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The speakers discuss the importance of worshipping Jesus as the only one who deserves devotion and worship his name. They stress the need for control and engagement with life, warning against being treated unfairly and acknowledging the power and control of Islam. They also touch on the psychology of disbelievers and the desire for acceptance and adoption of the truth. The speakers emphasize the importance of belief in Islam and the heart to unlock the essence of one's life, and the bias in perception. They also discuss the history of Islam and science in achieving spiritual outcomes.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was heavy he as you may have seen what I do

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so welcome to the Friday halacha

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Shala so we are going to carry on with

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our thematic commentary on the Quran. And last time or last week we started with Surah Nm. And today inshallah we're going to carry on I believe we reached verse, we finished verse number 14.

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And we said, the central theme of solitude, and is actually the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he is the Lord, the Creator, the originator of the universe. And this necessitates that he's the only one who deserves our devotion, the only one who deserves our love, and the whole sort of just like, the majority of the mucky sorrows, they actually, they all serve this purpose. And they, they they all, you know, sort of surround this theme of the oneness establishing the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala defending it against the logic, the disbelievers seem to present and showing the proofs addressing the mind and sometimes addressing the heart.

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Showing how there is no other way but the worship of Allah subhanaw taala alone, there's no way to go about in this life, but to worship Allah alone to recognize him for who he is his oneness, and then to manifest our belief in his oneness, by devotion by worshiping Him, worshiping Him alone. And we said, the first verse in the Surah actually reveals and displays clearly the central theme in this role very beautifully.

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So we're going to carry on going through the verses and see how they serve this theme and try to collect some benefits from these different verses. So going back again to verse number 14, where a loss pattern instructs the profits and loss and MTC a little light here, definitely the one Ian filter is so now what you want out? Well, who are you to No wonder you will enumerate to an akuna Willem and a cinema wallet Hakuna nemedian machinery que se en Muhammad to them, Shall I take a guardian, a protector, a lord other than the one who originated the heavens and the earth, he's the one who feeds and he doesn't need any feeding, he doesn't need any sustenance, I am commanded to be

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the first to submit to him the first to be a Muslim, and not to be from among those who associate partners. With him. This is very clear to me, this is pure to hate them. And it shows the beautiful connection between the head over Moby recognizing that Allah is the Lord, the Creator, and

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the hidden Ohia which is worshipping Him His sole right to be worshipped alone, because he's the originator, then he is the only one that deserves our devotion and our worship we came from him and we are supposed to make our back

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our way back to him. And then the Prophet SAW Selim also he was strikes fear, fear in the heart, where he says, Will in the halfling sad to have be Adebayo mineralium Say or Muhammad that I'm afraid that if I disobey my Lord, and if I disbelieve in him, I feel the punishment of a very great day, my use of Unreal might even throw him at home with Alec unfrozen and mobian. Whoever is protected from that punishment, and this is the ultimate success. And here there's a beautiful verse that is foundational in belief in other and it's, it's very important intellicode We're here Allah says, We're em Cisco, Allah, who believed in Fela, Kashi fella who in LA who are em Cisco behind him

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for Hawala coalition? Oh dear, there is number 17. And if a light touches you with pain,

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or with

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what seems to be harm, then no one can take that away, no one can lift that, but him

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and if he touches you with good, then Allah is Able of like locking as powerful over everything, and I can do everything or whatever he wants. This basically puts the heart of the believer at ease, and it shows that no one has a say in this world, but Allah, that only the word of Allah comes through. Only Allah makes decisions in this world, and many people might struggle with the concept of, you know, how do I how do we reconcile that humans have free will? And then everything is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala the reality

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Is no one has a say but Allah. This is the universe of Allah. This is his creation. This is his kingdom. And what he says becomes a reality. That's me. I mean, that's the jest of it. That is the jest of it. That doesn't mean that he did not give us a window of choice, but this window of choice falls within the context of his will. We're unable to choose what he doesn't well. And we have to realize this, why? Because he's the Lord. He is the Lord. And this helps us put our trust in Allah. Because we know now for sure that no one now there is harm that has touched us, no one can take it away. But Allah, yes, there are means that we are supposed to follow there are things that we are

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supposed to do. But eventually everything is in the hands of Allah. So if Allah decides not to lift the harm, no matter what you do, it's not going to be lifted. This is why you will have actually a lot of people in this universe, people in the world, who will do what is instructed, who will do what seems to be necessary to arrive at a certain conclusion. For example, you have people who say, if you do this 123, your business will be successful. Or if you do 123, your health will be good.

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So let's take the example of health someone says, yeah, if if you take this lifestyle, you adopt this lifestyle, you follow this diet, you eat this way, you sleep this way, you exercise this way, then you're going to basically guarantee good health. So let's say someone follows all of these perfect instructions, the best instructions available there, and the person follows them, and they seem to be in good health, then all of a sudden, an unexpected condition comes about, just for example, like COVID-19, or let's say, maybe, maybe there's a car accident, or let's say,

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the person,

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something unexpected happens in the life of this person that ruins their health.

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That should take us back to this verse. If harm befalls you, no one can take it away, but Allah, and if Allah wants to bring good to you,

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then he is capable of everything. So basically, no one has say, but Allah, we have some control over some means. But these means that we control are very small window within the bigger context of life. So we might perfect what we can or might get the, you know, our life in shape. But there are so many factors that are beyond our reach. And all of them are within the power and the mind of Allah subhanho wa taala. And there is something interesting here that happens in life, you will hear a lot about people who are successful, and who will teach others how to be successful. So they start making a formula, their formula of success. And you'll hear about people who follow this formula,

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and they actually arrived at success. But what you don't get told about is the zillions of numbers of people who are actually who followed the same formula, but things didn't work out for them. And the reason is, yes, maybe they've done everything they needed to do. But there are circumstances like Mega circumstances that are beyond their capacity to say someone does everything that is necessary for a business to be successful. But let's say the market crashes, or inflation, you know, grows exponentially.

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Or there is some kind of a recession. So again, there's always there's always an ecology of cause and effect. And you might be able to exert some control and some but not on everything. And this means everything goes back to Allah subhanaw taala, and you still have to engage with life. So this was verse number 17, very important. Verse.

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Then we have a discussion here, there is a lot of discussion, and that's going to happen a lot throughout the surah. So I'm not going to go into details. When it comes to these discussions where Allah Subhan Allah instructs the prophets as to how to argue with these people who disbelieve in Allah subhanho wa taala. Included including the People of the Scripture, the Jews and the Christians.

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But there is something very interesting that Allah shares with us here in the Surah. And this is very, very powerful. Because some of the common questions today,

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people ask

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you know, what about good people who don't believe in Allah? Are they going to end up in the Hellfire

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people who never heard about Islam? Are they going to go to the hellfire? What about all these people?

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And it's very important to remember here that Allah does not do injustice at all. So don't worry about this. But don't worry about people being dealt with unfairly by Allah. It's

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Impossible. It's impossible. That's when because one of the attributes one of the names of Allah is an idol or one of the attributes is an idol, the attributes of Allah is that he's fair, he's just, and that means it's impossible for Allah

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to commit injustice, just like it's impossible for Allah to have a weakness, same thing. So Allah is not going to Allah is not going to do any injustice. And if we fail to see how this works in individual cases, then let's just leave that for Allah subhanaw taala to do his own his own thing, because it just shows that sometimes there are details we don't have, or we don't know, so we can't judge. But eventually, there is something there is a verse here that Allah shows what's going to happen to the people what is the psychology of the disbelievers. On the Day of Judgment, Allah explains their psychology, what's, what they're going to, they're going to say to themselves, and

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how they're going to feel and think what they're going to think on the Day of Judgment. So Allah says in verse number 22, Wyoming national home Jamie Anton mana Oh, Larry, Nashua, CO a national aka or como Latina, quantum Tez Ramon, from mellem to conflicts net to home Illa Allah Allah Allah bina macroadenoma chicane, so Allah says, and on the Day of Judgment, when we gather them together, and we say to those who are associated partners with Allah, where are your partners? Where are the rivals, they were associated with Allah, the ones that you claimed, then their lie would be they would they would try to lie? And they would say, No, we were not associating any partners with

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Allah. Then Allah says onboard que featherboard and unforeseen, Milan Hama Canary afternoon. Look how they lied to themselves. And that means people who come face to face with the truth of Islam, and they reject it,

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no matter how innocent they seem to be, no matter how some, some good traits, personal traits they have here or there. Basically, they are lying to themselves, because it's human nature to recognize the truth. And it's human nature, to be willing to follow the truth. It's human nature to submit to the truth and pursue it. When people don't do this in this life.

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They have lied to themselves, they have denied themselves, the very pure nature of humanity. And again, this is not necessarily lying in terms of speech. This is a lying in state state of being a person lives in denial, in denial of the truth.

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So that Allah shows here that anyone who understands the truth and they don't follow it, they have lied to themselves.

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And obviously they're going to pay the price for that like

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they're not law says about those people on here in this life. When they hear the truth, because they have rejected it. They won't be able to hear it. It won't sink in so Allah says woman homie yesterday who earache was your Anna Anna Kuru became a candidate an EGFR, hoo, hoo. Danny Mercado, with a yellow qulaity luminol behind this verse number 25. Allah says in some of them listen to you, they seem to be listening to you. But we have put some kind of a ceiling or some kind of ear plugs in the ears. So that what you say does not reach their hearts. Somebody might say, oh, Allah put this kind of plug. But again, in other verses in the Quran, Allah shows that this kind of plug or

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screening that prevents them from hearing is a punishment for them rejecting to accept it in the many times that they had heard it before. So it's this is actually this is a matter of because when you reject the truth, you develop an attitude of rejection towards the truth. And, and that's the ceiling. That's the ceiling that Allah creates. So it's basically it's a habit of rejection that a person develops. And if they see every sign, they won't believe in it.

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And then they would argue with you on Muhammad uj Dona Kia, auto Latina, Cafaro in her Illa Allah and those who disbelieve they will say, Oh, these are the stories of previous nations. This is all nonsense. This is like fairy tales. And here comes the interesting part, verse number 27, and 28.

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And this shows why some people again,

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some people think,

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like if the disbelievers on the Day of Judgment, were given the chance to go back to the worldly life, would they believe or not? And that's a very important question to actually think about. So you might want to ask yourself, of those disbelievers on the Day of Judgment, they get to see the truth. They get to see Allah. They get to see paradise, the Hellfire they see that they'll go into

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drop in the Hellfire because of their disbelief because of their evil deeds. What if Allah sends them back to this life and they're given another chance? What do you think they will do? A lot actually answers this question in verse number 28 and Salatin Anam so let's listen to how Alana reads this.

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Verse number 27 and 2928. Allah says well I will tell you it won't be for either now for all ye Layton and Allah doula and who can either be a yachtie or Bina one Hakuna mean meaning and just if you see on Muhammad, when they are

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face to face when they are put face to face with the fire, they see the hellfire.

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So they say to themselves, or they say to each other.

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We wish we could be returned to the worldly life and not disbelieve in the signs of our Lord. And then we would be from among the believers who would believe. Listen to how Allah responds to this. Verse number 28. Allah says, Beloved by the law home, can you phone them in Kabul? Allah says no. But what they used to hide previously meaning in the worldly life, which is again, their hearts recognition of the truth. They used to hide it, suppress it rejected. That's what we said previously, they, they sort of suppress their human nature, they suppress their football, they rejected the act in denial. Okay, they used to hide this Budda Budda Lahoma can on your phone and

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well, I would do the holy man who and when I'm looking at the board, or it might mean that they their state in the worldly life,

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which is a rejection, it was revealed to them.

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And Allah says, if they were to be sent back to the worldly life,

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they would return back to their disbelief.

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After having after seeing the Hellfire after seeing Allah, after seeing the Day of Judgment after seeing paradise, if these people were to be sent to this worldly life, they would still go back to this belief. And Allah says, We're Inaho like everyone, and indeed they are liars. And this shows that this test of life is actually the ultimate test. It's one of the miracles of Allah. So what this worldly life does, it just reveals the reality of humans.

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They will.

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This life reveals the reality of humans no matter what, that's all it does. So this life does not miss guide a guided person. And it does not guide a misguided person.

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It just all this life does. It's designed by Allah subhanaw taala to reveal the reality the essence of humans. Why because Allah wants to put good people in paradise, which is the good abode. And Allah wants to put evil

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in the evil abode, which is the hellfire, everyone goes to where they deserve to. That's the justice of Allah subhanho wa taala. So Allah makes us go through this life and what this life does, it just reveals our essence whether we are good or not. And this is a matter of choice. Whether we are good or not, Allah gave us this choice. Allah gave us the capacity to make that choice. So eventually what we and this is why people, disbelievers are destined for the hellfire, if they weren't, after seeing everything and on the Day of Judgment, if they are sent back to this life, they would still do the same thing. And that's why Allah says previously, even if we were to send you, even if we

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were to send you more signs, or Muhammad these people won't believe. They tell you, Oh, we want this sign. We're like the people of color. I said, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam, show us a sign, split the moon, and Allah split the moon for them. Still, they didn't believe. Allah says even if we sent a book right in front of the eyes, we bring this book down physical book from the heavens from above, from Allah, they still won't believe, even if we send an Angel they would still not believe.

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See, and I mean, we can apply this to what we go through today. There are people who say, you know, if I see Allah The only time I would believe in Allah, if I if I see him, now, this person is taken into the Day of Judgment and they are, they are given the ability to see Allah and they are brought back into this world. They would, they would still disbelieve in Allah.

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They would still disbelieve in Allah. Why? Because believing in Allah and this believing in Allah is not necessarily completely irrational thing. It's not a rational thing. It's the reality of the heart being being revealed. So those those

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To reject faith, you might think, Oh, they're just rationally they're not convinced? Well, humans are way, way more complex than that. What you will find about humans is the reason humans accept things and reject things, is their desires. And this is something that is very well known, it's very well documented, even in the social sciences, they have, for example, what's called motivated reasoning they have, they call bias in perception. Like when you want something, it affects what you see and how you see it. And when you dislike something that affects how you perceive it.

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So if there is something you reject, or something you don't like, your mind is going actually to start finding holes or, or faults in that thing. And you can actually experience this that if you dislike a person, you will, you will only be your mind will start picking up on the negative things about this person. And if you will of a person, you will see that your mind will start picking up the good things about this person and ignoring them. And you won't realize it it's a very unconscious process.

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So belief here and disbelief, disbelief is actually it's not a matter of, well, it's usually presented as rational thing a science does not lead to believe in a law and logic or philosophy or, you know, rational thinking, etc. That's on the surface. If you dig deep down, you're gonna find there. There are other reasons and the deepest at the deepest level. It just shows whether this person's essence is good or bad. This is what this life this is what this life does. All right.

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So this is something that Allah subhanaw taala reveals about the people of disbelief that even if they are given the chance to go back to the worldly life, they would still commit there, they would still commit their disbelief

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alright, and Allah subhanaw taala verse number 32. Here is a very important verse, Allah says woman here to dunya Illa Allah ibn Allah who will adorable Farah to Hieron Linda deonette on Athleta Aki rune, Allah says, in reality, this worldly life is just mere play and enjoyment and engagement. It's not the real life. And the problem is, again, we're humans, we are so attached to this world. We were so engrossed in this world, that we, when we think about life, we only think about this worldly life. The reality is, we humans, we are created by Allah to live eternally, and we are going to live eternally. And all what we have here, like our stay in this world is only a small test. It's nothing

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compared to our real life. It's really it's like parentheses in eternity. It's a small, tiny fraction. And the problem is, we treat it as if it's the entirety of life with so we are so engrossed in it. For us, we make our planning, and an all of our sort of, I guess, life planning, all of our resources, it's all about planning for life will come on, it's just like a couple of minutes.

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The real life is actually in the hereafter. That's where we live is. That's what life is experienced. And we've just gone through this test and doesn't mean you make this test like, like hell, it's actually you can go through this test connected to a Lord Allah subhanaw taala. And you still your life becomes so meaningful. So Allah says, this word, the life is nothing but enjoyment and engagement. And in reality, the hereafter the next life is better for those who have Taqwa of Allah, can't you guys use your minds, that's what Allah sent onto, onto using our minds. It's so obvious, but again, it is a matter of perception where we get so sucked into this life, to the point

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that we lose sight of, you know, our eternal life.

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And we humans have this bias, there's a there's something even studied in psychology. They say, you know, humans are attracted more to immediate

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to immediate profit, rather than long term profit. We, and, and this is how marketing, you know, actually capitalizes on the this kind of bias in perception, you know, bias in our thinking and our cognition.

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And this is how loans work. They say, you know, you get the money now, and you'll pay later, but you pay with interest, right? And sometimes it's, its compound interest, and it's a higher rate. So you're actually paying a lot, but just because it's distant in time, you actually, your mind perceives it as very small, smaller than it really is. So we have this bias towards the Alpha many people think all the alpha is just out there. So we give it like a small tiny space

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In our minds, but we don't realize that it's fine. This is a bias. And this is why you find the Quran is full of reminders about the hereafter because we don't see it with our eyes and what we don't see with our eyes we tend to underestimate they say, you know, far from sight fire far from heart or away from sight away from heart, which is which is true again, we tend to forget and the prophets that Salam said that humans are forgetful.

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So we are created to forget. So since we don't see the accurate with our own eyes, so we don't give it its true estimate, we are supposed to see it with the eyes of our heart. And that's why we're supposed to remember the hereafter. Remember the hereafter why because it makes your thinking, balanced. It balances out so we put this life where it truly belongs belongs, we give it its true worth and we give the accurate also its true worth

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Yeah, then Allah Subhan against the prophets of salaam advice about being patient because people are going to reject that reject you reject your Dawa, they will reject your call and they will show you

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a lot of I would say defiance. But again, guidance is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. All you need to do is is to convey the message. Here there is something beautiful about verse number 36 to verse number 39. Allah says in the mail yesterday will Lydian as mine indeed the ones who respond are the ones who truly hear, truly listen. And basically listen in the sense of their hearts are listening because they're searching for the truth. They want to know they want to know where this life is. Previously, if you guys remember the end of sort of Alia and Ron we mentioned, we're Allah Subhan. Allah talks about all the people of sound hearts, that Allah says indeed in the creation of

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the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the night and the day there are signs for people of the heart, people of sound minds, people of sound hearts, why because they reflect they so all you have not created all of this for any, like, empty or foolish purpose. So these are the people that are listening here. These are the people who are listening, the searching, their hearts are listening. They want to know the truth. They want to find the answers.

00:27:20--> 00:27:57

Allah says these are the ones who will respond positively to the invitation of the truth, whereas the dead Allah will resurrect him on the day of judgment. So Allah likens the people who reject the truth, the people who are not interested in the truth. Allah likens them to the dead, because really in reality, their hearts are dead. So they only live at the level of, of animals, other animals, they're drinking eating copulating, that's it, they're just existing. But the reality of human existence is, is to worship Allah. Its higher purpose.

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And then Allah says verse number 37, what are we really here yet on the rugby club in Allaha Cadogan, Allah uns de la 10 What Akina Salam lei animal and they say, We like there should should have, you know, some some some signs should have been sent down to him by his Lord, like you should have more signs show small miracles was more science to prove your messenger ship. And again, we already spoke about this where Allah says that these people are actually not searching for signs. And these people even if they we said as you know, if they go to the day of judgment and they see Allah and they see the hellfire and Paradise, and they're sent back to this life, they will still

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disbelieve eventually. So So Allah says, these are just arguments these people are arguing with you or give us a sign we there should be a sign. Say to them, Allah is capable of sending down a sign. But most of you don't know. And listen to this now verse number 38. Allah says, and this is a very subtle answer. Well, ma'am in there, but in fact, I'll be what I thought in year two, it will be Jenna Hey Illa Oman and Falcon, Marfa Ragnar Phil Kitabi Minh che Summa Illallah be Masha. Allah says there is no moving creature on the earth. This includes animals, includes insects, includes even germs

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nor a bird that flies

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except that they are designed into species and nations just like you or humans, you are divided into races and into nations we made you into races and nations and these creatures animals, birds, insects, etc. All of those we have designed them into categories. We the way the way we created them, we created them into categories

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that Allah says Marfa Marfil Kitab Himanshi there is nothing that we have left. There's nothing left outside of the box.

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And this this has multiple meanings.

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It could mean that the book of the preserve tablet where last month I wrote the script for this life, that everything is written this book, there is nothing that happens that is not written in that book. That's one meaning another meaning is that every detail in the book of creation is taken account of is taking care of every detail is purposeful is designed.

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Also what it means everything about these creatures, every individual,

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of these creatures, all of them, each one of them, everything it does, is written and documented. After it's being done, so that shows everything is documented, everything's taken care of. And then Allah says, then all of them will be returned to your Lord, to the Lord. Now, how is this a subtle answer? It's a subtle answer to the question is, we need more science, there should be more science.

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What Allah is saying here in a very subtle way, but very profound, is that you asked him for science, you want more science to believe? What you know what? Why didn't you look around, everything around you is just a sign. Everything is a sign. So what you're asking for was given to you even before you ask about it, even if you aren't, even before you ask for it, it was already there. So since the signs are already there, and you're not seeing them, that means you're blind. So if we give you more signs, you just don't get to see it.

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And that shows that the world is full of miracles, everything in the world is miracle, and it's so fresh. And what belief does it actually it takes you back to this fresh human nature where it appreciates everything in existence, where everything is a miracle, where everything

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is, is a sign of Allah subhanaw taala. So you don't need more miracles, the miracles are all around you. Why are you asking for for more miracles is just so since you're blind, to this whole environment around you that where there is countless miracles,

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you ask him for more miracles as a waste of time. You're not serious about that. And this is why a believer and this is why we have a Muslim poet who says

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you know, if you coalition in the whole area to introduce to Allah and Allah Heydo in everything, there is a sign pointing, and clearly showing that Allah is the one that hola and that a lot is one and lies unique. So, and this is the fresh perspective that faith really gives us human beings. So there is a lot, especially for those who are interested in like atheism and denial, denial of God and a lot of these very, like recent ideologies that are actually very, very ancient, but they are just revitalized. And they brought revived and brought back to life in seemingly modern shape. There's, there's answers in salted and ham to many of those. There's and the answers are so

00:33:08--> 00:33:20

methodical, they actually give that a system, a whole framework for how to handle many of those many of those questions, I think it's actually a run out of time here. So

00:33:21--> 00:33:46

I think that's enough inshallah for this week, inshallah from next Friday, but in the letter Allah, we're going to bring the Halacha back to the masjid, so you will be able to watch it live in sha Allah still, you will be able to watch the live stream, but the health care will be taking place, actually at the masjid. So our local brothers and I think the sisters is welcome, come but for now I'm sure about the brothers, I'm not sure about the sisters.

00:33:48--> 00:33:54

And they can come to the masjid, there will be social distancing. And

00:33:55--> 00:34:42

just like we have on Friday, so let's say hello to Joomla so inshallah they will be able, so we're going to have the Halacha live there at the masjid and it will be streamed live as well in sha Allah, online building that Allah so you guys can join us, it will be after maghrib it will be after marriage every Friday, and my next week will probably be in Toronto local time, I think will be around 10 to eight. So we'll be 750-740-5745 around that. So the Halacha most likely will start around eight maybe or 810 Around this time we even later I'll see were invited to still join us each other online. And for those locals are able to come in sha Allah, we actually encourage you to come

00:34:42--> 00:34:51

and join us botica Lo Fi calm and until we meet next Friday. I leave you in peace was Salam Alikum to lie about cattle