Moutasem al-Hameedy – In The Light Of The Quran – 08

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The host discusses the importance of understanding the meaning of light and surrounding universe for one's life, including the parables of the blindness of the eye and the fear of punishment. They stress the importance of faith in the Day of Judgment and the need for people to do more for their own happiness. The speakers emphasize the importance of provision and wealth in achieving good deeds and the importance of faith in the Day of Judgment.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of In the light of the Quran. Now as we are trying to do with more light of the Quran, and I hope that all the previous episodes and segments that we had, have increased us in light. And voters knew us a lot, because really this light can change your life can help us can make us stronger. This is the light that allows you to give us in the first place. It's the divine light, it's not like any other light and we know that knowledge is power. So what do you think of this knowledge is divine is given to us from our Creator, from Allah, He tells us about our life and about ourselves, and about how we should be in

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this world. Now all of this gives us a lot of power, a lot of light, that we can really, you know, sail in the ocean of this life confidently with strength, and with determination, and with a lot of potential to achieve in this world in this test that Allah has put us in, so that he sees who is better among us in actions. Now today's wisdoms and light, we will take that from the Surah Surah, two large which is the third is the surah of thunder. The sort of thunder has a lot of neat, deep meanings in it. It's very strong surah although it's relatively short, but it's very wonderful. Surah has very deep and strong meanings that really can have a very impact, very strong impact on

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our lives, and will give us a lot of light and especially as we know Thunder is always comes always with the light of this.

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So we start with the lightning of it. We'll try inshallah to benefit from the light that we find in the surah we'll start as usual with elicitation then Sharla will talk about the wonderful meanings that we have in these verses that we will recite

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la Vina Dasani Hi,

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salam, alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu come back, these wonderful verses from sort of like the surah of thunder, are very strong, because they talk to the believers, they speak to our hearts, they tell us about the end of this life. It tells us about what the great pleasures are the blessings, the gardens, the dignity and the honor, that is awaiting the believers in paradise in heavens, in the agenda that we are all looking for the ultimate goal of the Muslims, Allah starts these verses by giving that very strong parable, saying is the one who knows what was revealed to you or Mohammed knows about it, and understands it, is he like the one who is blind, you see how as

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we are talking about the light, this verse tells us that the revelation that was sent to Mohammed which is the N, and the sooner are the lights. So the one who possesses the the Quran and the Sunnah, the understanding of them, the meanings of them, and he follows their guidance, then he can see, he has eyes, he can see with them because he has liked the license. But the ones who turn away from this revelation, they are exactly like the blind, they don't see they can't see, because they can't see the reality of this life. They can't see that they have gone wrong, they can't see that they went the wrong path, they can't see that. So they are blind because they don't have the lights

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of the hole and the knowledge of the sun, the light that we are all looking for the light that we are trying to drag and get from these wonderful verses, the words of Allah subhana wa to Allah, then Allah says, only the people of understanding can remember and reflect and take lessons. So this exam example, or this parable should make us think of we are really throughout people's understanding in reality.

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Then Allah describes the people understanding he says, They are the ones who fulfill their covenant with Allah, that they worship Allah, they fulfill their word there in LA, no one has the right to be worshipped but a lot. And then Allah says that they do everything Allah commanded them to do. And they feel Allah, they're always in a state of fear of the punishment of Allah. And they fear, the punishment on the Day of Judgment, they feel that they might feel the account of the reckoning on the Day of Judgment, they're always willing to do more, because this fear always pushes them to do more righteousness, more good deeds, because they know they have their own deficiencies. That Allah

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describes them, that these people have patience. They have patients that they are patient with everything that comes to them, all the hardships that face them, all the calamities that come to them, why seeking the face of Allah seeking to see a lot of see the face of a lot on the Day of Judgment, to enter Paradise. So they have patience, and perseverance for the sake of Allah, because he deserves that. Then Allah says, They established the prayer and they spend from what we gave them, in private and in public secretly and publicly. And when they when people fear, afflict, or give them hardship, treat treat them very badly. They treat people with kindness and goodness, they

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will attend good for evil. And for these people, they will be the best destination, the best end, what is the best and Allah says, it is. guardians of agent, the best guardians paradise that Allah preferred for them, they will enter these guardians people into paradise though intergender, with their righteous fathers, and wives, and descendants and children and kids, to all of them will enter Paradise, those who are righteous. So what, then the angels will come to them, the angels will be entering through the gates of Paradise, saying to these people, peace be upon you. Congratulations, what a wonderful achievement that you have achieved because of your patience. It's a wonderful

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abode. It's a wonderful victory. It's a wonderful thing that you have succeeded in this difficult exam. Then a lot talks about other people who are blind, the ones who didn't follow the light and

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these people Allah says about them, they do not fulfill. They break their word with Allah. They do not fulfill

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The covenant with Allah, and they do not follow the commandments of Allah. And they spread corruption on Earth. They spread corruption, they spread all types of evil indecency, polytheism, schilke. And all the things that are like they said all these things,

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these people, they will have the curse of Allah, and they will have the worst destination, the worst abode. Then Allah talks about provision and provision is physical proof provision, which is wealth. And there is another another type of provision or wealth in this town, which is knowledge of scam and acceptance of the light of the Quran. And we hope a lot of fatality increases in this profession, which is the light of the Quran. So when Allah says those people who are very happy with this life and the pleasures of this life, then these people have don't really know that we actually they can't see they don't have the lights of the plant, to see the reality of this life. Because

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this life is only a very short pleasure that will soon depart and leave us. Then Allah says that the people of disbelief say why don't we receive a sign? What did you receive a sign Oh Mohammed from Allah. Then Allah, Allah says to him, to reply to them, that it is Allah who guides from ever he wills because Allah knows what's in the hearts. So the ones who have good hearts, who had the readiness to follow the truth, Allah would guide them

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because the signs are already there. But these people they weren't more signs, just to oppose the messengers just for argumentative, their argumentative attitude just for that sake, not to believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. Then we come to the most important wisdom in these verses. A last panel to Allah says that Allah guys who are the ones who repent to Allah, if you repent, a lot of love would guide you will give you guidance. Then Allah says, we believe Allah describes the ones who repent, they are the ones and their hearts are very satisfied are very peaceful, when Allah is remembered, so when they hear the word, the name of Allah, when they hear the name of Allah, the hearts are at

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peace. And they feel tranquility and ecstasy because they're hustle attached to Allah, they have so much love to Allah. And then Allah says very early with the remembrance of Allah With the name of Allah, the hearts feel at peace and tranquility. So we want peace and tranquility and real happiness. It's only only with the Quran with the remembrance of Allah. Then Allah says for those people whose hearts are happy with the name of Allah, are peaceful With the name of Allah, for these are the best abode are the blessings of Paradise and the best wedding and the best abode. So inshallah we will try to be among those. So we fulfilled the description Allah gave for those people

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who have lights so they can see they are not blind, they see this life through the light of the Quran. So let's see our lives in the light of the inshallah hope to benefit from these wisdoms, and until we meet with you versus with new lights from the Quran. I lead you in the care of our last panel with a high level salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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