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La Jolla

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for you

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far we know that from you we have come around to you

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how fortunate we are to be blessed with the ability

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This is the only love that lasts forever.

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The lover remains true.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to the secrets of the heart. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, none can lead us astray. And whomsoever Allah leaves to go astray, none can guide, I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped. But law alone, who has no partners that Mohammed is his servant and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam. In this new episode of Secrets of the heart. inshallah, we will try to see some of the beautiful secrets, we'll try to uncover them, and

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hopefully help us

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put this knowledge in practice, because knowledge without being practiced, means nothing, actually, on the contrary, it might be a proof against the person. And it might be a point against him, if it's not been acted upon. We said previously, that the heart is strongly connected to the other senses. The heart is the leader. And this leader controls the other senses, the heart controls, the eyes, controls, the ears, the tongue, the hands, everything, the whole body is controlled by the heart. And also, these other things have their own impact on the heart.

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Just like any soldier in any army has his own impact on the commander, for example, if he makes a mistake during the war, the commander would have to pay the price. So this also applies to the heart. We previously mentioned, the issue of lowering the case, in the import and especially the importance of keeping our hearts clean or purifying them, then Allah will increase them in goodness.

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We said that Allah subhanaw taala gives in return, multi multiplied reward. If a person lowers his gaze and does not allow his eyes to look at things that are forbidden,

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then Allah says I would give him so many reward in return. For example, the first one we said that, because a person when he looks at certain things, the person expects to find some sweetness, he expects to find some joy in what he's trying to look at. So if you sacrifice that, and you decide, no, I will keep my heart pure. Because everything you see with your eyes, by the, by the way, goes straight to your heart,

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the heart is some kind of a messenger is in the eye, so it is a messenger to your heart. It takes the vision takes the image and sends it to your heart, your heart works on it, and gets affected by it. So if you maintain your heart, and you control your eyes, what will happen and you do away with the joy that you are expecting that you were expecting, and love will give you something better out of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, anyone who leaves something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will give him something better. So allow me to give you sweetness of an emotion in your heart. And this is abundant goodness, that you will find in the heart, and it will

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strengthen your heart. So you will enjoy the sweetness, which is far greater than the joy you could have got. If you let you I you know, look at whatever they wanted to

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add another benefit would be and don't forget that when the heart sends the eye and the eye brings the image to the heart, the heart starts working on it. And the more you see, the more you heart will be inclined because once the heart has knowledge of something, it will move towards it or against it. The heart does not act in differently to what it receives. So if your heart receives a certain images, certain view, your heart will work on it. So your heart will move either towards it or against it. And this is where your heart start to be busy. You will overburden your heart with so many images. So this is why when a person you know gives you

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I have free play to look around and look at naked women and all that stuff. They think, well, they think they've been fortunate. But in reality, you are destroying your heart and you are weakening your heart. And you are giving more disease is just like poisoning your heart. Every time you look at something primitive, you have poisoning your own heart, and you are destroying it, you're harming it, and your heart screams. But because you are so preoccupied with these things with these views, you don't realize, and you can't hear the voice of your heart.

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So the first thing that a person will get from a lot of content is the sweetness of an email, if they lower their gaze, another thing would be

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a strong sense of intuition.

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Because the heart is not busy with so many details are the things that

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that the eyes brings so many information, so many data the eyes bring brings in, or the eyes bring in the heart becomes so much busy preoccupied processing this data. But no, when you lower your gaze, you save your heart, all this burden. And you heart focuses on the things that really matter. It things that really can make a difference in your life. This is why the people have a man they don't have the, you know the extravagance of looking at women, naked women and all that because what it does, it overburdens your heart you already have enough for you enough things for your heart to work on, which is the reality of this life working to working hard to achieve ultimate success in

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the sight of a las panatela entering paradise pleasing a must penalty. So why overburden your heart There's so many diseases and so many burdens like this.

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So this is why the person who does not allow his eyes to go around looking at forbidden things, what happens to him, his heart is at rest. It heart, his heart his heart, sees everything as it is. So he can have a perfect image a perfect understanding of everything. So he has intuition. He can tell things people are unable to tell. He sees things people are unable to see. Why because he has left his heart focused on the things that really benefit. And once you focus on that, only things of the same kind will come to your heart.

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So this is a gift from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah.

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And don't forget the heart is like a mirror. The more you look at forbidden things, you are blemishing this mirror, and you are tarnishing its clarity. So once you do that, your heart will not be able to reflect the right image of things. But once you keep your eyes clear, clean and away from what is held on, then you hot remain pure and clear and will be like an accurate mirror that describes the reality. And another fruit of lowering one's gaze is that Allah subhanaw taala causes the heart to be strong, the person will have more bravery more courage. Why? Because the heart is attached. The heart is focused on things that really benefit and still the reality of things. So

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apprehension is not there. Any fear that might be in the heart is justified and is logical and reasonable and is not exaggerated, like other people's hearts.

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Also, something very important about the heart and pure how to purify it, and how to keep it intact and healthy

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is to observe and to be careful about what you allow to enter into your heart. As I said, the heart is connected to all your senses. So everything you hear goes to your heart. Everything you see goes into your heart, everything your taste goes into your heart, everything you touch goes straight into your heart and has its own impact either positive impact or a damaging impact and you decide what kind of impact or influence you need to have in your heart. This is what Allah Subhana Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Yeah, you

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are the one shrouded in your garment or your cloak. conferenza wake up, stand up and go and warn the people against the reality of what's awaiting them. A lot of back Africa glorify your load with the other literally disperse means and purify your clothes. But this is an expression that the Arabs had. They used to use the clothes the word clothes, to stand for the heart. So this was basically means and purify your heart. How do you purify your heart, by being careful what you allow into your heart.

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And the only avenues The only access to your heart goes through your eyes, your ears, your senses, that we go through the things you read things you hear, etc.

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So if you are careful about that, your heart will remain pure. And Allah gives us a clue about this when Allah talks about the hypocrites, and about the Jews who twist the word Allah says about them some own a little credit.

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They always listen to lies. They listen to their rabbis who are lying. They know that their rabbis are lying, but they like the speech. So they keep listening to it. And this is very, this is very important because many people like to listen to lies, they don't mind listening to lies. They don't mind listening to music, when you listen to music, what music does, it gives you an an unrealistic impression. unrealistic impression means a lie. So this is the problem when you feel sad, people say listen to music will make you feel happy. But that's wrong. That's wrong. Because when you are sad, there's a reason for sadness, treat the region treat the root of the problem. Don't try to

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manipulate the symptoms. When you manipulate the symptoms, you're lying to yourself. So music takes you into an imaginary word, and it suggests that things are okay, so no need to be sad. But still, the root of the problem is still very having treated it. So Allah Spencer says about these people send their own dedicated, they like listening to to lies, they like that. They allow the lies to sink into their hearts. So what happens Allah says at the end of the verse, Allah it can lead in Alameda De La Jolla,

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these are the people that Allah did not will, that their hearts be purified. See, purification of the heart, is by watching what you allow to go into your heart, through your senses, through your eyes, through your ears, through everything.

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So, if you do not control the avenues leading to your heart, your heart will not be protected. So those people allowed so much lies to go into their into their ears, and so into the hearts deliberately. What happened a lot said Allah, it can Nadine Allah murica, Heroku bomb, those are the people Allah did not want the hearts to be purified because of their because they did not follow the necessary means.

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also smell right And may Allah be pleased with him. He said, If our hearts were really purified,

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if they were really pure, pure, we would never, ever feel bored of recycling.

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No matter how much we read of the Quran, we will always be willing to have more and we would be keen. And so you know, eager to get more of the Quran and read more of it. And this is why this is actually a very important thing. So everything you see, will sink into your heart and will leave it will make it will have its own impact. Everything you listen to, will have its own impact. So this is why we have to be careful. We have to be careful what we look at what we lose, it's just like having food. You don't allow any food to go into your stomach. You try to get healthy food because the food will go into your stomach and will affect you. But if it's healthy, it will strengthen your

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body will keep your body fit and healthy. If it's harmful. If it's unhealthy food, it will harm your body. The same thing applies to what you see what you look at what you allow to go through your eyes into your heart. What are you allowed to go through your isn't to your heart? What are you allowed to go through your senses of touch, smell, even reading, everything you allowed to go into your you're allowed to reach these senses will go into your heart. So if you if you're not careful about that,

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then you might be harming and destroying your heart. This is why sometimes we say to certain brothers and sisters, you know, this is a person who caused the misguidance and he he's one of the people who have innovation. He comes on different satellite channels and they are very famous. But we know these people are people of innovation. They follow for example the Sophie's or they follow things that are displeasing to Allah, Allah innovative ways in innovated, you know styles and religion. We say to them, don't listen to them because they will affect your heart. They say no, no, I will listen and I will choose. This is a very serious matter. If you know a person is deviant, is

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misguided. Don't listen to him. Because you will have them the example of the Jews who listened to lies deliberately. What did Allah say about them, those are the ones Allah did not wish that their hearts be purified. So the secret to maintaining our hearts intact, is to observe what we allow to go through our senses, these avenues and these channels leading to the heart. inshallah we will meet in future episodes to reveal more secrets of the heart, how we can nurture it, how we can strengthen it, and how we can live a very happy life.

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With a very happy and content heart by the permission of our last panel to Allah until then, sit down on a coma.

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Our hard drive

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is so strong.

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We know that from you we have

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you been

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how fortunate we are to be