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Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of protecting oneself from negative consequences of competition and the need to have strong bonds with oneself and others. They also touch on the concept of "people" and the use of "people" to describe actions and emotions. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting one's bonds and avoiding negative consequences in order to avoid negative consequences. The upcoming competition for Islam is focused on individuals and their behavior, and the potential for conflict to lead to evil behavior and negative behavior.
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How can we make a lot of us more? How can we increase the love we have for our brothers and the love they have for us? If you want to know that, stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves, and the evils of our actions, whomsoever Allah guides, non chemists guide, and whomsoever leaves to go astray, non can guide and I bear witness that non has the right to be worshipped except a law alone who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome. Come to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, I am autosomal Hamidi, we have the brothers with us today Brother Mohammed and brother Abdullah man Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah

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wa barakato.

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Today, we are dealing with a beautiful subject that is prevalent in our lives, and it's part of every person's life as part of every character, but we will know how to tackle this issue, how to deal with it, and keep it under control. So it doesn't affect and doesn't destroy the Brotherhood that the Muslims have. between them. As we said, Brotherhood is one of the main objectives in Islam, to have this mutual love, to have the solidarity to be attached to Allah subhanaw taala through this bond of brotherhood, now we have as human beings, naturally, since we were born, we enter some sort of competition

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in everything, everything you do that you will see other people doing the same thing, exactly the same thing. There's always some kind of competition.

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Everyone wants to excel, every everyone wants to be the best, in some way or another. And this is what people do, there's a natural disposition in human beings to do the best or to be the best even remember one to be number one. That's it to be number one human nature. So do you recall I want you to go back in time to childhood? Do you have Can you recall anything about competition? Just

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I can say the innocence simple what you know, the children, they have this kind of repetition. And sometimes it's innocent, just innocent. Can you recall something from your childhood? how you want it always, maybe in school, or in the playground? Or the football game? To be the first was to be the best? Yeah. Can you recall something I've done? Actually, recall, when I was a kid, like maybe tours, or maybe like four years old. And in the classroom, when we do like, we had a homework easy homework, whoever gets the best grade, he gets candy, and he gets so I used to always, like, try to get that. Yeah. And as a kid, I used to envy you.

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Someone else? Good. I'll be like, why not? Me? Yeah, was it to be number one, or just because of the candy and this

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was mainly two.

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happened during school,

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primary school, a friend of mine, who used to

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be like, having high grades in the class. One time he didn't have this high grade he got. So he started crying. Just like what's wrong with you, you have to still have a good grade.

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These are the things that's cool. And maybe when you're playing, you want to be the best. And you know, I can remember we were children. And our parents were watching us we would say in our house, can you can you see me? Mom? Can you see me? Can you see that move?

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was the best? You see? We have this one to be the best human nature. There's nothing wrong with that. As long as it doesn't destroy the relationship of brotherhood, this beautiful bond. So we have to keep it under control. Yes. Because it's human nature. And had it not been for competition. People will be lazy. It will be lackadaisical. And really with no ambition, with nothing but competition always gives you energy and it makes people develop that's it gives you energy moves you forward. And this is actually this is one of the things that have been exploited by the people of evil. You know how they got for example, they saw they talk about women rights. They talk about

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liberation of women, will they use beautiful words

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But their intentions are evil, they want to spread ministry, they want the women to get rid of their chastity, to do away with their hijab. And with their modesty, they want women to become just sexual objects for men to enjoy that, or what they want with women is waiting for the media for the advertising. Yeah. And they say women rights, women rights, liberation, for women, rights for women, and all that. And you can look at the women in the West will. I don't believe that. I mean, having a naked woman, woman or half naked woman sitting on a chocolate bar, and an advertisement. And then we'll say this is women's rights. This is exploitation. This is really sick. And we're using it just

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to sell the product, whatever you whatever you're selling, even if it's car tires, even if it's a hammer that you are advertising, what do they do? Well, they use a woman, that's exploitation. And this is moving also, not only in West, it's moving in the Middle East. countries, how did they get the people to do that through competition? They said, Okay, look at that woman, she's more liberated than you. So they exploited that sense of competition that is deep in every soul, in order to make to direct people in a certain direction, competition, competition. And that was the same approach shaytan used with Adam and Eve, at the money system. How did he do that? He said to them, Allah did

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not prevent you to eat from that tree, except that you become like him.

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Or you become immortal.

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Oh, in another verse 11, takuna, mela Kane, he prevented you from eating from that tree. Because if you do that, you will become from the angels. So Adam, he had that sense of competition. He wanted to be like the angels, you want to be immortal. So he used he exploited that sense of competition. We wanted to teach them to get to this act to this obey Allah subhanaw taala. So you see what how the approach of people who want to

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destroy the modesty of women, and the Chinese and the bashfulness they say they approach the women of the Muslims, they say to you look at the woman in the West, she works she has her own house, she does this, she does that. They try to make it beautify it. They even move the beauty competitions to the to the Arab countries. Now it's, it's the same as the Western world. How did they do that? This is competition exploiting the sense of God, it's a very important psychological threat, using that sense of competition to exploit people. They say, for example, you see, the women in the West are more liberated, they have more freedom, they have their own character. They have they make their own

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And they, they cover they conceal the rest of the bad stuff, the evil stuff, the miserable life that women have in the West subpanel. And that's the that's the tricks of the media. You take a point and purify it and make a big sum, and they leave all the other bad points. Yes, yeah.

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I think that they can't realize a competition. You think it's something good, but turns out to be a bad thing, evil thing? It's aiming to destroying the whole societies. So yeah, so it's deep in the human soul. That sense of competition? What can we do about it? And do you feel that that sense of competition would destroy brotherhood? Have you come across something like that? Maybe at school, to be the first in class be number one that caused hatred? You know, there's always two or three students who are competing to be number one. And when one of them doesn't come number one, you can see the hatred comes out. Have you noticed that? Yeah, sometimes there's hate and sometimes even

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causes backstabbing. Yeah, it brings a lot of evil. But first, it really destroys that love of friendship that we have, sometimes students, they are friends, the close friends, they're the best in the class, one of them comes first. The second one.

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It's even in like in sports. Like if someone's like, a fan of a certain team, and another friend of hers, a fan of another team, they get like, they have tournaments in the relationship between each other for the we see a lot of fights after football games. Because that sense of competition people sometimes kill kill each other because of a football match. SubhanAllah You see, even mean like Personally, I was playing I play basketball. So we do in this competition. We will play in a game and the coach is there to see like to shoes to select for for the finals. The team because we're a lot. So I was about to shoot.

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And to score the guy to prevent me.

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He just pushed me. And I was in the air. So of course, I fell down and I got injured. So that, that that's how many it

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was because of competition was a practicing brothers environment or like normal Muslims. No, it was a normal,

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maybe that that's the trade from he ran away.

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So you see what the sense of competition does to compete. And even we know people you know and the hierarchy at work, they want to get promoted, they want to have the highest status, they would do anything to reach that, and they say they have this expression, they will destroy any one stopping in the way. So they will destroy your life, your career life, they will destroy your future, just for the sake of getting promoted. So it says out loud,

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I'm going to destroy anything that stops me, that's a sense of competition. This is why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, to the companions, that it is not poverty that I feel for you. I don't feel that you remain poor. There's no problem with that. I don't feel poverty for you. But what I fear is that the pleasures of this life become available for you. And to have Daniele come, all the pleasures of this life are opened up for you. So you fatten FSO kimata enough as well. So you compete over that with one another as the nations that came before you did. So it destroys you, as a destroyed them. Okay, it's clearer, since 1400 years ago, then I was also number four to this 1400

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years ago, and it's happening now. So he, what he feared for his people for the Muslims is to that the pleasures of this life become available for them. So they start competing over that, so destroys them. So we see that competition is very, very destructive, we, if we don't keep it under control, to a certain extent, it is necessary for human survival. for human advancement, we need that in businesses, and yeah, in all aspects, but to a certain extent to be moderate, when it brings about hatred destroys the Brotherhood, we don't want that. And we many times we have seen brothers, they had love for one another. And they had the best of relationships as brothers loving one another for

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the sake of a lot. But when when competition took place between them, it destroyed them, they became the worst enemies, the fiercest enemies to one another. Okay. So this is how competition is a very serious issue. And we have to tackle that with a sense of understanding of its seriousness, and how to use it in a good way. And a good way. So this way the sun learn from it from his wisdom, he told us how to deal with it. And he said, what I feel for you is that you compete over this life with one another, this is where destruction comes poverties even easier than that. Poverty. I have a question. She, for example, for instance, if my brother he's in like, kind of the same field, and we

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have to compete, it's the nature we just have to so how do I cure that the fact that it could create hate between me and him? Okay, the issue of competition is not an easy issue or that we can deal with in a short time. inshallah we will deal with your question and some other ideas, but we will have to stop for a few minutes and I say to our viewers, stay with us. We'll come back shortly inshallah.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back.

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So the issue of competition is a very important one. And as Mohammed, your question was about, you have a competition sense of competition with your brother with it, as we said, competition as long as it makes you better, and it helps you improve yourself and prove those around you. There's no problem with that. But if it brings hatred, this is where you have to stop it, you have to control it. So if it doesn't cause hatred, and it doesn't cause envy,

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Then there is no problem with it. It's a good thing. It's a good thing as long as you keep it under control. Now, do you know what made the people in Mecca? The disbelievers reject the message of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. You know what they said to themselves, it came in some narrations. They said, Well, this man is going to come and take over. He wants to take what leadership is for kingship of America. So that sense of competition prevented them from accepting the religion of Islam. So well, now it has exceeded the limits Zicree now of the rough man, you see how it works out. As long as it doesn't make you do something evil, then it's okay. But when it starts to push

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you to lie, to cheat to hate your brother, no, we don't want that. But But if I'm obligated, like to stay in that field, and he's in the, in the, like, in the same field, and we're competing, and he starts this atmosphere of hate that starts to get created, but I have to stay in my field because I do it for a living. So what do I do? It has nothing to do with that, actually, you have to keep that love for him. If he starts hatred, then you keep giving him love.

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Competition doesn't mean that you have to hate one another. And the companion said the best examples for us and that we know that Bob and abubaker, they used to compete, but they loved one another. They never hated one another. Even one day, Bob says that they used to search for anything good that they could do. And he said one day I saw an old woman she was blind. And she had no one to help her. So he said, I thought to myself, that's a good opportunity for me to do something good for the sake of Allah. So he went to her house in order to help her tidy up things and he would clean the house you see honorable hapa, one of the great companions, he said he would speed sweep the house, clean

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it for her and do all the cleaning tidy up the house because she was an older woman.

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She was blind. And he would take care of her and she would he would give her even some money to, I mean, spend on herself for her unnecessary needs. So he said when I came to her house, and I said to her,

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he called his Auntie or my mother, he said to her, I want to help you. And I want to do that. So when he entered her house, so that it was tidy, and everything was clean, and everything was good. So he thought to himself, he said, that's really strange. This is an old woman, and she's blonde, she she she can't do that herself. So he said I wanted to see who was helping her. So he started watching and one day, he saw that Obama would go to her house, tidy up, house for her, clean it for her. And he would give her even some money, some hot lava car himself. So they used to compete with one another to do good, but that never caused them hatred. never could. But it brought more love

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because it was for the sake of Allah. So as long as we keep our intention for a lot will increase love, which will love and we know the story, but I'm going to have Bob when he said one day they must have just

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commanded us to give in charity, money in charity. So I must say I was happy because at that time I had some money. So he came to the money he had he split it into two hearts, he brought half to the messengers and allowed himself. So the Prophet, peace be upon him asked him, he said, What did you leave for your family? He said, Oh, I left for them the same as I brought. I brought half and the left half for my family. So I almost said to himself today, I will excel I will do more than I will. But I have more money now. So I can do more than Abubakar came with some money. So the prophet SAW Salem asked him he said, Yeah, but what did you leave for your family? He said, I left for them,

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Allah and His messenger. He brought all the cash money he had all the cash money he had. So I'm upset, I will never be able to surpass Abu Bakar to do better than Abu Bakar. I can't Excel this what can't compete with this man, but they were competing, you see, but never caused them hatred. So this is how we want our competition to be in a good way. Yeah. And if we are inclined to this life, and we compete over things from this live, will, hatred will come.

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But when you do things for the sake of Allah, you'll protect yourself from that hatred. And then there's also this other point, like, there's a lot of psychologists and people of wisdom that say that, and athletes that you should when you compete also you should compete with yourself. If you always look at the person, like for example, when people are running, racing each other, if you start looking at the one you're racing, you could fall down, as if you compete with your own self, you may win. So it's also competing with your own self seen every day. For example, did I get better in Islam for example? Do I do do I pray now I feel more. Do I do the cat more

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Do I care for people more? Well, I want to ask Mohammed actually, what do you think that we should be competing in? Should we be competing over wealth over status, or there are other things that we should compete in? Surely we should compete in that, like doing most of our music, most of the hot

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reading, memorizing Quran

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that kind of I bet that it's an it's a lot more than what I said. So it's like, this is the best competition that we will have.

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So we should, we should compete in acts of worship, doing more acts of worship, competing as Allah Subhana Allah says, In the Quran, or feed alika vnfs Elmo Tenafly soon, and in that, let the competitors compete. This is what the Muslim competes in, worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, praising him rising more on doing more, having more knowledge. As we see a beautiful example that we had this time. There were great scholars who died just maybe a few years ago, we had, for example, Chavez, may Allah have mercy upon Rama, we shall ban him, Allah have mercy upon him, he may have mercy upon him. They were competing in knowledge, but they had love for one another. And if you look at the way

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that they were talking about one another, that was the very high morality, and beautiful attitude and love for one another, you see, despite the competition that they had, in terms of knowledge, in terms of spreading knowledge, and bringing the people to the straight path, to the same understand some understanding of the student, according to the early generations of Islam, they were upon that, and they manifested, and they introduced a beautiful example of competition for the sake of Allah Subhana. What's even if the disagreed in certain manners, you could feel that the men that they present the argument with each hour in between them. So it's like it actually shows, and it's upon a

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lot actually shows on these three scholars, how they have the clear and pure competition between each other. And there's even this Hadees but I don't really recall exactly how you're gonna help me share.

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The puffs is awesome. He talked about if people knew how much blessings do they get from praying in the first row in the masjid, they may even battle each other for it. Yeah, and compete really in a strong way for Well, that's another beautiful example,

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to compete to be in the first row. Okay, not the last row simpanan law, this is another field of competition as well, you know, something inevitable in competition. All those who compete or mainly say most of them, compete with one another, they have envy towards one another. Unless they have true brotherhood, we have true brotherhood, there will be no place for envy insha Allah, because this competition is for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of wealth, not for the sake of this world. So it teaches if we can compete in the, for the sake of Allah, in a in the dunya matters will be competing in in a legal,

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legal way they

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like in the business, and it's for the sake of Allah and also I'm doing my level out of it. So make it easier. Mohammed, you mean that when people when they compete with one another, they do evil things? To let the other person fail? Yeah, so in Islam, there's no place for that. No, no, but that naturally happens, doesn't it? It doesn't. If you've been taught and raised upon the Quran and Sunnah. You will reflect this in your life matters.

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The example we're talking about today the competition. So we will be having a competition in the sake of Allah, even if you're doing as Robin said,

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things in your work or something like that you're competing with another man. And you're so it will be in a legal way will be worship also to Allah because it's for the sake of Allah, for the sake of just

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the pleasure of business and yeah, and the last analysis limit, we have affiliate Mel amoun, he said about the opposition of the peoples of paradise. For this let the people do actions has a sense of competition in it. Okay, for this a man, let's compete with one another, and competition and a man. For example, in terms of acknowledgement, see that when you see that there's competition between two people, it makes them exert themselves more. Yeah, they do more because they compete with one another, it helps. So it is another thing about competitions and advice you do more so you progress more And whatever you do, yeah, but we should keep it for the sake of it for the sake of

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So you see how Islam has the potential to get the natural dispositions that we have natural tendency, tendency tendencies we have in our souls and our nature, Islam has the ability to mold them, and use them in the way that is best. sunlight is not about a mean changing your nature, I mean, or suppressing the person's efforts and potential No, it's about molding one's character, improving it, and directing it to that which is beneficial for himself and for the rest of the people. So this is one side of the beautiful Islam. See, competition is a good thing originally, but if it brings hatred, and brings envy and jealousy and evil characteristics, now it becomes evil now,

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we took it to an extreme now we have to keep it under control and benefit from it and improve our lives with it and make it a means that will inshallah make us attain paradise. So Islam has the potential to improve our lives and we can see Mashallah with everything we do. We have a beautiful methodology to

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develop ourselves, cultivate our character, and improve it and this is all from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and we can do that we can implement it we can see what we have to do is something simple and easy and applicable, we can act upon that in everyday life and this is our intention, this is what we want to do and this is what we want inshallah all the Muslims to attach the sights and the hearts that objective, so that inshallah we will all be in paradise in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I say to our guests, Zack la halen Baraka Luffy COMM And we say to our viewers that look around for your patience and for staying with us, and we say inshallah we meet and on a

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different occasion to talk about issues that contain that concern brotherhood, inshallah, we will benefit from them and I say Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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