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The importance of Islam is discussed, with the first two verses of the parable recited by Allah as the foundation of Islam and the third and final verses being the root of Islam, which is the driver of actions and beliefs. The importance of strong Christian character is emphasized, and individuals should dedicate their life to this tree, creating a strong foundation for their personal growth. The culture of peace and acceptance is strong, and individuals should focus on their actions and character, creating a strong foundation for their personal growth. The potential consequences of negative actions and rewarded negative actions are discussed, with negative actions being a result of their actions.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to your show in the light of the Quran. Today we have a new light that we will try to take from the Koran. We'll try to benefit from it we will try to make this light shed on our lives, on our on our hearts and in our actions. So we live our lives in light, the divine light that comes from our Creator, Allah subhanho wa Taala today's light or wisdom, we will take it from a beautiful surah called the surah of Ibrahim, the surah of Prophet Abraham peace be upon him. It's a wonderful surah talks about the unity of worship talks about

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a lot of wisdoms that Muslims need in their lives, wisdoms that make us stronger, and our faith stronger and our character. So this like we will take it today, all of a sudden diverse, versus we have two pieces actually, we'll take two pieces from the surah and we have some beautiful comments because Allah gave us here a wonderful parable, a very strong parable that really should help us and instigate us and inside us to think and ponder on the reality of this life. We'll start with the visitation as usual then we will get inshallah, to the translation and the meaning

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then now we'll move on skip some some verses inshallah. Then go to the other verses and songs that we will carry on. They have very deep meaning because they are the result and the consequences of the verses we just read. So we will start with it and Charla

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back. So today's live demo shala we will take from these wonderful verses that we find in sola Ibrahim, are so powerful. The first thing I will start with, which are the first verses that I recited, is a parable that Allah gave to the believers, Allah says, Have you not seen that Allah has given you the parable of good word. A good word refers to the word of to hate the word of the unity of worship, La Ilaha Illa, which is the foundation of Islam, which is, which is the most important wisdom we said in our lives as Muslims, it is the reason and the purpose of the creation of the whole universe. So Allah gave the example of the

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parable of this word, as a good tree. Allah gave it this similar to you'd have a good tree. Now, the good tree, its roots are firm in the ground, and its stem and trunk is very strong and firm. And then its branches reach very high, they reach up to the sky. Why, because this word is very strong and powerful, and very firm in the ground is very grounded. And this is actually the example of Islam. Islam has roots. The roots of Islam are knowledge, knowledge, uncertainty that takes place in the heart that actually grows and goes deep in the roots of the heart.

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So these are the foundations of Islam. It is the roots of this good tree, which is the treat of Islam. Now one of the great scholars of Islam in an image of CMA Allah have mercy upon him. In his wonderful book called lm on morphine. He talk in detail about this wonderful example the example of a tree, that Islam is a tree its roots, our knowledge, the knowledge of Islam, the knowledge about the reality of this world, and knowledge and certainty about that certainty about our Creator and about our the reality of our life. This is these are the roots, the roots of the tree will be firm, so is the leader. If the belief is firm, the Muslim has a strong belief, this is based on evidence

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and knowledge from the Quran and the Sunnah, which is the light that we are dealing with, then the tree of Islam, the religion of that person will be very strong.

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So this, this route should be firming our hearts knowledge of Islam, the light that we take from the Quran and the Sunnah. And this is what we are trying to do in this series. Now these are firm, the then the stem or the trunk of this tree will be firm the trunk of the tree of Islam is sincerity to Allah, class, sincerity, because when we have the correct knowledge, and the correct takita, about Allah, then we will dedicate our life totally, and solely for Allah. And this is sincerity. So our life becomes all dedicated to Allah alone would be at the center of our lives. This is how we build. This is how we grow this wonderful and strong and good tree. Then the stem branches out from the

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stem or the branches. The branches of Islam are the good deeds, or the the good character, or the acts of worship that we do the righteous deeds is the behavior of the Muslim, his conduct, and all that are the branches. So imagine how this wonderful sequences, we start with the correct data when it's firm, then our tree of faith will be firm. And this will result in a strong stem, which is a strong trunk of this tree which is sincerity to Allah and this authority and this correct happy that all of them give us the wonderful character the beautiful actions. So this is the example of Islam so I think that is in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah. And our laws, our sincerity is in

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accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah, just in accordance with the life of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then our actions will be like that because the actions are the results. They are the fruits of this tree. Now if we want to cultivate ourselves, improve our character

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rise to a higher level of conduct, manners, behavior, character, all of that, we have to work hard to know after you don't know a belief, then on our last the trunk of the tree, then we will get the wonderful and the sweet fruits of good character and white correct belief. And the piece that we can find in our hearts as Muslims. This is the example of lucky for us. And this actually, Allah describes the street as very firm, firmly grounded, so it cannot be moved cannot be out rooted. This is the example of the Muslim so this actually indicator effects that the Muslim character is strong belief makes us very strong and firm. We know more about life than anyone else. And we know where we

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are heading to. We know what's the purpose of what we're living our life. So we are firm and strong, the wind cannot shake us. We are very firm, we are very strong. This is how we should be this is the wonderful wisdom we should take. There is a lot to be said about this wonderful parable of the just as you said, we take a glimpse at the wisdoms of the Quran, and the Sunnah. Then the second set of us that we recited, they talk actually about the

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difference between the people who have a strong tree of faith and the people who have a weak tree of faith. Because the disbelievers and the wrongdoers, they don't they did not establish their life or their beliefs or their perception of the world on the correct happiness or the roots of the tree of their belief of life is very weak. So whenever any wind comes, it will out shoot them. So straight away, actually, they can be out shooted. So this is why they shift from one way of life to another way of life. They have no stability in their lives. They go through a lot of turbulence, a lot of turbulence in their lives, because they don't have they're not firmly grounded. They don't have

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strong groups. So they have psychological weakness. They suffer from a lot of stress ups and downs in their life. But the Muslim is drunk, because the tree of faith is very strong. I will not talk now about the end of those people Allah says that don't think Allah is unaware of the actions of the disbelievers. But he's giving them time is giving them a break time, enough time so that they may, they may repent in the future, a lot gives them these all this time as a more chance for them to repent Allah, but they don't really do that. But on the day when they will be brought, actually the the sights will be confused because of the the greatness of that day because of the horrors of that

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day. And the actually there the statue will be frozen because they they don't they realize that they have destroyed their life, they have destroyed the opportunity. legate and then Allah says to them that Allah has given you warnings, Allah told you about the reality of this life gives you examples of previous nations, and then you plotted against Islam, and they're plotting actually has the ability to remove mountains that is so powerful, the plotting they had against Islam and the Muslims that Allah says, Don't think Allah will break his promise that he gave to the messengers. Allah will fulfill it on one day. And that day actually is a horrible day where people will suffer a lot from

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it. Allah says the earth will be changed to another Earth, then the lightest, the lowest * on the earth. And people the criminals, the disbelievers will be chained and will come in humiliation. And then Allah will give every soul what it has. And so the wisdom that we can take from these wonderful verses this build the scroll the tree of faith in our hearts strong this basic on the strong appeal to collect data sincerity, and then our actions will be sweet. The fruits will be will be sweet. We ask the most penalty penalty to help us achieve this. I hope we benefit from this wonderful light that we have taken from this wonderful tour. Until we meet next time I leave you in peace was Salam

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.