Moutasem al-Hameedy – Enter Into Islam Completely

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the traps used in Islam and how it can lead to people becoming more convenient. They explain that while people may be satisfied with their current spirituality, it is important to start embracing Islam to gain control and become more convenient. The speaker also mentions that while people may be satisfied with their spirituality, it is important to start embracing Islam to gain control and become more convenient.
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Allah Subhan Allah to Allah says in the Quran

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yeah a you Halina man who do who is still make

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wallet who hotwire the Shaban

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or you who believe,

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enter into Islam completely.

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take Islam as one unit,

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as one body of guidance and instructions.

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And do not follow the steps of Shangela in the footsteps of Shavon, the traps or shirvan He is indeed a sworn enemy to you.

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Some of the predicaments that we face,

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not only in our times, but in every time, but they are quite common, very subtle. And that's why it's easy, even for the good ones among us to fall for those traps of Shaban for those footsteps of Shere Khan. And usually we fall into these seemingly with good intention. And this is when we start cherry picking, when to apply Islam, when to be a Muslim, when it's convenient, we are happy to practice it. But when it's inconvenient, we start having other thoughts. Or maybe we give ourselves a fair one.

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Or we start looking up online for the footwear that matches our desire. thinking I'm still following your footwork. And all of that is from the traps of Shavon Shavon is simply is playing with us. When we fall into something like that Allah says, enter into Islam completely enter into submission, obedience to Allah subhanaw taala you submit to the word of Allah, wherever it takes you, whatever it entails.

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Whatever the consequences are.

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It's the attitude of submission to Allah, you say you basically saying to Allah, Oh Allah, you are the one who says and I'm the one who obeys you command

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and I will follow your instructions.

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As they say in the Arabic language, you are the tailor and I'll wear whatever you tell me to wear.

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That's how we are supposed to follow Islam, Islam, but as for us started starting to

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or trying to gain control over Islam and making it more convenient. Well, it's normal for humans to search convenience. But convenience comes after submission. There is enough convenience in Islam. And if there is a situation where Islam does not allow us convenience, then this kind of strict stay is needed.

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is more like a medicine.

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So we are supposed to trust Allah subhana wa Tada

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