Adnan Rajeh – The significance and etiquettes of Jumaah 2

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The upcoming month of August focuses on outreach and bringing people to the area, with the main goal of inspiring non-B apologists. The importance of not forgetting privacy and avoiding privacy-related behavior is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to attend the J factor for their religious needs. The importance of protecting time and attendance is also emphasized, as it is required for everyone to attend, and privacy in public settings is emphasized as an obligation.
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were opposed to being dunked in water.

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And we're gonna move on to a new theme in Charlotte today. For the last maybe couple of weeks, we've been talking about outreach and Dawa, which is what the theme of the month of August was, for us, we're coming towards the end of the month of August, obviously. So we're gonna kind of switch to something different, a little bit. I want to just kind of thank all those who were involved in the different events that occurred here with the intention of outreach on Saturdays and throughout the month, and today, specifically, it was a very beautiful turnout, mashallah people had a good time, a lot of new faces, people I've never seen before. And we were able to mingle and get to know some

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some new people. Oh, you shouldn't. Outreach should not end with August, obviously. But we use this feat monthly theme just as a way to initiate or encourage people in Charlotte to perform more Dawa and to bring you know, the people that don't usually come to massage it to massage it.

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And not just that, but also reach out to non Muslims and try to perform as much data as possible. That's what Allah subhanaw taala put us on this earth to do, you should never forget our main your main goal, or means objective, the theme that I'm going to initiate or start today are moving forward the next couple of weeks is is the significance of Joomla. And I'm doing it now because just right before school,

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this is where the here's where people drop off. This is where it kind of this is where the again, you know, the the graph, this is where, again, it kind of starts to fall off. Throughout the summer, people are mostly the kids are off, students are off, and parents have time off. And so people come for July, you see a lot of faces, and then September comes in, and then the numbers just start to plummet. And not because you know, it's not it's not because they won't be we're already privacy, I actually can't actually handle the numbers that come here throughout the winter, because it's too cold outside in the summer, we can have people outside, but we can't. But the idea of attending

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Jomar making sure that you do that, regardless of where you are and what you're doing and how you're knowing what the importance of Joomla is what the etiquettes of attending Joomla are. And I want to share that through maybe a series a few weeks of going through the Hadith that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam gave us regarding that that topic. So I'm gonna start with the most probably the most famous of them all, Yahweh or Buddha who few Sunni he be sent out in person. I'm totally community hub or the Allahu Anhu call and then the VSL Allah Allah Yes, I will send them a file. So the hadith is in the collection of Imams of Buddha Buddha has a reasonable chain of narration

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narrated to us by participants, you have one of the Sahaba and he says is what he said that he sought to know Jomo to happen where Jeevan Allah Cooley Muslim in fee GEMA Illa Illa.

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I wouldn't Mom look. Oh, Emre. Oh, Serbian. Oh, Marielle. So the provider yourselves I'm tells us that Joomla is obligatory.

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If they have that something that you owe, if the rate upon you, how can ye Jim, how can while you may is it's a rate that you that Allah has upon you. And it's obligatory for, for every Muslim in JAMA to be done in congregation.

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Except for someone who does not have their freedom. So slaves aren't forced, because that's not fair to them, because they can't control their time. So it's not fair to be watching for them. For our sisters, they don't have to come from your mom, they come obviously, I don't know, seven years Zamolo here and this, but they don't have to and obligated because they are the primary caregivers of their children. And if everyone if the men and women come tomorrow with the children, then it's at every week, and you don't have to massage it to put it all together. So we don't have to, or someone who was underage, or someone who was sick.

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So these are the four that exist in this hadith. And these are the four that for sure don't have to come for Jiwon. So these these four categories that the Prophet alayhi salam pointed out, for sure don't have to come to Jama. So someone we don't have that first one, we don't have people who are don't have their freedom.

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I could, I could actually argue that a little bit, but I'm not going to tonight for the lack of controversy. But we don't have that specifically anymore. But no sisters don't have to come. People are under age don't have to come from somewhere and someone who is ill obviously have to come to July. It doesn't talk about those who are traveling because this hadith is presuming the context is for people who are living within cities not traveling, traveling there's a large caveat for traveling meaning that my they'll have have a lot of different opinions on what constitutes travel and whatnot. But someone who is traveling does not have to attend gym while they get your free boat

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or if you're on a trip somewhere outside of the country outside the city for a few days. You don't have to attend tomorrow, but there are details within mazahub regarding that. So what method do you follow? You should learn the details of Joomla and stuff out for yourself. So you know what point you should do it and what point you don't have to do it because they differ on these on these details. I'm not gonna get into that. But these are the four you definitely don't have to. Now everyone aside from that, so all

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males muslin

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males are of age living in their city. jamaa is a rate upon them. And it's why Jim is mandatory. You must attend Jamar not optional, is not encouraged, is not something that we it is mandatory, it's obligatory, it's a rite that Allah subhanaw taala has upon you, you must attend Jamar.

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We all have jobs. And we all have long weeks and it's all difficult figure out a way to attend 1520 minute Jamaat now.

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You can easily come and say, Well, you don't do 1521 And I don't I don't do a 1520 minute Jomar. And I never will it will you come here, it's going to take you 40 minutes, 40 minutes from the beginning till the end, not a second is slightly less than that. I don't care. You figure it out. There are other options out there are there options that can be made available that exist in the city where they can be 1015 minutes, so it's short so that you can make it by from where you want to go, that's fine. Or you can establish it within your work, or you can establish it within your school. People go to Western, for example, in Fanshawe, there are joumana there are more than one Jomar that are

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put together there. Depending on where you work in the city. There are domains that are established around you that you can go and go attend the gentleman's that we had that we've tried to establish in the bigger massager that the city and the should be proper July shouldn't be something really quick and stuck. That is proper Joomla. The what we are actually trying to

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suggest to the country that we live in that this should this should be protected time for Muslims. And by the way, constitutionally speaking, you have a constitutional right to protected time for Jamar you do, you don't want to ask for it because it makes you look kind of weird in the midst of what you're doing. You don't want to be put in that position as the person who's asking for time off on a Friday afternoon. But you have a constitutional right to be excused for your religious needs. And this is the only wild gem that you have throughout the week that you have to attend as a Muslim man, you have to attend this. So you have to ask for it. I went and I did this when I was in during

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residency and I was told well, this was the answer that I got. I didn't it didn't give me the time off, I would just go to one of the there's a place in both hospitals where a couple of residents or physicians come in the room is like three or four of us. And so we rushed when I asked for it. So I was told I was told well, all of the Muslims, physicians and residents before you never asked for this, right? That's what I got. So of course I wailed on all of my physician friends, I'm like, This is your fault, then. And we're not getting this because you didn't ask for it. So this is actually an issue, you have to ask for Joomla not for you. You have to ask for Joomla for the rights of

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Muslims everywhere, you ask for Joomla because once almost it's asked for Joomla time off and it becomes an epidemic in the country and all private and public sectors have this problem. Then they'll finally figure out well maybe we don't need both Saturday and Sunday where they're supposed to go pray but no one actually goes to any of their prayers. Maybe we give a part a time during Friday. So these Muslims actually want to go to their parents can go to their prayers. So it's obligatory upon you to go and ask for this. You have to go and make a little bit of a hustle, hustle you have to go and push this a little bit you want an hour or an hour and a half to go up and your

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Joomla and if you have to come back I do I still do it. This is how I do it every week. Work in the morning finish convert your mind sometimes have to go back and sometimes I don't. But we make sure as John was worth the time it's there. Why don't you because this is an issue of divine revelation. This is an issue of Allah subhanaw taala decreeing something that is managed to point to every night and the rate a hadith and you'll see, by the time we're done, you're like, Okay, this is a big deal. But I started with this one because it's the most simple and it's the most clear in terms of who I'm talking to. I'm not addressing so sisters they can attend but they don't have to. But for men, it's

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obligatory you have to take this seriously y'all really Mmm. Buddha would feast on any he'd be sending in person. Um thought it would be nice you have an interview of some Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam aka El Dorado. How can G Boone Isla Cooley Muslim in Fiji Am I 10? Ill abdomen blue can also be Yun Oh Maria Sadaqa Rasulullah he said Allah Allah. Allah Allah

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wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa

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