Ending Ramadhaan On a Positive Note

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The American policy Medallia is essential for people to be mindful of its implementation, as it is crucial for everyone to have a healthy life. The challenges of the new Islamist regulations and the need for people to have a strong faith in Islam are emphasized. Fear and acceptance of deeds are also emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to have a healthy life. A man named Jesus Tala talks about his experiences with the incident of his death and how he eventually found himself in a cage, while also discussing acceptance of slim slim woman and a woman in Ghana who was killed by a police officer.

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he

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was salat wa salam ala Mala via bada Amara dewfall the village administrator on Virginia Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim

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in Allah Allah U zo. l Mazzini. And what Colin Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. El Emad obey in El Hove he was Raja oh come after them. The bu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah, Allah colloquialism. My dear respected elders and brothers.

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We have come to the last Friday of this Ramadan and there is a general consensus that Hamdulillah this Ramadan has been a most wonderful Ramadan. One in which people turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala and we make dua that Allah subhanahu wa taala accept the efforts and the struggle and the budget of the Ummah Inshallah, one or two small, pertinent points for the end of Ramadan. One is just a reminder with regard to the importance of Sardar Patel fitter. Nebia Kareem sallahu alayhi wa sallam has greatly emphasized the giving of the cattle fitter or set up a tool fitter. And in a hadith Maria Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam had said that set up a tool to use to Harun Lucia

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minilogue, we were referred to Mr. Tolin massaging that sadaqa tool fetal is a means of eradicating the first from all types of inappropriate statements or actions that were done during the fast. So sericata filter has a two fold objective. One is that it purifies your fast from all types of inappropriate talks and actions that were done during the fasting. And the second objective is not too little Moroccan that for the poor people, you give them something that will be a means of happiness for them on the day of eating. So yeah, it's very important that we keep in mind these aspects at American policy Medallia was set up to fit turkey or the idea that it's a PacMan setup

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that will fit or tamper for us first Yaga Taki is said to Mara Rosa, CO in LA bateau are gonna say Pakia Jaya, or Jo to say Rosa Duran sir rezidor We hope or year Haribo, Kalia, Creed kid in Caracas, Amana. So, this is a very important point that we have to keep in mind. And one some Allama have also made mention that the fast remains suspended between the heavens and earth until set up a tool fitter is giving given. So this is one important aspect that we have to complete. The other thing is that towards the end of anything, when we come towards the end of any point, you know, there is a natural,

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you know, a certain degree of complete complacency that comes in. Now we see, you know, previously we used to make the hottest on the 27th night. So on the 27th night when you made the cut and then asked to nice people used to be so complacent that they used to have you know, big big parties etc. So there is a tendency that when we come towards the end of something, sometimes they could be a situation of complacency. This is not the time for complacency. These last one or two days, you know two or three days, whatever days there is, according to the moon will see the moon whenever it is supposed to be seen. You know. And we normally tell the people follow the old AMA and follow the

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authorities were for 30 years have been given you stability in your eat in your Ramadan for 30 years, we never had any controversy in South Africa about the mood

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all of a sudden this controversy because of the new organizations that have come up. So why don't we stick to the tried and trusted will Amma who for 30 years that there have been no controversy. So keep in mind there is a certain time that you follow authority or to Allah wa to remain calm or follow Allah and there are soul and the people who are in authority with regard to a matter. So that is whenever it comes. But the last two, three days don't become complacent. You will find in a race, right? Maybe not good to compare people to the animals but you see in a horse in a race, you will find that towards the end of the race. You know the horse will run more faster. So it will gallop at

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a particular pace throughout the race. And as it coming towards the finishing line. It will start racing even further so that it finishes strongly. Maybe he can retire. Even if the human Josie Rahmatullah Eliot said, Do not be less intelligent

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Then a horse. The horse runs faster towards the end of the race. You also do the same thing. You also see that you don't you don't slow down. Now is the time for you to exert more effort. Because we know the hadith of our beloved maybe a Kareem saw Salam in nama labourer to build our team. Maybe a Kareem Salah is celebrated. Actions are judged by the end. It should not be that in the beginning, we were we were we were making Ibaadat we were careful, we were cautious and now we come to the end we become complicit in our labor to build our team. Allah subhanho wa Taala judge actions by the end results, but the how you end something that is the way Allah subhanaw taala judge will judge our

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actions. Then the third thing which I would like to you know, emphasize upon this it comes from the hadith of our beloved Maria Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam or Jana your artery, your chant Dino Dino man, I'm so steep or chi Hill is a bunch Natalia it me Josie fermata Kitab macabre Mia Dorothea Walla Gora, the Shania Manziel Tea Tree pornstar hair to acne Koshi Shaco mozzie Berhad hum Absa Karna Chai.

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Then an important point is the acronym SOS limited and the man who banal Hope You are Raja. Eman is suspended and is between fear and hope. Our whole life is supposed to be between fear of Allah Tala and hoping ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We should never be in any way, become so fearful of Allah, that we forget the mercy of Almighty Allah and neither should we so become so complicit and so that Allah is the fool around him that we forget that Allah Allah can extract retribution and Allah Tala can give other in other verb BE him Ray room or moon. The believer never ever feels himself safe from the idea of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala in in a hadith, maybe a Karim Salah while he was celibate,

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said Sahih Muslim. If a believer knows the severity of Allah's punishment,

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at the logon could potentially potentially lead

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to quick Jannetty.

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If people know the adab of Almighty Allah, no one will wish for gender and when Allah and if it if people know the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala no one will lose hope of attaining agenda.

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If people know that no one will wish and no one will have hope in attaining Jannah. But if people know the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala no one will lose hope in attaining the mercy of Almighty Allah and He will feel genetics necessary Allah will give me so now the thing is, how do we have the equal measure of fear and hope? That is that is a challenge will Am I have written when you are healthy, and when you are young, you are supposed to have more fearful

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and when you are now becoming old, and you are now coming towards the end of your life, especially towards the last moment of your life, then you must have more hope in Allah's mercy, maybe a cream sauce in the meta Sahadi once he was on his last moments of his life, how do you find yourself? How do you find yourself at this time you about to leave this world? So he said, Yeah, yeah Rasulullah I'm afraid of my guna and my sons, but I wish for Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. I have hope in Allah's mercy. So nobody Akademiska alone Islam said, Allah will protect you from your fear.

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And Allah will give you what you hope.

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This is how we are supposed and why do we fear? Sometimes you see why do we fear in Ramadan we kept rose up, there were certain degree of effort that is made. So why do we fear the thing is, there is no guarantee with regard to acceptance of deeds. Sometimes you do a deed, but there is no acceptance. What am I have written for acceptance of death there are two things required carmeliet and Pouliot. carmeliet means you have to do your deeds in the most excellent manner.

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And it means that we have to Allah must accept, I believe it is in our hands. It is not in our hands. To do the deed to the proper way is our responsibility. Keep the first properly read your Salah properly concentrate in solid

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fee Satyam has shown successful other believer believers who concentrate in numbers that is Cavalier, that you are doing your deed in a proper manner. Capulet is not in our hands. Capulet is in the prerogative of Allah. Allah if he accepts he accepts. If he doesn't accept he rejects. We don't know because sometimes a person can do good deeds and Allah Tala can accept and sometimes he can do good deeds and Allah Tala can reject. Allah has his own criteria.

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Maybe a kid himself selamat said in a hadith sometimes a person's does so much good deeds this one spent between him and Jana. Allah Tala withdraws Tofik Allah Tala withdraws Hidayat, and he does the deeds of the people of Jana and Allah take him away. I'm a chai tea ask him for for Raja Allah Tanaka wholesale petani Allah Tala

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lickin Allah Tala, Amit Bo, don't okay the remian hamara. You wanna Chai Eman? scoff or Raja or Amit determine Jana. Sometimes the is the situation have to live in the Masuda the allow tunnel under the is intact millou commercial vehicle in the nine super of the Holy Quran, Allah Tala has made mention of the incident of Balaam been by aura

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Bani Israel innate admitted teen so assault upon anybody for 300 years he made about it. He never left his masala for 300 years, Allah Tala made arrangement for his food and his drinks and for his water and then he got involved in a fitna. He got involved in the guna incident. And Allah Tala took away all his Ibadan and Allah Tala called him a dog. Something that is equivalent to a dog and he died on woofer after 300 years of he bought it

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IBLEES made so much he bought it. They said that the entire Earth is no place on this earth, the cheetah and didn't make it. Like him today he is accursed. We don't know sometimes it can happen like us, his man cameraman sometimes the deed seems good from the outside, but there is no acceptance. You know in the in one of the battles in the time of our beloved movie saw slim there was a person by the name of his man.

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So Imam Bukhari Rahmatullah Lee has written in his Buhari and he is entitled The chapter BB law you call for an Shaheed don't call someone a Shaheed 100% Until you know his intention to India. He's got the incident of this man. His man was very brave in one of the battles so someone came to Libya, Kareem saw Selim, you have a Salah today no one was more braver than his man in the better.

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This man man battery because he had him occupied to screen maybe a crimson and kappa side, take his money, but he declined to maybe a cream sauce them said his mom, his mom to Jana, man,

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maybe the cutting sauce and I'm saying his man is in Jannah.

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So the person was shocked. So he went looking for his money. So he found his man on the last stages of his life. He couldn't bear, you know, so he had become wounded, and he couldn't bear it. And he tried to tell him that you know, you were so brave for the sake of Almighty Allah. He said, Since when did I fight for Allah I fought to show how brave my tribe was. I fought to show how brave my tribe was. And Allah subhanho wa Taala because of that rejected estates, and he became amongst the inmates of the fire of Janome. So we don't know why, you know, is, you know, I'm an awkward mirror for Kinderman on a chair here. So on one hand, we have the situation that sometimes we can have all

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of that, but we don't know whether we will be accepted or not. The example of Ibrahim Alayhi salat wa salam is very amazing. Can be Mr. Stone I sometimes think if anyone you know together with Melissa Allah when he was salam, who could have ever told Allah Who could have demanded from Almighty Allah.

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Pankaj Rana wa Metallica, Kanika kisi Cooper's Hawk hotel Tony Bramley Salatu was Salam capacitor, that He Allah, you have to accept my deeds. You told me to leave my you told me to leave my homeland. I did so you don't need to leave my wife and children in the desert. I did. So you told me to slaughter my one son. I didn't show you Allah surely you must accept. But even Ibrahim alayhi salam after all of this experts is pleading.

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When I plead with you to accept from me in under Samuel Aleem was to Elena and forgive my shortcomings, if anyone could have said your Allah in the in the IET in the Holy Quran, Allah Allah says if God Allah who have a slim

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Oh Ibrahim submit

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who Ebro him submit so sometimes you think you Prime Minister um could have answered and said yeah, Allah you what what submission you asking from me? You told me to leave my home and I did. So you told me to leave my wife and children in the desert. I did so and you told me that I must not have my one and only Son I did. So what submission are you asking from me? But what did you buy? Marissa RAM said in her letter I told him submit. He said as he told me, I submit to the Lord.

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I submit that is our situation. We submit. We don't have any guarantee but we submit but I may or may

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Up to here, we also got to meet we also got that we have the right to be you know, having some form of hope at the mercy of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah subhanho wa Taala accept. Why would Allah Allah accept we open our accept, there is no guarantee under the ayat in Allah Allah Udyog mustard in which I read, Allah Tala will never allow anyone's effort to go to waste. Another lucky city magnet Casaya Nicaragua

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say Muslim carry waiata say Muslim carry wired that we all know abou the hub is Janome Tibet yada I really happy What up ma Havana and Omalu America. Allah Allah says he's going to Ghana, but in Sahih Muslim there is a word that on the time of the occasion of the birth of Nabil Karim Salah while he was salam, Abu Lahab freed the slave woman who came to give him the news of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his birth.

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So on that happiness, it is said that every week in Jahannam, Abu Lahab will be given liquor but ml today

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Abu Lahab will be given money to drink the one who is in your hand man because he showed it happiness on the occasion of the birth of Nabil Karim sellouts. So we have amid we have hope that

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if you could give this to a

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we have tried it we have struggled with in the time of Ramadan. Our children upon whom fasting was not compulsory, they keep us elderly people. Doctors told them, we don't have too fast. They said we have been fasting for so many years we'll continue fasting. So we have openness and what Allah will accept and Allah Tala will make it a means of our forgiveness. She accepted amatola Ali's very interesting and a very, very sometimes I think young, you know we did you ever see anywhere in the world. Someone will stand for hours and listening to something he doesn't understand.

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Have you ever seen someone standing for 20 records? Most of us don't understand the Quran. How many

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of us

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who think Allah would take this into account? The people are steady. They don't know what they listen to. They don't understand. But they stay out of the fear of Almighty Allah. Allah Almighty Allah. She excited. creative work. He reports in metabo Shanaya or her Salma Sonata kitchen chef Saudi Rahmatullah Ali made mention of a very pious person. And this pious person used to make the 100 namaz tea salsa with the Hadoop bacteria or acid made whenever T cell Keba did when he was making Wazoo for instance, you know, I was the emcee I was I, he asked me to name you know, for 30 years and that didn't accept your tattoo because you didn't have the proper sincerity. You didn't

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have the proper method. And Allah didn't accept your tattoos so you continue making visual and you continue reading ties with the next day while making tattooed. He had the same voice

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and he continued he didn't listen to the voice. He made Mizzou animated. The third day he had the same voice wraps ours capita her name

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as Rajiv if for 30 years Allah Tala didn't accept your good deeds.

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Why are you wasting your time going sleep

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Go and sleep Allah Quran except Upwork come

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to he said an amazing thing. He said show me another door to go to other than the door of Almighty Allah.

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Allah Tala kid there was a kid in our old quitter was able to but how can you

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check me to I'm gonna continue until one day Allah Allah accepts

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and what am I saying continue knocking on the door of Almighty Allah insha Allah one day Allah will open up so we continue doing good deeds. So then chef Sadie Rama Talalay, impatient said cumulus agora Jae Hoon are a nice 30k Jews Mark panna digger nested Allah Tala then the voice came and said don't you buy that was not correct. But today the statement of yours that there is no other door for us to turn to other than the door of Almighty Allah and we will continue making you buy that no matter which way but it is. Because of the statement Allah Tala accepted to 30 years of Ibadan

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Imam Gela lutein Rumi Rahmatullah li Capto Imam Jalaluddin Rumi Rahmatullah AK bought a Jima Sharia in Persia. And Allah Allah has given me the opportunity to go to his McConkey in Konya in Turkey, and on the door on the murder of his MACOM on the door of the macam of Imam De La Rue de Lumira. Abdullah Ali are these poems buzzer buzzer Ha, rochestie.

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a Steve

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he dumb guy an MMA guy and now more not will meanest set bar Toba sacristy bizarre turn towards Almighty

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turn towards Almighty come to the door of Almighty Allah. If you have committed Kufa you have committed share you have committed gonna still come to the door of Almighty Allah. This is a door which is very vast. It accommodates everyone. It does not accommodate despondency either Gaia mother Gaia and now meatiness set Barger toe Basha Christy, you broke your Toba 100 times come again to this door this door is still open this door is open even after breaking your job 110 Doesn't mean you must break but if perchance you break it you still come. So on this particular note we try to end with with a positive message that inshallah Allah we don't have guarantee but you said

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Inshallah, Allah you accept, make this the means of our reformation. Make them with us the means of our forgiveness. Make this the means of the changing of our life. Make this the means of the goodness for our community, in this country and everywhere else.