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One of your close brothers, he does something wrong. This will harm him in this life and in the next, you have two choices either give him advice, or leave him alone and keep that friendship. What will you do? We'll find out shortly inshallah. So stay tuned.

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Indeed, All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid, and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non chemists guide and whomsoever alarmists guides then can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, who has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant, and His Messenger Devi was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, we are still dealing with the rights of brotherhood, as Allah has established brotherhood, this firm bond between the Muslims and created

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a better society. Allah clarified to the Muslims the way of maintaining and improving this brotherhood. So it becomes a better one, it is always improving, it is always going forward as a lost power to Allah wants the believers to maintain this kind of bond, in order for people to live in tranquility. And in order for people to follow the guidance and keep heading towards the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today we have a very important tool that is necessary for the safety of human beings in this life and in the next. And it is important and it is one of the main means in order to maintain good brotherhood and good friendship. And it is a sign of the man in the heart.

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And it is a sign that one is concerned for his brothers in Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala clarified on the on the way towards success. And he said in the surah that all of us know about when he said his millennial men and what that meant to him was asked by time in incentives if your man is in a state of loss, all men all human beings are in a state of loss in levena, amen. Well, I'm in a slightly hat, except for those who have believed and they do righteous deeds, what also will have on the enjoyment one another with the truth, what I was hoping for, and they enjoyed one another to sticking to patience and perseverance. So from the

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characteristics and the trace of the believers is that they enjoy the good and they forbid the evil, and this is the way to success. Now this is a very fundamental principle in Islam advice. And we know that the messengers allow and it was self

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directed the believers hold on to advice and implemented in the way that is best. And he himself and his companions said the best way and performing advice we have today, our brothers, Mohammed and our brother, Abdul Rahman. Now salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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inshallah, today, you see that we have a very beautiful topic in hand, we are going to deal with it, we will discuss it, and we will see how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam directed us towards it, how he acted upon it, and how his companions did as well. And how this kind of this means, maintains the Muslim society and brings love and, and friendship and mutual

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concern for between brothers. Now, the problem with this issue is that today it is considered to be interference, or if so, if you are doing if you're giving advice, some people will think that you are

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intruding in their own lives, my private life. Why do you? I mean, what are you talking? Why are you telling me what to do and what not to do? I have a freewill. I can do whatever I want. I'm a free man. So why do you do Why are you intervening in my life? So this attitude is widespread? Have you come across anything like that if you tried to give advice, and what was the impression that you put

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into it? Like,

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I believe that

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there's there's an art for giving an advice. And sometimes I see butters that don't really have this art or give the advice really in a maybe not in a rude way but in a cold way. Therefore people won't accept

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And the prophet SAW some was the most merciful when he gave advice. He was never aggressive or so it's an art. And, and usually when you give it in that in a cold way, you get a reaction that you get refuse you get neglected. Or you Oh, he'll be like, yeah, sure, whatever. Do you have something to that one of the issues, one of the items that should be focused on is like, when you give advice, you have to take care, where are you giving it and to whom giving it

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as an example, you should have not in public. Very good, you should take the brother

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on the side and give him an apology doesn't feel ashamed. We will Jean Chola, with the etiquettes of giving advice, but I want just to focus on the thing that people mainly deem advice as intervening their own business, Zack, yeah, you come to give them advice. They, they say to you, okay, mind your own business. That's my private life, you have nothing to do with that. That's a natural reaction. And if you try to, well, it happened to me myself. And I'm sure that happened to most of us, when you try to give advice, someone will tell you, you're trying to tell me what to do.

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That's the natural reaction. And this attitude is created from people following their designs. They don't want to want anyone to tell them that this is wrong. And this is not the way they don't want anyone to tell them the reality of what they are doing. Can you recall any incident where the profits last time he himself gave advice, in a good way? Well, there are many examples. And he was the best example of that. Does anything come to mind? With regards to I remember when this this guy, it's in Hades, this youngster, he wanted to commit adultery. Yeah. And he came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. And he, he was honest, he just said it. He wasn't ashamed. He's like, prophet SAW some

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I want to commit adultery. So the Sahaba, they even they even wanted to hit him or

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they were surprised. The process, I'm told, just stay calm. And

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he told them do do would you would you accept that for your mom? Would you accept that for you and for your sister?

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Like for the closest woman that you know, he said no. And the professor Sam was calm, he gave this advice. So since that day, the youngster he said, I would never think about committing adultery. And it's the worst, it's the worst thing. And it's the thing that he hates the most since that day, because of the art and the way, the Merciful way that the prophet SAW some talk to him. That's a very good example that we can benefit from. And this is the example we want to follow. So when you give advice, you look at what person you are dealing with, deal with him in the way that is best, the Prophet Solomon knew that these people they had a sense of honor, they won't accept the I mean,

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one of the those who are related to them, the women to fall into fornication or Xena, so the messengers for Salaam knew that, and he made use of it in the way that is best to turn this young man from an evil thing. Now, some people think that giving advice is an optional thing you can give it, you can leave it, it's mainly the people who are practicing, who are always,

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you know, disturbing people and telling them about advice. You can't do this. This is haram. This is halal. So people generally believe that it is the practicing people who do this, who venture to do that. And well as to the rest of the people, they don't have to do it. But the profits or loss that we've generated earlier in previous episodes, when he said the six rights of the Muslim, on his fellow Muslim, we have rights upon others. So one of these rights is that if your brother comes to you to ask for advice, you give it to him. And if you see him in a state where he needs advice, you have to advise him, let's say someone, one of your friends, he wants to set up a business, he opens

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a supermarket, and he opens that supermarket, then, because you have some knowledge in business, you see that he's doing something wrong. This is not the right thing that you should do. This will cost you a lot of money. And it might ruin your business. Don't do that. If you have your consent for your brother, your friend or you have love for him. What would you do Mohammed, if you were in that case, your brother is opening a business and he's doing something that will ruin his business and you have that knowledge, what would you do? Of course, I would advise him to direct his self in a profitable business. Very good.

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Because you are concerned with him.

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benefiting for me, that's all for me. Very good. Zach. Hello, hello. Is it so you're concerned for your brother and you should be more concerned when it comes to his where he's going

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You end up is it paradise or the hellfire. So it is more on you more obligation upon you when you see it with regards to matters of religion, you're doing something wrong, you should give him advice. It's your obligation, it is not for you that he accepts your advice. Can you remind us of a verse Allah says to the prophets or that, you know, people don't have to or you're not responsible for the people who don't follow you can anything comes to mind about this from the Quran? In nicoleta demand, very good in Nicoletta, you don't guide the people that you want to get the people you love. It's not within your control. It's in the hands of a las panatela and another verse, woman

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anniversary. lol Bella como bien. So all what is upon the messenger that obligation is that he clarifies the message he conveyed the message clearly. This is unbelievable movie. So you don't have you don't have to get the people to follow you. All you have to do is convey the message, give them the advice and leave it and some scholars, one of the great scholars of our time, Sheffield band email, have mercy upon him. He said two of his some of his students were giving advice and people weren't listening to them. So he said to them, it is a seed that you're planting, let it go sometimes it takes 10 years, then it will come up one day. So always give you advice and leave and

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one day the seed will grow up, inshallah Jesus on the mercy and from the blessings of giving advice. Now, we know that giving advice is not an easy thing because it has to do with the person's pride. You come and tell me what to do. That's not easy people. Sometimes they have an attitude towards that. Now the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clarified to us that the means to maintain our religion and improve ourselves in our religion and then Islam is advice when he said there wasn't not a dean honestly. The religion is some people say it's advice but it is sincerity. It's a more general word to sincerity. The people said sincerity to whom he said to Allah to his messenger to his book and to

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the leaders of the Muslims and the general public of the Muslims the layman Okay, now we know that sincerity towards a lot of worshipping alone, sincerity to the book of Allah to follow its commandments sincerity to the prophets of Allah Islam to follow his example and his Sunnah sincerity to the people is to give advice, very good, give them advice, we give them the advice. So,

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to perfect our religion, we will give advice, this is religion. So when the prophet SAW Selim was asked about nicely he was asked, is nicely half from the religion of Islam is giving advice from religion for Islam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, it is the whole of the religion Why? Because without advice, people would fall into evil, no one giving them advice, evil becomes widespread, and the religion disappears. So now we can we have come to know, to see how advice has a high position in the religion of Islam, and the prophets of Allah Islam showed us the etiquettes of giving advice, inshallah, we will see examples at the time, and the Muslim shouldn't be proud and arrogant not to

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accept advice, we should accept advice from anyone advice comes to us from from him, we should take that advice from him and be humble enough to take the truth, whomever it comes, we will finish our life examples, and we will try to learn from them and benefit from them. So we want to contemplate when advice and how high the position is, and we wouldn't want to try to implement it in our everyday life and to improve our society and improve this world. In general. Now, we will have to stop to have a short break and after that, we will return and carry on

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discussing the issue of advice and how important it is. And we say to our viewers, stay tuned.

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brothers and sisters would come to a new edition of escoda. I have two questions. Please go ahead. You can read it and you can also understand the meaning in your own language, the different the fussier and interpretation of the meanings of

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almost every language that exists in

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the water. Zamzam is for whatever intention you drink it with solid from Asia is father as the way and he asked about how can you help very

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data or the act of worship is a part of the unity of worship has to be paid to Allah subhanaw taala and in accordance with the guidance of His Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. Now we show how the messengers love it, it was seldom explained to us the high position of advice and how it strengthens the bond of brotherhood amongst the Muslims because if you are concerned for your brother would give him advice, but the advice shouldn't be a means to seeking revenge or making the person look in a bad situation, okay. So we should, it should be done sincerely for the sake of Allah. It is an act of worship, we do it for Allah alone. So your intention, intention is for Allah, otherwise it will be rejected, and it will bring enmity and dissension among the brothers. Now the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on the

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other hand, taught us how to be humble enough to accept the advice regardless, whoever it comes from, maybe it will come to you from your child will come to you from a young man, a person who is less than you in knowledge, you have to accept that because the Muslim always seeks that which is good. Whoever it comes from, doesn't make a difference. I will take it if it's if it's in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah. It brings me closer to paradise. I'll take that at hamdulillah This is the Muslim and even the Prophet sallallahu sallam, sometimes he would accept the advice, even from sometimes this believers or people of other religions, he would just take that there are non

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Muslims, they don't believe in Allah. And the prophet SAW Allah and he was a number he would take advice. Why? Because as it is their wisdom and truth is what the Muslim seeks whoever it comes from, he takes it we don't look at the person but we take it. And have you come across stories or incidents from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he took advice, even from people who are not really qualified to give advice but when that was the truth, he would take him home and have you come across anything like that? Sure. Well.

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Bishop from the Jews came up to the Navy so I sell him and told him that you Muslims are good people. But you do Sure. So the heavy saucer and said Subhana Allah, how's that? So the bishop said that

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we they say what we'll cover

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will cover sorry. Okay, will you swear by the capitalization by the cat by the cap? Okay, so the nav so SLM said that we should say what a boot camp by the root node of the cabin, not will cabin by the cabin, and also the bishop to the Navy. So a solemn lie that Muslims are good and they associate partners with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So then every saw Salim said Subhana Allah How's that? So, he said that we say that a Muslim says that

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these are met a lot.

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A lot. What might what might,

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what Allah wants and what you want. So then we said that we should say that, Masha, Allah, what allowance then? What you want Marsha? Marsha Aloma? She

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accepted the advice over? How would you Yeah. And we know that the Jews, they were in enmity with the Muslims. And they weren't happy with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. They hated him. They wanted to kill him. But still, when the advice came to him, he took that because he saw that it was truth from the truth. So he took it we got we don't need the person. We are not taking the person we're taking the truth from him that so long believed the person his enmity, his hatred, he will keep that for himself. We will tell you the truth. That's a very good example. Man, have you come across

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similar story is one of the Sahaba of the lawn.

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He was a guardian for the desert, get the money of this. Okay. And so, one of these nice, he caught a man trying to steal. So he's like

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he was he told him I'm gonna take you to the messenger on the loss. Awesome. He told him, please, forgive me. I'm poor. I have a family. So he tells him Okay, he left he let him go in. He went to the prophet SAW Simon he told him the story. And the prophet SAW some told him he's gonna come again. So the second night, the same stuff happens.

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So, he goes to the prophets awesome. It doesn't, he's gonna come again. So the third night Actually, he comes again. And so he doesn't Okay, this time. For real. I'm going to take you to the prophet SAW some. So he was like, Okay, I'm gonna

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They give you a piece of advice and you leave me. He's like, Okay, what do you have for me? He's like,

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read a the Kersey suit the Kersey before you sleep, and Allah is gonna protect you from all kinds of evils. So he went and he talked to the prophet SAW some, and he told him Yeah, that was, at least that was the devil. And he gave you this advice. And of course, he took

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panela the worst enemy of humanity, worst enemy, non enemy. Give it to he took from him advice somehow. So that means we could learn from anyone. That's a good example. But it doesn't mean that we go around to people who are known for their deviation, and the messed up mentality. Because sometimes this is contagious. But if it happens, then the truth comes to you by means of a person who's an enemy to you. But this is this is the truth. We take it, it doesn't mean you go to people who have problems, and they don't really have a proper understanding of Islam, because sometimes it becomes contagious, and you might get affected. So but if the truth is we said comes to you, then I

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accept it, because the Muslim is a seeker of Truth. And I've come across a beautiful story one day from the history of the Muslims. You know, alphastar is in Egypt.

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And it used to be a place for the people who have knowledge. Now there was a well known scholar there called Joe hurry. One day, another scholar who's less than him in knowledge, he came over he was traveling and he remained in a spot for some a couple of days. The other scholars name was Mohammed Al Qasim. He was a traveler. He came to us for sport and he went to the masjid to listen to this great scholar of Joe. He was well known for his knowledge, he said, I would sit there and benefit from him. He went in his Masjid. And he was giving a lesson and that's and he said that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam made Pollak divorce and he made Isla Isla is to say to your wife, that

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I'm not going to have any relation with you for three days, or four days, or certain period of time. And the process of selling beats the heart, the heart means that you say to your wife, you are like my mother to me. And a lot of the heart of the third thing, and I'll call on as mukarram minute as an evil statement, and the fourth statement and ally. So once you didn't say it so this Joe had a great scholar said that the professor seldom did the three of them, he made divorce, and he made a law and he made

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so this is another scholar, he's sitting and he said, That's not true. But he did a stand up in Hashmi. And he said to him, No, that's wrong. You don't have knowledge, as some people don't do today. No. You remain silent until he finished his lesson. And he has so many students. When he that was the habit of that school, he would take the people to his house, give them food and they would stay with him for some time, ask him benefiting from him, then they would leave. So he said I went with the people. This Mohammed Wilkerson, the traveler, I went to the people to his house, we sat in his house, and he was picked the people then people started to leave. Then he saw me and he

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recognized I was a stranger. So he said to me, You have something to say to me. I said yes. So he said to the people, please leave because I want to speak to that man. People left. And we sat down together I said to him, you said that the prophets of Allah, Allah made divorce. That was true. And you said he made ILA that was true. You said he made the heart. That wasn't true. The Prophet Salim never made the heart and the lies saying it is an evil, evil statement. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is infallible Allah protected him from all sin. So how can you say that? So this is wrong. So he said, he kissed me between my eyes and my forehead. And he gave me a warm hug. And he said, You

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are my brother and you are a sincere brother. You are giving me advice Jazakallah him. And I, I acknowledge that I made a mistake. Just like hello halen. You see how the good etiquette helps them teaches the people that said the knowledge and you can see it made them closer. He hugged him and kissed him on his forehead. say to him just like Hello, honey on my brother. He recognizes that he's sincere and he wants good for him. He said the next day, I went to the minister to attend this lesson again. When he saw me he said to the people open away for my teacher. This is my teacher. You know, yesterday, I told you I told you that the professor was telling me the heart. That was wrong.

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And he came to me, and he gave me a sincere advice. And I take it from him. So this is my teacher and he put him here.

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I put him in his place. You see how this how we Muslims to take advice. Someone gives you advice. Don't be arrogant and reject it. Take it and benefit from it. And we can take a beautiful lesson from this story is that he didn't give him advice in public. As you mentioned at the very beginning of the end of this episode. Don't give advice in public. Let the person maintain his honor. Don't break his reputation or speech. give him advice in front of people.

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That's, sometimes it's taken by some people as a slight to honor. And so yeah, I also recall the story. So nice story. Yeah.

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There was this young guy. Yeah, he saw, old guy, older person doing will do in the wrong way. So he didn't want to talk to him because the old person will feel that his pride is gay. So he bought a little kid, and he made him do do in front of the old person, so that the old person sees the real will do. And that was his way of giving him advice. That's a clever way, and it is in accordance with this one. So one should give advice. Without doing that in public, don't do that in public, give advice to the person without doing that in public. And other thing. When that man give advice to the scholar who made the mistake, he started first by saying you mentioned so many beautiful

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things. You said this, and he said that that's true. But as to that thing, this is one. So it's a good thing that we can benefit from when you give someone advice, start mentioning the good things in his character, the good things he did. And then so that you establish a relationship between you and him. And after that, you give him the advice so that he takes it favorably he takes it with appreciation. He says Zach Lowe halen, you give him advice. So when we give advice to someone, then let's start with mentioning the good points, the good things he has, or she has, this is a good way to make them take the advice. And another thing that we can do, you can show the person that you are

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concerned for him, or concern for you this one giving you advice, and the Muslim in return, he has to accept the advice. And the importance of the advice, as we saw in that example, brings the people closer, brings the people closer, do you have some kind of advice you would like to give generally in terms of accepting advice, taking it from the people shortly, we have few seconds. So any thing in terms of accepting advice or actually it has to be with knowledge, and

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you can't give advice like that we have to have knowledge when you give advice so you don't give the person the wrong advice. But now that we have come to see through the examples you mentioned and we think that we have dealt with that advice if it's done correctly, it's a means to bring the people closer have more mutual love and have a better society. We save the people from falling into evil, we direct them to the straight path they seek neediness towards Allah subhanaw taala and this is how the Muslim community and society should be helping one another giving advice to one another. This is how we want to be and this is how we want the Muslim society to be and our viewers inshallah to

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implement this beautiful etiquette and so that will bring friendship and love amongst one another. We have a better society and we have inshallah better world when people come to know about Islam and appreciate it and accept it and abide by that. So inshallah we have a better society and a better world and we inshallah earn the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada I think my brothers who were very helpful inshallah, to clarify this beautiful concept. And I say to our viewers, deserve love for your patience. And may Allah guide all of us was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh