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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim o salat wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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I began the course with young or energy. And then I wanted you to have the impression that not all young girls are born great and pure and nice. So I had to talk about U turn.

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Now, the logical consequence of a U turn is then to begin to develop yourself, and to begin to accumulate the resources that will maintain this progressive change. Hence, the third title, which I called Connect,

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you need to connect with Allah. I'm going to show you examples of women that connected with Allah. Okay, so this is now introducing the title.

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I had tremendous struggle to include or exclude this theme.

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Not because I don't believe in its importance, in fact, I feel and I am certain that some of you find it the most attractive theme,

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a bada closeness to Allah, spiritualism, prayer, fasting, etc. and I respect that I respect that you leaving in the West, you need

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to recharge yourself, you need to fuel yourself. And this is a legitimate, whether you are in the west or in the east, but I'm saying more in the West. So I respect that. But I was worried of ending up giving you examples of people who connected with Allah in a mystical way.

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And then we ended up talking about individual experiences between a woman and her Lord,

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which is legitimate and respectable, but as far as men and as far as society, and as far as children. And as far as community is concerned, no one will benefit from that individual relationship, unless you reflect the outcome and the product of this connection to society. Let me tell you, then, the paradigms that I have constructed in order to discuss this theme, which in fact, I have decided to put last minute because I had other themes.

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A theme such as creativity. And I came across examples. In fact, you know, some of the examples.

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And because I'm talking about creativity now, when on selama suggested that the Sahaba if they wanted to shave their head that also sell them should do it isn't this creative thinking when a smurf wants to deliver the food to Abu Bakar and also sell them in the cave. And then she has one piece of cloth, and then she makes it and tears it into two pieces, one to put it around her waist and the other to put the food isn't this creativity. So we have loads of examples of creativity. This woman also name that her son passed away.

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And she didn't want to inform her husband. And she wanted to choose the context. She made herself beautiful and attractive. And after they had their husband wife relation, she told her isn't this creativity. And he says to her, we have a guest and we are extremely poor, and also seldom asked me to accommodate this guest but we don't have any food except the food for the children. She said don't worry, I will make the children go to bed early. I will close the light you imitate as if you are eating and produce some sound to show that we are eating while in reality there is only enough food for him the guests to eat isn't this creativity.

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This defies the logic that some male have that women cannot think.

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laughed a little but then I loved even more when I saw this actor in this as good as it gets. jack nicholson. He's a novel writer and he writes about women etc. And women loved him. While he had psychological problems. He was basically rude. And he saw a woman in the lift. And when she saw him she was fascinated. Oh, you are this novelist. How on earth do you write on women like that?

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That you said to her well,

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it's simple. I think about a man. But without accountability and responsibility, and that's how I write about women.

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So a women equals man minus accountability and responsibility. But creativity here tells me that woman equals unknown plus creativity.

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Sorry, we are talking about humans. And when we talk about men, I will say the opposite the AI will change the equation.

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this is creativity. But then I said, No, people want to know stories about great spiritual women, because it's the West and we are lacking spirit. So I said, Okay, fine, I will do that, but on my conditions, and on my paradigms, now, these are my five paradigms.

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One, no woman could enjoy a peaceful relation with herself without a positive connection with the creator of this self. And this is a common sense statement to

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proper worship is a manifestation of this connection. This is just to say that we are not after any form of connection, we are after a Sunni Salafi connection, we don't want a connection with Buddha. Okay, so this is just a precautionary paradigm. Number two, a proper worship is a manifestation of this connection. Three, a strong connection with Allah should and this is my most important paradigm. Now.

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A strong connection with Allah should not disengage one, from her responsibilities to society.

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being closer to Allah does not make me a mystic, being closer to Allah does not make me selfish. being closer to Allah does not make me look at society in a condescending way, and that to help to this society, as long as I am safe.

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So the more you connect to Allah, the more you care for society, the more you become closer to Allah, you begin to be responsible as a mother, as a wife, etc. So this is number three, for the one with the closer bond to Allah is the one who is of greater benefit to society.

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How you can Lynas and follow Him willingness,

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the best among you is that who is of greater benefit to society. Number five, and I had to mention this mystic women personalities, or let me spell it out and say, Sufi women, personalities that have existed in history. And indeed they did. And the great, great, great respectable character, Robbie, either we did exist, and she was not a myth.

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And she is greatly respected.

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And now I'm not going to talk about her.

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Because I've chose my paradigms. And she does not fit into that paradigm.

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mystic women personalities who disengaged themselves from society, for example, choose not to marry

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or to stay at home

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all of the time,

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fast every day, etc. Were a rarity, were a minority. And they chose this path for reasons related to specific conditions of their time. And that I don't have to replicate these conditions in my time. These are the paradigms that go under the title Connect.

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Okay, now, who serves therefore, these paradigms?

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The first woman that serves that paradigm is our Isha, or the allow the wife of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And what is fascinating about Sharia law is that she knows that she's going to go to heaven

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is that she knows that by default of becoming the wife of the Prophet, no wife will go to hellfire.

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Yet she behaves in such a way as if she doesn't know. And this is what is fascinating. It's the opposite of other people's attitude, the don't know what the hell with where they are going and say I am saved Hallelujah, I'm going to gender. It's a contrasting

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attitude and approach to Allah as mercy and Allah is indeed mercy full, but he is also just so I shall do it. What does she do? That is amazing.

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She is closely connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The first thing that she does, whenever you see her after the death of Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah, particularly when she grew up, and she came closer to dying, she would cry out of the fear of Allah.

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And when I read this story that she cries

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because of the fear of Allah, I say to myself, if I was there, watching her and had access to her, I would say, Why are you crying?

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If Allah said and gibreel conveyed the Salah of Allah on you, one day, Jubilee said, Who is this? And also Salim said this is Ayesha says give her my son, who's who sings? If you say to me, by the way, shift so so good. Oh, Mashallah. By the way Allah gives. He said,

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it's amazing. Yet that women teenager 18 years can bear the burden of such an use because she is so mature. If I had access to her, I would say to her, why are you crying?

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Why are you feeling Allah? I imagine. And sometimes,

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because actually, she asked the same question to our Salah moon, she saw him praying all the night and his feet swelling. And she says to him, she asked the same question that I'm asking to her now. She says, I asked the same question to also sell him and you know what he said to me? I felt akuna abdon Shakira, shouldn't I be a grateful servant. So all you think that it's surprising to see me crying? Shouldn't I be a thankful woman server?

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But it's not just about being thankful. She had that genuine fear of Allah subhanaw taala you know, because she knows a lot of everyone.

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She knows Allah very well. And when you know Allah very well, you are bound to cry.

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otowa is the one who said I've never seen such an eloquent and I've never seen someone who is exalted in medicine said odawa he narrates another story that is applicable here. In the Connect theme. He says, One day I went and entered into the house of Ayesha, he's related. I think she is his collar or

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so he can go to her. He said, I went to visit Ayesha and I saw her

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Karima she was standing,

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reading and crying, famine, Allahu Allah subhana wa Kannada some Allah saved us from hellfire. And she was making to her and crying.

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Usually people cry when they've committed a sin, but she's crying full stop.

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Then he says, and then I stood waiting for her to finish. But she did not finish. She took a long time. So I went to the market. And I said, by that time she will be done. I went to the market did my shopping, came back and she was reading the same verse and continuing to cry.

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Imagine you see your mother

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and then

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she's praying and then you take the tube. You go to Sainsbury's, you stay there for an hour you do your shopping and you come back and you come and you see your mother not prostrating knows he's still standing, reading the same verse, this was Asha.

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And don't witness again the same man. He would say kind of kathira to see.

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She used to fast a lot Okay. Now this is connection with Allah, where is society? Bear in mind all the women that I will be introducing to you I will be dividing them into two stages. Allah society, connecting with Allah reflecting on society. Ayesha was extremely kind person, she interacted with society. She listened to medical prescriptions and apply them she met lots of people. She had political engagements and political opinions. She was a dynamic woman, she can teach an entire male generation with her knowledge yet kathira to Sam Katina to be alberca Kathy lattakia she prays a lot, she fasts a lot. She cries a lot. And that's the model that we want.

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It's not your business what I do at home in the night I might pray to God. But what you should be concerned about is that when I deal with you, I deal with you in decency, and I should be good to you. And I expect the same from you. I don't care if you are the sufia stop the Sophie's.

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I want to see that reflected on your character. And that was there in the character of a

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She received $100,000 home, and she was fasting during that time, she gave out all this amount of money.

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And her servant says to her,

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couldn't you just retain one Dirham for us to be able to purchase a piece of meat so that when the time of magnet comes, you're able to break your fast? What did she say? She said, I forgot.

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If you reminded me, I would have done it. But when I was engaged in giving the money, I forgot that I was fasting. I forgot that I should retain one Dirham. All what I was thinking about was society, society society. This is the model that I'm after. And that's why when I read the story, I said this is the woman that I want to have under Connect.

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Again, says

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Ayesha gave $70,000 home while she was suing a cloth.

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The level of poverty. I'm not asking you to sue your clothes, or not. All what I'm telling you is that the spirit here, what's the spirit here? The spirit is that do not connect with Allah. Do not connect with dunya in a way that makes you forget everyone else except yourself is the opposite. She forgets herself remembers every everyone else. That's what you need to do. Or at least remember everyone else. I remember yourself, but remember everyone else.

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And don't give 70,000 gift 60,000 Come on gift Tempe, but just give something you know, that's that example.

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A more extreme example. Still.

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Wife of Alsace lm Zainab bint jahsh

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Zainab was famous for loving the poor and for loving the orphan.

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Soon, much so that Arthur Sallam said that the first one who will come with me in general will be the one with the longest arm and all the women mothers of the believers are Martin will mean were taking it literally measuring the arms and maybe they never had the shortest arm. Only later that they realized that also someone was talking in symbolic terms.

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Why did I sell them say long arms because used to give money a lot.

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And she used to be called Amil Masaki

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and Masaki.

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She's giving charity Well, we have here princesses and Royal Duchess and charity and nobody she has relations with Allah as well. It's not just so that the sun comes in, takes a photo and she is in page I don't know what. No, no, no. She does this because she loves the massage keen and she doesn't care if there were digital cameras shotting photographs or not, but because she worships Allah, and she was a great arbiter. Great connector. Zainab bint jahsh. Another character is called nifi 17. Hassan,

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who was related.

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I think the grand daughter of Al Hassan, who is the son of Aladdin avatar. And Nafisa is venerated by both the Sunni and the Shia.

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She is a Hashemite. She is a Seder. She is from this household of Benny Hashem, and also Salah, Salah. She was born in Makkah, but when she got married, she resided with her husband in Egypt. She may had 30 times.

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Shafi was fascinated with Nafisa and he would sit with her and have discussions on Facebook and before he leaves he says, shift and ifisa make dua for me.

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You You, you ask Shafi to do for you. Mutt Shafi

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will have to ask an officer to do that for him. We are down down down. But Nafisa is up up up. You are grateful that Shafi does do out for you, but shafa is grateful for an officer to do that for him.

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When Shafi passed away, she became extremely upset. And when the funeral janaza of Shafi passed in front of her door to the graveyard, she asked that the body entered her house, and she prayed and performed janaza prayer on him, and she made the offer. So Shafi came to our house when he was alive, and Shafi came to our house when he was a dead person. These

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I greet people that are magnets for other great people that are alive. They are magnets and they magnetize and they attract great people that are alive. That's how great they are.

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Okay, this is Allah This is connection. This is a bada Shafi otherwise why would you ask her to make the art for him?

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If she was of a lesser ibadah

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Where is society?

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Whenever someone was exposed to injustice from the rulers of Egypt, they would go to the FISA and asked that she interferes and gets their rights back. One very rich person asked and demanded that she interferes in a particular issue. And she went and spoke to the ruler and the issue was solved. And this rich man gave her loads of money by way of a gift. She took all the money, and she gave it like Zeynep to society, so she helps society. But whatever benefits she gets from society, it's really channeled again to society. I'm not here to make money. I'm here to help.

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In her final days, she was always fasting. And on the day of her death, she was fasting. So they said to her, please drink some water. Look at us now drinking water all the time. cannot live without cannot live without coffee, cannot live without tea, otherwise, I will get a terrible headache. She fasted over 30 years.

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fasting and fasting and, and on the day,

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on the day.

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They said to her, you need to drink water.

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She said, why would you even want a surprise? for 30 years? I've been asking Allah subhanaw taala to take my soul while I am fasting. And now when I feel that I'm going to meet Allah, you want me to break my fast knowing when she died while she was fasting? husband wanted to take her from Egypt and bury her in Medina, there were rallies everywhere in Cairo, not because the rate of bread price has gone out. No, because there is a great dead body now that wants to immigrate somewhere else. No great people should remain great. And they should be wherever the society has benefited from. And they lobbied Riley demonstrated until the husband said okay, okay, the body will be buried in Egypt.

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And the body is buried in Egypt till today. Of course, there is a Masjid called Masjid say then a FISA and people do all sorts of widad. But she's buried there. And people in Egypt still venerate this character, because of how good works and good deeds, to conclude with her story, that she was a great worship a great person of piety, but she was a reformer, she cared about society, money wise, and by way of helping those who are politically oppressed.

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Another example, fascinating example, is an example of a woman that never got married. And please, you don't have to do like her. It's like, don't try this at home. It's dangerous. So you don't have to do this at home or in your life. But take it as an example. Think about it and reflect on it. Up until Harris,

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a great arbiter and a great scholar, she was known for her piety,

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Maha whenever she is mentioned, it's one it's

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her brother. Again. Men don't try this at home her brother, even her brother never got married. Those two brother and sister are fascinating example. This is Bishop This is mocha, never got married. They were well known figures in Baghdad for piety whenever you wanted piety manifested in a woman, see the sister whenever you wanted piety manifested in a man see her brother.

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You wonder what kind of father and mother that

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you know who was a contemporary to her and Bishop, Imam Ahmed even Hanban?

00:24:24--> 00:24:37

Who is the father of Zoot, the father of water. He used to think I cannot match more. It's like Shafi asking for the door of Nafisa humble

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is amazed. Do you know why? First of all he never knew about.

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But moho would go and ask questions. And the questions reveal that this woman is abnormal. Not abnormal. She's a super woman. She I don't think that this woman she might email me might say this one

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Woman is not from this earth.

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You know what sort of questions she would ask. I'll just give you one question.

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She wasn't asking about mortgage or halal food or is music haram? Oh, no, no, no. Look at the question.

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She said, Yeah, Emma.

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I make money from flocking cotton or sewing clothes. And I do this based on. Of course, at that time, they didn't have electricity. So they had candles. So I do it based on the light coming from the candle.

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And I sue this clue that I tailor it.

00:25:42--> 00:25:46

One day, she says, she says one day, the candle finished.

00:25:48--> 00:26:07

And the body guards and the police have the halifa. And at that time, a lot of the whole effort we're in just rulers. So the body guards with the torches passed by my window. So just less than a fraction of a minute are used their lights

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to make this needle go into the threat.

00:26:13--> 00:26:16

Do you think that the suing that I did is halal or haram?

00:26:20--> 00:26:23

I sometimes think if I was to be asked this question, I would say

00:26:24--> 00:26:40

What's wrong with you? Everything is okay. Everything is halaal. Is the Nia is important, etc. I 100 said don't use the torches. Those are Valley mean, those are in just people.

00:26:43--> 00:26:44

Don't try this at all.

00:26:45--> 00:26:59

I mean, these are the rulers of Mr. Mohan Hanban. Now the rulers are more corrupt. So you better try it at home as well. But the point I'm trying to say to you is that look how critical these people were.

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And then she leaves. And this is amazing. I mean, even Handel asks his son, Abdullah Abdullah, Who is this woman, who's this amazing woman never saw before. Abdullah says, I don't know. Do you know what Ahmed says to him? He says go after and get me her address.

00:27:23--> 00:27:36

Tell me where she lives. I know that people have bad, but I have to know those great people. You know, if if I am aware that there is a great person living in London, I would go on 156 looking for him I

00:27:37--> 00:28:12

wanted to do the same, because he is the monopolized or absorbed. Is there another person and I'm not aware of and Abdullah comes and says, Oh my father, I saw her coming entering into the house of Bishop in humble news, Bishop, but he never realized that he had a sister called mocha. In fact, bisher has four sisters. mocha is one of them. But he wasn't aware of. So he said, Ah, of course he has to come from this house, because this is the house of the pious people.

00:28:14--> 00:28:32

So this is Maha bent and hearth. This year. Her brother who is by the way venerated by the Sophie's and the mystics and all the spiritual people. It's called Michel haffi bisher says, and he's not ashamed of saying this, he says to alemtuzumab. I mean

00:28:33--> 00:28:50

I learned Zoot and piety for my sister. He's not ashamed of saying that. The final girl or woman is someone that you don't know. Unless you can surprise me and say, Oh, no, I know her better than you. But I'm sure that you don't

00:28:52--> 00:29:01

have room is Ayesha bin Ibrahim or I shall the daughter of Ibrahim well could be any Ayesha and her father is a boy, but she is unique. This woman

00:29:04--> 00:29:29

Isha bint Ibrahim is the mother in law of urban Kafeel, you know? You see you are the victims of a patriarchal society. You know all the men but you don't know the woman. You know. I mean, Kathy, of course, and you know, I've met my husband, and you know, schaffen but you don't know about Nafisa and you don't know about and you don't know about it. These were players behind the scene behind the nail. Thank you. Look, look, we are here the back.

00:29:30--> 00:29:43

It is Ayesha bint Ibrahim, that was the responsible person that brought up this fascinating girl that then even Kathir got married to

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

and she was the husband of well known chair, called a half of the messy and a half of the messy you might not know Him is actually the shape of even caffeine. So it's like you can see now family relations and family

00:30:00--> 00:30:04

connections and shoe can student teacher relations.

00:30:05--> 00:30:17

Even Kafeel says about his mother in law. It's fascinating how husbands can say something good about their mothers in law. He says she was blind

00:30:19--> 00:30:28

because she worshipped a lot a lot. And she feared a lot and she cried a lot that she became blind. And she read the Quran repetitively.

00:30:29--> 00:30:44

And this is fascinating what he says, tough Bula phenolic Allah kathira Marija she superseded in a bar that's been carrier talking, he or she superseded and had a bother a lot of men, a lot of men

00:30:45--> 00:30:47

and he's talking from experience.

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Okay, that's connecting with a lot where is society? He says, Ghana Tula Canada soccer on toilet Penny Miss Sakura. She would go to all the women and teach them how to read Koran.

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And she used to make Tafseer of the Quran to the woman. So what are we talking about? We are talking about the diarrhea. We are talking about someone who had a weekly daily circle, not to talk about politics, not to talk about I don't know, cookery, just to teach the people how to read or

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not to talk about how to ruin your life with your husband, or how to I don't know what, just to eat. So she was a Dyer. And she used to teach her people when and how to read for Al anon she passed away as usual. Society was so upset and disappointed because of her sudden departure. This is connect protocol yada, yada lalibela confess the pharaoh Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.