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The speakers discuss the loss of privacy and suffering caused by the use of "AP" in Islam, as well as the use of "AP" in a way that is not legal. They also touch on the history of Islam, including the use of "has been good to me" to indicate desire for forgiveness and the importance of affirmations in one's life. The speakers emphasize the need for trust in Allah's guidance and affirmations in one's life, and emphasize the importance of learning one's potential and not blending words into others' lives.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad and Muhammad Ali he was happy he may in Obando Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. He were Bella cattle. Welcome to the Friday halophyte I will realize center

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and we are still taking a thematic approach to the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. We've been dealing with the surah is trying to focus on the central theme and every surah and then trying to see how all the topics in the Surah support and feed into the central theme, and what are the benefits that we can take or utilize in our personal life. As we are learning these lessons from the Quran, we've reached Surah Surah Surah, Yusuf alayhi salam, and

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this is session number four in surah and Inshallah, the final session and so on. And so our use of

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we, we got to the point where

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the brothers of use of Le salaam went to Egypt for the second time along with their young youngest brother, Benjamin.

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they came to us Friday, he said, and he had a plan. And his plan was to leave the measuring cup or the golden cup of the king in the luggage of his youngest brother. And then he sent the police to catch the perpetrator. And eventually they found the cop in the luggage of Binyamin or Benjamin.

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And so they they offered the brothers of use of what which punishment which like penal system you want to apply, the one that applies that you guys apply back home in Palestine, or the law of the land in Egypt. And they obviously they opted for the law that was practiced in Palestine because it's it was less severe, apparently, than the one that was in Egypt, because in Egypt, the, the punishment for theft was sometimes murder, always capital punishment, let's see.

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So they went back to their father, they tried with us for at least, apparently, up until this moment, they had not realized the real identity of use of an Instagram, he just wasn't an official, a high official, or a minister in Egypt.

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So they requested that he let their young youngest brother go, and he could take any one of them anyone else. But use very, he said and insisted to keep Binyamin.

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They went back to Palestine to their father except for one of them.

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who basically said

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I will not we give other promise and I will not go back until last pathetic gives me permission or Allah gives us a way out of this complicated situation. So they went back, the rest of them went back to their father, Prophet Iacobelli. Salaam, they told him the story as they had experienced it. And he realized there was more to this story than what you guys are telling. It's not like he was accusing them

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of, you know, messing around when it comes to the Binyamin. But he

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he could read more into the situation and he was blaming them primarily for the first

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plot with yourself Alayhis Salam.

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And at that time, again, his we said he was very sad at the loss of use of and he kept remembering us very salaam, to the point that his eyes turned red turned white. Some scholars say this means that he lost his eye sight. And we can see that this is actually apparent in the towards the end of the the end of the of the story.

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And this shows just how much love probably already Islam had for his son, and no one should ever think that usefully. Islam was not content with the either of Allah. They are Kobe, Saddam was not content with the father of Allah. He was actually content. He was pleased with Allah subhanaw taala but this is the natural love of a father and this was not just the natural love. It was a very special love that Prophet Iacobelli Salam had for his son use of specifically. So this is something a lot put in his heart. And this was the reason for his sadness. And this was the reason for the state of again probably excessive weeping and crying which

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led to him losing his, his eyesight. And this should not be used to justify people who despair of the mercy of Allah, or people who beat themselves up and wallow in, in pain and misery.

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So there is there is there is a level of suffering that is beyond our control.

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But there is part of our experience that is still within our control, because any situation is not just a simple entity, it is multi dimensional. So,

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our hearts should be able to connect to the deeper dimension and that's realizing that everything happens by the permission of Allah, by the will of Allah, and that Allah is the Creator of everything.

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And that everything that Allah allows that everything happens, Allah wrote that down, and everything a lot, writes down and allows to happen. There must it must be in its ultimate sense, it must be good, there must be a good end to all of this, or there must be a good, wise purpose behind all of this. So speaking about a prophet like Jakob and he said, and this was definitely the case with him. Yet at another dimension, which was again more of the human level human experience, he was experiencing the loss of his most beloved son.

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And having faith does not mean you lose your humanity or you lose your human experience. On the contrary, Eman means that you can actually experience or go through the experience at many levels at the same time. And that's actually profound, a very profound one.

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So this was what happened with Prophet Jakob Ali Salaam. And again, the brothers every time use very seldom is mentioned or the whole issue of use of is brought to their attention. They feel again, it's the it's the pain, it's the regret. It's their sense of guilt bothers them and then they're not they show a lot of in like a great deal of intolerance towards the mention of use of any sin and what they did to him.

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There's a very famous verse that is often quote, quoted here, and this is verse number 86, where Prophet Iacobelli Salam says, well in school bethey was in the law. What I learned will mean Allah He meant that I know and this combines the two dimensions we spoke about, he says, I'm only expressing my pain and complaining to Allah so I'm, I'm I'm venting out to Allah subhanaw taala not to you

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so I'm not having expectations from you.

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In the merge school with your husband in law, where I am Amina Elahi melatonin, I know about Allah, what you don't know. And I know from Allah, what you don't know meaning he knows how Allah handles the affairs of this world and there's there is trust here there is faith that everything happens there is wise purpose behind it and everything that happens that Allah subhanaw taala will bring a good end to it specially if you adhere by the things that we will see profit use rallies that I mentioned clearly so this is these are the tools to handle the powder even when it seems to be going in the wrong direction but that's a matter of perspective

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he says to them yeah Bernie yet have over to hustle me used to fill us with our Hey, what are they so metal hella in the hole as soon as Oh, Hola Hola, como cafiero? So he says, All My Children go and seek some news some knowledge about use of and his brother. Now, to them this this sounds out of context. What are you talking about? Like? Are you seriously asking us or expecting us to look for news about use of and like to them doesn't make sense. Why? Because he sees what they don't see. He knows what they don't know. And that's his faith in Allah, his trust his Yaqeen in Allah subhanho wa taala. And he says to them, Do not despair of the mercy of Allah because none disperse at the mercy

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of Allah but the disbelievers. And this shows that we do not deal with circumstances in life or conditions on face value.

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This is just one perspective. There is more depth to any situation. And this depth comes with faith and it comes with true faith is not just any kind of faith faith that is based on the book of Allah based on Revelation and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So they go to Egypt now, third time

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and they go to use of any Selim.

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They enter upon him

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And they say, yeah, you realize he's all like, in a minister or

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your royalty, whatever

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no harm has come to us and to our families. Now we are in a very difficult situation. And we have brought in our, some of our, like, some of the stuff over stuff that we want to sell, and it's not really of great value.

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So help us, you know, get our provisions help us get, you know, the provisions in full, and give it even give it give us more. And if you would do us a favor as well, that would be great. And then they they said again, they use Allah Subhan Allah to Allah here and they say, Allah rewards those who do good, those who are gentle and kind and generous. So ironically, again, now they they bring the mention of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, they're talking about being good, right? So usefully Islam sees this as an opportunity to reveal his true identity to them. So he says, Excuse me.

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He says, By the Hello and welcome to my Falcon views of our Fe here and he says, Don't you recall what you did to your to us? And he and his brother? But again, somebody might say, Yeah, we know they what they did to us, but what did they do today? His brother, well, they still harbored the same same kind of negative emotions towards his brother, because if you remember at the beginning of the story, they said it called the use of a hoo hoo, I have both been I mean use of and his brother in our dear to our father than us. So they still had the same attitude towards his younger brother, but they could not commit another crime like they did against use of any setup.

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When you were in a state of jail in the state of ignorance in a state of misbehaving

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now the dots were connected for them, all of their suspicion, all of them again, like when they first saw use of but again, when they

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when they were under the impression that user was gone. They did not entertain the possibility that this actually could be useful, although they some of them probably had like second thoughts. Oh, no, I would say he's like a very unconscious kind of feel about it.

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But now with when he was ready, some reveals his own identity

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indirectly by reminding them of a secret that only him

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and they know only the family knows about.

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Actually, it's only him and then

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so they say,

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you are in NACA, enter us. Like, again, the statement here is just it's like a question and then it's like an emphasis you are, you must be use of right something like this in Nicola and her use of

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I do really reuse of Okay, so, oh, and I also for her that a fee for the mandala. I am Yosef. And this is indeed my brother. And Allah has blessed us. Law has, you know, bestowed His bounty upon us. But Amanda, Allahu Alina, and he use of SLM reveals his secret. What is his secret is in my ye py is with in Allah. Hello, Jonathan, merci Nene. Indeed.

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He or she who has Taqwa is dutiful to Allah, they always do the right things fulfill the obligations, they abstain from prohibitions. They act morally towards Allah subhanaw taala to act according to the moral obligations towards the Creator. were split and remains patients patient.

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Allah does not waste the reward of those who do well.

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This is use of secret and a seller.

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So he's saying,

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however, is dutiful fulfills all of us, right?

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And is mindful of Allah. And when it comes to delete, that's dealing with Allah, dealing with life, which will definitely test you. How do you deal with it? You deal with it with patience, because it's going to test you it's going to harm will come your way.

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Suffering, struggle, obstacles, discomfort, all that is going to come to you. How do you respond to that if you respond with patience, then you are just placing yourself on the right side of khadar where

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even when bad things happen

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Everything will be working in your best interest.

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And that's, that's, that's just, that's the secret of dealing with the decree of Allah subhana whatever. They said to him again, they're not getting his lesson, or they're probably getting his point. But

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they sort of realized now you know, they cannot win with use of their envy their hate cannot win with use of so they decided that moment it seems to change their attitude towards use of and thus they say a lot. Hola Hola. Hola Hola Halina, we're in Cananda Hello. But indeed Allah is fever do upon us. Fever do now we can see that even with your wisdom and your knowledge and the status you know how Allah made things work for you in such a way.

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And indeed, we were, you know, wrong in what we did. We were blameworthy. Or the letter three but a common yo maya for Hola, hola, como el hombre. I mean, he said, It's not here to blame you. I don't want to bring old books, open old books, and start bringing the whole story. And that's a sign of someone who really has taqwa and has patience. They don't have time for blame. They don't have time for you know, getting into dramas and, and dragging their feet. You know, pulling all that history, bringing it up and taking things personal. Use Valley cinema. Imagine like this sort of change the course of his life completely right. But Allah made it work for him. He could blame them. But he

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didn't do that. He could hold him accountable. But he did not do that for all the suffering that he had to go through. He did not, you know, he just let that go. He forgave them. And this comes from someone who has taqwa and as patients. And also another thing that we haven't saw use of the you'll find us have mentioned many times,

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gratitude a couple of times he mentioned is gratitude, thankfulness. So you add this, these three beautiful things together taqwa, dutifulness, to Allah patients and

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shocker, gratitude, bring them together, when you are grateful. Again, you overlook other people's mistakes, you become forgiving.

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So he says, you know, no blame on you, or I'm not gonna bring that up on you. I don't want to like,

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call you out.

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Insha Allah, Allah will forgive you. He's the Most Merciful.

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And then he gives them his shirt and he says, Take that to my father. And, you know,

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bring it to his face.

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He will get back his eyesight.

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So they traveled back to Palestine. The father says, I can find this middle of yourself. Now you know what kind of love he had for his son

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made peace and blessings be upon them.

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So again, they bring the shirt of Yosef and Instagram close to his face, he gets his eyesight back, and we can see this probably a trial to him from ALLAH SubhanA wa turna. And he says to them, didn't I tell you that I know from Allah, what you don't know. Don't think when you go against Allah that you can win. Don't think that when you're when you act on your envy, jealousy, hate, that you can win

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it life is way is very well designed by Allah subhanaw taala that you these evil.

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I would say emotions. If you act on these evil emotions, you cannot win. It just cannot win. mean even even if you seem to be making progress or winning at some level, the destruction you bring about, especially to yourself is way more than what you get.

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Then they tend they ask their father to seek forgiveness for them. So Allah forgives their sins. He says I shall. And I seek forgiveness for you. Indeed, Allah is oft forgiving and merciful. And then they bring the father and the mother and they go to use very Salam.

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He raises his parents on the throne, he puts them up on a pedestal. But they all prostrate before him. And this is something that has to do with previous nations with many of the previous nations, Allah subhanaw taala

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made prostration a sign of

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respect, a sign of respect and not an act of worship, not necessarily an act of worship.

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people would be like some people of respect would be like Kibler. So this dude's

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I'm just gonna say this you do this for Allah, but the direction the person that you prostrate in whose direction you prostrate. This is like respect for them but it's not working for them. So but in Islam in the

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revelation that was given to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam prostrating to other than last panel is an act of disbelief and active blasphemy.

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So when they prostrate and this is his father and his mother, they prostrate in the direction of us face to them and his 11 Brothers.

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This is the manifestation of his dream as a child, and he said to his father, yeah, but in the Shall I call code that was Shem. So, Amara, he only said God said, I saw he said to his dad, I saw 11 planets, and the sun and the moon prostrating in my direction. This was it. The sun and the moon represent his father and mother. And the 11

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planets are present his brothers and sisters

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Welcome to SMB. Hello, Jenny, Minister Geneva and becoming better women by the NSR Shavon obey me.

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He's praising Allah subhanaw taala. Let us look again. So Yousef, now is looking his summarizing his

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life story. Anybody who has been through hard or tough times, they would usually focus on the negatives, look at us for Islam, how is vision of what was happening with him how that vision was. So he says, and Allah has been very good to me. Allah has been very good to me, as has been very kind to me.

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And, and he brought me out of prison. He brought me out of prison. He didn't say Allah put me in prison

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is Allah brought me out of prison. And he brought you from the Nomad areas here to civilization to the city.

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After shape on,

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you know, brought enmity or dissension between me and my brothers. He doesn't even look at he doesn't even blame his brothers. Now, he got over that. It's amazing. It's an amazing level of selflessness, Transcendence, forgiveness. And he says in another belief, only measure angels, here's a secret. Allah is subtle in his own ways. Allah works in subtle ways, mysterious ways we don't know about when Allah wants something, he makes it happen. alum wants something. He makes it happen in ways that are beyond our grasp.

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Indeed, Allah is all knowing, omniscient, and always.

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Then he tends to align gratitude he says it to an email molecule Allah limited im intermediate hottie felt. So now it will help and only you if you don't, I feel like often a Muslim unwelcoming the solid, it tends to align, he says, Oh, my Lord, You have given me you know, strength, power.

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And you have taught me understanding and, and this is knowledge of revelation and knowledge of interpreting dreams and wisdom. You are the Originator of the heavens and the earth, and you are my Lord and my guardian in this life and in the hereafter. You know, when you take me back to you, take me back as a Muslim, as someone who's submissive to His Lord, and allow me to join the company of the righteous ones.

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Allah says this is from the news of the unseen. And here he addresses Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And again, this shows

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that this is a reminder to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, to see how,

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you know trials are inevitable, and it's how you deal with them. And putting your trust in Allah is going to empower you against any kind of circumstance.

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there are points here a couple of points that I wanted to highlight another important verse, a verse in Surah, Yusuf Islam is verse number 108. where Allah says addresses Prophet Muhammad SAW me command something to say something he says, could have he said, we do a lot here. And a woman in any Subhan Allah He, woman and Amin And Moshe King, say I'm hammer this is my path I call to Allah, to the path of Allah upon clarity. I have truth. I have revelation from Allah. And there's no doubt about this.

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So I'm upon clarity. I do that and those who follow me do this. And this means the ones who follow through

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Mohammed Al Salam until the day of judgment

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and Glory be to Allah exalted is Allah. And I'm not from among those who are associate partners.

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Then Allah highlights again a lesson here from sarios. Of and from the story of utilizing them and from the something that applies to the life to Prophet Mohammed Al Salam, verse number 110, had a hectare estate SR Rusu 119. But codeable Johannes Luna followed GM and Nasha. Until the Prophets when they conveyed the message, they reached a point where they completely despair, they lost hope they gave up on their people.

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And this is not just like, a hasty kind of giving up, but it's a it's a well substantiated.

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You know, act of giving up or losing hope in these people and the positive response of these people, Allah says, And when the prophets think that they have been completely rejected, the victory of Allah the help of ALLAH spirit Allah comes and the, the punishment of Allah will not be removed from the you know, the criminals,

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then Allah closes the soil by single can if you see him able to only Bab Merica and Hadith. And, indeed, in their stories, there are lessons for people of understanding. And again, the first one of those is Prophet Muhammad, Salah Salem, all believers. And as you mentioned, we just tried to glean the lessons as we go through the surah.

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And they are beautiful. And there's a lot of practical implications for for understanding these lessons.

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And that's basically, no matter how tough circumstances are, that does not mean your life is miserable. It does not mean that Allah has let you down or Allah is not taking care of you. That's not the case. This wouldn't be a very superficial judgment on life. There is more to any situation, there's more depth, there are more hidden elements in every situation, and in how things unfold. As long as you maintain trust in Allah. And you keep the three things that use funny Salam,

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I mean, clearly,

00:27:23--> 00:27:25

I would say demonstrated,

00:27:26--> 00:27:35

which is gratitude, taqwa and sub patience. If that's these are the three if you master these three tools

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you'll become unbeatable, literally unbeatable in this life. I mean, you're gonna go through hardship, you will lose some battles, yes, you will have losses you will experience setbacks and everything just like any human being, but the deeper meaning of everything and the overall meaning and direction of your life will be very positive in proportion to the level you reach in these three elements.

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And Allah mentions that in these stories, there are lessons that you can draw, there are benefits and this is why the Quran is actually full of stories. So with this we finish with looking at the themes of sorry, Yosef I think

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series have took us four sessions and that's the longest we stayed I believe with any single in Surah of that length. But I think the surah is full of lessons and it's worth actually going through it this way. Shall we will go back to our normal speeds or speed up with solar to ride with the lighter elements we are going to do with next Friday be eaten in tan again, as usual. I just say stay safe and make sure that you and your family are safe and we make dua that Allah Spinetta facilitates that we are able to go back to the masjid and pray or Juma and pray our congregations congregational prayers at the masjid

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these I mean these these like last

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12 months have been really tough.

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With all of the lock downs and the restrictions and not being able to go to the massage it and experience the congregation in the community.

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It it's been a struggle we ask Allah subhanaw taala to reward everyone who has been patient and

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to help relieve this predicament and bring us back to his house and help us worship Him in congregation. So I say with this Insha Allah we conclude Subhanak a lot more behind the shadow Allah Allah Highlanders to folk our to Warwick Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh