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AI: Summary © In this conversation, multiple speakers emphasize the importance of staying mentally strong and finding ways to strengthen one's mental health. They discuss the use of words like "immediate of Islam" and "immediate of a source" to describe emotions and moments, emphasizing the need for a belief in finding one's way and a habit of doing things for the sake of others. The importance of avoiding contact with people who are not doing the right things and showing mercy is also emphasized. The speakers stress the importance of self-firstness and sadness in bringing out the best in oneself, and mention a caller on the line and representative from a company called "air" trying to convince them to stay on the agenda.
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Mr de como at hamdulillah said mo

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Allah who he was, he was setting

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me up early he was

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last month of the month, I wouldn't be

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able to predict the last panel

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to shift out and makes us from those to follow with past traditions like so that we can be favored by the steam engine. That was me.

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Yeah Hey Brian, coming to you live here in Perth, Australia.

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Great to follow

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blog, we gathered together through the wonderful people have a Slack channel and this is Islamic q&a

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have every Wednesday 12pm London time 7pm

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and it's not pm in Sydney

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with us from those who are fortunate and accepted Allah

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so significant this month is an important month in terms of mental health and mental health and taking care of ourselves

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strength, as it says in all

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that regard I wanted to speak about ways of staying mentally strong.

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taken to

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and from the example set on

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time, love that Allah Subhanallah

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favorite, being able to answer some of your questions and being able to

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some of the things that

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we're looking

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forward to

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been speaking a little bit about

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things of our Nabhi

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is zilliant Allah

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trees describe

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the big

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There's a father of

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these masters

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want to put in

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his mind he's talking to myself.

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It's the palm tree because you know when the wind blows it, it'll lean back, but it never snaps its trunk will lean all the way back and eventually when the wind settles it'll upright itself or live in that circumstance. And nobody answered in the prophets I send them you know, finally said is the de pomme. And beloved gearmotor leader comes to the forefront said yo messenger of Allah, I knew that. And this was the answer that I had in my mind. That imagery of a date palm is the image of a believer, it is an image of one who the wind will blow and the storms may come and the how we'll have the wind may push against us. But we never break because fiber that is within us as the five of

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us, that there is none that is greater in our within a law, there is no one who is able to bring about our defeat. If Allah has ordered our supported victory, there is no one who can give us gain that Allah has ordered for us loss. Who can take from us what Allah has ordered to be provided, and then to us by His blessing. Those are important tenants and principles that we have within ourselves as Muslims, so becomes important to kind of delve into the world of seeking to strengthen our being our most, our moral cleaver, and our innate strength in finding our conviction in our faith, but also learning how to remain resilient and mentally strong. The word

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resilience is a very powerful word world. You know when you're able to go further than others able to hold longer than people expect, able to withstand more than others might be able to go beyond. Others can able be to be able to be more courageous. Whether it's orange

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Fear and cower and turn their back. All of those are the hallmarks of a believer. And all of those are characteristics of the lifestyle of our Navy Mohammed.

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So let's begin with the first of these characteristics after we take ours Kohler insha Allah, we have a

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caller How can I help?

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Yes, my uncle, how can I help you my brother?

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Yes, my brother.

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Yes, of course. May Allah Subhana Allah grant you supporting greenshoe ease and continue to favor you with the student of salatu salam ala Doha is one of the confirmed regular

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modalities and sunovion of human mental isolation, and may also pan over to Allah who inspired this in your heart, continue to maintain for you evermore. I mean, and bless us with similar to it, allow those of us who are hearing you and listening to you to ask Allah with genuineness apart from those who fulfill somehow to Doha. Now it's a lot to have for the viewers is the prayer that is after your one, the sun has risen. And now it is beginning to increase in the sky. And it's prayed before so not to that main condition. And what you're asking your uncle is can you take a break and act to it and renew your will do and have a little bit of a chance to freshen up? And the answer, of course is

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yes. And in fact, even if there was something that came in the way of you praying Salah to Doha

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before the prayer, just there were medical appointments you were calling and you missed it solo to Doha, and the prayer at night. Both of them are prayers that you can make calls for the way you would make up for a normal prayer. That's how valuable they are to us. So if by any chance for any reason on a particular day, you weren't able to fulfill your heart in the time you normally do. And so a lot the lottery came in, don't be too upset.

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After you prayed the sooner for so long winded. up that right there in shock you will be rewarded for it. May Allah accept and facilitate you Hi you, Allah me.

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I will continue with our discussion, gaining strength and we said the first point of owning our mental strength and our mental stability, a very important function with place, self pity

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and sadness, we wrapped it up. Now this is a very powerful technique taught to us by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and something that he would inculcate in his Sahaba whenever a misfortune would occur,

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habit to immediately what to make hand and shook with to say Alhamdulillah and to be thankful and prayed to Allah in all of the circumstances that arrived

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and so a lot of times where we will be given something that we assume is not the best for us, but it is great how you are and greater food than that which we would have tried to prevent from ourselves had successful we'd have we would have lost even more. Allah tells us in the Quran louder and decorah who will who

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made the test something and you may hate something when it is best. In fact, we have another caller on the line with us Mashallah said I'm Monica. How can I help

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Are you my brother? How can I help you today?

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yes, sister.

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calling to Missoula and apparently

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including your brothers in

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there them, they have no reason for not contacting you. If you have

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to wait for him to see when back

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then can you learn about

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mesh mission?

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Rather than

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that now

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Air? That's a really wonderful question into questions. Everyone, all of us are in this position at some point in our life. to rephrase your question, sister Olivia, may Allah reward you, and thank you for this wonderful question. Sometimes in our life, there are people who we keep in contact to. And sadly, when we don't initiate the contact, if we don't call if we don't ask about them, we don't get the same in return. And sometimes even when we call they are not as nice to return I would call

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this in a good. Now there are three important issues attached to this question. first of them is this concept of a flawless that we do things for a lot, not for the reaction we get from other people. So we have this concept that we have for ourselves as Muslims, that we are not taught by the sinful actions of others. So if somebody is going to react in a way that's not right, if they're not going to do the right thing, it shouldn't be the reason for me to follow them in that conduct. Allah always tells us indefatigability asset return, the deceiver given to you with what is more painful than what was given to you.

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Always try to show mercy than showing rightness. So it's better to always be kind, rather than to prove I'm the one

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it's better to maintain that act of kindness than not. Number two, what's important as well is to recognize that the reward of the one who begins is greater than the one who receives the power it was Selim as he was sitting, one man came into the masjid. He said a Solomonic wa

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rahmatullah wa volcat. The prophets I seldom said 10 2030 you get 31. Again, the Salah, the prophets I sell until the one who

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is more virtuous in the estimation and the knowledge of Allah than the one who

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so the Sahaba used to hurry this along with each other. Number three, when we greet people, especially those who are not greeting us, we are fulfilling a great to know.

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That leads to Jenna. He asked the prophets allies or whoever said, Who have you won for the week agenda? They said, We do.

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He said, Shu Salaam avena. Make sure you make sense widespread amongst you amongst all of you keep spreading yourself.

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Messenger of Allah is this something we're rewarded for? Yes, the Salah Abu Salah, you will enter the agenda, the Salah, may Allah make us of those who entered account of us greeting each other greeting other people with kindness, especially those who may not give us the same. We have another caller on the line is set up on income caller How can I help

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brother Rockford it's good to hear from you once again man Allah reward How can I help today

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I'm doing the right thing.

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Number one.

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You Yes.

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With regards to sort of Turkmen Allah subhanaw taala says could lay on men who are fish, each and every time Allah occupied with a new instruction for us with a new hunter for us,

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which Allah is the one who is more than the rule number, the one who is in charge of fair

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shot of law and that which strikes you in your will that which comes to your mind in the decisions you make is known in the knowledge of us.

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And therefore,

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humans are not nothing is

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not even a mustard seed of our intention. Yeah, I know Maha.

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Allah knows what I have not seen and what is very deep in the heart. In fact, Allah has the knowledge, what? Allah has knowledge, even that which even is more silent, that we pray, the loss of power went to Allah protects us from all these matters and makes us from the same that will continue with the rest of the question after insha Allah was salam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh