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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen well i Akiba to Lima 13. While out when Illa Allah Vaughn Amin was Allah Allahu Allah say you didn't already know a hidden and Avena Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine My dear brothers and sisters Welcome to another episode in the series of best of the best. Today is hadith is dealing with the best of all the rulers and the leaders.

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It's a sound Hadith collected by Imam Muslim enter the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam explains who is the best of the rulers, the best of the readers, the best of every people who happen to be in charge of the affairs of Muslims sometimes the position is an manager, a principal, a leader of a troop commander of chief and minister, a president, vice president, any person whoever is in charge of some of the affairs of the Muslims, the prophets Allah Allah Allah Selim is going to tell us who will be the best in observing this shop. So the hadith is narrated by Alfred Malik, Radi Allahu Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam makan, Fierro in Mexico and Latina Tohei buena home

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while your hipbones

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we also Luna alikoum what also Luna Allah him What's your magical Alladhina to Barcelona home where you believe Luna come? What el Annona home well and welcome Pilar rasool Allah Flm gonna resume be safe for coil Hola, como de como salah.

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Here the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam is still in us who is the best ruler who is the best governor, who is the best leader he said Alina to hit Boehner home or your hipbone those whom you love,

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and they love you, Otto Soluna, Allah him while you're Soluna Alaikum the word to Soluna here does not mean the actual prayer. Rather, it means a Salah by the meaning of invocation, and supplication that you invoke Allah to bless them, you wish them a long life and good deeds. You want them to live forever if it is possible, because they're very kind, they're very just they're very loving, very caring, caring, so you love them, and you make dua for them, while you saloon Alikum and likewise, they also pray for you in the area, and number one or three of Surah Tober Allah Almighty says who's mean and worldly him sada cotton to toe hero Matsuzaki and we will certainly highlight him in a

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solid tech a second level. So a lot of mighty commanded Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu idea sellin to order his full was the Muslims to give this a cat. And he said, and pray for them solidly Allah him, meaning pray for them in the Salah, take a second alone, because your prayer will be a source of comfort and Sakina for them. So that is the meaning of to saloon Allah him. Wives alone are like. So it is the easiest way to determine whether this ruler is a good ruler, or an evil ruler.

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The easiest way, even without polls, to find out whether this person deserves to hold that position, or you should be impeached and should be replaced. Love

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and dua

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when you meet people and they say, you know, sometimes you meet people and say pray for our president, because he's not feeling well. May God give him Chifa they don't say that because they are in front of the cameras, or because they're getting paid to say that. No, they say that because he really wish that the leader would survive would live and will enjoy good health and good life. Because this person is loved not because of his complexion, not because of his family lineage. Not because he is a descendant of the Prophet feminine only, but he

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He is loved because of the justice that he is spreading. He is loved because the people see the fruit of his rulership people loved are married now Abdulaziz may Allah be pleased with him, and they considered him the fifth rightly guided caliph, even though he was not even know the companions. The remaini whole affair from Benny Omega between Ameerul Momineen Ali the forthrightly guarded Cardiff and Omar Abdulaziz many but because Omar Abdulaziz did exactly the same like a marble hubbub like Abu Bakr Somalia so the perceive them as he's really the fifth rightly guided Calif What about hola hola. Many in between? Yes, they have ruled, but none of them gained the

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And this title was not purchased. And this title was not fabricated nor was it imposed on people to say it. It is something that people were inspired by the behavior by the justice by the fairness and the kindness of America Abdelaziz may Allah be pleased with him. Similarly, in every country, in every place, in every city, and in every county, when in the system where they have elections, three elections, when the person have served his term, and this person, finished his term clean, he served his community. He was very vigilant, he took care of the needs of his community, he made the life easy, he facilitated for them things which they couldn't achieve before. And the man is just he's

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not taking advantage of his position. They didn't see him or his children or his wife prosper out of this position, you know, enjoying the resources of his society only for himself. While the people are poor, no, is a fair person. So they automatically love him. And if there isn't an election, they will reelect him. And they want him to stay in power forever. Why? Because he is serving the purpose. On the other hand, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has said, the worst leaders ever, you could be a Muslim.

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But he's hated by his people. Because he a volume is an oppressor. The person is an evil person, such person before Allah, not only before people is evil, as well. Why? Because the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has said, Where's your emoticon and Medina to where you really want to come? The worst of you leaders are those who knew hate, and they hate you as well, you know, if they liked you, if they loved you, they would have served you better, but because their main concern, and their priority is themselves, their wealth, their family, and their party, their group or their tribe. So they don't care about you. That's why it's not only you who hate them, they hate you as well. You're

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not even a priority for them, to do what you really want. And as a result of this hate relationship,

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you're not gonna pray for them. They're not gonna pray for you, if they actually pray, what is going to happen, you're going to curse each other. This evil relationship is also perceived by Allah and in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. He looks at this person who was not worthy of your praise, who was not worthy of your supplication of your love. So he is an evil person before Allah subhanaw taala. And what is the determining factor in all of that what makes a ruler what an Imam, the best before Allah, or the worst, his behavior. He's just the services that he offers to his community. It's impossible that the community would love a leader who is not just a leader who is selfish, a

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leader who's oppressor, that's not happening, you know, but what is happening, that they love the person who is serving them to the best of his ability, and if the person is not doing so, he will be disliked, they can wait to get rid of him. If there is an election, they will definitely elect anybody else. Right? So this is the determining factor. What kind of service what kind of fairness kindness and gentleness and whether the ruler is just ruler or not, which will determine whether this person before Allah subhanaw taala is righteous and the best of rulers or god forbid, the worst of rulers. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Entomb shahada, Allah, if you will. People are the

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witnesses of Allah Almighty on earth, when two funerals passed.

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In front of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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the Companions admired the first one and said, This guy used to be a righteous person, may Allah have mercy on him. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, What do you bet? And when the second funeral passed by, they do not admire it at all, rather the condemned that person who said, Thank God he died, he was such an evil person. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, whatever. They asked him what is worship, but he said, you admire the first dead person. What about lagenda? So agenda has become His abode, it's due for him to enter paradise. And because you condemned the second person, it's impossible that people would have a general consensus or the vast majority of people

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would hate anyone, or would condemn anyone for no reason for whatever. Law not May Allah protect us again, is that to be continued in sha Allah, after we take a short break, please stay tuned. Islam is a way of life a complete.

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Complete with me, it's complete with me.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. It is a quick reminder of what was started today with the Hadith and watch the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the best of you rulers are those whom you love and they love you. You make dua for them and they pray for you. And the worst of your rulers, imams and leaders are those whom you hate, and they hate you as well, whom you curse and they curse you as well. Well, in another Hadith, which is narrated by Al Ahmad, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said,

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Hello Jannetty, Salah, the people of paradise are three or among the people of paradise, there are three categories. He mentioned one or form. Those will turn in MOOCs within Morpha. A ruler, who happened to be a just ruler, Allah granted him success is very fair, he is one of the dwellers of Paradise. Why because of his justice, because he fulfilled his duties towards his community.

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You know, the rights and obligations of the rulers and the followers are mutual. It's not only one way because some rulers assume that the followers the right yeah, the public must respect me must obey me, which is so as we're going to talk about it, but you also must understand that you owe them a lot of duties that you have to fulfill in order to gain this quality. When Allah Almighty said that, on the Day of Judgment, there will be certain people whom will save and will shelter under a shade which he will create specially for them, number one as the Prophet sallallahu Alios lmsc among the seven who will be sheltered under the shade on the day on which there will not be any shade but

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Allah shade. He said, Imam when I did adjust ruler, and we mentioned earlier, it is not only the president or the Cardiff or the emir, any person who is in charge of a community or responsibility. If he fulfilled his duties, if he was a just person, he is described as Imam add. Also, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, in amoxil, Tina ILM and Nebula minored. In the muscle cleaner in the Allahu Allah manorbier. I'm Nora, and what sort of in those who are just the hair, on the Day of Judgment, they will not be treated like this to people? No, they will be sitting on pulpits of pure light on the Day of Judgment, which is a very permanent, a permanent and very obvious marker that

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they will be saved and Allah is pleased with them. Who are they? What do they do and why did they deserve such honor? The prophets Allah Allah Allah subhana Sayed Alladhina DeLuna, if you hook me him, will lead him when I will Lu, those who are being just in the rulership in judging between the opponents and among the family members when my one Lou and whatever they have been put in a charge for. So there being just because of that Allah Almighty will treat them on the Day of Judgment by setting them on focus of pure light.

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When you look at the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said the best are those whom we love, and we they love us, we'll make dua for and they make dua for us. And this has been inspired also by the Quran. If you love somebody make dua for them.

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Allah Almighty commanded us to be kind to whom to our parents. He said, why will ye Dany Sana, sort of Israel and number 23. Then in the same surah in the following area, he commanded us to say we'll call Rob Durham, Houma can rob Bernier, Surya, invoke Allah by saying, My Lord have mercy on them as they brought me up when I was young when I was little. So love doesn't mean just like the person when I love him, or I respect him, or I have a lot of respect for him, you got to help him out in the greatest help, is do have to make dua for them. So when we love our rulers who make dua for them, we invoke Allah to bless them to support them with a good bitterness, with a good company with

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a good advisors, you know, with a good helpers and counselors. So he prayed for them, that's a sign, you know, you only make dua from your heart, you know, because that is between you and Allah or in your salute. No one is paying you to make dua. So when the people, at least the vast majority of people, if not everybody is doing so, this is a very clear marker that this person is blessed. And this role is just an Allah Almighty loves him. But if it is the opposite, that's a very obvious sign that Allah doesn't like him. And he is the worst of rulers before Allah subhanho wa taala. So we got to understand quickly that the ruler, the president, the king, or whoever is in charge of any of the

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affairs of the Muslims have lots of duties, number one, to protect their Deen to guard their religious commitment, you know, to make certain that their places of worship are open, and to spread knowledge through having qualified scholars are on a mission to teach them then the dunya the politics, making sure that the country or the city in which he is in charge of is secure. People must go to sleep at home with security, they shouldn't be frightened, a comet stablishing the judiciary system, he is not going to do that by himself by appointing those who are actually qualified. They are just not because there is relatives or because he agree with his views now,

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rather because they are qualified. So teaching, establishing the judiciary system, making sure that people live comfortably earn the provision with ease, and they have enough sufficient funds to survive.

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Garden, the border control guard in the cities leading them for jihad against the aggressors. You know, the prophets Allah Allah Allah SlMs say that if any person happened to be in charge of any people, and he died while he was not serving them to the best of his ability, then he will end up in hellfire May Allah protect us again is that and it will be forbidden for him to enter paradise you want to hear the hadith is in Mammon Abdeen yesterday he la hora en su Miyamoto was Shu Lyra Yeti, Illa haram Allahu Allah. Hey, Jana. So the time that he has been serving in the leadership, he wasn't really keen to serve his people. Rather he was serving his family and his personal interest,

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such person it will be forbidden for him to enter paradise. It's very very dangerous brothers and sisters. Then he made dua, Doha is is very powerful. He said Allahumma min William and Emily Almighty che and for Shep Clara in touch with Ali. Oh Allah if any person happened to be in charge of any of the affairs of my OMA generally, or in in a certain area, and he happened to be harsh and hard upon them, then Oh Allah, treat him with hardship make it difficult for him in the Hereafter. And in the dunya women What do you mean Emery Almighty che and fossa clobber him fourfold? And if any person happened to be in charge of the affairs of my ummah

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and he was kind and gentle with them, so Allah take it easy on him and facilitate and make easy all his affairs. For for the hadith is collected by Imam Muslim by then and it is worthy of mentioning that the Hadith which is narrated by alphanumeric that have a CDR Rasul Allah if we ever happen to have such ruler, whom we hate so much, and we'll make dua again as well don't revolt and rebel against them. He said No, as long as they pray for you, or they establish the deen because maybe it's a different opinion. But if those people are Muslims and practicing the deen and they do not show anything that contradicts the deen you should maintain the state my heaven

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Emir are a leader and not revolted against us and brothers and sisters. By that we'll come to the end of this program and until next time AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Do you know what Islam is? It's a way of life.