The Noah In You

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The boot project of Noah,

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let's be parts of the story of Noah, from after God commanded him to build and

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God commanded Noah to build a boat, and to make a strong and firm and to carry there in every kind of two creatures, animals, it male and the female of every species of animals, plants and fruits.

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He was also to carry his family along. That was the instruction. That was the assignment. And that was the calling the goal.

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Let's look at the boat itself. The boat was more like a coffin than a proper ship. No decorations, no swagger, nothing fancy. Forget about aesthetics.

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It was not a work of art. But this giant box just had to float somehow.

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Noah also needed to build it with partitions and dividers, stables and stalls, cages and paint boxes and booths and so on, you know, so the animals don't all eat each other

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and left the cages were ready, and the animals loaded on to the floating zoo.

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No one went ahead and created a pill every animal that was around him, found on the land around him at that time. There were huge carts, the lions, the Tigers, the Cougars, the cheetah, golden yellow spotted opium black, Rose hideously evil ignore. The cages were filled with enormous monkeys. frightful beasts with Blackford then everywhere in beasts, the elephants and mammoths, the ostrich, and countless types of fancy birds lithologic lizards, super crocodiles, with teeth, Shama Silesia and all manners of gazelles was covering their dogs, pandas and penguins, kangaroos and giraffes, lemurs and Camille's included in the collection also why the hippos are the Reno's oversized, clumsy

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and string looking creatures. The rhinoceros is a spectacular animal, while irregular wear ox has two horns on either sides of his head. This one has only one task on his nose, then the war of with long poor children.

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We've got the zoo of monstrous creatures with every will own antlers and tusks. The types a child will see in the dream and scream toward the neighbor enables this wondrous Pandora's Box carry designer products yet. No, I have to live with them in the boat, then, you know, there are a couple of dozen have already frightened goats for the prenatals How do you know arrange the things in the boat? If you are Noah, you really know how to arrange things. Because know how to put the big animals on the bottom with the little animals on top, and the medium animals in between. If you put the little things in with the big things, then the big things will eat the little things and the

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middle things will know how to act and they will get confused. Remember that Noah was well organized. He knew they shouldn't keep the zebras with the lions. And he knew they shouldn't keep the gazelles with the Tigers. He knew not to keep the goats with the wolves in life. There's a superior knowledge of how things work. Success doesn't work with laziness. Progress doesn't work with ignorance, and blessings do work within discipline. If you are not well organized, the elephant will crush the rodents on the foot.

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So what happened when the rain started, the over women can pour from the dark sky added to the petrifying gush of water causes on the earth. The original rivers overflowed into the lakes. The lagoons merged with the oceans, the muddy and salty water served into waves of destruction and death. There are no more bullets in the air, and the fishes in the seas were drowning. big trees were thrown at point in world pools like mastics flushed down the toilet

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This was a deluge. It forced me to stay in the long, endless darkness of the ark.

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Know how to stay in the darkness of the ark. Amidst the stench of cats vomits, the ark was so great with animals we are poor. They don't spread everywhere. Stinky Ryan's a wild beast, smells of elephants loud Fox hyenas was stealing decomposing remains of antelopes that the lions left over tigers, snatching the cheetahs food, rude monkeys screaming, while chimpanzees fighting poisonous snakes sinking their fangs in helpless and innocent rabbits. scorpions, stinking things they won't eat, only to leave them crawling in excruciating pain that will kill them slowly.

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animals in captivity,

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their natures have been distorted.

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There was no difference between the wild and domesticated. All became opportunities. The strong eating the weak, the feet, beating the sick, the big cheating the small animals will present animals, animals eating animals, animals, enslaving animals, animals, raping animals, the default became slim, between the stolen weekend and dangerous humans that refuse to enter the ark with him and the animals he had to live with.

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What can we learn from this? Some of those who've kept in your booth could be potential predators. They can eat you up. Yes, they can eat you. Because some of the animals we're looking at no harm. hideously. Some we're setting him up dangerously. Some of the snakes with chicks full of venom were hissing at him treacherously. Even the monkeys were already given malice. They look like they were planning a mutiny

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among the animals were those in semi dormant state, you know, it cannot have an issue. They won't have you. Yet they will actively contribute anything to solve your problem.

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Let's just say we are in your life to mark the register as seen. When your problems are finally over. They are the ones to see I was there. I was there when so and so person was hustling and struggling with life. Nobody has become successful. He doesn't share it all with me.

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Even though I was there.

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But amongst the animals were those who are pretending to be what they weren't. Some snakes pretended to the wolves, wolves were pretending to be sheep. There are also those who have totally forgotten who they really were. Some wolves waving theme, crawling towards a little spaghetti code. I thought it was the lizard is zebra mistook it stripes for those of tigers. The we're in utter confusion and delirium is a bird with the sense of the butterfly, an elephant with the brain of an ant. their perceptions have been altered. If lost their mental health. Their primal instincts have been tampered with. Noah couldn't get off the boat. He couldn't control the boat. And he couldn't stop

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the boat. They spent that outside the boat. The rains will stop falling. The clouds swallow the sun. Every other thing was in motion. It was only time that stood still. There was no difference between day and night. The Earth was depressed. It was dark.

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It was cold

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and lonely.

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The boot was not going to any possibly no destination. So there was no expectation of an arrival.

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Does this not resemble the story of your life?

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A flood and you're overwhelmed by the waters. Remember,

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there is no way you

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when you are going through struggles, the flossing you become more apparent, then you tend to feel helpless. You feel imperfect. You feel humbled.

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Sometimes, but let's keep the solutions hidden from you. by many layers of complexity is to live your life could be fraught with hard to interpret passages, mysterious signs, puzzling particles and cryptic metaphors.

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Everything you've taught seems to have gone on them.

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Is that

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keynotes are painful,

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painful, excruciating. This has been your own personal journey,

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the journey,

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the journey towards your own so

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you need to run with a new paradigm, a mature new way of looking at things. The newest metaphor is not that of destruction, but that of a new one. Not a revival,

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restoration and rebirth

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is that of knowing those around you, and understanding what you're capable of influence in your life, good or bad.

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Now that you've learned your lessons about knowing in you,

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and what your relationships can lead you into good or bad, I want you to understand that the darkness will end someday the storms will be over.

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The rains will subside.

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The Arc will both

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what is happening cannot change what is written.

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You will know how we'll see the lighting is a new life after the day. Hong Kong,

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Hong Kong

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your son shall sunshine again

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after this darkness

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Thank you