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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A student at the University of London discusses the confusion between the government and the political party in Britain. They express their belief that the government is failing to reach out to Muslims, and that the media should stop the "proof" of the media and allow the person to clarify. They also mention the success of the UK as a country to live in, but express skepticism about its ability to achieve its goals.
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Tonight, I'm Yasmin, I'm a student at the University. And my question is sort of related to the last question. And he talked about you wanting to come to the UK because you wanted to reach out to Muslims, who you felt that the government were not able to reach out to. And I wondered why, in your opinion, he felt that the government was failing in this way to reach out to Muslims in Britain.

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Just as a question that I wanted to come to UK to reach out to those Muslims, who would the government could not reach out to the side confusion, I said, Charles Farr, the director general of the Office of secret and counterterrorism, felt that I could reach out to those Muslims who the government could not reach out to he felt that not me. And I think, again, because the information was the home department has, that piece TV is the most popular Islamic satellite channel in UK, watched by the Muslims as well as non Muslims. And the most popular speaker, according to them department, according to me, according to him department is Dr. Zakir Naik. So I repeated what he

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thought that I could reach better. Maybe he thinks that my speeches have influence. And he may have read my speeches in context, that the reason he was not in favor of the Home Secretary, that he passed the exclusion order.

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Question. Do you think that he has a point? Do you think that

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in some sense the government are failing to reach out to Muslims? And if you ask my opinion, that do I agree with the thoughts of Charles far that the government is failing? Yes, I do agree with him. I do agree, because I as I said in my earlier answer, that the government should not think that Muslims are part of the problem, the government should think that Muslims are part of the solution. Because a Muslim, there are many Muslims who are British citizens. And it is the duty of every Muslim to follow all the laws of the country staying in as long as the law does not force him to do something which is primary in the religion or prevents them from doing something which is compared

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to a religion.

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As far as India is concerned, I do not know of any rule or any law in the Constitution, which forces a Muslim in India to do something which is prohibited, neither does it prevent me from doing something which is compulsory. So I am a practicing Muslim, and I'm proud to be an Indian, I'm proud to be an Indian Muslim. Similarly, there are many Britishers, who I feel may be feeling the same, they may be Muslims, and they may be following the laws of the country. So the British Muslims, so I feel that the government should take in confidence. And what they should do that they should see to it, that this maligning by the media should stop. And the best example, best example in myself. I

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mean, there are many, there are 100 million views of pitch TV. And there are millions of people who tell that I am the ambassador for peace. They say I'm a peaceful person. There are many heads of states of several foreign countries, many, they have called me at the state guests. So do you mean to say all these heads of states have several countries, the President, the Prime Minister, the king, the shake, they meet me they have dinner? What do you mean to say that meeting a person who is promoting terrorism, a person who spreads hate? So what I'm saying that this is all again, manipulated by the media, so the government should not fall prey to the media and take any decision,

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essentially, what they should do, they should give a chance for the person to clarify. And then I'm sure that most of the misconceptions will be removed. And I'm sure that UK would be a more peaceful country to live in. Hope that answers the question.

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