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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I once came across a profound quotation in the Arabic language wrote by Yeoman Becky two men who follow my Sufi lady Heba Kato LA, sometimes things are going pear shaped, you're having a challenging day you're feeling down sad, depressed, and you're actually crying. But as things move on in life, and you see how there is a drop and decline in D generation, then you actually start reminiscing the days you were once lamenting. So at that time, when you were going through those tough days, you were tearing, but going forward in life, and you look back, no, those were great days. Somebody said in the English language, when you change the way you look at things,

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the things you look at also change. As a believer, we are taught that regardless of the challenges in which we are, we remind ourselves it could be worse. And if that, that is your lenses, my brother and my sister, you will attract instant and permanent happiness. So when you get up in the morning, probably you had a restless night, probably you had an aching body, you're not sure what the day holds in terms of your work, etc. There might be a member from the family no longer there, things have changed, the dynamics have changed. If you remind yourself, it could be more challenging, you will be productive for the day, and you will be happy for the day. And every day. If your auto

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suggests the same message, you will give of positive energy and you will enhance the lives of others. flip the coin and reverse it. You could be in the lap of comfort and luxury. And each day you tell yourself it could be better, business was better. I could be healthier. I could have better children. I could have a more prosperous economy, it could be better, you will attract instant and permanent depression. Save now remember the Allahu anhu once passes by a person morogoro neurobiological in mobitel, who was afflicted in many ways ACMA, he was visually impaired. Or some he was hardier in a become he had speech impairment. In essence, the individual could not see could

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not hear could not speak challenged in many ways.

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Satan I remember the olana as those that were present helped around Allah had me near me law he say to do you find this person to be a recipient of any bounty of Allah? They said no, not in the least you know, our empathy is and commiseration and sympathies to the individual. The poor person cannot see nor hear nor speak. Amara, the Allah Allah says, Allah terone around don't you reflect and observe and know who your boo know fella Yato said that he is able to pass you rain with ease without any difficulty. Yahoo rojo Minh who bolo who Salah with ease he can pass you rain. So although he is challenged in many ways, magnifying the bounty that Allah has favored upon him. And

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that is the ease of passing urine. Harvey Eva net amin Allah, this is also a bounty from Allah. So what's the message my brother and what's the message my sister expectation creates tears and acceptance creates cheers