How to Benefit Your Parents After They Have Passed Away

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You know, on the Day of Judgment, they will be a person,

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this person will come on the day of judgment. And he may not be such a great believer, you know, normal kind of believer, but he will have all these actions, a huge list of actions. And he will say to Allah, He will say, well, Allah, I didn't do all these actions, where did all these actions come from?

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The forests, Allah Salam said, that he will be told that your children after you died, did he stay far for you? And because of the spill far for you, Allah elevated your stages.

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So for those whose parents have passed away, you want your parents on the Day of Judgment,

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to have good access, maybe we didn't fulfill the rights of our parents, nobody can really fulfill the rights of their parents. Nobody can.

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In the time of Romana he was doing to off around the Kaaba, and this man came and he's carrying his mother on his back. And he came all the way from Yemen. And he said to him, neuroma, he said, Oh, and Omar.

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I carried my mother all the way from Yemen to do Hajj.

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And as you can see, I am doing twofer around the Kaaba with her on my back.

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Have I fulfilled her right?

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Have I fulfilled the right? Emir Amara, the Allah and who said, you know that one, ah, that one pain, one scream, one she was going through labor, you haven't even fulfill that.

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So do his thing far. For your parents. For the day of judgment, your parents will come and they will say, we get all these actions come from

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and they will say your son, your child did is they far for you? Libre sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a person when he dies, he leaves three things behind him. So the car Jharia in which people benefit from Walden Salia Tula who and a pious child and that pious child, what does that pious child do? That pious child makes dua for the parents

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that make dua for the parents Allah haze that dwarf.

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Allah eases and elevates the status. You give some the card jolly on behalf of your parents and your parents receive it.

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Subhan Allah