Deep Talks #3 Quran Is The Answer

Moutasem al-Hameedy


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The speaker discusses the benefits of the Quran in shaping people's lives and bringing about change, including helping people to find answers to their problems and finding solutions to their struggles. They emphasize the moral dimension of the Quran and the importance of helping individuals grow mentally, emotionally, and socially. The speaker also mentions sponsoring copies of the Quran through a website.

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So I think with any effort that is related to the Quran in terms of learning it, teaching it, propagating it, supporting any of these

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engagements I think is such a profound way of contributing and drawing closer to Allah subhanaw taala. The messenger Salam said in the Hadith Hi Eurocom mantle Mr Khurana or lemma.

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The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it. And this includes teaching it learning it firsthand and teaching it also firsthand but also means anyone who contributes to this course is definitely included in the reward.

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this project of the Quran drive, I think it's a timely one. And

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it's, I think it fills a void. And oftentimes,

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I would say this is this goes unnoticed, because even we Muslims start to treat the Quran as if it is this

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speech or word that does not relate directly to reality, and I think this is a very serious trap that we have to be very conscious of in order to avoid it.

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We treat the Quran as if it's too ideal for our lives.

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Or that it's high above

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our capacity to engage with it and benefit from it draw some practical benefit from it. So at times of this like the pandemic and lockdowns and people are going through a lot of emotional mental stress, the rate of suicide is is going up the rate of

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overdoses, multiplying and people are struggling marriages are actually suffering.

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At these times, definitely the Quran is the is the book to turn to. It's where we can find the answers is where we can really

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find light in the midst of this darkness. But again, it seems not only on Muslims, but even Muslims.

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Don't think of the Quran as the first resort, we seek, I would say professional help, which is not necessarily a bad decision, it's actually a good one. But

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the problem is when we forget the Quran, and we think the Quran does not offer solutions to our problems.

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And again, sometimes this comes from this from a place of holding the Quran in very high esteem but to a point that makes us disconnect from it.

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So it's important to have this dry Oh, this project the Quran Dr. At this time. I think it's very timely, as a reminder to humanity in general and to the Muslims.

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That the Quran shouldn't be your first resort. These are the Divine Words of Allah. And

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make this these tough times. Use them as, as the springboard for engaging with the Quran at a deeper level. Search for the answers, search for solutions. seek solace, peace

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in the Quran itself. And there is a wisdom why Allah subhanaw taala allows suffering, pain and overall evil to be existent in the world. We know that Allah only allows evil into the world when it is necessary for a greater good.

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without suffering, humans would lack all motivation to improve their life. And to do something greater without the pain of others, we would not dig deep into the depth within us where we are motivated to bring about ease solutions.

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And we would not be able to tap into the most of the moral dimension of who we are.

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Where we are determined to help others rescue others bring about

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solutions without experiencing pain and suffering. So there is a moral dimension to why evil is allowed into the world. And maybe the times these difficult times that we're going through.

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They are the reason one of the reasons why a lot allows this to happen and allows humanity in general to suffer in this way. That is to wake them up to something that is latent within them something they have ignored, something that they have

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I think the convenience of today's life

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has made humans so comfortable that they lack the motivation to discover the beauty that Allah

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instilled within them.

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And maybe this predicament is, in a sense, is a reason and a motive a motivator for people to start looking for solutions, that the comfortable level of living that you grew accustomed to, and that you feel entitled to, has blinded you to a lot of blessings in life, a lot of potential in life, and maybe it's time to wake you up. Actually, one of the Western philosophers of contemporary Western philosophers, has mentioned that

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pain in his own language and according to his own doctrine and belief of Allah, He said,

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suffering and pain

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is the megaphone. Allah uses to wake up humanity from their slumber to wake them up to the beautiful depth of, of their humanity.

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trying to put this endeavor in context, I think it is time that we actually start looking into the Quran as the place or the primary place for solutions, the primary place for answers the primary source for guidance that will help us handle this life. And I won't say, deal with

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the predicaments and the challenges of this life, but actually transcend them, engage them at a very high level, where

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we actually grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even socially. And I think the Quran is, at the core of this and at the heart of this process of human growth. And as Muslims, I think it's our responsibility to contribute to the process or to any endeavor that brings the Quran to the center of attention, brings the Quran to where it truly belongs, as the source of all of this change the source of

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the answers the answer to to human predicaments. So that would be my view on why I believe every Muslim should should consider, you know, contributing to that. And since we have this in Toronto here, this, I think it's a very brave to reach this goal of a million copies of the Quran, translated the meanings of the Quran translated into English, and being distributed and being handed to people. And this might, people who are likely to benefit from it.

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And looking at the stories of many people who came into Islam and many Muslims, who woke who came to a point where they woke up to the reality of the Quran, or the reality of their life. That came mainly an instance of reading the words of Allah subhanaw taala, the source of guidance. So I definitely think it's a worthy cause. And it's an opportunity

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for for the Muslims to consider sponsoring

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as many copies as possible, and being part of teaching the Quran which is the best a human being can engage in.

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To support the Quran drive and learn more about it, please visit Quran