Da’wah to the Other Religions of the World Part 3

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hola Mina shaytaan rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Morrison Insightly now Muhammad Ali was mine. I beloved brothers and sisters As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always it will begin with the praise and thanks of Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify it is not worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious in his pure family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time, when Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Alhamdulillah we begin with a phrase thanking Allah for the NAM of Islam, granting us and choosing us to be amongst the Muslim in the IR we recite in the in the hotbar as Allah says, Yeah, you want to call the haka,

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Ducati oh people, oh mankind or people of Eman. Be conscious of Allah with a consciousness be aware of Allah as deserving to Allah wa ala moana Illa, one two Muslim on Allah says and don't die, don't die except for the state of Islam. Anyone who dies, not upon Islam, then what have you succeeded, and the purpose of your life would have been a failure. And subhanAllah there is no hope. After that in the akhira. Some Allah grant us to live upon Islam and die upon Islam to die upon Iman, Amin was speaking about the different religions of the world. We spoke about Christianity. And last week, Christianity and Judaism a week or two ago. I mean, last week we mentioned the Eastern religions,

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which some of us might not be so familiar with. And and I think from the discussion, you could see why Allah subhanaw taala has given a special status to the Yahoo. And then Asara because the Jews and the Christians have a lot of similarities with Islam, and they a lot of overlap and things which is common to both to all three religions. And that is why there is a special special place for them within the Sharia. For example, Muslims are allowed to, to eat the food of the Yahuda. And then Asara so long as it's not haram from our Sharia meaning pork and those kinds of things, but you may eat from them, and you may marry their women. This is the main menu, the women for the ladies not

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permissible. So this is of the special status that Allah has given to the Al Kitab. And then we see the Eastern religions are but further distant to Islam and concepts like prophethood is unknown in the religion, Prophets concepts of Kiana Heaven and Hell might be different in the understanding and even the core

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Set up Allah subhanho wa Taala the creator is different from these religions. And so we spoke about those religions and we said the purpose of the series is not for us to cause harm or to cause any offence but to understand and to be firm on what it is that you believe in, and what is it that your Islam is about. And then from the insha, Allah be a good ambassador to calling to Islam.

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Today we talk about perhaps the fastest growing in the religion, the fastest growing religion in the world, which is not Islam, it is atheism or secular Western ism, secularism, the religion of the world, and the religion that is becoming more and more prominent, that if you were to take a census, if you were to take a snapshot of mostly Western countries, people would identify as being non religious, most in many Western countries, the majority of the people would not say that they are Christian or Jewish or Muslim, they'll say, we're not really religious, or if they are religious, they identify they are nominally meaning they hardly practice any of their religion. They don't go

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to a church or a synagogue or a masjid. They don't make any kind of Salah or dhikr. They don't have any rules or restrictions. They eat and drink and go and live their life as they please. And so really, what kind of religion is this? So we'll talk today a little bit about atheism, and agnosticism, and secularism, these kinds of the modern ways of living. And so Allah sponsors in the Quran.

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Before we begin, Allah Francis, have you not seen the one who takes his own Hawa as his healer.

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Islam tells you that you are worshiping something no matter what you are, no matter what you think you are a slave to something, you either a slave to some to Allah, subhanaw taala, or a slave to some other deity, and that thing is an either or you're a slave to money, you are slave to your dunya your children. And then the people Allah says they have taken their own house as they Illa they do whatever they feel like doing. They say what they want to say. They eat what they want to eat, they say what is your barometer? What are the guidelines of how you live your life? Is it what I do whatever I want to do. So Allah says, He has taken his own ILA his Hawa, his desires as his

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era, whatever he is, however, once, whatever his desires once he does, so obviously, if he's not seen such a person, and so everybody's enslaved to something, and that's why Muslim, we say, when you enslave yourself and surrender yourself to Allah, then you when you are free of slavery, sidenote, when the Muslims, when the Muslims entered Persia, the Sahaba, and Persia was the greatest empire at the time, the strongest empire in the time, and the sahabi, that he who was not very well dressed, the Sahaba were very poor, very meek, very simple people standing before these. Imagine you imagine the scene, you know, a man coming out of the desert Bedouin, and he walks into the White

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House into the office of the president of America. And

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the President says,

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What are you doing, coming trying to invade our country, you visit people trying to invade this mighty empire, it's been over 1000 years, have you come for food for money, we'll give it to you and go back to the desert. And the sahaba. He said, We Muslims, our job and why we've entered your lands, is to take you and your people out of the worship of the creation, to worship the Creator, to free you of the slavery of the creation and to liberate you so that you can be within the shade of the Creator Subhanallah that is what Islam is about, to move you away from all the things that shackle you of this dunya. And for you to be free by serving Allah subhanho wa taala. And so that is

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what it means to be a Muslim. So we talk about this fastest growing here, which is of atheism and non religious movements. Allah subhanaw taala does not focus much about atheism in the Quran, because it is a phenomenon that you would you do not find a civilization from the beginning of time until now, where the majority of that people did not believe in a creator. They do not believe every civilization, every group of people believed in the concept of some kind of creator. They believed in some kind of religion, they believe in some kind of divinity. They believe in something supernatural, they believed in souls and life, life after death, even if it's in the form of

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reincarnation, it is only this time, we God and spirituality, and life after death order has been thrown out the window. And so Allah does not focus on this much, because it's not the standard way of the world. And so until now until modern times, and you get really three types of people, you get the atheist, who outright rejects the concept of a creator, he openly says there is no creator.

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And then you get the non believer who says, Look, I believe in some kind of spirituality, but I don't align to any, to any religion. And then you have the agnostic agnosticism actually is I don't know. And I don't, I don't really know if there is a Creator or not. If there is one, he's not really involved in the creation. He created everything and he walked away, and we just do what we want. And as we said, this group is becoming more and more prevalent and of course, on the eastern side communism. For those maybe it's past the time but there was a time

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communism is very strong. Of course, communism is atheistic it is to actively try to remove all forms of religion Islam Christianity, very famous statement of the communist that Religion is the opium of the masses religion, according to their belief, religion is just a means to subjugate and control people. And so we take religion out of the equation, and atheism became the standard norm. And that's why countries like China for a long time, basically atheism, and then of course, on the western side, we have this complete liberalism, you do what you want, and as you please, and so Allah subhanaw taala, as we said, if you want to understand the religion, you asked two questions,

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what is your concept of the Creator? So if we don't have a creator, there is no creator? And the second thing is, then what's the purpose of your life? And why are you here?

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If he's a creator, He made you then there's a reason then you know, okay, I need to do these 516 things to succeed and then I die. And, you know, I'll be judged according to that. But if you don't have a creator, what is your purpose of your life, and the natural extension of atheism is, there is no purpose to your life. Your life is meaningless. Your existence is meaningless. If you live today, you die tomorrow, come and go, it doesn't matter. You and I are insignificant,

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little creatures on a speck of dust in a massive universe that has no beginning. It has no purpose, it has no destination. It just carries on what happens to you have good or bad it's just luck and chance and, and it's just as it is, and it means nothing. You can't do anything.

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You have no greater purpose. If you're a good person, it means nothing. If you're a bad person, you're a serial killer. Makes no difference. Your life has no meaning. And that is the natural consequence of atheism. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala asks of the few is that really speaks to atheism. Allah says in the Quran, I'm Holly Coronavirus, che in a Mormon Harlequin, Allah says, where you created out of nothing? Or loss. Have you ever seen any way in creation? Where there's absolute emptiness? And tomorrow, a call pops up the a planet appears people appear?

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Allah says, Where did the creation come from? If not from me, then where did it come from? Did it come from nothing? Or did you create it? Did you created all mankind? Did you create the heavens and the earth and the stars? And the sons of the moon? said no, you didn't create it? And no one no scientist, no person ever said that nothingness can give rise to something. There is no principle like that. And it's no, it's impossible. So Allah says, did they create themselves mean lady Shane with the case from nothing? Or are they the creator of the Holy Ghost? Somehow it will erode? Did they create the heavens and the earth? Bell law you can, but they have no certainty what they're

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So Allah subhanho wa taala, asks this very simple question. And this is, if you're asked what is the evidence of a creator, the evidence of a creator is the creation itself. And we know even scientifically now you'd have to believe we know scientifically for a fact that the universe had a moment in time when it did not exist. And all of a sudden it existed. It was created. This was a long debate between the philosophers in terms of was the universe created or was eternal? And for many years, for many hundreds, 1000s of years, this was a debate. Did it ever create a beginning? Or is it eternal? And it was only in the last 100 years that science proved, science proved that the

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universe had a moment in time it has the beginning about 14 billion years ago.

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We all know this song like that 14 billion years ago, expansion started with light anyway, so the universe expanded. And because of this moment, called the Big Bang, this is which we know is true, is the moment of creation.

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And so Allah asks, Who created this?

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Where did it come from? An external force must have created an external power that is bigger, mightier, all knowing created all of creation, 14 billion years ago. And within this creation, we see order, we see systems, the fact that we have science tells you that there are rules that they are, you can test it, because it's not chaos. Everything in nature has a system that you can study and you can learn and you can develop, who put these rules in place, there's a program behind it. And so Allah subhanaw taala, the greatest evidence of it, of Allah's existence is the creation. And before the atheist, yes, he may question certain problems within religion. And religion has done

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many harmful things are organized religion, fighting between different groups, and within each religion, even within Islam, there are questions that are difficult to understand. That's why you require Iman and faith in those kinds of things. But you move away from those few difficult things to explain to something more nonsensical, like the universe existing or coming out of nothing. And so, it is very clear that atheism opens up a far more difficult door of of

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uncertainty and a far more meaningless life of existence. And so really Subhan Allah, and Allah says as we mentioned, this is

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our Allah Allah Allah says our mural in Santa Ana Holika now who may not fall for either who Cosimo been in Surah Yaseen, Allah says,

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Just think all mankind. you question me, you deny not question you deny Allah, you see this mighty creation, that you struggle to understand how big it is and how deep the oceans are and how far away and you don't? Where did you come from Allah says, look at your own beginning, you started off as discharge, passing through your, the private part of your father, through the private part of your mother, and then being born. You came from that for our Symbian and then all of a sudden you become a rebel rebel against me, you challenge me? What are our than our method and when Asya Holika in the time of Nabisco, salam, a one of the Kure she's picked up a bone and he crumbled it. And he said,

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who is going to bring this bone back to life? Allah says he asked me he challenges me but he forgets himself. Allah say to him, man, you he asked who's going to create the resurrect this enormous bone when he has become powder and just call and say to him cool, you're here, Lady unshare. Her Oh, well, Amara, the one who made this thing when it was absolutely nothing, or brought this thing to life when it didn't exist will be the one will recreate it a second time. What will be Cooley Harlequin Alleman, Allah says, and I know, perfectly all of my creation. And so Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Once the message is clear, that those who challenge Allah subhanaw taala, it's not about genuinely, it's not about a conscious, logical thing, that the Lord of the creator, the creation doesn't have a creator. That's what the logical argument, it is merely to live a life as you wish. When you don't have anything above you, and you don't have any rules or regulations you can do as you please. And that is the, as we said, the religion of today. And it becomes convenient to say, while there is no creator, or to say there is a Creator, but he doesn't really care what you do.

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You the type of people today, you say I'm spiritual, I believe in a soul. I believe in more than the life that we live, there is a greater purpose, but really how I live my life, I just need to be a good person, and a good person, what's a good person, everyone, in his own capacity believes he's a good person, I'm a good person, it becomes your own definition. Some people will say, Well, so long as you water the plants, you're a good person, so long as you feed animals, you're a good person, so long as you're not murdering people, you're good person.

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Allah subhanaw taala he tells you what a good person is, how to live a life. And he mentioned how can you live a life, being good to the creation and the people like that, but you've denied the creator, the one who's given your life, who pumps your heart every second, every breath is giving you life, but you will have not once praised him, thanked him, put your head into him. And so Allah subhanaw taala says is this Is this how you how to live. And so

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ultimately, you know, when we look at the two religions, atheism and Islam, the one as we said, is all about living a life, conscious of Allah and submitting to him and following his rules. And the one side says, love your life as you want enjoy yourself have no limits. And I always ask which of these two groups is on antidepressants? Which of these two groups is committing suicide?

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Which of these two groups when life is difficult, finds a way out? By raising their hands and saying, Yeah, Allah,

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I can't do anything. The doctors can't do anything. But you can do everything. You imagine not having Allah in your life. When things are difficult. Maybe when you partying and it's good, and it's no limits, maybe that's, then it's convenient not to think of Allah. But when life is tough and hard.

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And you didn't have an Allah to turn to,

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when you had no way out. And Allah Subhana Allah, you know, as a Muslim, that Allah has a way out for me. That is what Tawakkol means. That is what Iman gives you. That is why Allah subhanaw taala it is not for him. He doesn't benefit from your our worship, but it is for us. And so in the series, Allah subhanaw taala gives some we conclude a few thoughts here. And we'll talk maybe perhaps next week the art of Dawa and the way to give Dawa but Allah subhanaw taala mentions a few verses to specific groups, to the I would remember that you would have this belief that they are the special chosen people of Allah, and that the rest of us are sort of just shimmy up on animals basically. But

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they have a special religion. It's within the Sharia is for them, only them and you can't really become them by a converting you must be born into it. So Allah says kuliah you Alladhina hadoo Oh, yeah hood. Inzamam under como Lea Linda, if you truly are the chosen friends of Allah to the exclusion of all mankind, for them

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Manos malt in contempt for the pain so why don't you wish to die and Retama

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so they'd be ready to die and meet me if you are the chosen special people. And you feel so good that Allah is going to give you everything, then you should be the most hasty people to die while I am and no other than Bhima caught them at it but Allah says but they do not wish to leave because of what they have done. Well Allahu Allenby Dalemain Allah knows all those who do wrong. And Allah says to the,

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to the nasaga to the Christians, like what a tougher Alladhina call in Allah when mercy habita Miriam, Allah is truly the people who have said that Allah is Jesus has this belief in Allah.

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Cool, so ask Firmen Yummly coming in Allah He che so who is going to stop Allah? Who's going to prevent Allah in our order and usually called Mercy Habana Miriam if Allah were to Allah gives hypothetical if you were to destroy in a visa, well Mao and his mother Mariam, well run fill out the Jami and all of mankind who's gonna stop Allah Spano Tada. If that was the will of Allah, it will stop anyone. When he law him will cause some it will out when Mr. Boehner Houma and Allah says surely the fact that Allah mentions this, if Allah did not feed Nabil Issa if our that feed Maria Maria Salam, if Allah did not kill them, help them assist him. How would they live? They came about

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through Allah's mercy so Allah says if it wasn't for him, they wouldn't exist. So why do you worship them? And Allah says To Him belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. Yeah, hello Maya. He creates whatever He wishes somebody created without a mother or father like maybe Adam, somebody created with a mother without a father. Yeah, hello Maya. You create what he wants Allah Allah cliche encoded and he has power of all things. And then Allah says to those who take others they worship other things besides Allah. Whether Insell to man holla cassava to a lot whenever you find someone worshiping something other than Allah asked him what created the heavens and the earth layer

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Quran Allah they'll say Allah the Creator, there's only one Creator of everything. Everyone who believes in creation believes one Creator called for it to matter their own. I mean do Nila in Orion Allah be Doreen be Doreen Hello Nikita Schieffer to do Allah says so then look at the things you're worshiping besides that creator if that creator wanted to inflict harm on you, is the anybody that can remove this harm from you besides him? Oh or other maybe Rama teen? How wouldn't among SICA to Rama and if Allah wants to give you of His mercy is the anyone who could prevent that mercy from reaching you could have to be Allah so say, Allah is enough for me to be Allah, Allah is enough for

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me I don't need anyone other than Allah. Allah He had our canon with our ketone and upon Allah you put all of us we put our complete trust and the idea to all of us now to the believers. We say especially to the two okay to all but Allah says specifically that I don't get up. Oh people Yeah, from Kitab into all mankind. The ILO let us come together, let's put all our differences aside. We all want a good life. We all want our children to be happy. We all want to die in a good way. We all want to live a good afterlife.

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The heaven if you believe in a heaven you want to go to that heaven. So Allah says, let's put all those aside to Allah Allah Kelly Mateen Sawa in buying an albino but let us come to one common belief. I learned that I would do in Allah let's just worship the Creator. Let's just worship the one who created us what I knew Shrek be che and we don't associate a partner with him. We don't make a rival with him. We don't make equals with him. While they are talking about I don't know about Ghana or Ababa. And, and we don't invent creators, we don't invent loads that are partners with Allah by ourselves. But if you turn away from that, then at least our fellow mankind, you

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acknowledge that that is what we are doing, then you be our witness in the FTM that we have worshipped Allah alone. And So Al Hamdulillah, we again, thank Allah for the blessings of Islam. We ask Allah Subhan to keep a steadfast upon Islam. We live in a world where we are exposed and our kids are exposed to all these different ideologies. And the message to me and perhaps, to you as well to you, you must have this conversation with your kids. Because everybody, this is the right Allah has given every person the ability to reject him, or the ability to believe in Him, like raw 15 There's no compulsion, you cannot force your children to be Muslim. You cannot force anyone into

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Islam. So it's a choice that every single person must make and we ask Allah to guide us guide us if the necessary tools to guide us always to be on the straight path. I mean, I mean, still reminder for the quarterback program for those who'd like to cut back on Ed Sol Hodges in a few weeks time. And we make the other four judgment on part of departed mela Grantham a safe journey. Mala Grantham hajima, broad excepted Hodgman returned free of sin. And for all those who are going to the NIA is to Quran and to worship over the Hajj period mela except from us. I mean, and for those who are sick, this law number one reads, and my cousin was quite sick and we ask Allah to grant him Shiva,

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all Amara bananas as a big issue on the Shafi Shiva, Sakuma, NASA a lot of memorable astronaut him and Yeshua, NASA, Germain, Allah make it easy for all those who are going through difficulty. I mean, I mean, also the law said no Muhammad Roszak Islam was seen downloadable out I mean, so don't worry