid So there you've stood.

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You've stood between the hands of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And you know, you are acknowledging at this moment, that the biggest obstacle and the barrier between you and Allah azza wa jal are the sins. So now you are begging Allah azza wa jal to remove the sins away, so that you can have a path to him is part of what Allah say asking to distance keeps me away. And just like it's impossible for the East, to get to the west, it's impossible for them to get together.

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Don't join me and my sin the future since I don't want anything to do with them. keep me away from them. And the past seems, also I don't want anything to do with them. Keep them distance away from me. And this is how the people's attitude would be on the day of judgment as well. Allah azza wa jal he said Yo Mitesh into Kowloon FC Miami let me hide him Ramallah when I mean that mean so they want to love and obey now Ebay you know, hammer them very that Allah azza wa jal said on the Day of Judgment, when the good is brought before the people and they see their good and then their bad when I mean admin, so the evil and the bad that a person did, when it is displayed before him, he would

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wish you would desire, low Anabaena hair or you know who other than binder, you would desire Have there been between him and he seems a very far distance other than binder a very far distance that no one wants to see, since

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the consequence of sins is horrible. The consequence of sins is evil. So the very first thing of this, you asking Allah azza wa jal to make a distance between you and sins, make them impossible that I ever reached them. very banal. Robina, Hebei as well would refer to make a distance between me and places of sins. Because on earth, there are places of worship. And there are also places of sins. There are places of corruption, places of sins, places where Zina is practiced, and humble is practiced at Reba is practiced and so for bearing keep you away from these places, the further away you are from a place of sin, the less likely you would fall into a sin. And how does a person

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distance himself from sins? And if this is what you're asking Allah in the very beginning of this, but then to answer the question, how does a person make this a reality? How do you make it a possibility that you keep away from sin and your distance from sin? Very simple, that you introduce good deeds in your life. Let me the one who is busy and occupied with doing righteous good deeds, doesn't have time for since then imagine now and then you plan out your week. Monday, we're fasting Thursday, we're fasting.

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In the mornings of every day, I sit down 20 minutes reading of goals.

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By then I engage in memorizing some plan, reading plan, imagine into your memorizing an hour a day, then we're revising some plan. But then being aware of Allah especially during the day being mindful of Allah azza wa jal during the day during the night attending and massaging to impossible. Attending the lessons when possible. And if you're if your schedule is filled like this, oh, where is where is the time to give me a sit? Murphy, there's no time. When Why do people come in sit? Because their life is emptied from righteous deeds. He hasn't filled it up with the good. Allah subhanho wa taala. When he praised the believers, he said we are the owner we say yeah till Hazara

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where the owner bissa Yeah, and Hassan the push away the bad with good when good and righteous deeds are involved in your life, that naturally an automatically pushes away the bad, there's no time for it. There's no energy for it, because you've exhausted yourself in the worship of Allah Azza very simple thing for what if a person Yanni has a desire and a temptation for sins? Perhaps look into your weekly schedule? What righteous deeds have you introduced in? Wala is we're just sitting on the basics on the very basic and follow along will humbly let you need to introduce more so that you're always in this powerful goodness and you make sure you keep away the bad from your life not fade and

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this is the idea of how to keep a distance between you and sins introduce goodness into your life.

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So the first part la madera had been you have been to Hawaii come about Davina and Michelle is going Marley. The second part Hola Hola, Mina pinnae Mina how baya can a you're not the film will be elbow minute Dennis. You're asking now Allah azza wa jal to clean you and to

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purify you, from your sins in the same manner. Clover white clover is cleansed from dirt,

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the second part of the DUA, now you're asking Allah azza wa jal to wipe away the sin, to wipe away the sin that has been recorded in your record and in your book, wipe it away, remove it. And if it's removed, that means you are not questioned about it on the Day of Judgment.

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So this is the second part. And we're asking Allah azza wa jal to purify and clean us from the sins in the same manner, white clothing is cleansed from the dirt that's on it. And why was this similarity mean?

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As though we're being taught, and this is the case, that the heart is white, just like white clothing, that's the heart.

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with every seam, it begins to get dirty. With every sin, this white hat begins to get dirty, and it continues to get black until the heart dies. If the heart dies, the sign of that is that a person cannot can no longer recognize the good for what it is, and he can no longer condemn the evil, the evil becomes good in his eye. And the good becomes something condemned in his life. If a person reaches that stage, his heart is completely back. It has died. As a result Allah Allah us Allah mentions. So here at the beginning of a solid, in the second part of this trial, we're making sure that our heart is always white, because if it's crystal clean and polished, the heart is alive. It

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loves what Allah loves. And it will hate and be displeased with anything that Allah subhanho wa Taala hates, the heart is still alive, it's in good condition.

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So that's the second part you're asking Allah azza wa jal to cleanse the sin, acknowledging that if my heart kept going in this state of black, black, black black dots on it, it's gonna die. All the inroads has the second part of the diet. And then the final and the third part, and it's very important, listen to this we concluding with it. We say Allahumma sin How are ya be met you are thrilled you will

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wash away my sins with water, snow and ice.

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Here are human Mala they say that the last part of the DUA is referring to the consequences of sins. Listen, pay attention.

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When you do a sin,

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the sin has a consequence. Allah azza wa jal, he says

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one that also I recommend mostly but infamy Mecca seven ad com, any calamity that strikes you is because of what your hands committed. Whatever sin you do, that leads to a consequence, there are some sins that can really cause depression. There are some sins that can really cause forgetfulness of knowledge, that's a consequence of a specific type of sin. There are sins that can cause a person to be humiliated among the people, like a sinner, a sinner. One of its consequences is that a person is humiliated among the people. There are sins that can cause a bone to be broken in your body. There are sins that can cause a loss of wealth. We don't know anything, you have no clue. But sins

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have consequences.

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So the second part of the DUA, you're asking Allah to wipe away the sin, not necessarily the consequence. The last part of the dry, you're asking Allah azza wa jal, alongside the removal of the sin itself, also wipe away its consequence. I don't want to suffer its consequence.

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And various could be the case that the seeking sin is forgiven, but the consequence remains with you. Allahu Allah, Allah that they missed while you're focused. And you're asking Allah, not only to remove the sin, but also whatever consequences was going to lead me to. If this kind of sin was going to result in a forgetfulness of knowledge, then oh, Allah, don't allow this calamity to happen, and bring back this knowledge that I would have forgotten. If I had the consequence of that sin,

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or walk away from me calamities and evils that would have harmed me and my wife and my family, had you not removed the consequence of the sin.

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So that's the last part

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Ask Allah azza wa jal to remove the consequence of the sin Allahumma sin, wash it, remove it, instill hope. I believe that you will tell you a bullet with water, snow and ice. Finally, Yeshua and it's never been Dr. Harrell Allah he says, Why was this mentioned water, snow and ice.

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He said, This is a reference to the fact that sins have heat to them. They have fire to them.

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And that's true then in the VSAM Allahu alayhi wa sallam in other Hadith, he said that a solid to fill hobby, cover up with metal now that the good the solid extinguishes the sin, the good the word extinguishes the sin. In the same manner water extinguishers fire sins have heat to them. When of use of Allah, why don't you sell them You said that you ordered data the moon fader so late to move all of us aletta from a data important data into an Aveda. So let's move on over salata until he mentioned overprints, he said, You're on fire, you're on fire. People are walking around, they're on fire. And when you pray a wall that sort of washes away the fire extinguishers, the state of fire in

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the scenes that you had committed between official DOD and then you burn once again and you continue to burn them when you pray Allah also it washes the sins that were committed between about one also. And so the idea is that you as a believer, your attitude towards sin should be the same attitude you will have. Had you seen actual fire on yourself. What would you do if you're so far out and yourself? You'd write you'd go crazy. You'd rush you got to find some water to turn it off.

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People that perhaps you've seen clips of people, petrol was only thrown on them and they were ignited, running around left and right trying to look for water. People coming, trying to turn him off this in the real world because he can see the fire. But in the spiritual. That's the attitude that is supposed to be with a believer concerning his since rush. Heck, there needs to be urgency to turn it off. There needs to be urgency to rush to the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal and repenting to Allah subhanho wa Taala for imagine this dua is if you're seeing it five times a day in your diet, that the Sunnah of course is to mix it around is about eight nine or 10 that have been

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narrated by an abyssal Allah Allah you know Salah script to go through them to understand what they are, and then to mix them around in your solo and and bring them in so that he can apply the Sunnah in your life. But this one is very important. Memorize it, memorize it. Really because if you don't memorize it, or don't make an effort to memorize it, yeah, and what is it? What are you going to memorize? Cos you're going to live your life until you die not coming near you sooner at all in your life. Sounds very scary.

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Make an effort and memorize and of course he this is a zoom that was speaking about the ruling doesn't nullify the prayer if a person did not recite it, but I know he said that. So know that the visa Mala Mala you know syndrome, Do not avoid. Get busy with a sunnah. You see now if you go you take some time to memorize it. And then to revise it. You engage in a righteous deed. You're not thinking of sins, sins are being turned away from you at the time these are a person continues to protect himself. Allah Allah ask Allah azza wa jal to grant us goodness and success in this life and enough that I've asked him Subhana Allah to accept Christ and to forgive our sins and shortcomings

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in the Hollywood Valley Godfather Ali Salam wa salam ala carte and Mohammed Ali he also IV

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