Moutasem al-Hameedy – The Monumental Tafsir As Sa’di #30 Surah Al Jinn

Moutasem al-Hameedy
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to NAMA at a softer more serene see dinner Muhammad Ali he was hobby he edge main or value. We continue with tafsir Al Imam is Sergio Hema Allahu to Allah. And we are in Surah to the Muslim mill.

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And I believe we reached the verse well last month it says a lot bull maturity will never really be won't be, you know? Our optimistic will Marbella. ilaha illa

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fit who Wakita which is verse number nine type hallelujah Mama said Yahama Allahu Taala

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quite a lot. How do bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim Rob bull machinery will Maghrib waha this Majin sin yesh Merle machete How will my BB Kula oh what adorable machete will my body be when my coffee hominid Anwari wanna hear masala to luminal Allah made it will we he was to flee for Huambo coalition in Wuhan. Whoo hoo muda Bureau La ilaha illa who learned Buddha in which we will Allah, Allah the ESTA hecho and you have to submit that you would tell him well, he learned with the cream or he had all of a toughie who Akela I have your one or more beer on the Ohmori calculi kuliah for them model hula hoop is solid article Susan will be decreto moment with Erica yeah solo you're

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hustling Abdi Melaka Tanika yet and Vita hamdulillah call. We're filling the 30 Minute Armel a mother who is somebody either male or female and you don't know who was born at home. We are so born Amager baby. We're an employee at Emory law. Law your suit do an officer should do and also don't do horrid when you had your Rajon Jameelah 108th October Taylor masala tool Hydra Alladhina the efe for your copy to humble hatchery will air all the animal and aquatic him will lead you to the well not a whole big daddy him ability he has an

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did they get your mic or not? Yeah.

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Okay, they're working on the mic. So head and shoulders go ahead. You can read no worries, remember the Name of your Lord. And this includes all kinds of remembrance of Allah

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and devote yourself completely to Him that is focused on Allah subhana wa Tada for focusing on Allah. And turning to him means that one's heart is detached from all creatures and has love for Allah. And for everything that brings one calls to him and to attaining his pleasure.

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Just want one second, can you assist us here anything?

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Okay, so just bear with us. It's okay. I think this piece we actually read it last week. So just bear with us might be a little inconvenient, but the getting the mic insha Allah for the brother, so just bear with us.

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He is Lord of the East and the West. The words translated here as the East and the West refer to all the points of sunrise and sunset. So he is Lord of all the points of sunrise and sunset, whatever is there of light and all that they bring benefits to the upper and lower realms. He is the Lord creator and controller of all things. There is no god but He that is there is none deserving of worship except the Most High, who alone deserves to be singled out for love, veneration respect and honor. Hence, he says, so take him as disposer of your affairs. That is the one who takes care of you and controls all your affairs. Because Allah commanded him to pray in particular and to remember

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him in general terms that enabled him to develop steadfastness that helped him to bear burdens, and to defend to do difficult tasks. Allah commanded him to bear with patients, the words and insults of the stubborn rejecters who reviled him and the message he brought, and to persist in carrying out the commands of Allah, not letting anyone stop him or deter him. He also commanded him to keep his distance in a dignified manner, when it was appropriate to do so. And to keep a distance without causing any offense. So he wants to respond to them by keeping a distance from them, turning away from them and paying no heed to their offensive talk. Yet at the same time, Allah commanded him to

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debate with them.

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Okay, let me just comment on this a little with more elaboration, so we compensate for the lack of mic with reading the translation. So Allah subhanaw taala, here says, about himself from will majority will Maverick and that means the lord of what is called in Arabic and a machete when in my head and these are the different spots where the sunrises throughout the year, and the different spots

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where it sits. And that means basically, that Allah Subhana Allah is the sovereign of all of the creation, although everything in existence is the creation of Allah subhanaw taala and for its existence, it relies on Allah. So everything is dependent on Allah and that's why we say Allahu Samad

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mean everything relies on him, everything, you know, depends on him for its existence in the first place, and for the continuation of its existence afterwards, La Ilaha. Since he's Rob, he's also La ilaha illa.

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He's the only one who deserves to be worshipped. He's the only one who deserves our devotion, devotion, and our ultimate love. And that's really what worship is. So, you will find in the Quran, always the, the ROB with an ILA together.

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And Rob is the creator, the originator, the Sustainer, the provider, the sovereign, the king. That's what Rob and worship is the seeking is the act of the humans who seek ALLAH subhanaw taala. And why do we seek Allah's mother because he's the only one, the only one who deserves worship is

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the only one who deserves worship is a ROB.

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So there is an ILA, which is the one who is sought in worship, the one that we seek than the one that we love, our ultimate purpose. And Rob is actually the creator, the giver, the provider. So he gives them provides and we love we respond with love. That's why you will find this throughout the Quran for example, so what in fact, he has all about this and the middle of it Allah subhanaw taala teaches us to say Yeah, can I go do what yeah can stain? Yeah, can I would we worship you we see Q

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You are our ultimate love. You are the one that we seek. You are the one that we live for. That's what our life is for. That's what worship means. We worship Allah subhanaw taala what Yeah, can stay in this Dianna is a part of lordship a robe Obeah. We seek your help, because without you, we can't do anything. Without You. We can't worship you. Without your assistance. We can't do anything. We can't worship you. So robia is from Allah to us. And a little booty Yeah. Which is worship is from us to Allah.

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So Rubia is Allah's Lordship, Allah's care of His creation, Allah is providing for His creation. Thus it will be Allah's kindness, Allah's generosity, Allah's compassion, Allah's blessings, and from us is the love. That's all we are required to do the love of Allah, the worship of Allah, and the scholars are all agreed that worship, the essence of worship is love.

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The essence of worship of a bad little booty is loving them hub, and hub. And this is a meaning that has been, you know, pushed to the fringes these days. This is very problematic, because you need to tell when you just mentioned the word worship or a bother to any Muslim now automatically, what do they think of the physical acts of worship, and not only the physical acts of worship, but just the physical side of every act of worship. So if you talk to people about worship, they think just about the performance, the external performance of the prayer,

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or the fasting, which is the abstinence from food and drink, and from intimacy and all of that

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Zakah they think about handing the money giving it over to those who need it, right. That's what they think about worship when it comes to worship, just the visible things. And maybe the things that can be heard the audible things, right, the things that we can hear, but the reality is any act of worship, only 5% of it is visible. Only 5% of it, which is the tip of the iceberg is the visible side. So not only the brothers do this,

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or not the visible side of any worship is 5%. But we know we like to limit our understanding of worship to what to that 5% And we forget about the 95% now the 95% that is submerged. Where does this take place?

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Where does it take place in the heart in the heart, so your salah and the number 90 95% by the way is just a rough number, but it could actually even be more than that. Most of your Salah takes place where in your heart most of your Salah takes place in your heart in your heart and what is the predominant part of that

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the predominant let's put it the predominant state of your heart should be during Salah what should that be?

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Okay, for sure. Can anyone really tell me the reality of Joshua? Good, good start, but it's not the answer. For sure. For sure is a feature of what

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love being in love. Being in love, do you know the feeling of being in love? Anyone has ever loved anyone anyone has ever been infatuated? You know when you

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Go to sleep and you're just dreaming of the person. You wake up, you're just dreaming of the person. Everything is just about that person. You're completely consumed in that person. Right? And it brings about what brings joy to your heart. You're live, you're in ecstasy all the time, right? This beautiful sweet feeling. That's what love is. With Allah it's more than that.

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With Allah it's more that Allah subhanaw taala this what does he say about the believers? In MLM Amina Latina? Either lucky or Allah? Who, what? What, gee, let's Kulu boom.

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The true believers are the ones when Allah is mentioned. Allah is remembered what happens to the hearts that tremble with that. What does that mean? How does that feel?

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when shivers run through your veins,

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is that kind of excitement, that kind of joy, that kind of beauty, you sort of transition to another world. That's what we are meant to experience. That's what we naturally experienced when Allah is mentioned. When when when there is anything about Allah subhanaw taala. Why because our hearts are full of love. They fly to Allah subhanaw taala and love.

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That's why another reason why Allah says Allah be the killer hate in the heart finds that joy, that peace in the mention of Allah, but most of us you know, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah He, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is just like you're talking about a random person in the street. Nothing happens, right? Why? Because we are limiting ourselves in our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. We're limiting worship, to what a small, tiny part of it that's why we don't enjoy it. That's why people associate with worship with what

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heavy tasks are things I have to do, or were expected to do that. And you know, it's dull. There's no spirit to it, right? But that's not worship. That's a dead form of worship. That's a dead form of worship. The reality of worship is the most beautiful, sweet feeling you can ever experience. The prophets, Allah Salah mentioned that when you have a man in your heart, what's going to happen you're going to experience sweetness, sweetness in your soul, sweetness in your state and in your heart. You're going to feel it, you're going to go through it. It will be one of the most it's actually it's going to be the most beautiful feeling ever. The Prophet SAW Salam said

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what are the hello with an Imani? You know, I'm finding myself just getting closer to this so

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I don't feel comfortable.

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I'm going to speak if it's

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if it's if it needs to be the volume needs to be the setting needs to be put up. Just put it up later on. Because I find myself pushing myself forward. Okay. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said,

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Phil, earthen man couldn't have he he wanted to be hidden Uh, hello, what an Iman. Three things.

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When they are present in a person, this person will experience what will taste what the sweetness Halawa the sweetness, what can we talk what can we describe it today? A state of elation, ecstasy, you're above the clouds, the sweetness, you don't want to get out of that state. Therefore, hello, Ben. Hello that Iman. And you're calling Allahu wa Saud who had led him in masse well now that Allah and His messenger

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are more beloved to him than anything else and anyone else that he or she loves a lot more than an the Prophet SAW said and more than anything else. So there is sweetness to that. So love of Allah is not like you say, I love Allah.

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That's a profound state. It's the most profound state you could ever be in there is sweetness to it. There is joy. There is a state of again, elation. There's, like this kind of exhilaration

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that you experience with Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate purpose his way you were created for what what you were created for? He is what he was the is what you are alive for. He is what what what you are here for. It's the most exciting thing ever. But we don't experience it. Why? Because worship is we talk about the physical stuff, and we'll we love technicality today. We love technicality. So we kill our state of worship. We reduce it to something very technical. And that's why

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again, we struggle.

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Law, you know, that's the meaning of la ilaha illa de la ilaha illa Fado Akela

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Well, Kala is part of his robe will be

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part of his little movie, you worship him and take him as Joaquin meaning he is he takes care of your affairs. Part of his role will be part of His mercy and the care that he takes over you.

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In the Quran, you'll find the same thing that would who what our Kelly, worship Him and rely on him. You

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Give him worship he gives you support and provides for you and helps you. Alright.

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For Telugu Akela And subhanAllah beautiful comment many family members say to him on loan to Allah here where he says

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Amara hello so logical social mobility Quran Allah commanded him to pray for prayer, specifically the prayer and in general to increase in vicar and the mention of Allah subhanaw taala he says whether he can listen to this beautiful whether he can slowly abdomen or kitten are we yet and feed him Moodle as Carl and this builds and develops for the believer, the capacity to handle weighty affairs

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and weighty circumstances.

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Salah and vicar make you stronger Wallahi they help you in the face of this of the calamities of this world the stresses of this life. The believer is stronger inside of us what Allah says was the angel was somebody was solid.

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It strengthens you, it gives you resilience gives you strength, strength of character, gives you the capacity to handle more than other people. And then you have voices today that people say you know, you know, emotional health has nothing to do with a man. Right? That's when you swallow a pill that you don't know even what's in it. That's when you just want to mimic whatever trends are going there and you parrot words that you don't even understand and you don't see how they contradict the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Prophet Salam and what you believe in.

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We need to be careful. And I'm not saying reject anything on the contrary, I'm a pronoun. I'm a proponent of learning from whoever you can then but you learn the right things. You don't just swallow things that you know go against your faith and you don't see the contradiction. Why because these things especially when they are very popular. And they are not in line with Islam, they will keep Islam for you as well as decoration. Because you will say you know, Eman doesn't help has nothing to do with emotional health. You could be this and you could be that and you could be messed up completely and you have high levels of Eman so don't worry, it has nothing to do with your iman

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you know what but you what you find in the Quran and the Sunnah and the and the example of the problem from real life experiences that a man makes you way more resilient, which you're way more powerful. The word patience itself what does it mean resilience? It means you are being resilient and you are being strong

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Okay, so it's important you know before we accept something and believe in it, that we really take it very, very very well and we understand what what it talks about.

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Okay, then Allah subhanaw taala indicates to the Prophet size to them that there will be some resistance and you will need Patience. So don't expect that you stop practicing. There are some people who stopped practicing and then they say, Oh, my world started falling apart. I expect Allah to help me right I started praying, I started wearing the hijab, I started you know, going to the Quran helicopters and then everything is falling apart my family's against me.

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You know, school things get complicated then this I don't know like my car breaks down. Why is this happening?

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You know, because once you start treading the path that leads to Allah subhanaw taala you're going to activate some enemies, more enemies. Allah says in the shape on Halloween Sandy had a war movie. You think you're gonna take the path to Allah she Tongan is going to leave you alone.

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Shivani knows he's going to the Hellfire because of you and your father Adam, obviously because of his own response to that. But that's it. He already like committed suicide, spiritual suicide and he's he has vowed to take you along.

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He's not going to let you go away with any opportunity to make it to paradise.

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So he will get into he will get into other people and turn them against you.

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So what should you do feel overwhelmed on the country

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and the country you know, raise the bar higher. Don't give in.

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Because once you give in, you start you know, missing more prayers. You say Oh, it's getting easy now. Yes, that's what he wants you to do. It gets easy, but then when you get weaker, he's gonna get back to you and it's gonna be hard harder this time.

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So shaytan will go against you and your opponent will instigate the people under his command and control against you as well. And he will again get some naive and foolish people to turn against you. That's normal. That's normal. The path to Allah Allah the Prophet SAW Selim says Allah in Nusselt, Allah Allah Allah, Allah to Allah engine.

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What Allah is offering

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is very, very expensive is very precious. Sorry. It's very precious. Very, very precious is Jana?

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Is it not worth it? Some people, you know, when they worship Allah subhanaw taala is just like they're doing Allah favor. So they want Allah to acknowledge and they want to stipulate conditions. This is how I want things to be in my life, all our why? Because I wake up for Fudger for you, you should do all these things for me, like, who's the Lord and who's the slave here?

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Okay, so, so people are gonna turn against you, there will be things, but, you know, you can handle that with dignity, and don't handle it with aggression. And, you know, don't respond to foolishness with foolishness. And that happens with a lot of people, especially the youth when they start practicing, and they receive resistance, you know, they start pushing back.

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Don't do that.

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Don't do that adhere to Islam, adhere to Islam. And there are ways when people really, you know, get to you, there is something called the hedger.

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You cut them off.

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When you can do so without greater damage. People say, oh, when should I do hijab and when I shouldn't, so it's a matter of balance where it brings more benefit, do it where it doesn't bring benefit or brings more harm than benefit, then you shouldn't do it. And it's degrees as well, there are levels. So there are people that you could just keep at bay, and maybe, you know, just give them a phone call or see them once a week, you can still do that family members, you can still do that.

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Right. So don't think in drastic and like extreme terms all the time.

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Things can be always you know, cut into pieces. And you can always take steps towards things in on a continuum. So that's very, that's very important. There are people once they become practicing people, they become very judgmental. And that's also shaytaan. Getting into the process shaytaan was like even adverse, all the Allahu anima. He said,

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in the shape on your show, mocha Libnah Adam, for Indonesia, the fee Eragon annual happy

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selca he didn't say if shaytaan senses out the hearts like sniffs around the heart of the person. Look at the detail. So if he finds that you're not inclined to the truth, he will push you towards sins and evil. We're in whether a cabal and Allah Akbar it,

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the VA Home Innaloo we will be there. But if he finds that you are enthusiastic you and a worship, you want to do more Shavon says, Okay, you're so enthusiastic. It's like 20% Let's make it 120% Put your foot down, go for it. And he gets you to extremes. He gets you to go too fast into the process. Or he gets you to overdo things where you fall into extremes and Bidda

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so we'll find someone you know, when they start practicing, they start judging other people know, why are you wearing long pants? Why are you wearing this color? Why that shirt? What about your why is this hairstyle? What is this? Why you do this? Why you done this, and they start you know appointing themselves as like a judge who's going to screen people and pick their mistakes and you know, put them on the spot.

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Why? Because Allah must be worshipped and everyone must worship Allah subhanaw taala not knowing that this is happening or either behavior I think

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this is true, but this is too extreme and Shavon is messing with you. He knows you can't handle this, he knows that this is going to create friction, he's going to cause people to push back and then there will be fights and issues and problems and you know you can't sustain that then eventually you will burn out and you will stop he knows that or at least you know you're going to push people away from Islam they say this is how practicing Islam is don't want it

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yes and there are people who still weak you don't want to be a fitna for them. Okay. So these are these are things that we have to be very like concerned about and also here or the reason I brought this up is He says I'll hedger there are people that when they like they see something wrong with you or hurt you or cut him off

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this person is completely wrong don't mix with him he's gonna be a source of corruption in your life in your heart and all that stuff. Why? Because he was like a red shirt and wearing red shirt shirt is haram color red is haram

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but this person is spending the whole day backbiting you know carrying tails and here and there and thinking evil of people, but the most righteous person so be careful. These are elements that Shavon is very happy actually. And shaytan is very well trained you know he's got experience with that. So be careful you don't want to fall into this. You don't want to fall into this.

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Alima said Rahim Allah Tala call Allah without any Well, Mackenzie Bina

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You took your home first and took the moment home or enamelled to home Fela oatmeal home. Welcome to Who will inanity is haben. An immature Latina, Latina bajo Hina was Allahu Allah humanistiska who I met down in Florida, he came across the Tyler Keller in Santa Fe Otto, who Severna to Matoba Habima in the home menial job

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to deal with the deniers for our wreak vengeance upon them, and even if I grant them respite, I will not forget about them who are living a life of luxury and ease. That is those who enjoy luxury and wealth, who transgressed when Allah granted them abundant provision and bestowed His bounty upon them. This is like the verses in which Allah subhanaw taala says, Indeed man transgresses all bounds when he believes himself to be self sufficient. Then Allah warns them

00:25:56 --> 00:25:58

Okay, so I think this is straightforward.

00:25:59 --> 00:26:14

And this is again, man, humans SubhanAllah. When humans are given blessings from Allah subhanaw taala and they enjoy them, they tend to forget color in that in Santa Laowa Allah Who sterner when man sees himself that he is

00:26:15 --> 00:26:35

blessed that he's in ease, he tends to Subhanallah transgress. So that's a flaw in humans. And it's very important to be aware of that and many times you know, Allah hits people with calamities and hardships and pain to bring them to him. And that would be a blessing. Like that will be a blessing. There's a Hadith from the Prophet sallallahu sallam?

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

Call us mention it in nomina Reba de mundo

00:30:00 --> 00:30:14

have an E two who like I said, I would have said the holiday now among my servants there are people that if I were to make them rich richness would spoil them and would corrupt their hearts.

00:30:15 --> 00:30:28

Woman a birdie Amanda you slit her who Illa Lavina fellow of color to hola first. And among my servants, there are people who can only be set right with being wealthy. And if they are to go poor, that would be corrupted.

00:30:31 --> 00:30:39

Allah is merciful. Let Allah run your affairs. Does that mean you don't, you know, work? No, you work but just don't be preoccupied with that.

00:30:40 --> 00:30:43

You know, we naturally we humans naturally work.

00:30:45 --> 00:31:05

You want to start a business, start a business, but make sure again, that you're starting it for a good reason that inshallah will help you. It's all halal. And there is benefit in it. And then it will not completely preoccupy you that it keeps you busy from Allah subhanaw taala final says no, the messengers are sending them there was a man

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who was working hard, very, very hard. And the prophets are some of the companions were passing by him and some of the competitors said look.

00:31:42 --> 00:31:55

A survey, Li Walla Walla de fer Hawa, she said Belinda, the one who's working to feed his own family, then he is in for the sake of Allah that's for the sake of Allah. What are you talking about? Okay.

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Let's continue call him and say hello to holla call Allah will administer Atlanta Rajim in Edina and Kerala wotja Hema what I am and I was sorting been a Lima yo Matata full all the world G birdwalk energy by Luca Theban healer

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indena and Karla either been shady then Jana Hooton. kealan Lula de la Sol almost 100 100 don't know what your HeMan a Nowlan hammy What are Armando Sutton metallically Marathi he will butcher it here what karate taught me here where he he'll Kabila mountain well other than an EMA emoji and move

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with that okay all mythology full audible well gee Bell mean and how will Aleem or Kana to GBR do a Vasa to some more syllable katiba Maynila AB Mozilla to rom Lieberman halaman Tefera from in her to two best so bad daddy catheter conical hubba Illman thought

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that is verily with us there are fetters this refers to a severe punishment, which we will make severe for those who persist in sins. And a blazing fire. One day is exceedingly hot, and food that chokes because it is so bitter and vile, with a foul taste and good putrid stench and painful punishment that is agonizing and terrible that will be on the Day when the earth and the mountains will shake violently, because of the great horror of that day. And the mountains which are so firmly planted and solid will be like heaps of loose sand. That is they will be like loose and scattered sand, then they will crumble and turn to scattered dust.

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Okay, I think we spoke about previously about the day of judgment and the horrors that will happen on the day of judgment and that they are truly scary. And you know, the problem is that don't be captive towards words. You know what words like are like a code, there's a reality behind them. It's just like, you know, when you receive an email, it's literally the way it transfers to you is in the basic language of zero and one right electric.

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Some electric current, that's the code that's like words, there's not much in them. You have to once they arrive, they have to be unpacked, where now you see the full text and the meanings. The same thing, the words

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are messages that are coded that are being transferred, the reach your heart, and then they are uncoded. When you stay with the words, you'll read these profound words, and they were just description. Yeah, find like a distant description that really has no connection to your life or you. It doesn't affect you.

00:34:34 --> 00:34:56

Why? Again, because that's the screen on the heart. The message has not got to the heart and it was not unpacked. You have to unpack it, then you get the benefit. So most people stay with what with the coded message. No benefit is just like some electrical current. That's all. It has no message it has no benefits. That's a very serious thing.

00:34:57 --> 00:34:59

Subhanallah these words are so profound

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

And you know what, if you just if you have seen any of the things that happened like these the videos that were circulated from Morocco or, or Libya these days,

00:35:13 --> 00:35:55

the shocking power of the current of the water and how it just demolish his building wipes them out. It's so scary. These are small horrors of this life. Imagine the horrors of the Day of Judgment when the mountains are removed, when the Earth itself is destroyed turns into dust when the skies crack and fall apart. When the when the planets and the stars all of them start burning, disappearing. That's like profound but again, we don't get that imagery. Why? Because we just stuck with words. We are stuck with words without without unpacking them. There's a profound reality behind these things and they are very scary.

00:35:57 --> 00:35:59

This is why Allah subhanaw taala says

00:36:01 --> 00:36:42

yeah, afterwards again, the message continues called the member said Ron law called the law in Sedona in a coma suelen Shahidan Alikum karma Illa Allah Sula. For us I feel blessed to have worth the worry that you're glued to Allah if Maduro back home Allah said he had the Nabil Amir alabi Al Bashir in the Ushahidi materia m&e him was Kuru who were OMA we had the name Mathilde gelida. What Yeah, come and talk for roja Fatah sola sola comfort Hakuna cafe owner he now also along with it he moves up now in Milan for the island will Allah He Well, I'm not hungry to hear from you so Dooku Bella song along then will be la Aisha didn't believe you got all the key for the owner and confer

00:36:42 --> 00:37:07

Tomio manager will Danna Shiva Asana Oman photo Iran b He can the homeless ruler A for K for yes hola como el fika Calco. One Naja to Mignon wilty Yama to milma Healy mo away Mikado, a lady. She will share you will will done what a doula who Gemma that first of October he is someone who was into therapy you know, Jumuah can do homework, all that good Domino, he will either Duna

00:37:10 --> 00:37:51

here almost 100 With all that says, praise your Lord for sending you for sending to you this unlettered arrow Prophet, who raves glad tidings and warnings and is a witness to the needs of the foot of the ummah. Give thanks to him and show gratitude for this great blessing. And beware of showing in gratitude for it and disobeying your messenger mess to be my Pharaoh when Allah say Musa to him to call him to Allah and urge him to affirm his oneness, but he did not believe him. Rather, he disobeyed Him. So Allah sees to him with a terrible punishment, one that was severe and far reaching. That is, how will you ransom yourself and save ourselves on the Day of Resurrection, that

00:37:51 --> 00:38:10

momentous day of immense significance on which children's hair will turn gray and because of which great solid things will melt, the heavens will be rent asunder and the stars will be scattered. His promise will surely be fulfilled that is it will inevitably come to pass and there is nothing that can prevent it.

00:38:11 --> 00:38:14

Cool, I think the meaning is clear so we can continue

00:38:16 --> 00:38:56

on along to either in a hadith que la familia a Tahoe they eat gotta be sebelah you know how to heal more and more a lotta and Latina but Allah will be her mean while your milk Dr. Matthew Awad. He said kill Otto Anita the Kobe helmet chacun we individually will be helmet Minion from insha Allah illallah bsab La Torre con mostly mostly mostly done ad sorry mostly then ad well that you can be very shortly here for in a ban on criminal ban widow who if you die, if you have a delete on Allah and Allah to Allah, epidural Riba, him or McKenna who minha la can i Oh jabariya Enough add on taco will be really mushy at him in her that he left for Napoli. Well,

00:38:59 --> 00:39:41

that is this exhortation in which Allah tells us of what will happen on the day of resurrection with all its words, is a reminder to which the righteous will pay heed, which will be severe which will also serve as a deterrent against the sins for the for the believers. So let him who will start his journey towards his Lord, that is let him follow a path that will lead to him by following his laws, for he has explained them with the utmost clarity. This indicates that Allah subhanaw taala has given people the power to carry out deeds and has enabled them to do that. So it is not as the Japanese see that their deeds are beyond their will for this notion is contrary to both text and

00:39:41 --> 00:39:41


00:39:43 --> 00:39:49

And I also think these are points that we have many times expounded upon

00:39:51 --> 00:39:59

that things yes are by the permission of Allah and the will of Allah subhanaw taala and, and within that in the circle within that Allah Subhana Allah

00:40:00 --> 00:40:16

Allah gave humans the capacity to make choices. Right? The capacity to make choices so humans choose so people are responsible for their actions. People are responsible for their choices and for the actions and they will be held accountable by means of that. Then we come to the

00:40:17 --> 00:40:21

the last verse in the Surah and it's a long verse.

00:40:23 --> 00:40:30

So inshallah we will read it and even said the mashallah like expound upon it, we'll see how it goes.

00:40:31 --> 00:41:10

All call Allah huzzah Allah in Arabic Ala Moana, Nakata, como dynamin floofy lady when it's for home with Luca HuaTai for two min Alladhina Mack Allahu Akbar they will Leila went out early Milan to Soho photogra Annie configurable Mata Salamina Quran adamancy OKONOMI Kumala Harun al de buena if you're older you have to own me and Lila who are owning it. Don't if you Sabir Allah for Allah Almighty as Solomon What else am I masala zakat? Allah cordovan Hasina, want to cut the Maury unfussy, caminhada antigen to her in the LA Hua Angela was defeated Allah in Allah fooled Rahim there could Allah who already had his surah

00:41:12 --> 00:41:51

and now Mr. Bhalla Sudha who beat me up lately I will follow through he will say he will slow and no matter who's worked on the whole field can weather cut off you had an moldy and now I'm tefillah Delica who are what are equal to minimum my home in and what meaning well a mechanic will work till moody behave Masha cotton see Nancy about announced a holiday infidel he got hired at this hill for call Willa who you could do later on half a year at the moment cardio Lahoma when I am leaving home our way up anyway. So who are you then TerraForm metadata whom in the ladies The other thing what else? You can only dedicate a stud integral Hanwha Anna and z then Eva Hoffer uncom what Amala Combi

00:41:51 --> 00:42:29

matter your selected equal? So what and Zed metadata I'm gonna call Matt so let me know Hold on. I mean matter Eddie phone a woman malah yoshoku la Kumari Heather cannon masala, believe him a moron Bisola de mme and a Sherpa for either Fatah Oh Kessler owner in Sephora yesterday. The Aditya salata, toma, Nina tinola. From Medaka Roberval swabbing Manasa T litter fee for color elements say a Kuruman Komaba or yoshoku la hem Salah 230 Lady onus for how thorough for your solid Maria dual motor Sahil na e What are your corn or motor Sahelian What are your corner even more under Select your car even in dementia party VALIC by Lucia PATA de Sala to nephila for the hotel cuchara Roma

00:42:29 --> 00:42:49

Kenny I'm also here. What else? I don't I don't think I'll be able to own him in probably LA. I only met him in Como Saffy, deny yourself you're only to gelaterias stagno and in filthy with a catheter for Annie NASCI a philosophical hello to NASA buta fifth, when he had a half a final fuselage and finally for OB Hello Who are Salatin if you worked in wide workers sort of select your robot here

00:42:51 --> 00:43:31

at the beginning of this philosophy, stated that he commanded His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spend half of the night in prayer or 1/3 of it or two thirds of it. And in principle is OMA is to follow his example with regard to rulings. And in this verse, Allah tells us that he has he has and a group of believers with him we're doing that because figuring out the time that they are, they were enjoined to pray may be difficult for people, Allah stated that he wanted to make things easier for them. Hence, he said, Allah alone keeps a precise count of the night and the date that is he knows the measure there and how much time has passed and how much is left, he knows that

00:43:31 --> 00:44:12

you are not able to keep an accurate count of it. That is you cannot know the precise measure of it without overestimating or underestimated, because that requires paying attention and takes too much effort. So he has made the matter easier for you and has commanded you to do that which is attainable, whether it is more or less than what is estimated, recite then as much of the Quran as is easy for you in the night prayers. That is a what you know and what is not difficult for you. That is because the one who prays at night is enjoined to pray so long as he has energy, that if he feels tired or lazy or becomes drowsy, let him rest so that he can offer the prayer with ease and

00:44:12 --> 00:44:50

comfort. Then Allah mentioned some of the reasons that dictated reducing the burden and making things easier as he says, he knows that there are some of you who are ill, it is difficult for them to pray for two thirds of the night or for half of it or 1/3. So let the one who was sick pray what he can. He is also not required to pray standing if it is too difficult for him. Rather, if it is too difficult for him to offer the supererogatory prayer, he may omit it and he will have their award for what he used to do when he was healthy. And others who are travelling through the land seeking of Allah's Bounty, that is Allah knows that among you are some who are traveling for the

00:44:50 --> 00:44:59

purpose of trade, so that they may be independent of means and refrain from asking of people. It is appropriate that such people should be should not be overburdened you

00:45:00 --> 00:45:14

Therefore Allah has reduced the obligatory prayer for them by permitting them to put two prayers together at the time of one of the prayers and to shorten the four of ACARA prayers. Okay, so I think it's time for that so I'm not sure what the plan is

00:45:15 --> 00:45:16

for the vicar

00:45:22 --> 00:45:23

Merci monsieur.

00:45:25 --> 00:45:27

Puebla then and Aquila have had the Nanak

00:45:31 --> 00:45:33

policy then this question so what's it

00:45:34 --> 00:46:08

okay call him I'm sorry to him Oh La Giada okay then you can hold on I thought you'd want a few CBD law here for color Omega salamin for the color to add a toughie fee to FIFA and display in McLean EULA if you can a shop a woman lady and you can love her and you can leave any he worked but it was solid and follow the law and you're thoughtful lady back Dennis fee and a woman with a fee funded Merida almosafer so on can SFR already TRT only a bad eating out Italian LG had in our 100 Olango what have you that IQ thing now I have one euro a masala you can leave who? Fell Allah Al hamdu Athena

00:46:09 --> 00:46:47

Allah the magic moment if it didn't even how much balsa hella shadow? Well I want everybody here when Masada howdini him well evidently he Madonia from Allah wa by the teeny Houma moody by dirty were emailed to whom a karma to Salah and let you lie you're stuck in Medina. Ellerbee how Ito was the catalyst at Hebrew 100 Iman, where we had a subtle more subtle INFO call it will Mr. Keane when he has a call. We'll be more salata AB Archanea we should only have omocha Maratea will occur to the LA hackathon Hasina a Hardison de la him immediate insight difficulty in what has beat them in NFC. Well, man in play even if you had Asada kotula Jeeva to almost the Humberto from Mahathir Allah

00:46:47 --> 00:47:22

moment if it was early he called a woman to cut the moody and pushy Coleman fade introduce her in the law who are calling you along with Angela and her center to be actually I'm 30 her Elizabeth me at you don't fit. I think Kathy will you recommend me to follow that Latina lady if you had to hit doubt and call me to apply for glassy duniya well Maddie, I mean that in a minute okay. I mean, I love that he was sure how to handle higher I will be rough he had to hit dunya mad that will fail it will be true if he died a lot will be the way through who else who was so so assefa who Allah or cotton mod Philhealth alert wa salatu who Allah as man in taco but believe it or a man in Saudi hat,

00:47:22 --> 00:47:37

however without whom it would have been immunotherapy, her method selfie one while blueberry ear Willemijn Jaffe has to share women who are out of homophobia for like Alhamdulillah can llaman hamdulillah they can muster kava we can muster life without hola Quwata illa avec.

00:47:42 --> 00:48:20

Also others who are fighting in a lost cause so recite as much of the Quran as is easy for you. Allah subhanaw taala mentions two ways of making things easier for the one who is healthy and is not travelling, where attention is paid to his energy level without burdening him with the issue of working out the exact length of time. Rather, he may work out the time when praying is best, which is the third of the night that follows the first half. And things are made easier for the one who is sick for traveling whether it is travel is for the purpose of trade or worship, such as fighting Do you have hygiene horrible and the like. Attention is is also paid to not overburdening people in

00:48:20 --> 00:49:01

these situations. To Allah be praised for he has not made any worship any hardship in religion. Rather he has made his religion easy and has paid attention to the circumstances of his slaves and that which is what that which is in their best spiritual, physical and worldly interests, interests. Then Allah enjoys two acts of worship which are the essence and foundations, foundation of all acts of worship, establishing prayer without which religion cannot be sound, and paying zakat, which is the proof of him of faith, by means of which help is given to the poor and needy, as Allah says, establish prayer with all its essential parts, fulfilling as necessary conditions and doing the

00:49:01 --> 00:49:43

complex complementary parts to and gives a cat and lead to Allah Woodley long, that is one that is given sincerely for the sake of Allah with a sincere intention and strong faith and from permissible sources. This includes both obligatory and recommended kinds of charity, then Allah urges us to do good in general terms as he says, Whatever good use and forth for your souls, you will find it with Allah better and greater in reward. A good deed brings a 10 fold reward up to 700 for up to many times more. It should be noted that and Adams weight of good in this world as many times better than this world and all that contains because of what it will lead to is paradise of pleasures and

00:49:43 --> 00:49:59

delights. goodness and righteousness in this world will be the cause of goodness and immense reward in the hereafter. For that is to see basis and foundation of goodness in the hereafter. How regrettable is time spent in heedlessness and How regrettable is time spent without doing any righteous deeds.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:14

See How regrettable it is to see hearts that are not affected by the exploitation of their Creator. And for wool all of all the encouragement of the one who is more merciful to them then than they are to themselves is to no avail

00:50:15 --> 00:50:22

to you the appraisal Allah to you we complain and your house we see there is no power and no strength except you.

00:50:25 --> 00:50:52

Called Allahu Taala was stuff that Allah and Allah have afforded to him or Phil Emery Minister 30 that has the authority Well, he didn't want Kibera well that he can and abdomen airflow in a tuxedo the female homeopathy he imagined if Allahu Aslan Oh, if you notice the amount of eternity that the Kabbalistic fell for in the lab, the youth nibble on a lady one and a half for Murtala Mohammed hula hoop Rama T will not feel guilty for in Hardik to metta futile assaulting Muslim

00:50:53 --> 00:51:26

and Sikh Allah's forgiveness for Verily Allah is all forgiving, Most Merciful in the command to seek forgiveness after urging people to do good deeds that there is a great deal of benefit. That is because the human being will inevitably fall short with regard to that which is enjoined upon him either because he does not do it all or because he does it imperfectly. So Allah has commanded us to make up for that by seeking forgiveness, that individual commit sin night and day. And if Allah does not bestow his mercy and forgiveness upon Him, He will be too.

00:51:27 --> 00:51:29

Perfect. So three points very quickly.

00:51:30 --> 00:51:47

Start with the last one. So Allah it's the Sunnah that we after fulfilling an act of worship that we seek forgiveness, and we know after Salah we say what stuff for Allah stuff or a lot of stuff or a lot of lawmen to Santa Monica Santa Baalak the other God when they come in hajj, Allah subhanaw taala says

00:51:48 --> 00:51:50

for either up late to mid Asika conference stuff

00:51:53 --> 00:51:55

someone helped me out on last

00:51:56 --> 00:51:58

I had had journalist fr analyst

00:52:00 --> 00:52:03

for example, like two minutes comfortable like a vicar Komaba commotion decline

00:52:07 --> 00:52:12

for either of Ottoman alverton for the Coolangatta metallic helmet glaucoma glaucoma control company Harriman of Berlin

00:52:13 --> 00:52:52

thermophilum Hatov alumnus who started Allah from a field woman Hey thought I thought the nurse was tougher Allah. Okay, so after doing the primary acts of Hajj, what do you do? Allah said, StuffIt Allah. So after after like doing some of the great acts of worship, yes, because you can never do them perfectly. You can never do them right, there will always be something with them. So Allah deserves always better than whatever you can offer. So that's why it's good, actually a good sign to, to seek forgiveness. And this goes with the advice of the early generations against allergic allergic is that the person really gets impressed with their works. This is a sign that your actions

00:52:52 --> 00:52:55

were corrupted. Don't feel good about your actions.

00:52:57 --> 00:52:59

Does that mean you don't count them? No.

00:53:00 --> 00:53:23

You're in the middle. You hope that Allah accepts that you try to do your best because once you feel safe, you will stop doing well. Human nature Subhan Allah. So that's the third point. The first point was the surah was revealed in Maccha. Right when was the mill early stages? So Allah subhanaw taala says here wahana quality Luna he sent me Lulu and those who are fighting there are people among you who are fighting for the sake of Allah.

00:53:24 --> 00:53:27

But there was no fighting in MK How come?

00:53:30 --> 00:53:31

How come

00:53:32 --> 00:53:38

there is the mention of El Capitan, fighting for the sake of Allah. But in Mecca there was no kitchen.

00:53:39 --> 00:53:46

So only in Medina, ordinary lady in a PATA Luna Vienna home vo Lemo in Allah when Allah Allah wa salim la pena, and Medina.

00:53:48 --> 00:54:20

So this is why actually if you go to the books of tafsir will find some of them have a Syrian argue that this verse was revealed in Medina after his only the last verse. But there's another opinion that no katana was mentioned in Islam, but it was not time for it. Yes. So and I think that's the majority of the scholars of Tafseer. They actually say it's McKee was revealed in Mecca. But an atoll was mentioned and they had another example in the Quran where title fighting was mentioned, but it was not prescribed yet.

00:54:21 --> 00:54:23

Okay, so again, it's

00:54:25 --> 00:54:33

a small minority of them facility and they say this part of the verse was revealed and was added later on after in Medina.

00:54:35 --> 00:54:41

But again, we don't have anything solid about that, but that's just one point. Final thing is

00:54:47 --> 00:54:52

her initial I forgot what that was. With this we can conclude traumatologist from LA. Hey, Ron.

00:54:54 --> 00:54:59

Just a quick response by show of hands if you prepare this

00:55:00 --> 00:55:05

Think over the other building put your hand up quickly

00:55:09 --> 00:55:09


00:55:11 --> 00:55:17

brothers are happier. It's going on, okay. Who prefers what did we say?

00:55:18 --> 00:55:26

Who prefers to 80 who prefers to 80 Put your hand up who prefers to to work? Okay, that's the majority

00:55:28 --> 00:55:31

that's the majority. Okay. And can

00:55:35 --> 00:55:36


00:55:37 --> 00:55:45

win will take you to Hamid Hassan Shalom Central is that going to help lots of Muslim Hemudu it was somebody who Salam Shala will update you will see inshallah weapons article long

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