How To Avoid Falling Into Sin

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When it comes to sin, and disobeying of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Many people may bring excuses. Some may say, Well, I don't see the consequences. I've been doing this haram thing for years. Others may say, Well, I don't think I can actually live without committing it. Whatever that sin or the wrong habit, bad habit maybe. And there's more and more excuses. from Allah's blessings He gave us in the Quran and the authentic hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam methods to be able for you and I to avoid sin as much as we possibly can. No, makes a very strong wording you need to believe that you can and I will share with you some insha Allah may Allah protect us from say yet? We say that at the beginning of the hotbar will Allah

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protect us men surely and fusina women say at the AMA and what does that mean? Oh Allah protect us from the side effects of our sins Allahu Akbar, because that side effect when it comes to say yet and the noob and prohibitions that some people do, may Allah forgive us all, but also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says this beautiful Hadith he says the either and hate to Comanche in fetched any boo, if I tell you to stop something. If I tell you to quit something, then quit it. That's what he said. If I tell you to quit something, then quit it. Look, another half reading. And if I tell you to do something that was the word job, the obligations if I tell you to do something

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to mean who must start and then do your best. Did you notice a difference? When it comes to the haram? They say yeah, the prohibitions, he said, If I tell you to quit, then quit. He didn't say do your best you could it done. Might be difficult might whatever the case is, you need to just stop. I can't imagine my life without that person opposite gender haram relationship. No, just quit it. You can in sha Allah. I don't see myself being able to quit watching this thing not quit it until done. When it comes to watching bad obligations. He tells you do your best. Work as hard as you can because you can never do the wajib as much as Allah deserves. It's very difficult to have 100%

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kosher and Salah Can you imagine if the prophet told us the exact same thing so Allah Allah was ALLAH, when I tell you to pray 100% for sure how many of us will repeat the salah. How many of us, this is a shocker, this is difficulty. But when it comes to sin prohibition when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Santos you quit it you need to believe and that's pretty much all what you need to hear, to quit it you got to believe I can, I can survive. It might be a struggle, but at the end of the day, I can do it in sha Allah. You have other means Allah says in the Quran, he says one lady Naja had Rufina Lana, the unknown Cebu Lana. We're in Allah, Allah Allah sin. So number one I shared

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with you is that when you hear the header of the products, I love you to believe you can quit this in colors. That's one believe you can. Number two, Allah says in the Quran, those who struggle in our path, we will guide them to the right path. Some LMS say this means if you do the obligations, the YG bat the reward of it is that Allah will protect you from the prohibitions the Haram Allahu Akbar. I remember one time I was speaking to a brother, who had a really bad habit, something that was haram. So I told them to come along to perform salah. What did he tell me? He said, When I stop the Haram, I will start the salah. But that's now we should work. Allah says in the Quran, or pluma

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who here la can mean mineral Kitabi or Aquinas Allah, Allah says established Salah why? What's the fruit? In na salata, 10 her annual fascia evil mancha Sala pushes away any vulgar language behavior any filth. So you coming to Salah is what will help you quit the haram. This is a trick from shaitan to you and to myself. Oh, how things how do you think you can show up to Salah to the masjid when you do one two and three? Oh, you are a mana and a hypocrite? How can you show up and give that sadaqa and that donation when you do such and such and such. So you're like when I stop this, I will do that law to stop this, do that. perform the salah, do the TA do the good deed, it will protect

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you from the Haram as Allah subhana wa Taala described. That's something for all of us to be okay pay close attention to. It's like some people will say for example, when it comes to working out. They say you know what? Once I eat healthy, I will start working out. Usually you do too many people working out is what makes them start eating healthy. Because when you go on the treadmill Helaas you're working out and you see how many calories you burned. You know 250 This is a mission. So when you go back home you see this chocolate bar it says 200 calories 300 You're like I just said

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for 45 minutes, I can't eat this chocolate I can't I have to watch my diet. So in many people you working out is what makes you have a good diet. So pound loss, not vice versa. That's close attention to that. Not just this, rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told you to quit it, you have to believe in yourself and believe what Allah has put in you. Number two, to stop the Haram make sure you do the YG bad the obligations. Number three, you have to remember there's a punishment.

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I have to be honest, and if the reward is not working, if this is not helping, then we have to know that there's consequences to that sin. For example, when it comes to bribing people here in North America and Allah knows best you can live your life without the need to bribe May Allah protect us era behind me. So Rasul Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam says The one who falls into bribe or Rashi Well, well, Porter, Sheila Anahola Allah's curses on them, what does that mean? A third Domitilla you will see no mercy from Allah if you get involved into the bribing aspect and so on. This is serious stuff. So think of the punishment that may happen to that individual to yourself or to

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myself, when we perform the Haram you know, one of the Musha acts of Han Allah. He says if the one thing you can think of as the consequences of watching the Haram or looking at the Haram is the punishment will be is that you will not see Allah and Jenna is that not enough of a motive to stop the haram?

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Allah says in the Quran, Allah says in the Quran,

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Allah beam yoga in Loma Joe Boone, one of the punishments the severe risk of punishment Yamaka to the disbelievers is that they will not see Allah, them knowing that is so painful, perhaps nothing is equal to it and Allah knows best. So when you see this and you're saying, You know what, I'm gonna watch this but you're actually the expense may be jeopardizing using Allah rasool Allah, Allah sent him Is this worth it? So think of the punishment. And number four, look at people that did such a great job during such difficult times. Some of us may say we live here in the United States, Harlem is very accessible. You have the store here to go to this thing to click on and watch this

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thing to buy and do so on So yeah, he now nowadays tough No, let me tell you, someone who had it tougher than all of us put together. Someone who had it so tough yet he passes sha Allah, someone Allah has put in the Quran for you and I to look up to unlearn and be inspired by and that's step number four. Look at those who struggled and how they passed and have the greatest of examples that are let's say from the Quran to show someone who had an opportunity of haram, yet turned it down was none other than us finally his Salam. The story is detailed as long. But to summarize, Yusuf Ali salam to show you how easy it was to commit the Haram he was a stranger. Okay, why, why is that

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point important? When you're a stranger? No one cares much about you. When the President sneezes or he picks his nose, may Allah protect y'all forgive me. They will be on the news. He touched his nose. He did this the way he looked the way he walked. Or you see how he tripped. news breaking news, because he is not a stranger. He's known to him but the most odd people on Earth. But when you're a stranger, you can be on the floor, whatever jumping around acting weird. No one will care much about you. So committing Haram is a lot easier. Yusuf Ali Salam was not just a stranger, he was away from family. No, Mom, no, Dad, no brother, no sister. No. So it makes it even easier. You're

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going to commit to haram in Chicago or in New York is a lot easier than here because there are a lot of people that know you. Okay, not just that he was very handsome men. Gorgeous as also a lice. Allah has explained all of this. He was young and he was strong. Now he couldn't make it worse. The one who was trying to seduce him was a wonderful looking lady, the wife of the financial minister. You want to make it worse. She's the one seducing him not Tim running after her. She said hey Tilak in the Quran, I'm all yours. Want to get it worse? She made it in a way that she locked all the doors were locked away. And she locked all the windows no one can see no one can hear. So the

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location, the age the atmosphere, everything is set up. It doesn't get any more difficult. But look to what use of Valley salaam did three things may Allah Allah Miyata and allow you all to remember the three things he did?

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Number one, he said, mouth Allah.

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Rosa Billa what does it say mean? I seek Allah's refuge. Use of Valley salam from the first moment he realized I cannot do this myself. human capacity. It's almost impossible. Allahu Akbar. So number one, I need God.

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I need Allah so anytime you struggle through anything through any

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Ave haram or the halal or the wajib, or the salah or waking up, you need Allah. No one here is a tough guy. I'm telling you, I'm not tough guy. You're not tough guy. We're all weak. We're all poor, no matter how much money or in power and influence you have no Fukuhara poor people to Allah. And you have to realize that and that's Prophet Yusuf Ali Salam. Number one, Allah, Allah, Allah helped me Allah, Allah helped me please acknowledge that it's very important. When you humble yourself to Allah Allah elevates you. Number two in the Hora BS and MS. Why? He said Allah has honored me I was thrown into a well I faced death I was sold as a slave and now I'm working in the financial

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ministers palace in Egypt. This is my thank you back to Allah

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this is my thank you back to Allah that now I will use my my good looks my strength my age. All that stuff may eloquence in speech to do that major sin is this my thank you back and please remember that next time we're about to watch something that is haram he say it just my thank you back to Allah for the EIN he gave me when you're about to listen to backbiting and gossiping leave and he said that's your thank you back to Allah for your hearing. I have my cousin first cousin, deaf.

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Deaf, Allah there were times we say something we laugh in a gathering and my cousin will be crying. So we go to my cursor while you're crying. You guys are laughing I don't know what is it about? I can't hear ya Allah. May Allah make us grateful for the hearing and Hamdulillah you hear the hope you hear this? Well let's and there's no price tag.

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So you tell Allah in a nice way you tell yourself Is this my thank you back now you're in the United States 100 LED generally safe your thank you back to Allah as you go to haram stores.

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Allah gave you a house that is safe and sound so you will use your bedroom in the computer in Haram is your thank you back in the horror cinema for any try example based on each one of us. Number three use of Elisa Lam What did he do? He says Alan you set up a Salatu was Salam. May Allah protect us he remembered the punishment. He says, We know you flee her volume. He realized if I do it is punishment. I'm an oppressor on a violin. Allah gave me these blessings I used against them that fear a cop. So one of the ways to push you from the Haram No, there's a punishment to it. One of the Allameh he says something very profound. He says Alma RC narrow Nam. Sins are the fire to blessings.

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Think of the sin as fire. You commit sin the fire growth than the fire burns your blessings. So if you lose this blessing and you lose that blessing you wonder why is from the fire of the sins May Allah protect us era Bill Alameen the Akula Kimata Coronado hottub iron Billa May Allah protect us from Zawadi Nam the loss of blessings in no livelihood? Vani moon, remember that rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that on the Day of Judgment, the one for example, who consumes riba was the punishment of rocks being thrown into their stomach swimming in the river of blood? Remember the consequences of not waking up for fragile and doing things that may be wrong all night long?

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There's two hours left refriger two hours you're like, Yeah, I have to sleep. The Why did you stay up so late knowing you cannot wake up for fetcher? If you sleep for just two hours, you know your body, don't play games. Don't play games. What's the punishment? I'll tell you Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says on Yom Okayama the person who misses Salah will be sleeping on like a bench someone with a rock will grab the rock and smash the head of the one Nana and Salah who sleeps ignoring salah, careless about salah who cares. Not they put the alarm and they try.

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And then the rock rolls then the head that was crushed goes back to normal. Then the man goes grabs the rock and does it again. But the after life period before you know Klamath explains. Everything has a cop, the man who has a hook and rips his right mouth and the right nostril of his nose and his right of the ear of the eye. rips it all the way ilakaka means the back right here. Your head, what's going on? Then he does it to the left side. And then by the time he's done the left side the right side goes back to normal. Why? He says a lie that goes viral

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kulula hub. So think of it if the blessings that was mentioned the mercy that was measured was not moving. You are moving me then think of the punishment in Nola euphytica, Valley moon and right away what did he do yesterday Salaam. He says these things and then he ran and that's what you need to do. There's a fitna, that's another step here. There's a fitna run from it, don't walk away, run away from it, because you have your strong at the beginning of the sin as it's up

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approaching, you know very well it's coming you feel it, you know, every time you serve the web at this time at that way in your bed or whatever the case may be, or at work anytime such something like that happens, you know, it's coming. So you have control. So use your control before you lose it later on. And you know, at one point or loss, you lose control, may Allah forgive us. So run as fast as you can. May Allah forgive us and you know, Bill Alameen, we pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to realize that we can always go back to Allah. And whatever has been mentioned is not to make you hopeless, but rather to make you hopeful. Make you hopeful that Allah may forgive you

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for what you have done, but also don't have the false hope that you can do the sin and get away with it. Like at the end of the day, I'm a Muslim, and no Muslim stays in hell forever. Don't say like what some people said, as in the Quran, Yeoman, about like, we stay in Jahannam for one day, so that don't have this. There's respect to Allah. What if it was one minute or one second? And Johanna, you just let go like, who cares law? take it serious. You know, when you have this authentic tradition, where it's said that when a believer commits a sin, the believer, it's like a mountain those about to collapse, you feel like the world is about to end when you do the harm. You feel bad, you feel

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guilty. If you don't feel like you want to have fun or go have a meal or anything if you feel ridiculous. That's a sign of a man in sha Allah. As for the monastic as for the one who has no faith he commits the sin is like a fly is

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and move on in life. May Allah make us of the meaning. When we do the sin, we feel bad. We feel like the world is about to collapse. There's nothing wrong. There's something to be proud of. So let that pain push you to change. May Allah forgive us. And to end with this.

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There's a motivational speaker that brings us a really great example for us. He says, How do you hunt a wolf? In a Tundra cold weather? How do you get the wolf down, you want to grab them how you get a double bladed knife and you try to find this blood of a seal. You dip that bladed knife into that blood until it becomes a popsicle. Obviously, instead of a wooden stick, it's a double bladed knife. Then you place it upside down into the snow hoping the wolf will smell it. Recognize it and man this is like it's pizza, right? It's beautiful. Eventually the wolf comes you want to hunt that wolf down. The wolf starts to lick that knife lick that knife and the warmth of the breath of the

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wolf melts the blood bit by debt debt by debt and the wolf is loving this blood until all the blood on the bladed knife is completely melted. So the wolf licks it, but now cuts its tongue. But there's fresh blood there's so warm so the wolf is even more excited. Oh, this is warm blood beautiful. keeps licking until it dies. What's the point here? Many people, they focus on the pleasure and they forget the pain.

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Don't focus on the pleasure for five minutes.

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10 minutes 15 hour a year and you forget the pain of Allah knows how many decades as your son our 10 years. Forget the dunya imagine the after. So don't focus on the pleasure and forget the pain when it comes to sins when it comes to see you at focus on the pain and forget the pleasure when it comes to the Senate and YG batten obligations. Forget the pain focus on the pleasure and the reward of Allah subhanho wa Taala