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In a car accident, a man died and was supposed to receive a burger. The chef tells two brothers that they have been killed and that they need to break news. The chef gives more news about the situation to the brothers and tells them they will come to their house. In another segment, a woman who lost her life and is unable to receive the news she lost her life on prays to her brother and gives advice to them. She is advised to prepare for the last day of her life.

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said I'm what he called him to allow him to go to a Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he obeyed. Welcome to another edition of the random reminders. Inshallah, today I'm going to be sharing with you a true story. Once again, the one which was told to me by the same teacher who had given me the story,

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based on which I've made a video, previous video, you can check it out, the link should be somewhere up here. The story is about a, an individual

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who went to Harlem, or went to Makkah for the last 10 days. And on the 27th night, he tells his friend, listen, it's one of the most blessed nights we're ever going to get. Imagine how lucky the individual is, whose janazah is being led in Haram. And he tells his friend, why don't we go and follow the Janaza and get the edger as well as realize and actually visualize how they bury people in Makkah. So his friends, they looked at and frown upon him and said, Listen, you know what, there's 5 million people are you really crazy you want to go out all the way to the the graveyard and then come back at this moment. He said, You know what, it's okay, I'm gonna take on the journey

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myself. He went saw the club Bristan saw the graveyard came back and he told his friends everything about what took place. He said, I saw this and that and he was describing the whole thing. So on that night of the 30th, fast, they opened their fast and they started driving from Makkah to Riyadh to reach home in time for aid.

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Right after that, if their car got into an accident, and they all died, except one person.

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This particular individual he came, he happened to be the neighbor of my teacher. And he came to my teacher door knocked at him and he said Eid Mubarak to today is blessed to do feed. How're you doing? He said, You know, this individual XYZ that used to be in our neighborhood, is it Yeah, I remember he went with you for camera. And he went with you for a camera. And the last night is like, yes, that individual is no longer there. So the chef he got so happiness that Subhanallah what a blessing death. Allah subhanaw taala has granted this particular individual that he dies right at the end of Ramadan. And hopefully ALLAH has forgiven all of his sin, his neighbor looks at him and

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tells him, that's great. But I have a big task for you. The Sheikh asks, What is your task, he said, your job is to go and break the news on his family, on the day of Eid, about his death. So the chef takes on the courage and he goes, and he sees young children playing in front at the courtyard, and he rings the bell. And one of the brothers of this particular individual who passed away comes and greets the chef and he said hey, I can love please come to my house. The chef said I'd like to speak to you in the car.

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They sit in the car and the chef tells him the following. He said there has been an accident. And there were three people involved in it. I let you know more details as they get revealed. And he ends it off there. And he tells the brother make dua that it is not your brother. minutes later, or sorry. Few hours later, Salas Salatin McRib comes in. The brother calls the chef and says, what happened? Did you hear any news about who was these three people that passed away? Or that got into a car accident? He said, Yeah, I got a little bit more news. It happened to be your brother. They are in the hospital, every single one of them. And I will give you a little bit more news about what

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happens. What has happened and what's the condition of your brother and the rest of the brothers that were in the car after a shot

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at Axolotl. Aisha, she calls these people to his house, specifically this one, the brother of this individual and he says Sit down and he said Glad Tidings Your brother has met Allah subhanaw taala be even Allah and inshallah with no sins

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and his brother, he hears the news from the chef. And he's like, you know, he's he's not willing to accept it because it's the day of aid and how is he going to go and break the news on the family and all that and the chef tells him before you leave my office and before you even pick up the telephone and call here's what you need to do, make will do and pray to or cause nothing

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and ask Allah subhanaw taala for help in this matter.

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The person he frowned upon to share he looked at as like you know at this particular you Why do you want me to pray like what's wrong with you let me call all these thoughts are going in as Jeff was like, you need to do this now. Stop thinking what you're thinking go into it now. At this moment,

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the person takes on

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the advice of the chef goes, makes will do and prays to her cause the chef says that this particular individual he entered in the Salah with a different face and when he exited

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When he said salaam, he was a different person. There was no more sorrow, no more burden of this news on him. And he felt so good. And he started synth thinking something. So she asked him, What are you thinking? He says, I'm thinking, how I can make all of my brothers go through this process of Salah when I break the news on them. And the chef is like, my house is welcome. You can call all of them at my house. And you can tell him the same thing. By Allah, The chef said, All the brothers when they heard the news, this elder brother told them to do the same. Go and pray to other guys, before they go and tell the family and they all got together. And she said it was as if

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they had heard a news of some strange individual, a stranger that they'd never knew who had passed away, meaning they had absolutely no sorrow and grief. At that moment, the sheikh advised them saying that Listen, your brother passed away in life. The closest major city is Maccha. Take his body to Makkah. But there is nothing blessitt more blessed than being buried, and having your janazah read in Haram. The family takes the advice of the chef. They go and they preach and as on him in harem, and after that, they all go

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home, peacefully, having known that a huge number of people had made dua for this particular individual. When all of this took place, the neighbor who first came and told the chef about the news, or the death of this particular individual came to the shift and said, Let me tell you a little bit about this person. Do you know that when we left Makkah,

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we were about to open our fast, and he had just opened his fast and he had zamzam in his mouth when the car flipped,

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and he had not said a word other than La ilaha illallah before he died.

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This was the story of an individual who passed away

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who was with us this Ramadan and is no longer with us. His last day happened to be the day of

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the question for you and I

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What have we prepared

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with all the honesty for our last day?

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We don't know if it is going to be this aid. If it's going to be tomorrow. I don't even know if I'm going to be able to upload this video. I don't know if I'll be able to walk out of this

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area and Malakal mode can come and take my soul. So the question remains for every one of us. What have we prepared for us? ourselves? What have we prepared for ourselves to meet Allah subhanaw taala

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this Eid was the last day of aid and the last day of this individual's life.

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Let us prepare for the last day of our lives. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Subhanak olam I'll be Hamdi eyeshadow La ilaha illa Anta Astok Farooq wa to Willick